Hello...Clee26 here, ready to talk about a problem in this is not Akreious running around in Canada trying to murder killer is how stupid your stuff can are some random stuff that allows you to place yourself on where you belong in this random thing that I will call graphs, while it is clearly not...


So here is a...uhhh...graph? I guess you can call it that...that uses numbers to classify where you (your content) belong.

  • Level 1: Nothing stupid, serious, dark
  • Level 2: Not stupid, a touch of comedy
  • Level 3: A little bit more comedy, though the readers still don't cringe or facepalm
  • Level 4: The readers bite their lips a little to prevent the slightest cringe
  • Level 5: A nice balance between seriousness and comedy
  • Level 6: Eyebrow raises
  • Level 7: Cringefest
  • Level 8: Facepalm fest
  • Level 9: Cringe and facepalm fest
  • Level 10: The hell was the author on when they wrote this..?
  • Level 11: End my pitiful life now...


Now this...not-a-graph bases your stuff off other users.

  • SolZen Level: Straight-forward stuff with not a lot of comedy
  • Stephan Level: Confusing, but contains great content
  • Zombie Level: Music References...?
  • Gren Level: Parodies, parodies, parodies!!!
  • Sent the Meerkat Level: Short pages, though filled with information
  • Akreious Level: Somehow makes stuff OP as hell...
  • Clee Level: Nobody reads his stuff anyways...
  • CBeard Level: Confusing...make a set name for S/Sorta already!
  • Moon Level: Weird art that makes everyone cringe, but makes everyone jealous..."With Great Content...comes Weird Designs..."
  • Hoshino Level: Comedy at its finest
  • Brian Level: Short and full of comedy
  • Dao Level: Let's all send him this link...

I guess that's pretty much it...? Bye...?