Zacon is one of the female Ultra Elders, she is the wife of Ultron and the mother of Solar. She has close ties with Lila's parents, whom passed away many years ago.


Ancient TimesEdit

”270,000 years ago in the past, Zacon and his various notable allies helped the scientific department of Land of Light to construct the Plasma Spark, bringing light back to the planet and bring forth the beginning of Ultramen. Following this events, every Ultra Elder who constructed the King's Temple and continue their living there and becoming legendary figures to the people of Land of Light. The Ultra Elders also fought against Alien Reiblood and managed to destroy his physical body, bringing peace to the universe."

She married Zacon and had a son. She have close terms with Lila's parents, as she took care of when her parents passed away and sent her to an unknown Ultra Elder to raise her. She continued to live in the King's Temple.

”Seeing the damages caused by Guar, Zacon and her allies fought against the devil and destroying Guar with her great power but was unaware of his immortality, Guar revived."

Ultraman OneEdit

In One series, she is not mostly present. She is one of the Ultra Elders whom guarded the Land of Light from the Deleto Race while the other seek out to Evil Realm to end Evil Messiah.



  • Grip Strength: Above 64,000 tonnes
  • Age: 240, 000 years old
  • Flight Speed: Mach 5
  • Jumping Height: 670 meters

Body FeaturesEdit

  • Head Jewel: Zacon has a head jewel on her forehead that is diamond shaped which serves as her beam lamp and color timer.
  • Protectors: Zacon has protector on her chest, arms and legs, which are vector and arrow shaped.
  • Symbol: On her stomach areas, she has a sign that represents her name.
  • Bracelet: Zacon has a bracelet on her right arm.


Zacon is strong in terms of physical strength and possess some healing powers as well. She is more powerful than Mother of Ultra.

  • Zaconium Ray: Zacon's beam finisher, it is as equally powerful as Ultron's Specium Ray.
  • Zacon Knuckle: A powerful knuckle punch attack.
  • Zacon Kick: A powerful kick attack with her legs covered with fiery energy, able to destroy a monsters.
  • Zaconium Ripper: Powerful red energy arcs from her both hands.
  • Judo: Apart from being a muscular female Ultra, Zacon fights in a judo style which involves the use of martial arts.
  • Energy Discharge: During close combat, Zacon can discharge enegy from her body to shock/paralyse her foes.
  • Zacon Chop: A powerful chop attack.
  • Eyes Beam: A orange coloured beam from her both eyes, this can heal injured allies.
  • Dimensional Travel: Being an Ultra Elder, Zacon can travel to another universe/dimension.


  • Zacon is also one of the more muscular female Ultras when compared to Mother of Ultra and is able to fight invaders. This will be followed by Tina and her daughter Zeth, One's wife Lila and daughter Jane and Scorpium Ultras, Yvon and Dark Miasma.