Work In Progress

The following is a work in progress project.

Physical Appearance


  • Light Ultra: Your normal Ultra so they are primarily silver
  • Dark Ultra: Where would normally be silver would be darkened
    • Gunmetal Grey:
    • Black:


  • Male/Ultraman
  • Female/Ultrawoman


  • Silver Tribe: A mix of red and silver
  • Red Tribe: Mostly Red
  • Blue Tribe: Blue and Silver
  • Mixed: A mixture of silver, red and blue
  • Other: Because you just have to be different...

Body Features

  • Color Timer
    • Normal One: Circular
    • Triangular:
    • Letter: Please try to not be stupid with this one.
    • Crystal: A crystal/gem like structure instead of a simple diode
    • Beam Lamp: A green light on forehead
    • Beam Lamp Alterante: Is blue and goes off like a color timer
  • Crest
    • Normal Crest
    • Forward Crest
    • Double Crest
    • Triple Crest
    • Unique Crest
  • Eyes
    • Normal Eyes: Dome/Almond shaped
    • Flat Eyes: Flat and Ultraseven's and Taro's
    • Raised Flat: Ultraman Justice style eyes
  • Eye Color
    • Yellow: 
    • White: 
    • Orange:
    • Blue: 
    •  Green: 
    • Red:
  • Protectors
    • None
    • Seven Style: 
    • Leo Style: 
    • Tiga Style: 
    • Dyna Style: 
    • Nexus Style:
  • Accessories/Miscellaneous: Please pick one, two at the most, but anymore and it's Parody territory
    • Bracelet: 
    • Bracer:
    • Bracers:
    • Zenshin Crystals: 
    • Crest Blade: 
    • Forehead Crystal
    • Ultra Lines:

Size Ratio

Combat Style

Fighting Style

Sub Style

Signature Attack


Human Identity

  • Human Host: The Ultra is merged with a human host, a seperate entity.
  • Human Form: The Ultra has taken on a human form.
    • Human Gifted with Power: Similar to human host but the Ultra is less an entity and more the power the host weilds. There the human is treated as the real identity of the Ultra
    • Human that transforms into Ultra: Like Daigo, it is a human/humanoid who finds themselves able to become an Ultra.

Home World

  • Land of Light: The Ultra comes from the Land of Light....because.
  • Ancient Force: The Ultra is less a simple being, and more a power that their hosts weilds. Where that powers rests is trivial, but it did not come from the Land of Light
  • Unknown: The Ultra did not come from the Land of Light, but they did originate somewhere.
  • Other Home World: The Ultra's homeworld is named, but they do not come from the Land of Light.


Unless it's a special circumstance like Geed/Riku, or the Ultra exists as power weided by another and their age is unknown, no Ultra should be younger than 4,000 years. That is when they leave High/Secondary School. Anything younger than that, is literally a child.


Transformation Item

  • Wand Type: Like the Beta Capsule, it's an item raised to the air, or simply activated to tranform.
  • Mask/Spectacles Type: A device worn on the face like a mask, or pair of glasses to activate
  • Ring Type: A ring(s) worn on the finger(s).
  • Bracelet/Bracer Type: A device worn on the wrist and/or forearm
  • Willpower: The individual transforms at will, or when their Ultra feels like it.
  • Badge: A badge like object, that is held out to transform.
  • Necklace: A transformation device worn as a necklace.
  • Other: