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Gender: Both
Height: Ultra Like
Weight: Ultra Like
Home world/Origin: Planet Vega
Series: Ultraman Orion
Type: Seijin
Affiliation Machine Empire
Created by SolZen321
Title: Hydro Quantum Marauder

Pronounced: War-Master


Warmasters were a race that resembled Ultras to a degree. Their faces were similar and they had similar bodies that were all red and had metal black marking, the same color as their faces. Warmasters had disks on their heads that resembled coins, blue eyes that turned black when dead or unconscious, circle ears and something similar to color timers. On each of their chest was a gold ring with a gold arc on  it, in the middle was a white and blue ball of plasma, When low on energy it withered and when dead it went out. It is an attempt to copy the Ultra's color timers.


  • Height: Ultra Like
  • Weight: Ultra Like
  • Place of Origin: Planet Vega


  • War Flash: A sphere light bullet from his hand.
  • Hydro Quantum Charge: Warmaster summons all moisture in the air/nearby to his Disk shaped crest and converts it to Quantum energy for him to use.
  • War Flying Kick: A flying kick
  • War Chop: A basic chop attack
  • War Punch: A basic punch.
  • War Vision: Eye Beams.
  • Flight: Warmaster can fly under his own power.


Besides their need of water, Warmasters do not posses the resistance Ultras have to beams, particularly their own, they are also not as strong since their strength is based on Synthetic muscles that have limits. Also when badly damaged they need to be repaired by another member of their race.


Seeking to gain the power of Ultra for themselves a race of humanoids turned themselves into giant cyborgs called the Warmasters (Pronounced: War Masters). Seeing light as too fickle a power source, they made themselves reliant on Hydro-Quantum energy to survive. This eventually meant they used up all the water on their homeworlds and had to venture out for more, while gathering asteroids and comets which were made of ice was good for a time, their growing numbers meant their demand grew. Soon they took up invading other systerms bringing them into conflict with the Ultras.

In time the Machine Wars broke out and the Warmasters allied with their fellow cyborgs. During the last battle Impulse and Orion combined their attacks and destroyed the Machine Empire Flagship destroying the armies of the Machine Empire and the Warmasters. Hearing of their defeat their leaders on their homeworld destroyed their own planet and its inhabitants rather than wait to see what mercy the Ultras and the rest of the universe would grant them.

The Warmaster of this story was in cryostasis in a bunker on a destroyed warship. Believing the war is still going on and his mission still stands he heads to the next planet he was meant to drain: Earth.