Ultraman vs Cradily

Ultraman vs Cradily



This is my story.


Ash was trying to catch a new pokemon for his new gym battle. After Pikachu used the electricity against Cradily in a pokemon battle, it caused it to grow giant. Suddenly, a strange old man appeared in the shadows, Ash noticed but wasn't sure who he was. The man pulled out a device, a bright light shined the entire area! Then, a being of pure light appeared. Ash wondered what pokemon was it, he pulled out his machine. The machine show: Ultraman, this being is not a pokemon. No further data known. Ash was amazed. Cradily tried to attack Ultraman, the ultra used his speed to land multiple punches on the pokemon. The being fired a specium ray that defeated the pokemon. The being flew off into space. Ash caught Cradily and was shocked. At Ash's next gym battle, the same old man was watching.