This is a blog for the what will most likely the finale and end of the Ultra Lineage timeline.

Ultraman Ancient, Beast, Pup, Arsenal, and Stream: All Heroes Unite!


In Ultra Lineage's version of Earth, Yoshiya and SOTH begin to pursue what is seemingly a cult who seek to revive Ultraman Ancient to stop end of days. Meanwhile, gray versions of beings appear in Tokyo causing Pup and Arsenal to get into action to fight them off. On an island in the Atlantic Ocean, the US and European branches of SOTH gather to discuss the future of humanity, but a gray monster appears interrupting it and Stream and European member fight it. As all of the stories climax, everything comes to a sudden stop when everyone except for the heroes become statues. They all contact each other to find out what is going on, and how everything connects as a giant space time distortion forms above the planet. What is going on?


The villain's name has yet to be decided. The villain of the movie will have sucked the energy of many different universes in an effort to gain enough power so he could free a powerful monster trapped in some pocket dimension. He uses the souls of some individuals from each universe he drains to become Ghosts.


Ghosts are pale versions of ultras, heroes, monsters, and aliens from other universes. They're used as troops in a sort of army to help cull some of the tougher beings in universes. They are gray and black versions without emotion.


I am allowing you the people to suggests possible Ghosts to appear in the movie whenever I get to making it. You can suggests canon and fan ultras, heroes, monsters, and aliens to appear. If they're your fan ultras, heroes, monsters, or aliens, it shall most likely be said that they're from an alternate universe that was an off shoot of their original as a way to avoid confusion for where it the movie takes place in the Multiversal timeline unless requested by the creator themselves to not do that.

Ghost List


  • Ghost Emperor Black End
  • Ghost Mirrablaze
  • Ghost Imitation Ultraman


  • Ghost Shidolbin
  • Ghost Grossyna