Ultrawoman Zeth
Human Host/Form: None
Gender: Female
Age: Same as Zero
Height: 49m
Weight: 35,000tonnes
Home world: Kings Temple(Birthplace)
Land of Light(Occasionally)
Series: Ultraman One
Type: Supporting Character
Fighter Type: Physical
Fighter Sub-type: Strength
Family Ultraman One (Son)
Ultraman Zero (Husband)
Unnamed Scientist (Mother In Law)
Ultraseven (Father In Law)
Tina (Mother)
Deceased Ultra Elder (Father)
Ultrawoman Lila (Daughter In Law)
Ultrawoman Jane (Grandaughter)
Ultraman Spectrum (Grandson In Law)
Ultraman Taro (Cousin by Marriage)
Father of Ultra, Ultraman Jack (Uncle by marriage)
Mother of Ultra, Jack's Wife (Aunt by marriage)
Seven's Parents (Grandparents by marriage)
Affiliation Ultras from Showa Universe
Scorpium Ultras
Genesis Messiah
Created by Zhu Huong Ng

Ultrawoman Zeth is the wife of Zero and one of the supporting characters of Ultraman One.



A female Ultra born in King's Temple, as the descendant of one of the Ultra Elders, her father and Tina. However, her father died when she was young so Tina would take care of a young Zeth. As a result, Zeth started training her healing abilities as well as grip strength. Zeth would also encounter Zero and later marry Zero. Zeth then gave birth to One shortly. Zeth would also guide One but when One commited a grave crime, she could only watch the others punish her son and eventually seeing One redeemed from his actions, alongside Zero.

Ultraman One (Season 1-3)Edit

As the series' supporting character, Zeth will provide her son with guidance and personally healing him after being gravely wounded. Zeth defending her homeworld from the Darklops Army while witnessed her son's fight with Belial with her husband in the finale.

Ultraman One and Ultraman Reuz vs Showa Ultra : Cho Final ShowdownEdit


Guest AppearancesEdit

In Ultraman One vs Ultraman Virus: Darkness Corruption, Zeth and Zero dispatch One and his friends towards Earth while discussing with her husband about Virus. In the epilogue, she congratulated for One and Lila becoming husband and wife. Years later, Zeth allowed their daughter travelling towards K76 Universe for investigation.

In Ultraman One (Season 4-5), Zeth overheard Scorpio Nova Universe's origins from the Scorpium Ultras. Near the finale, she defended her home universe from the Deleto race as well with Tina and Lila, celebrating their victory upon returning home.

In Light and Darkness, Zeth was briefly mentioned by her grandaughter Jane in many occasions.

Many years later, Zeth and the other Ultras failed in protecting this universe against Belial and his army until King's restoration before returning to her home, attending her injured husband. In Following this, Zeth showed her concerned about Zero in his slumbered state before awakening, watching Geed's fight with Belial. Afterwards, Zeth oversee Geed's fight with Gilbaris after failing previously stopping the latter and his Galactrons digitizing an unknown world while in the epilogue wishing her son good luck, whom departed to resolve a certain threat.

In Unite! Ultras from 26 Universes: Defeat the Dark Sorcerer!, Zeth wished good luck to those joining the fight against Kumasaga while remaining at the Land of Light for extra safety measures.

In Ultraman Geed the Movie: The Blood of Belial, TBA.

In Ultraman One The Movie: Fate! Scorpio Universal Calamity!, TBA.


She is serious and sometimes likes to joke around. She is extremely proud of her healing and strength she possess. She is loyal to her family members.She has a similar personality to Ultraman Zero and both are considered to be the perfect pair. She is extremely angry if others do not follow instructions such as One when he commits mistakes.


She is green in color and some stripes of blue around her legs.



  • Human Form: None
  • Homeworld: Land of Light, King's Temple
  • Transformation Item/Process: Not shown. After the events of Geed Reboot, Zeth will use the "Riser" to transform instead.
  • Grip Strength: 75,000 t
  • Brute Strength: 150,000 t
  • Running Speed: Mach 4
  • Underground Travelling Speed: Mach 4.7
  • Underwater Travelling Speed: Mach 4.7
  • Flight Speed: Mach 5
  • Jumping Height: 1000 m
  • Burrowing Speed: Mach 4
  • Pressure: Unknown
  • Hobbies: Not specified
  • Dislikes: Not specified
  • Weaknesses: Same as Zero.
  • Height: 49m
  • Weight: 35,000 t

Body FeaturesEdit

  • Jewel Heart: Unlike the ultras from the Land of Light, she has a jewel heart in her chest that functions like a color timer. It is heart shaped.
  • Chest Armour: Armour protectors on her chest, has different design from the Land of Light ultras.
  • Beam Lamp: She has a beam lamp.
  • Zeth Bracelet: She has a bracelet on her hand, use from various techniques.


  • Medic Abilities: While being a combatant female Ultra, Zeth is also trained in terms of her healing powers.
    • Healing Wave: A wave of soft energy that rains down on fallen ally, soothing wounds or restoring allies back their energy. While using this techniques, she can summon herself with an aura of blue shield to prevent interference from her foes.
  • Mental Abilities: Zeth is shown to be extremely powerful with her mental abilities due to she being able to control foes, stopping a battle faraway and limiting their movement. This is inherited from her father.
Special Moves
  • Zeth Blast: L style beam, can destroy monsters in blow, it is often fired as a pink-green ray. It is revealed that this beam is Zeth's most powerful attack as a Ultra, surprassing Emperor's Darkness Supreme Impermeable Beam and Zoffy's M87 Ray in power. Recording to be one million degree celcisus. This beam involves Zeth generating light form her entire body to her both arms before launching the said attack.
  • Zeth Cutter: A energy cutter halo, she can use in small clusters by firing it rapidly as shurikens. She can summon a gigantic version which is enough to slice apart her foes. Her signature ability.
  • Zeth Spark: A fire ball of golden color fired from her both hands, able to temporary paralyse her foes upon their contact with the said fireball.
  • Zeth Wave: A cannon wave of energy from her left hand, able to push back foes. It is revealed to be lethal as it actually damages and weakens her foes slightly.
  • Timer Shot: A ray from her timer orbs, acts as a secondary finisher.
  • Strength: Zeth is a strong Ultra, being able to fight on par with monsters, having the strength of a male Ultra. She could fight on par with Ultraman Emperor briefly. She usually relies on her strength before finishing off her foes.
  • Zeth Punch:A fast punch that she uses, shockwave discharges is releasing from her hands.
  • Zeth Chop: A chop attack.
    • Zeth Cross Chop: A crossing hand chop attack that involves the use of flames in deliver pain to her foes.
  • Zeth Kick: Zeth can use a fast kick against her opponent. When doing this, shockwave discharges is seen.
  • Zeth Rammer: Zeth rams her foes with her body.
  • Zeth Pinner:A move that involves Zeth using her body strength to pin down tougher foes.
  • Zeth Flesh: A move to pry open the body parts of her foes.
  • Zeth Cub: A restraining attack that involves Zeth using her strength to strangle her foes.
  • Zeth Bracelet: A bracelet she has in her left hand.
    • Telepathy:Zeth can shine in her bracelet and she can talk to someone who is far away.
    • Zeth Light:Using the bracelet, Similar to One's Solar Light, Zeth can fire a orange ray that can calm monsters and heal others. However, this move is less powerful than her healing wave.
    • Zeth Barrier: Zeth can summon a barrier from the bracelet to shield herself from attacks.
    • Zeth Bullet: Zeth can fire light bullets from her bracelet, used to slow down foes. Her energy slash.
  • Reuz Mantle: A mantle created by Zeth to give Reuz. It can restand high temperatures and pressure.


  • She is green in color where she inherited to her son, Ultraman One. But the origins of the colour green comes from her father.

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