At the time of me posting this, I'm busy, so don't expect much of me during today, tomorrow or most of the day after that. It's a family thing.

That aside here are the things I plan for next year on this wiki specifically, or more accurately the cluster of wikis our community controls.

  • Finish Ultraman Flare: This series marks an important plot point for the metaverse lore
  • Finish Stranger Aeons: A trilogy of short stories based on the Metaverse Wiki
  • Finish Ultra Editors; The Dao Crisis: At present it is almost finish and simply needs the final battle(s) to be written.
  • Atlanata: Yeah this has been waiting for far too long.
  • A blog for writing plot points: This will be less editorial and more of a list of things I think every aspiring writer, professional or fan fiction writer, needs to know/master to become credible.
  • Ultraman: Strange Sightings: This is a short story I have planned. In short and without any spoilers, it's the look at Ultraman from a human point of view, particularly skeptics.
  • Addition of the new Rules: The blog for these rules is already put up, but it's not finished. It will be finished and go into effect New Years Day, so until then, people keep giving me ideas, criticize what you disagree with and give me alternatives and suggestions. I would like for these Wiki's to be a safe place that encourages and helps develop not only a sense of community but of professional standards and writing ability, so this blog is especially important to me. A thanks, especially to 'Rdc' (cough, cough) to giving feed back and telling me where I've gone too draconian, or totalitarian.
  • Finish the Orion Stories: Gaiden and Talos.
  • Make a Page for Official Categories and Templates.

Thanks for the year

  • Thanks to Zhu for his hardwork and pictures
  • Thanks to 'Rdc' for making sure I don't go power mad.
  • Thanks to Gren for making me laugh
  • Thanks to Akreious for making thankful of what sanity I have...left.
  • Thanks to Z for being there to discuss my ideas.
  • Thanks to Amir for being the watchful guardian...just please put down the hammer for a second.
  • Thanks to CB for being a friend...even if you do push it at times.
  • Thanks to all these names and all I forgot for being a community , and thanks to all those no longer with us for one reason or the other. I hope you all had a merry Christmas, Holidays and God bless, godspeed, and I pray for you all to have a happy New Year.