Ele vakishim
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Gender: male
Height: 68m
Weight: 80,000t
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Series: Ultraman Element
Type: Super Monster
Affiliation Yapool
Created by Ultramanminecraft
Vakishim is a Super Monster sent by Yapool In the series Ultraman Element. He appears in episode 3

Subtitle: One Horn Super Monster


Height: 68m

Weight: 80,000 t

Powers, AbilitiesEdit

Horn Missile: As a last resort he can shot a missile that tracks his enemy and does series damage

Finger Missles: He can launch a series of bullet like missles from the spikes on his hands

Teleporting: He can teleport between dimensions

Human Disguise: He can hide himself as a small orphan boy

Lazer: In human form he can shot a lazer from his mouth that can easily kill humans or do some damage to Ultra's

Spikes: He can hit foes with the spikes on his hands

Flames: He can shot a deadly field of flames from the vent on his left hand

Durability: Because of his size he can deflect most attacks and take no damage

Nose Missles: He can shot bullet like missles from his nose


Last night a murder of two parents accured with there child missing and the monster Vakishim appeared attacking a bridge and one the memebers of the team crossing the bridge in her car. The next morining they investigated but, only found two grandparents and a boy's house near the sight and asked questions. Suprisingly the boy tried to stab him with a knife and ran off. More nights pass and more people are attack and soon one day the boy reveals himself as the monster Vakishim and kills them to. He was instructed to attack EVT base. The team quick to attack fired everything they had on him and with the opotunity Ultraman Element cmae to stop him. He repeatly fired missles and relentless to destroy the bass when he moved him he spwed flames but, was deflected. After a long battle the monster was destroyed with the Element Ray to his head.


  • The vent on his one arm is a tribute to the fan made EX Vakishim
  • The diffrence with this vakishim is the vent on his arm, the new made missle and wires connecting to a power source on his fine and the bulbs near his tail having more of a spike like texture. He also gains durability
  • Despite the art work he does have more texture to his skin