Ultraman Zwei

Ultraman Jack (Real Name)

Human Host/Form: TBA
Gender: Male
Age: 10,000 years
Height: 48 Meters
Weight: 36,000 tons
Home world: Land of Giants
Series: Ultraman Zwei, Ultraman Orion Continuity
Type: Protagonist
Fighter Type: Physical Fighter
Fighter Sub-type: Speed Fighter
Family Father
Affiliation Space Patrol
Ultraman Orion (Friend)
Ultrawoman Luter (Classmate)
Created by SolZen321
The second Ultra to guard Earth after Ultraman Orion, Jack is different than Orion in many ways, particularly he has taken a host instead of a human form...some he regrets...


Jack has round eyes and a single crest that is a boomerang weapon. He is primarily red but has yellow bands on his side. His ears are small and rectangular. .


Jack is a classmate of Orion who was jealous of him and always tried to match up to his apparent genius. Like Orion he also fought in the Machine War and was awarded several honors but was not offered the chance to be a captain.

Regardless Jack was asked personally by Orion to watch over Earth, something he feels was a challenge. Upon coming to Earth he is given the moniker Ultraman Zwei due to being the second Ultraman to defend it.


Jack is a very serious Ultra at times but is more light hearted at times, he has a strive to succeed and is somewhat of a perfectionist. He can be jovial at times though. He has a one sided rivalry with Orion.

His biggest grievance is that he is not a great a fighter as Orion, who he know is always holding back. His main advantage over Orion is that even though Orion charges his beams, Jack's are still stronger. Jack also wishes to make his father proud of him, being that he never seems to live up to his standards. At the same time, he suffers an inferiority complex from being a mixed Ultra, primarily a yellow Ultra, who were seen as having no special talents.

Profile and techniquesEdit


  • Transformation Item: Jack Mask
  • Real Name: Jack
  • Height: 48 meters
  • Weight: 36,000
  • Age: 10,000 years
  • Flight Speed: Mach 11
  • Running Speed: 400 km per hr
  • Jump Distance: 900 km
  • Swimming Speed: 700 Knots
  • Tunneling Speed: Mach 3
  • Brawn: 190,000 tons
  • Family:
    • Father: One of the Military Department Captains
    • Mother: A rare yellow Ultra

Body FeaturesEdit

  • Zackraze (Pronounced Zack- Raze): The crest weapon on Jack's head, it can be removed and be used as a blade, boomerang or club
  • Beam Lamp: Jack's beam lamp is diamond in shape  but acts like a normal beam lamp.
  • Ultra Bracelet: The standard Bracelet.
  • Color Timer: Jack has a standard color timer
  • Ultra Armor: Jack's Ultra armor is standard.



Normal Mode

Normal Form

Ray TechniquesEdit

  • Specium Shot: An L shaped beam, it is stronger than Orion's Orion Shot without charging,
  • Specium Triple Shot: Using the classic hand position Jack can fire three specium rays at once, or condense them into one powerful beam.
  • Jack Shot: Jack puts his hands together over his head, charging them, he brings them to his side and puts them in the position of the Slash Ray. Fires a powerful beam, stronger than the Specium Shot
  • Magnanium Ray: A beam from his Beam Lamp
  • Ultimate Magnanium Ray: Fired like Zero's Twin Shot.
  • Ultra Shot: A beam from his middle and index finger.
  • Eye Beams: Masers from his eyes.
  • Barrier Buster: Twin beams from spear hands, they are specifically for getting rid of barriers. They are still good offensive weapons.
  • Jack Rapid Fire: Jack claps his hand together, pointing at the enemy with one hand farther than the other. He fires several hand slash like blasts at rapid fire.

Fighting ArtsEdit

  • Ultra Punch: A powerful punch using Jack's full power.
  • Ultra Kick: A powerful kick, using Jack's full power
  • Dive Kick: A flying kick using both feet, usually aimed for the head, chest or stomach.
  • Jack Kick: A flying kick with a leg charged with a light aura. Can destroy a monster on connections
  • Flying Mare: Jack grabs the opponent's, head/neck and/or arm and throws them
  • Ultra Lifter: Jack lifts up an enemy with one hand and throws them.
  • Ultra Power: Jack uses his full power for feats of strength
  • Ultra Brain Buster: Jack lifts up his enemy and drops them on their head, or throws them for the same effect
  • Air Body: Jack slams into his opponent while flying at full speed, avoiding damage to himself.

Psychic PowersEdit

  • Zackraze: Jack's crest weapon, can cut through most materials.
    • Zackraze Double Throw: Jack crosses his hands in front his beam lamp, causing them to glow, holding his crest he pulls it apart to form two Zackraze.
  • Ultra Psychic: Jack can hold or lift an object with his mind.
  • Ultra Barrier: Jack erect various light constructs for barriers.
    • Rebound Ray: The classic showa barrier
    • Ultra V Barrier: Jack crosses his arms and uses his mental powers to protect himself.
    • Sphere Ray: Jack put his hand to his beam lamp and fires a beam that forms a barrier around an object.

Brave Mode'

Gained by tapping into his Yellow Ultra heritage, this form is powered by his willpower. Brave mode mainly involves the transformation of his Crest Blade into the Brave Zackraze.

Ray TechniquesEdit

  • Brave Magnium Ray: An enhanced ray, it is several times stronger than his normal finisher.
  • Zackraze Shot: Using his crest blade, Zwei fires a beam that can purge the enemy of any evil energy. It can be fired as a beam from his head or a shockwave by stabbing his blade into the ground.
  • Brave Field: Using his blade, he can conjure a subspace battlefield, where light beings are empowered.

Fighting ArtsEdit

  • Brave Cross Slash: A double slash from a charged up Zackraze. Can destroy a monster in one hit.
  • Swordsmanship: Jack is highly skilled in the use of a bladed weapon, more so than Orion, or any of their generation.
  • Ultra Knock Tactics: Same as before, but its cutting potential is now much greater.

Psychic PowersEdit

  • Ultra Valor: Due to the natural of the Light of Bravery, Zwei's physical power is empowered by his will power when in brave mode.


  • Zwei was originally going to be Ultra Jack
  • His original and true name were based on Ultraman Jack...which is ironic since Zwei's creator is not the greatest fan of that Ultra or that series...

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