"You're early... by 70,000 years!"

―Zero Alter's pre-battle quote
Ultraman Zero Alter
Human Host/Form: Zero

Zora (Temporary)

Gender: Male
Age: 6000 years
Height: 49 m (Varies)
Weight: 35,000 tons (Varies)
Home world: Sevar
Series: Zero: The Alter Chronicle
Type: Anti-Hero (Current)

Enemy (Temporary)

Fighter Type: Mixed Fighter
Fighter Sub-type: Martial Artist
Family Lineage of Sevar

Ultraman Belial Plague

Affiliation Sevareans

Ultraman Jeed

Created by Crazybeard1234

Ultraman Zero Alter (ウルトラマンゼロ オルタ Urutoramanzero Oruta) is blood heir to the throne of Sevar, a kingdom forsaken by his father when he was still a child. For committing a heinous crime, Zero was sentenced to eternal slavery, but escaped his confinements once the country went to ruin.


Zero was born to the King and Zoena.

Sevar's Loss

For an undisclosed reason, the King abandoned the kingdom one fine day. A universal search was established, of which bore no results.

As Zero was still too young, the officials took over leadership of the kingdom.

Under corruption's rule, the people were left to fend for themselves, under an oppressive, unjust system. 

At the age of 18, for attempting to escape the capital and assisting the people, Zero was sentenced and put to slavery under a lord. Treated like trash, he looked forward to a day of freedom, one of which he would never be blessed with.

Sevar's Fall

The kingdom, practically defenseless and economically unproductive, was invaded and ravaged by a coalition of sinister aliens.

During the ensuing chaos, Zero murdered his master and escaped into the deep sea of space.


Basically he's Zero but actually a humble, respectable person.



  • Height: 49m
  • Weight: 35,000t
  • Age: 6000 years
  • Home Planet: Sevar

Body Features

  • Ocular Lantern: Like his father and the royalty before him, Zero possesses an Ocular Lantern as well. However, his is green, unlike his father's and ancestors' blue. He has yet to tap into the true power of the Dexter Nexus, a spiritual pool of immense power of which his Ocular Lantern draws its abilities from.
  • Protector: A common technology in Sevar, which amplifies solar energy twofold. Zero's, however, multiplies the raw power tenfold, a privilege bestowed upon the royal lineage.
  • Zero Sluggars: Twin blades attached to his head, which can be detached. Due to illegal experimentation upon him by his master, the blades are able to mutate into the Sluggar Slicer
  • Color Resounder: A sinister remembrance of the horrible misdeeds done unto him by his contractor, this device is connected deep to his heart.
  • Strength: Thanks to his training when he was younger, and the damage inflicted upon him by his master, Zero has built up impressive endurance and strength.


Throughout his journeys, Zero has utilised a plethora of devices to transform into his diverse number of different forms, but most prominent of which is the Zero Masque, or a variation of it, either used directly or indirectly while attached to the other devices (e.g. the Riser).

Zero Masque

The initial transformation device for Zero to morph from his human disguise into his true Sevarean self.

Zero Masque NEO

The evolution of the Zero Masque after Zero gains his Alter mode.

Zeus Zero Masque

Pictures by: Zenon

The temporarily powered up Zero Masque NEO, which Zero uses to access Zeus Zero Alter. He needs it to combine it with the Zeus Riser, copied from Belial Plague's Demonic Riser.


Throughout his journey, Zero has attained and evolved into stronger versions of himself, an indication of his growth as a Sevarean, and fighter.

Normal Form
Ultraman Zero Normal

Ultraman Zero Alter

Zero has demonstrated tremendous fighting skills and technique, to the point of which he was able to destroy an entire coalition of galaxy-dominating aliens, though not enough to put an end to the destruction of Sevar. When he was younger, his father mentioned that Zero had, and should believe in his "infinite possibilities". He gains more power from his cyborg modifications and implants which his master installed into his system.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 7
  • Jumping Height: 2000m
  • Running Speed: Mach 3
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 3
  • Underground Speed: Mach 3
  • Strength: 87,777 tons
  • Grip Strength: 77,777 tons


  • Zero Sluggars: He can use these for combat, and shows dexterity wielding them.
    • Sluggar Slicer: His twin blades fuse together through black tentacles, to form a single, but large, blade. Proved effective enough to tear spaceships into halves.
    • Zero Twin Blaster: The Sluggars attach to his Color Resounder, channeling power from his energy core to fire a powerful beam.
    • Deflection: In a combination of his telepathic abilities and the Sluggars, Zero can deflect beams or other close range weapons away.
  • Wide Zero Crack: Putting his arms in a "L" position, energy from his Ocular Lantern redirects to his arm, ripping time-space and unleashing a destructive cannon of latent energy from the Dexter Nexus. This is not a butt joke.
  • Emerium Slasher: A green ray shot from his Ocular Lantern, it slices through most objects with ease, true to its name.
  • Zero Barrier: A rectangular barrier which blocks out most beam attacks.
  • Cyclops Release: Zero never uses this technique, living in fear of the past.
  • Ultra Psychic: Zero possesses powerful psychic abilities, shown in the form of tripping enemies easily, flipping them over, and redirecting his Sluggars.

Ultraman Zero X
ChangeColor 4-9-2017-1-9-39

Ultraman Zero X

Ultraman Zero X, is a mysterious silver giant who aided the Earth secret service team, DEUS, in their final attempt to push out the remaining Grakyess from Earth. He is simply known as Being X No. 2.

He is revealed to be Ultraman Zero Alter, much more agile and powerful, but displaying wild fighting attributes, compared to his usual self.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 17
  • Jumping Height: 6000m
  • Running Speed: Mach 13
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 10
  • Underground Speed: Mach 10
  • Strength: 807,777 tons
  • Grip Strength: 707,777 tons


  • Wide Zero Shot: An "L" style finisher. In this universe, it seems much more powerful.
  • Emerium Slash: A ray of green fired frm his Beam Lamp. It seems much more powerful as compared to its usual counterpart.
  • Zero Twin Shot: Fired from solar panels on his chest.

Shining Zero X
Shining Zero Concept

Shining Zero X

Submitted by: Cdr

Unable to defeat the Grakyess Overlord, the giant descends into a comatose state. However, the encouraging words from his comrades of DEUS, as well as the return of his memories, push him further, to stand up and fight. With a scream to the heavens, constructs of light sprout from his split back, which devour and assimilate with him to form Shining Zero X. This is the form of Zero X bathed in a holy light tainted with the blood of his enemies.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 300
  • Jumping Height: 100,000m
  • Running Speed: Mach 299
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 299
  • Underground Speed: Mach 299
  • Strength: 700,000,000,000 tons
  • Grip Strength: 700,000,000,000 tons


  • Shining Wide Zero Shot: The monstrously empowered version of the Wide Zero Shot, destroys hordes of Grakyress and eventually the Overlord himself in a single shot.
  • Shining Emerium Slash: Zero is able to fire a Shining version of Emerium Slash. It is a massive version of the normal Beam, able to pushed back the Grakyess Overlord several yards.
  • Shining Star Drive: Zero lifts an arm to the air, gathering surrounding energies to form a massive sphere of light. Doing so, he reverses back time within the battlefield. He can specify the conditions of which the time reversal is applied to however. This leaves him severely exhausted and drained of his Shining powers after use.

AX Proto

UltraZero AX

Zero's original form before he was infused with the Azure Bile. AX Proto is short for Archetype eXample Prototype. In this form, he is an all-red Ultra without any blue, similar to his father.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 2
  • Jumping Height: 1000m
  • Running Speed: Mach 1
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 1
  • Underground Speed: Mach 1
  • Strength: 47,777 tons
  • Grip Strength: 37,777 tons
  • I-Sluggars: Short for Initial Sluggars, these are his under developed Sluggars, natural and unstrengthened from the modifications he would receive later on.
    • Sluggar Crosse Hawk: During the initial stages of modification once he was dumped into the hands of his master, Zero's I-Sluggars were first transformed into the origin prototype known as the Sluggar Crosse Hawk. These were discarded in favor of a more versatile weapon.

Alter Form



After going through numerous hardships and onerous challenges, Zero's body adapts to the brutal environment it has been exposed to and evolves into a suitably stronger version of his base mode. He gains a superior connection to the Dexter Nexus' greater powers, as well as a heightened sense of awareness of the happenings throughout the universe. Occasionally, he hears voices ringing within his mind, speaking of an undisclosed prophecy, a higher plane of existence commanding him to go forward, and fulfill his task.

In reality, he has become one of the candidates of the Alter Ultras. From this mode, the only forms he actually chooses to access, are his super forms, as they are his most powerful.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 21
  • Jumping Height: 7000m
  • Running Speed: Mach 15
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 13
  • Underground Speed: Mach 13
  • Strength: 870,000 tons
  • Grip Strength: 777,000 tons


  • Zeranium Alter: A golden greenish beam from his forehead. On impact, it generates a Maejyc circle, which collapses into the victim's body. The resulting explosion spreads out from the enemy to form a wide "0" symbol.
  • Roots of Alter: Limitless ethereal roots from his back, that capture and slice up opponents with ease.
  • Ten Commandments: Summoning five distinct pairs of godly arms from behind, Zero assumes control over ten fields of superhuman power.
    • Negation: The first hand cancels out superpowers.
    • Mimicry: The second hand copies superpowers.
    • Enhancement: The third hand enhances superpowers to a frightening degree.
    • Mystical: The fourth hand wields all kinds of mystical powers like magic and kinesis (though to a lesser degree as compared to his Super forms).
    • Invisibility: The fifth hand is deemed invisible to the eye.
    • Immunity: The sixth hand increases immunity.
    • Psychological Manipulation: The seventh hand has control over the psychological and mental state of beings.
    • Space-Time: The eigth hand has control over the four dimensions.
    • Shapeshifting: The ninth hand can shapeshift into any organic/inorganic object, and inherits their traits.
    • Sound Distortion: The tenth hand distorts/recreates sound.

Dark Lopus Zero

Negative Darklops Zero

Dark Lopus Zero (Skeleton)

Darklops Zero

Dark Lopus Zero

Zero's initial modification stage by his master, which put him in great pain due to the installation of a prototype Color Resounder system which hindered his inner bodily functions, and eyes that were fused together for a Cyclops-esque look.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 6
  • Jumping Height: 1500m
  • Running Speed: Mach 2
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 2
  • Underground Speed: Mach 2
  • Strength: 47,777 tons
  • Grip Strength: 37,777 tons


  • Sluggar Dagger: The Sluggar Slicer but unstable in fusion. Tendency to act on its own will.
  • Infernal Core Crash: Zero's protectors open up to reveal the prototype Color Resounder-cum-cannon within his body, gathering energy from the surroundings to unleash a beam of destructive proportions.
    • Dimensional Core Crash: The refined Dark Lopus can fire a version of the Infernal Core Crash which splits up in rapid fire instead of in a stream of energy. Imbued with antimatter, tears in the fabric of reality spawn where the target is hit, mostly resulting in black holes rather than dimensional gateways due to its unstable nature.
  • Wide Zero Annihilation: A brown and white version of the Wide Zero Crack. Weaker in comparison to its successor, but still gets the job done.
  • Emerium Slash: A weaker variant of the Emerium Slasher that is red in color.
  • Cyclops Burst: What was intended to be a finishing attack was scrapped because it left Zero in great pain, and such hindrance wasn't of benefit to his master.

Dao Lopus Zero

Submitted by: Cdr

Dao Lopus Zero

Dao Lopus Zero

Infected by the Anathium, Zero is forced to assume his Dark Lopus modification, albeit corrupted to a sickly green and driven purely by one command: to serve the needs of the Shiny Lord. To this end, he is willing to exact whatever means necessary, to the point of being illogical at the cost of his morality and intelligence.

  • Flying Speed: Mach Infinity^Infinity, repeat infinite times (actually 60)
  • Jumping Height: 15 Omniverses
  • Running Speed: Mach Infinity^Infinity (actually 20)
  • Underwater Speed: Mach Infinity^Infinity (actually 20)
  • Underground Speed: Mach Infinity^Infinity (actually 20)
  • Strength: The full strength of a Titan Prince is like a speck of dust to him; it is simply irrelevant
  • Grip Strength: 7 x Grip Strength required to crush the Void Eye's neck
  • Intelligence Quotient: Negatively infinite and boundless.


  • Anathium Core Crash: Zero's protectors open up to reveal the prototype Color Resounder-cum-cannon within his body, gathering Anathium from his circuits to unleash a beam of destructive proportions. Any target hit or in its range of impact gets infected with potent Anathium.
  • Daoclops Anathelation: A sickly green and yellow version of the Wide Zero Crack.
  • Existential Crisis: The Anathium rewiring isn't perfect; Zero will have occasional existential crises as a result.

ChangeColor 16-8-2017-4-59-17

Glitter Zero Alter

When Zero temporarily releases his inner light, he attains this form.


  • Glitter Zero Crack: A pure white and gold version of the Wide Zero Crack.
  • Glitter Emerium Slasher: A golden version of the Emerium Slasher.
  • Divinity Aura: A golden aura which surrounds his being, deems his body a dozen times stronger than it normally would be, and his attacks a thousand times more potent. When utilised in its proper fashion, Zero attains Divinity Mode.

Reasons for Form

  • Because Glitter Ultras are now a gimmick.
  • They renamed Glitter to Crossover Formation in the Ginga S movie for some effing reason.
  • It's time to bring Glitter back in style.

Techtor Gear Zero
Techtor Gear Zero

Techtor Gear Zero

Donning this restriction, Zero's abilities were limited to 0.00000000001% of his basic power, to which he was subjected to when he was a child, training for the throne. At first, he had difficulty even when attempting to walk, where taking a step forward exerted all his available strength. He dons this later on in his adult years, believing his body had gone lax, though he has adapted and grown a resistance to the armor's limitations.

The Techtor Gear armor covers half of Zero's head and part of his torso along with his hands. It also bears a large cross symbol on its front layer.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 3
  • Jumping Height: 500m
  • Running Speed: Mach 1
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 1
  • Underground Speed: Mach 1
  • Strength: 17,000 tons
  • Grip Strength: 7000 tons


  • Wide Zero Minimum: Restrained to a bare minimum of his usable strength, Zero could only shoot a weak beam, though of which was still capable of blasting a hole in a mountain.
  • Emerium Thread: A significantly weaker alternative of the Emerium Slasher, barely even phased through a rock when he was a child.
  • Techtor Laser: The only "real" finisher the Gear has to offer, a laser beam fired from the eyes. However, this unleashes a notable portion of the user's energy reserves, and of which may leave them in a near death state if utilised without caution.

Techtor Gear "Forsaken"

Techtor "Forsaken" Zero

A high-level curse was branded upon the Techtor Gear, leaving Zero at his minimum ability, to the extent where he couldn't even lift a finger. When things started to seem bleak, the Ocular Lantern resounded with his humble resolve to protect what he couldn't reach, where he was then granted limited movability, power signified by the glow in his eyes. This was enough to ward off the hostiles, and eventually shatter the armor.

This Techtor Gear bears rusty markings across the helmet and chest plate areas, but contrary to its appearance the restrictions and strain it places upon its user are unimaginably enormous. As evident from Zero's form, his speed is effectively drained, leaving nothing but blank markings on his body in place of the blue.

  • Flying Speed: Immovable
  • Jumping Height: Immovable
  • Running Speed: Immovable
  • Underwater Speed: Immovable
  • Underground Speed: Immovable
  • Strength: 0 tons (later 9000 tons)
  • Grip Strength: 0 tons (later 5000 tons)


None, considering Zero couldn't even exert the minimum force to lift a finger.

Stargazer Gear α

Stargazer Zero Alter

Tapping into the technological possibilities implanted unto his body, Zero charges his Sluggars with the holy luminous light of the Xenon Constella. His chest sports a star symbol, arms possessing blade fins. Despite his lack of arsenal, he is able to move at bursts of great speed, and even gains invincibility for a short amount of time.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 8
  • Jumping Height: 2000m
  • Running Speed: Mach 4
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 4
  • Underground Speed: Mach 4
  • Strength: 57,777 tons
  • Grip Strength: 37,777 tons
  • Agility: He can move at bursts of amazing speeds during battle, in a similar fashion to a shooting star, where he can then strike at opponents with the blades located under his arms.
  • 10 Second Invincibility: He is able to activate a ten second invincibility anytime during battle, but of which after its usage will he lose the gear until recharged.


  • Emerium Star Slasher: A variant of the Emerium Slasher burst open from his chest. Vanquishes evil and illuminates with sacred light.
  • Emerium Crescent: From the blade fins under his arms, Zero can fire arcs of pure green energy.

Guardia Gear β

Guardia Zero Alter

Relying on the Guardians of Sevar, they instill their power into his Sluggars, which transform into the Guardia Gear. He is granted an almost impenetrable defense, at the cost of speed.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 5
  • Jumping Height: 2000m
  • Running Speed: Mach 2
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 2
  • Underground Speed: Mach 2
  • Strength: 107,777 tons
  • Grip Strength: 97,777 tons
  • Durability: Physical assaults are nothing to him. Zero becomes a literal walking hunk of steel with the gear on.
  • Phase of Guardians: For 10 seconds, any attack aimed towards him will simply phase through his body. Once used, the gear will disappear until recharged.


  • Emerium Guard Break: Charging copious amounts of swirling Emerium energy from his Ocular Lantern to the Guardia Lancer on his right arm, Zero plunges the weapon through the body of the oppponent.
  • Lancer Reflect: The Guardia Bulwark on his right arm is able to deflect moderately sized ray attacks.

Alchemia Gear Σ

Alchemia Zero Alter

Earning the trust of the ancient alchemists, Zero Alter was granted a shard of the Philosopher's stone, which transmutated into an armour of high durability. He is blessed with unlimited ranged attacks, powered by such a small sample of this mystical artifact.

Technically, this isn't a Sluggar Gear, but it's labelled as so due to a lack of categorisation.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 7
  • Jumping Height: 2000m
  • Running Speed: Mach 3.5
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 3
  • Underground Speed: Mach 3
  • Strength: 97,777 tons
  • Grip Strength: 87,777 tons


  • Alchemia Charge: Detaching the Alchemia Gear to form a shield on his right arm, it charges up with flowing pink energies. These can then be deployed in a number of ways.
    • Alchemia Desolation: Slamming the shield to the ground, it lifts the earth up into floating flat lands, along with the enemy.
    • Alchemia Galaxy: Zero releases these energies as a beam of great power.
    • Alchemia Gattling: Zero releases these energies as rapid shots, which slowly break down the opponent.
  • Transmutation: True to its nature as the Philosopher's Stone, the armour can be used to transmutate base metals into valuable forms.

Pedanium Zero Alter

Pedanium Zero Alter

Submitted by: Sentinel

Zero was captured by the evil Pedan Machine Empire who plans to sacrifice him to their "Omnissiah". They fused Zero's body with Pedanium and forced him to wear the Sacred Pedan Armor made from the armor of their first king. Zero fortunately escaped before they can replace his brain and he managed to destroy all Pedanium in his body before succumbing to Pedanium poisoning.


  • Increased durability at the cost of speed. No other abilities are known since he wasn't fully converted.


  • Slow as hell.
  • Due to his imperfect conversion Zero would suffer from Pedanium poisoning that can kill him in 7 days.

Reasons for Form

  • Not enough armor forms.
  • Needs more King Joe.

Ultimate Zero Alter

Ultimate Zero

Ultimate Zero Alter


Ultimate Strong-Corona Zero Alter


Ultimate Luna-Miracle Zero Alter

Ultimate Shinning Zero

Ultimate Shining Alter Zero (image by: Cdr)

When Zero attains the Noacer Brace to ward off an ultimate evil, he gains the Alter Aegis, granted to him by the legendary deity of Sevar, Luminous Noa, when his sub consciousness traveled within the Dexter Nexus for a brief moment. He dons this armor to become Ultimate Zero Alter, which gives him a chest plate, blade and wings, and power beyond his usual capabilities.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 13
  • Jumping Height: 1000m
  • Running Speed: Mach 9
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 9
  • Underground Speed: Mach 9
  • Strength: 127,777 tons
  • Grip Strength: 107,777 tons


  • Alter Ultimate Sword: The blade located on his right arm, the blue gem gathers mana for charged attacks. The elongated blade slices through entire planets.
  • Alter Zero Wings: The protrusions on his back, the blue gems blast lasers at a rapid pace.
  • Final Zero Spark: The Alter Aegis disassembles and reforms into a bow form with strings made of pure energy, and when pulled, charges up with copious amounts of mana from within the user's mana pool and surroundings. The resulting blast is able to destroy entire galaxies.
  • Dimension Travel: The Alter Aegis can be used for dimension travel. However, after a single use, the Aegis will be left unusable for a significant period of time.


  • Ultimate Fury: The blade itself is engulfed in burning blue flames, which enhance its capabilities hundredfold. However, these flames will burn out.
  • Burning Zero Spark: The Final Zero Spark surrounded in blue flames. Sets alight entire galaxies.


  • Ultimate Scythe: The blade arcs over to form a scythe.
  • Illusion Zero Spark: Zero splits into a few copies of himself, and fires the Final Zero Spark. Only one of them is real, however.


  • Shining Spark Driviar: The Aegis reassembles mid-air, as Zero redirects azure bolts of light to completely engulf the Aegis with prismatic energy swirls. With a single motion, he pushes the Aegis forward to strike at and impale the opponent.

Imperfect Ultimate Zero Alter

Imperfect Ultimate Zero Alter

Submitted by: Furno

After the events of Battle Against the Great Anathium Plague, the Noacer Brace was partially damaged, making Zero incapable of using some of his forms. However, he still had access to a weaker version of his Ultimate form. This is one of the forms he uses in his appearances in Ultraman Zora.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 10
  • Jumping Height: 1200m
  • Running Speed: Mach 6
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 6
  • Underground Speed: Mach 6
  • Strength: 107,777 tons
  • Grip Strength: 97,777 tons


  • Imperfect Alter Ultimate Sword: A smaller version of the Alter Ultimate Sword that is erected from the damaged Noacer Brace.
  • Imperfect Energy Blade: The blade can grow in lengt and slash objects from far away.
  • Imperfect Sword Ray: An energy arrow fired from the sword.
  • Imperfect Final Ultimate Zero: Charged up in a similar fashion to the normal Final Ultimate Zero, this version is weaker than the normal to the point that its full power is only equal to the weakened version of the normal attack, used on Etelgar.
  • Imitations: Zero can create imitations of himself out of thin air. They act on their own but disappear after being hit once or after a short period of time.

Reasons for Form

  • I needed a reason for why Zero wont use certain forms in Zora so I decided to have his brace damaged and then thought that it would be interesting if he could use a weaker version of Ultimate Zero.

Ultimate Dragon Zero Alter

Ultimate Dragon Zero Alter

Submitted by: BigD2003

When the Noacer Brace started to act very mysteriously, a dragon appeared out of a portal. This dragon was the Ultra Dragon, a dragon that helps Ultras from different universes by giving them new powers. So after appearing out of a portal, the Ultra Dragon give Zero a new power that upgrades his Ultimate Aegis to the Ultimate Dragon Aegis. Now with this new power Zero can now fend of the evil that once surpassed the Ultimate Aegis.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 14
  • Jumping Height: 900m
  • Running Speed: Mach 10
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 10
  • Underground Speed: Mach 10
  • Strength: 137,777 tons
  • Grip Strength: 117,777 tons


  • Configuration: The Ultimate Dragon Aegis can configurate itself into a dragon that can shoot energy beams from it mouth and cover itself with energy to ram it into the opponent.
  • Alter Ultimate Dragon Sword: A upgraded version of Alter Ultimate Sword that can now cut through entire solar systems.
    • Ultimate Dragon Fury: The gems around the armour start glowing a sinister red, as the blade is coated in blue flames which burst violently into green. Zero's capabilties are then enhanced thousandfold, though he tends to go wild and transforms into his Dragon Form if he remains in this state for long.
  • Alter Ultimate Dragon Gauntlet: A gauntlet on his left arm that can fire a energy blast that can even hurt the toughest of monsters and an energy beam that can destroy monsters in 1 hit. It also can use as a shield that can block massive beam attacks or redirects them back at the enemy.
  • Alter Dragon Wings: An upgraded version of Alter Zero Wings. Now this time the "wings" has 6 green gems instead of 2 blue gems and can now fire 6 six powerful lasers that can simply destroy monsters in 1 hit.
  • Final Dragon Spark: A upgraded version of Final Zero Spark and can now destroy multiple galaxies.
  • Super Dimension Travel: Zero can now dimension travel for 10 uses instead of a single use.

Reasons for Form

  • I was bored
  • Because why not give Zero a upgrade on his Ultimate form.
  • This form was based on a video I found on YouTube.

Ultima Lumino Zero Alter

Ultima Lumino Zero Alter

After several uses of the Ultimate armor, it evolves in synchronisation to Zero's own growth as a Sevarean, becoming the Ultima Lumino armor.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 15
  • Jumping Height: 1000m
  • Running Speed: Mach 12.5
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 12
  • Underground Speed: Mach 12
  • Strength: 147,777 tons
  • Grip Strength: 127,777 tons


  • Noacer Future: An advanced form of clairvoyance, where he sees through attacks and strikes at the enemy through astral projections into the future. The damage then materialises itself moments later, during the actual event.
  • Noacer Nitro: Movements at high speeds. A trail of comet blue follows him.
  • Ultima Shield: The chestplate of the Aegis detaches to form a shield on his left arm.
  • And all of Ultimate's abilities.

Ultimate Luminous Zero Sword

Ultimate Luminous Zero Alter Sword

Zero transforms into a luminous sword. That's it.


  • Ultimate Sluggar Supreme Exceed Caliber: The wielder of the Ultimate Luminous Sword lifts it to the head, drawing it in the outline of a "Z", then blasting a rainbow beam of destruction from the sword.

Ultraman Zero Alteria Pendragon


Ultraman Zero Alteria Pendragon


Ultraman Zero Alteria Pendragon

Zero Alter's personality and appearance changes drastically, after being corrupted and blackened by a notorious plague, a devilish essence lurking inside him. Blue bile darkens into an atrocious shade of black, the virus manifesting as an unholy presence, a giant draped in grief and sorrow, a Black Knight.

While still retaining his own values and ideals as a Sevarean, and controlling the plague inside him to a degree, wielding its cursed power, Zero Alteria fights on with a cold outlook of life, meaningless and devoid of emotional feeling. Solely relying on the hatred stirring within and the driving force of which is to protect regardless of the cost, Zero Alteria rages on.

Only accessed from Alter mode.

  • Deathsence Blooder: The armor of which he dons, blackened by the curse which resides and flows in his blood.
  • Caliblack Sluggar: The weapon of which he wields, a holy sword tainted with sacrilegious energies.


  • Maejyc Affinity: Zero gains a heightened sense and superior control over all forms of Maejycs. He is said to have an infinite mana pool in this form as well.
    • Maejyc Burst: He can release his mana as black trails of suffocating clouds with a crimson outline, which follow his sword when attacking.
    • Burst Emerium: He can augment the Emerium energies with the curse to release a black and green burst of energy from his forehead.
  • Shadow Jump: Sinking into the deep darkness, Zero then jumps up from the enemy's shadows. Only works with the shadows of organic beings and objects.
  • ReLife Alter: Nearing death, Zero releases his Maejyc circuits, implanting them onto any part of the opponent's body. Once dead, using mana transferal he is able to reside within the body of the cursed individual in a dormant state. Only the Caliblack Sluggar can activate his revival.

Reasons for Form

  • Zero Alter's name was inspired from Saber Alter, thus the use of her armor for this form.
  • Also known as Ultraman Zero Alter Alter.

Alpha V1
ChangeColor 25-8-2017-6-57-22

Zero Alter Alpha (V1)

Submitted by: Zenon

After Belial was released from Zero's body and took his powers away, Zero was weakened and reduced to 0% of his original capability, leaving him in a pale white state.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 2
  • Jumping Height: 1000m
  • Running Speed: Mach 1
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 1
  • Underground Speed: Mach 1
  • Strength: 47,777 tons
  • Grip Strength: 37,777 tons


  • Emerium Ray: The basic finisher attack that all Sevareans can do, fired in a "+" style. Due to Zero being so severely weakened, he took 3 times of the ray in order to even defeat the most basic of monsters.

Reasons for Form

  • refer to V2

Alpha V2
ChangeColor 24-8-2017-9-54-55

Zero Alter Alpha (V2)

Submitted by: Zenon

When Zero in his Alpha mode stumbles upon the ancient scrolls known as the "Spell of Jhufhg", he starts to follow its guidance. In 1 year's time, he has successfully mastered the teachings of the parchment, becoming an Ultra with no powers but with the martial arts of Jhufhg. This form was eventually lost when he gained his powers back.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 4
  • Jumping Height: 1470m
  • Running Speed: Mach 2.5
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 2
  • Underground Speed: Mach 1.5
  • Strength: 67,777 tons
  • Grip Strength: 57,777 tons


  • Jhufhg Punch: An extremely strong punch using the Chi.
  • Jhufhg Kick: An extremely strong kick using the Chi.
  • Jhufhgion Absorbing Barrier: As Jhufhg's strongest technique needed a source of power above the Chi, Zero sought out to find one, when an alien attacked him. Forming the barrier using, he used it to absorb the alien's attacks, until he finally regained enough power to change into his original form.

Reasons for Form

  • Weak forms are cool
  • Black and purple are cool
  • idk

These are forms accessed when the Kings impart a portion of their power through a medium known as the Estreia Stones.

Strong-Corona Zero
Zero Strong Corona

Strong-Corona Zero

Installing the Garnium and Dynamic stones into his Ocular system, Zero attains Strong-Corona, which relies on fiery bombardments and great force in hand-to-hand combat.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 6
  • Jumping Height: 2000m
  • Running Speed: Mach 2.5
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 2.5
  • Underground Speed: Mach 2.5
  • Strength: 107,777 tons
  • Grip Strength: 97,777 tons
  • Flame Empowerment: In addition to his newfound strength, Zero develops the ability to induce flames.


  • Space Storealm Buster: Zero gathers fiery energy to his Noacer Brace, and punches a flame-covered fist into the air, blasting into the sky a scorching heatray of death.
  • Hurricane Vortex: Zero uses his new-found strength to grab his opponents and throw them into the air, generating enough wind to trap his enemies in an eternal whirlpool of flames.
  • Garnate Boost: Zero charges up his physical attacks with flames of the purgatory.
    • Garnate Boost Impact: Zero wedges a kick into the enemy's body, and charges up the Garnate Boost from within, causing them to explode from the inside.
  • Zero Dynamite: Zero engulfs himself with flames, and charges headfirst to the enemy.

Luna-Miracle Zero

"Indirect contact established."
Mode Shift: Complete.
Lineage: Ultraman Zero.
"Casting away hesistation, accepting and reforming weaknesses."
"Luna-Miracle Zero has Connected.

―Luna-Miracle Zero's transformation, Zero: The Alter Chronicle 01
Zero Luna Miracle

Luna-Miracle Zero

Installing the Cinerate and Buckra stones into his Ocular system, Zero attains Luna-Miracle, which relies on energy and speed abilities.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 9
  • Jumping Height: 2500m
  • Running Speed: Mach 5
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 5
  • Underground Speed: Mach 5
  • Strength: 67,777 tons
  • Grip Strength: 50,777 tons
  • Weapon Dexterity: In addition to his newfound speed, Zero develops an adeptness at weapons handling.


  • Sluggar Miraculam: A set of Sluggar weapons, where the Sluggars fuse with the Noacer Brace to form close combat armaments.
    • Sluggar Scythe: A scythe formed from his Sluggars, bears the ability to send the enemy into a minature black hole.
    • Sluggar Defender: A shield formed from his Sluggars, able to defend against a plethora of energy attacks. Can also shoot a mini beam from its center, known as the Full Moon Rekt.
  • Miraculam Smash: Zero gathers energy to his palm and slams the enemy flying back.
  • Particluna Transmit: A speed technique where Zero moves as a blue blur.
  • Smashmoon Healing: A healing and calming technique.

Eclipse-Flash Zero

Eclipse-Flash Zero

Submitted by: BigD2003

When Zero was fighting a powerful enemy that out matches all of his forms (but not his Super Forms of course) and some how broke the Noacer Brace rendering it useless, but Zero not giving up, manage to install all of the Estreia Stones into his Ocular system forming this new powerful form. This form was only used twice.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 15
  • Jumping Height: 5000m
  • Running Speed: Mach 11.5
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 10
  • Underground Speed: Mach 10
  • Strength: 300,777 tons
  • Grip Strength: 197,777 tons
  • Split Zero: The speciality of this form is that it can split into equally powerful versions of Strong-Corona and Luna-Miracle.
  • Super Strength: In this mode, he has 5 times the strength of Strong-Corona.
  • Super Speed: In this mode, he has 5 times the speed of Luna-Miracle.


  • Wide Omega Break: Eclipse-Flash's 1st finisher attack. It's the evolve version of Wide Zero Crack and is blue and gold in color with electricity.
  • Cosmium Cutter: It's the evolve version of the Emerium Slasher and is green and gold in color.
  • Galaxy Storealm Bomber: Eclipse-Flash's 2nd fininsher attack. It's the evolve version of Space Storealm Buster and does it in a same way, but instead punching the enemy in the air, he just punches enemy sending it hundreds of yards back. Then he charges up a deadly fire ball and fires it to the enemy, blowing them up in a blazing flame.
  • Miracluna Wave Smash: Eclipse-Flash's 3rd finisher attack. It's the evolve version of Miraculam Smash and does it in a same way, but instead of slamming the enemy with his palm 1 time, he does it multiple dealing far more greater damage. After slamming the enemy enough time he then charges up a blue energy stream from his palm, slamming it to the the enemy sending it far back and exploding.
  • Omega Twin Cannon: Eclipse-Flash's 4th and final finisher attack, it's the evolve version Zero Twin Blaster. Zero charges his protector from the sunlight (or moonlight) and nature energy around him. After gathering enough energy he charges up the Protector Breaster to fire a powerful rainbow beam. This attack is very powerful and can destroy things like Gigant Hyper Zetton and Gatanothor in 1 hit, but in doing so change him back to his Normal Form and leaving him very tired because of the tons of energy it needed, so this attack is use as a last resort. This attack can do it without changing him back to Normal Form by charging his protector with ridiculously amounts of energy.
  • Hundred-Force Punch: Zero charges his fist with energy and punches his enemy a 100 times with blazing speeds.
  • Hundred-Force Kick: Zero charges his feet with energy and kicks the enemy a 100 times with blazing speeds.
  • Hundred-Force Attack: A combination attack of Hundred-Force Punch and Kick.
  • Past Techniques: Zero can use past techniques from his Normal, Strong-Corona, and Luna-Miracle forms but they are much more powerful.

Reasons for Form

  • This is my second fan fusion form.
  • I wanted a fusion between Strong-Corona and Luna-Miracle Mode.
  • And more that I can't type out because I'm too lazy to do so.

Solgent-Future Zero

Solgent-Future Zero

Submitted by: BigD2003

The following contains spoilers. Click to reveal:

Zero was fighting the same powerful enemy, Omega, that he used Eclipse-Flash against with. But this time Omega not only broke Zero's Noacer Brace again, Omega also locked away his Dexter Connect, Duo Dexter Linking, and his Super forms, leaving Zero only with his Normal, Mode Changes, and Slugger Gear forms. Zero tries to defeat Omega with what he got left, only getting pummeled in the process. Zero still in his Eclipse-Flash form keeps on fighting but the strain of Eclipse-Flash kicks in leaving Zero in great pain. Omega keeps pummeling Zero until his Color Resounder blinks, of which Omega then mocks Zero about how weak he has become, saying that he's only powerful when his dead lineage or others give him their powers and without them, he likely isn't going to survive. Zero, upon hearing this... decides to give up.

As Omega is about to deal the killing blow, time... stopped. As Zero looks around, he sees the first five Kings of Sevar. After some encouraging words, Zero decides that he’s going to keep going to be a Hero and never give up, but before Zero could fight Omega again, the Kings restore the Noacer Brace and gave the portion of their power to the Estreia Stones, evolving it to the Super Estreia Stones. Zero installs the Super Estreia Stones into his Ocular system, transforming into Solgent-Future Zero!

Zero gains this new form while fighting Omega, the previous villian, who now triumphs over even the Eclipse-Flash form. Connecting to the deeper regions of the Dexter Nexus, Zero manages to communicate with the first five Kings of Sevar, who transmit a portion of their powers to the Estreia Stones, temporarily evolving them into the Super Estreia Gems. Installing these into the Ocular System, Zero becomes Solgent-Future Zero.

  • Split Future: Similar to Split Zero, Zero can split into equally powerful versions of Strong-Corona, Luna-Miracle, and Eclipse-Flash.
  • Cosmic Flame Empowerment: Zero can now induce flames with other energies.
  • Super Weapon Dexterity: Zero can now adapt to weapon handling with greater dexterity than before.


  • Wide Cosmic Strike: Solgent-Future's 1st finisher attack. An further evolved version of the Wide Zero Crack, very powerful. It’s bright blue in color.
    • Future Cosmic Strike: An even more powerful version of the Wide Cosmic Strike that is fire in a "X" position.
  • Cosmic Emerium Slasher: The penultimate version of the Emerium Slasher that is able to cut through Giganto Hyper Zetton. It's bright blue in color.
    • Perfect Cosmic Emerium Slasher: An even more powerful version of the Cosmic Emerium Slasher.
  • Universal Galacticrealm Striker: Solgent-Future's 2nd finisher attack. An further evolved version of Space Storealm Buster. Zero creates a fiery/energy sphere around enemy, trapping them inside. Zero then gathers fiery and nature energy on his Noacer Brace, and shoots the beam Strike Boost style, blasting it through the sphere he created, causing the enemy to explode in blazing flames inside the sphere. Zero can still do this finisher without creating the fiery/energy sphere. It's red and bright blue in color.
  • Cosimcluna Wave Struck: Solgent-Future's 3rd finisher attack. An further evolved version of the Miraculam Smash. Zero gathers energy to both his hands and punches the enemy multiple times in 70 times faster than the speed of sounds. Zero then charges both of his palms with energy, where he then punches and fires the release gather energy from his fist, sending the enemy several thousand miles back and explodes.
  • Zero Twin Cosmic Especially: Solgent-Future's 4th and final finisher attack. An further evolved version of the Zero Twin Blaster. Zero charges his whole body with all kinds of energy around him and also channeling the power from his energy core. Zero then combines the two energies to fire a powerful rainbow beam from his entire body. Unlike the Omega Twin Cannon, Zero does not get tired and change back to his Normal Form when using this technique.
  • Past Techniques: Zero can use past techniques from his Normal, Strong-Corona, Luna-Miracle, and Eclipse-Flash forms.


  • Cosmic Dynamite: An evolved version of Zero Dynamite, able to destroy entire galaxies.
  • Cosmic Vortex: A more powerful version of Hurricane Vortex.
  • Cosmic Healing: An improved healing and calming technique.
  • Cosmic-Force Punch/Kick: A energy punch/kick that can kill Giganto Hyper Zetton in one blow.
  • Cosmic-Force Attack: Combination of Cosmic-Force Punch and Kick.

Reasons for Form

  • This will be probably be my last submission for Zero Alter.
  • So I decide go out with a bang.
  • This a tribute and homage to the first submission on this page: Eclipse-Flash Zero.
  • Had to give Eclipse-Flash an upgrade before leaving Zero Alter's submissions.

Submitted by: BigD2003

Mode Changes where Zero gains the Justice Core.

  • Justice Core: The Color Resounder-like device on his chest, which channels strength to Zero in correlation to his burning heart aflame with justice!
    • Super Justice Core: The evolution of the Justice Core, which only manifests when Zero encounters immense sorrow over not being able to protect the innocent. Through such sadness and loss can he only discover a newfound strength.
  • Poison Immunity: He is immune to all forms of poison in these forms.

Justice-Savior Zero

Justice-Savior Zero

A malevolent entity named Sandros terrorizes the cosmos along with his brethren, spreading a suffocating, poisonous gas lethal to all forms of life throughout the galaxy. Zero is assigned the mission of halting Scorpiss' plans for domination, though the sheer numbers of Scorpiss, Sandros' minions, overwhelm him. Lost in this black mist of pungent death, Zero tries to fight back. In the midst of this battle, a blazing flare bursts from within him, responding to his desire to avenge the innocent, and protect. Granting him the Savior Stone, Zero installs it into the Ocular System, transforming into Justice-Savior Zero!

  • Strength: Despite using one Estreia Stone, Justice-Savior's strength rivals Eclipse-Flash's, perhaps even stronger strength.


  • Wide Victorium Blast: Justice-Savior's 1st finisher attack. It’s orange in color.
  • Victorium Arrow: Justice-Savior's version of Emerium Slasher. Able to plow through Sandros.
  • Victorium Smash: Justice-Savior's 2nd finisher attack. Zero charges his hand with energy, funnel it into his fist and then slamming it into the ground to produce a surge of energy creating destructive shockwave of explosions the same size as him in a straight line. Can destroy even the toughest of monsters in one blow.
    • Victorium Bomb Smash: An energy bomb variant of the Victorium Smash. Zero charges his fist with energy and fires several giant energy bombs from his fist.
  • Victorium Strike: Justice-Savior's 3rd finisher attack. Zero punches the enemy into the air and then slams them back down, before punching the enemy in the stomach and firing a energy stream through it, inflicting a great deal of damage.
  • Victorium Spark: Justice-Savior's 4th and final finisher attack. Zero creates a large ball of energy in his hands before punching the ball to create a large powerful energy beam attack.
  • Victorium Effector: Zero fires several orange energy blast from his hands.
  • Savior Hyper Punch: A deadly punch attack.
  • Savior Hyper Kick: A deadly kick attack.
  • Victorium Protect: Zero emits a wall of energy from his body to protect himself and others from an enemy attack.
    • Victorium Strong Protect: Zero can emits a stronger wall of energy from his body, unlike the normal protect, it can withstand stronger attacks.
  • Victorium Sluggar: Zero shoots Sluggar energy crescents from his crest.
  • Victorium Hearing: Zero is able to recognize a small sound in distant.
  • Victorium Teleport: Zero is able to teleport any where he wishes.
  • Victorium Stop: A beam that is able to stop the enemy in the air.
  • Victorium Manifest: Zero can materialize an energy duplicate of himself.

Reasons for Form

  • Got more ideas after seeing Solgent-Future.
  • After seeing Solgent-Future Zero design, I want to keep submitting forms for Zero Alter.
  • Seeing Solgent-Future Zero made me never want to leave Zero Alter’s submission thread again (yay!).

Justice-Crusher Zero

Justice-Crusher Zero

The Scorpiss and their leader Sandros, were experimental bio-weapons created by the Delaxions, super-dimensional beings ascended from this plane of existence, who annihilate entire civilisations based on the set of iron rules which govern their species, of which they adhere to as "true justice", eliminating those who don't follow this concept and of which pose a threat to universal peace, according to them. Zero, the last of the Sevareans, is seen in their eyes as a highly dangerous individual, who they set out to kill.

Fighting against the greatest of their mechanical servants, the Gloker King, Zero is faced with a relentless decision: to submit to their warped ideology, or die at their hands. Refusing to partake in either of those two choices, Zero stands up to fight for his own definition of justice, the Savior Stone evolves into the Super Savior Quartz, transforming Zero into Crusher Mode!

  • Super Strength: With his Justice Core burning bright, Zero gains enough physical strength to even rip the best of the Glokers to shreds. His energy abilities are able to tear through even the best of defenses deployed by the Glokers as well.


  • Wide Dagrium Impact: Justice-Crusher's 1st finishing move. An evolved version of the Wide Victorium Blast, rivals the Wide Cosmic Strike in power. It’s bright orange in color.
    • Wide Dagrium Legend Impact: An even more powerful version of the Wide Dagrium Impact.
  • Dagrium Drill: An evolved version of the Victorium Arrow, not as powerful as the Cosmic Emerium Slasher but still can cut through the toughest monsters with ease.
  • Dagrium Eruption: Justice-Crusher's 2nd finisher attack. An evolved version of the Victorium Smash. Zero charges his fist with energy and by punching in the ground, releases several pillars of energy from ground. These pillars all come together to where the enemy is standing, burning the them alive.
  • Dagrium Swirl Strike: Justice-Crusher's 3rd finisher attack. An evolved version of the Victorium Strike. Zero first charges his fist with energy, he then punches the enemy in the stomach, drilling through it. Zero then fire an drill energy stream through the enemy, causing large amounts of damage to the enemy.
    • Dagrium Beam: Zero can use the Dagrium Swirl Strike as a powerful orange beam fire from either hand.
  • Savior Duplicate: Zero can create a exact duplicate of his Justice-Savior form. It can perform a variety of purposes, typically to aid him in combat. It can even fight on his own, even over long distances, and all have the same powers as the original.
    • Double Justice Shot: Both Zeroes perform their first finisher attack, combining them together to form one large, powerful beam of orange energy.
  • Past Techniques: Just like Eclipse-Flash and Solgent-Future, Zero can use past techniques from Justice-Savior that are much more powerful.

Reasons for Form

  • Same reason as Justice-Savior.

These are forms accessed when a complete twin set of stones aren't currently available.

ChangeColor 7-10-2017-3-32-53

Strong-Luna Zero

Submitted by: Cdr

An incomplete form accessed with the use of mismatching Estreia Stones, notably the Garnium and Buckra gemstones. It is a weaker variant of Strong-Corona.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 6
  • Jumping Height: 2000m
  • Running Speed: Mach 2.5
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 2.5
  • Underground Speed: Mach 2.5
  • Strength: 97,777 tons
  • Grip Strength: 87,777 tons


  • Garnate Bomber: In this type, Zero can unleash a large burst of energy from his arm. This attack will rip straight through an opponent’s body, often leaving perfect holes through whatever part is hit. This attack is less powerful as compared to the Space Storealm Buster, however.
  • Spacium Atmos: A ray fired from crossed arms. Sends the enemy flying back.
  • Buckra Timer Flash: A series of diamond shaped projectiles fired from his Color Resounder.


Corona-Miracle Zero

Submitted by: Cdr

An incomplete form accessed with the use of mismatching Estreia Stones, notably the Cinerate and Dynamic gemstones. It is a weaker variant of Luna-Miracle.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 9
  • Jumping Height: 2500m
  • Running Speed: Mach 5
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 5
  • Underground Speed: Mach 5
  • Strength: 57,777 tons
  • Grip Strength: 40,777 tons


  • Smashmoon Spark: Sparks of light fired from his right hand.
  • Zero Moonray Lance: A beam javelin Zero can use to smack and stab monsters every which way.
  • Dynamite Knuckle: Zero engulfs his arm with flames, and smashes it right to the opponent's face.
  • Ultra Lightning: Zero fires lightning bolts from the tips of his Protectors.

These are forms accessed when Zero connects to the Dexter Nexus, and calls upon the souls of the eight previous Kings of Sevar.

Emerium Tri-Sluggar

Emerium Tri-Sluggar Zero

Zero connects with the celestial essence left behind by his father within the Dexter Nexus, calling upon a strained bond between father and son. His strength and adeptness at armed combat increases to drastic proportions in this form.

This Connect can only be accessed when Zero is in Normal form.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 13
  • Jumping Height: 2777m
  • Running Speed: Mach 5
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 5
  • Underground Speed: Mach 5
  • Strength: 265,000 tons
  • Grip Strength: 130,000 tons


  • Triple Sluggar Tactics: The Sluggar in the middle detaches, while the other two emit phantom copies, each glowing red, blue and green respectively. Zero is able to wield and control the Sluggars with high efficiency.
    • Sluggar Spinner: The three Sluggars combine into one spinning disc of pain. Zero redirects it to the opponent.
  • Zero Triple Blaster: The three Sluggars connect to his Color Resounder, releasing a beam of destructive power.
  • Wide Sevar Booster: Combining the energies of his father with his, Zero puts his arms in a "L" position.
  • Tripartite Emerium Swirl: Through his Ocular Lantern, Zero fires three emerald beams which converge to plow through the opponent.

Lightning Tri-Sluggar

Lightning Tri-Sluggar Zero

Based on: LightningSluggerX17

Zero Alter in Emerium Tri-Sluggar is bestowed the Crystals of X, and evolves to become Lightning Tri-Sluggar, using electrical and digital techniques to spite the opponent.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 12
  • Jumping Height: 1500m
  • Running Speed: Mach 4
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 3.5
  • Underground Speed: Mach 3.5
  • Strength: 300,000 tons
  • Grip Strength: 200,000 tons


  • Attacker Emerium X: Zero brings his body to an X position in mid-air, and charges up his crystals with high voltage electrical and Emerium energy. He then unleashes this to utterly destroy the surrounding area.
  • Wide Cross Shot: Outstretching his arms over the other, he then spreads it out horizontally, then bringing it to an L style.
  • X-Galaxy Slash: Zero can fire digitalized electrical slashes frok his crystals.
  • Digitalisation: Zero can digitalise himself to enter digital worlds or electrical systems.
  • And all of Emerium Tri-Sluggar's abilities.

Ultimate Emerium Tri-Sluggar

Ultimate Emerium Tri-Sluggar Zero

Submitted by: MoarCrossovers

Zero in Emerium Tri-Sluggar dons the Alter Aegis.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 33
  • Jumping Height: 2000m
  • Running Speed: Mach 10
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 10
  • Underground Speed: Mach 10
  • Strength: 265,000 tons
  • Grip Strength: 130,000 tons


  • Final Emerium Tri-Spark: The Alter Aegis disassembles and reforms into a bow form with strings made of pure Emerium, and when pulled, charges up with copious amounts of mana from within the user's mana pool and surroundings. Zero's Sluggars then attach to the base of the Aegis, allowing for more piercing power. The Aegis is then released, leaving a trail of Emerium. The resulting blast is able to destroy entire galaxies.
  • Ultimate Emerium Swirl: Multiple rays of Emerium are fired from the Aegis' gemstones and his own Ocular Lantern.

Ace Sluggar Smash

Ace Sluggar Smash Zero

Zero assimilates with the spiritual form of the Fourth King, depending on tactical laceration. He is able to manipulate two-thirds of the energy reserves of the Ocular Lantern, as the fifth King was the only one in Sevar's history to do so.

This Connect can only be accessed when Zero is in Luna-Miracle.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 9
  • Jumping Height: 1500m
  • Running Speed: Mach 8
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 8
  • Underground Speed: Mach 8
  • Strength: 150,000 tons
  • Grip Strength: 125,000 tons
  • Sluggar Incisor: A Sluggar weapon which Zero uses to impale and stab through opponents, or slice them clean in half.


  • Guillotine Clean Cut: Directing the Ocular energy to the Sluggar Incisor, Zero performs a quick but delicate slice through the opponent's body. Able to cut up a multitude of materials.
  • Ocular Guillotine: Zero crosses his arms parallel and vertically with one another and breaking the stance, releases a thin line of energy that can slice opponents in half. Variations exist.
  • Ballistic Galaxy Q: Focusing the maximum output of the Ocular energy he is able to master, Zero lets loose calamity.
  • Ace Laser: Zero is able to direct lasers from any part of his body to distract/damage the opponent.

Hurricane Slashar

Hurricane Slashar Zero

Submitted by: Cdr

Using the Dexter Nexus, Zero accesses the power of the Third King.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 14
  • Jumping Height: 4000m
  • Running Speed: Mach 7
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 6.5
  • Underground Speed: Mach 6.5
  • Strength: 90,000 tons
  • Grip Strength: 70,000 tons


  • Zero Sluggar Lance: A trident-like lance with a spinball and lever made by the Zero Sluggars. Identical to the Orb Slugger Lance.
    • Zero Sluggar Shoot: By pulling the Gear Lever once, Zero can perform a beam attack with the Zero Sluggar Lance.
    • Big Bang Atmos: By pulling the Gear Lever twice, Zero can stab his opponent with the Zero Sluggar Lance. He then charges towards his opponent, causing an explosion.
    • Trident Break: By pulling the Gear Lever thrice, Zero can slash his opponent with the Zero Sluggar Lance at a very quick pace.
  • Teleportation: He can teleport for some reason.
  • Zero Slasher Shot: He uses his Emerium energy and shoots it out in rapid arrows.

Reasons for Form

  • It's the one Orb fusion using Zero or Seven if I recall that you haven't given to this guy.

Hurricane Slashar F

Hurricane Slashar Zero (Type F)

Submitted by: Cdr


Hurricane Slashar turned weaksauce, uses the powers of Ultraman Fedora instead.


  • Princess Bracelet: A bracelet Zero inherits from Fedora, who wore it to emulate Jack's Ultra Bracelet. Truth be told, it is actually stolen from an Ultra Girl, although Fedora denies this. It has a few abilities:
    • The bracelet can emit a light that calls forward small Kaiju used as pets, such as Lim Elekings or Pigmons.
    • The bracelet can glow a pink light. This does not actually do anything
    • The bracelet can be thrown in frustration at an opponent.
  • Princess Sluggar Lance: A trident-like lance that is entirely pink in color. Does nothing special actually.
  • Emerium Fedora Slash: A pink colored Emerium Slasher.
  • Fedora Sluggar Mix: Zero throws both the Sluggars and the fedora at once, though this doesn't do much.
  • Wide Fedorium Crack: A pink colored Wide Zero Crack.

Nefarious Knuckle

Nefarious Knuckle Zero

There is a chance where when he taps into the pool of Dexter Nexus, that the Eighth King takes the liberty to inhabit Zero's body, forcing upon him savage techniques. Zero attains maximum usage of his strength in this form, where even a flick of a finger is enough to destroy a planet. The downside however, is that he goes berserk.

This Connect can be accessed in any form (mainly Strong-Corona) as long as he's connected to the Dexter Nexus.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 7
  • Jumping Height: 900m
  • Running Speed: Mach 6
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 5.5
  • Underground Speed: Mach 5.5
  • Strength: 370,000 tons
  • Grip Strength: 265,000 tons
  • Sluggar Knuckle: A Sluggar weapon, where he can attach his own Sluggars to ports located at a mechanised knuckle on his right arm.


  • Emerium Burning Boost: The Sluggar Knuckle reaches critical levels of Ocular deployment, and releases its limiters, charging up Ocular energy and blasting it in a catastrophic stream of burning emerald.
  • Sluggar Knuckle Solid: Zero attaches his Sluggars to the Sluggar Knuckle, and with a boost of steam drives forward to brutally slash through the enemy.
  • Strength: Zero's strength is unbelievable in this form.

One Nefarious Kick

Submitted by: Kit


10,000 push-ups, 10,000 sit-ups, 10,000 squats, and a 10 million light year run every single day for 3 years: this is the workout Nefarious Knuckle Zero had once enforced on himself to become the most powerful being alive. He now faces a self-imposed existential crisis, as he is now too powerful to gain any thrill from his deeds, as he always defeats his enemies with one single, nefarious kick.

Oh, and he meets One Kick Leo and gains his powers too, effectively becoming the most OP being in all of existence.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 666
  • Jumping Height: 666,666,666 light years
  • Running Speed: Mach 666
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 666
  • Underground Speed: Mach 666
  • Strength: 666,666,666 tons
  • Grip Strength: 666,666,666 tons
  • Kick Strength: 6 Googolplex tons


  • ONE NEFARIOUS KICK: True to his title, Zero has become so powerful that he only needs one blazing kick to end the lives of his opponents. This does not please him, but rather, it pains him.
    • Consecutive Normal Kicks: At incredible speeds, with one leg or both, Leo delivers a volley of "weak" kicks. Each of these kicks can easily kill gods.
    • Serious Nefarious Kick: A kick so powerful that it can split the void of space, the membrane of a universe, and the metaphysical walls that separate dimensions, causing worlds to collide and chaos across reality. Said to be able to kill the Titan Princes in one kick.
  • One Nefarious Kick Zero presumably retains all of his other abilities, but never uses them because they're useless compared to his kicks.

Mugen Crosser

Mugen Crosser Zero

Submitted by: Cdr

When Zero taps into the future possibilities of the Dexter Nexus, and believes that the path he treads on, fate, can be changed, the 20th King from an alternate timeline, Tiga, appears to him, bestowing upon him the glittering light of hope.

This Connect can only be used in his Luna-Miracle form, for it was used as a catalyst for transformation for Tiga.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 8 to 17
  • Jumping Height: 3500m
  • Running Speed: Mach 11
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 10.5
  • Underground Speed: Mach 10
  • Strength: 90,000 to 200,000 tons
  • Grip Strength: 70,000 to 150,000 tons
  • Sluggar Slicer NEO: The future form of the Sluggar Slicer, now a Sluggar weapon in the shape of a trident.


  • Zeperia Trident Slasher: Gathering the light of hope from his surroundings, Zero converts it into an all-mighty power, as he glows a glittering gold. He then blasts twin rays from the tip of the Sluggar Slicer NEO, which converge to form a golden cannon of energy surrounded by Emerium spirals.
  • Emerium Elucidate: A beam of Emerium fired from the Ocular Core in his chest.

Reason for Form

  • Same as Arch Tri-Sluggar.

Emerald Crosser

Emerald Crosser Zero

Submitted by: Gren


Zero is forcefully given the power of an entity named Emerald. He becomes really annoying.


  • Annoying remarks: Zero blurts out annoying and condescending remarks, though he seems to be oblivious to it.
  • Emerald Slash: He uses his forked sword to slash at things, though he's not that proficient at the blade in this form for some reason.
  • Hammer and Sickle: Two weapons he can conjure up to fight off idiots who don't agree with his ideology.

Mugen Puncher

Mugen Puncher Zero

Submitted by: BigD2003

Zero was traveling through the universe and saw a civilization being attacked from a EX Zetton. Zero try to defend the civilization from the EX Space Dinosaur, but he just got beat up from the monster instead. Just then, the 21st King from the 20th King timeline, Dyna, appears to him, bestowing upon his own version of the glittering light of hope.

This Connect can be only used in his Strong-Corona form, for it was used as a catalyst for transformation of Dyna.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 9 to 16
  • Jumping Height: 4000m
  • Running Speed: Mach 12
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 10
  • Underground Speed: Mach 10
  • Black Hole Escaping Speed: Absolutely zero.
  • Strength: 120,000 to 250,000 tons
  • Grip Strength: 90,000 to 190,000 tons


  • Dy-Sluggar Knuckle: The future form of the Sluggar Knuckle, located on his left arm.
    • Solgenia Knuckle Breakar: Gathering the light of hope from his surroundings, Zero converts it into an all-mighty power, as he glows a emerald green. He then blast two Emerium Burning Duo Boost from the knuckle, which converge to form a emerald cannon of Solgent energy surrounded by blue electricity.
  • Emerium Burst: A energy bullet of Emerium fired from the Protector.

Reasons for Form

  • Sequel to Mugen Crosser.
  • Dyna is the successor to Tiga.
  • Dyna met Zero twice.
  • Dyna fused with Zero and Cosmos to form Ultraman Saga.

Ice Luggar


Ice Luggar Zero


Ice Luggar Zero w/ the Shard Blade

Submitted by: BigD2003

When Zero was fighting a Alien Groza that was trying to conquer a planet, the Alien teleported Zero and himself to a Ice Planet filled with Ice Kaiju, Choju, Aliens, and etc. The large number of ice themed creatures immediately attacks Zero and beat the ever living life out of him. Zero immediately turned to Strong-Corona to counter the army's of ice creatues and the coldness of the planet, but there are simply way too many of them and coldness was absolutely freezing. But just when all hope was lost for the young warrior, the spirit of Seven's brother and Uncle of Zero appears! Zaji! Zaji, telling Zero not to give up hope and keep on fighting, gives Zero his power to adapt the coldness of any Ice Planets, Snow Biomes, Freezing Oceans, and etc. So tapping into the pool of Dexter Nexus, Zero accesses the power of the Unnamed Prince, transforming into the Ultra Warrior of Ice, Ultraman Zero Ice Luggar!

This Connect can be accessed in any form.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 10
  • Jumping Height: 2500m
  • Running Speed: Mach 5
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 9
  • Underground Speed: Mach 4
  • Strength: 146,000 tons
  • Grip Strength: 116,000 tons
  • Cold Resistance: With the power of his uncle, Zero is resistant against cold.
  • Ice Manipulation: With the power of his uncle, Zero can manipulate ice.


  • Ice Sluggar Weapons: Zero can make a ice duplicate of any Sluggar weapons, they are sharp and strong enough to cut through monster without breaking, though they are still weaker than the originals.
  • Shard Blade: Zero can create a blue blade from his left hand that can cut through enemy with ease.
  • Ice Defense Barrier: Zero outstretched both of his hands outward in front of him, Zero can create a large shield of ice that can deflect most attack, and any non energy projectile that hits the barrier will stop and freeze in it track.
    • Ice Defense Dome: Zero can create a dome version of the Ice Defense Barrier.
  • Ice Armor: Zero can create a armor of ice for protection.
  • Ice Duplicate: Zero can create ice duplicate of himself for either to dodge, confuse his enemy, out numbered his enemies, and more. His duplicates can move and have the appearance of being real until they are struck and shatter.
    • Cross Sluggar Slash: Zero and his duplicates, all armed with Ice Sluggar Weapons dash towards an enemy at high speed slicing their opponent into pieces.
  • Ice Mover: Zero can teleport between any reflective objects.
    • Mover Punch: A surprise attack where Zero appears from a reflective surface and attacks with a flying kick.
    • Mover Kick: A surprise attack where Zero appears from a reflective surface and attacks with a punch.
  • Ice Shuriken: An offensive technique where Zero fires a shuriken like projectile.
    • Ice Cross: A more powerful version of the Ice Shuriken.
  • Ice Wave: Zero a with the swing of his hand, can create a wave of quickly forming ice that covers his opponent in very little time.
  • Wide Absolute Zero Burn: Ice Luggar's version of Wide Zero Crack.
  • Emerium Shard: Ice Luggar's version of Emerium Slasher.
  • Absolute Zero Twin Burner: Ice Luggar's version of Zero Twin Blaster.

Reasons for Form

  • Zaji's appearance is clearly based on Ultraseven.

Brave Challenger

Brave Challenger Zero

When Zero realizes that it is indeed necessary to rely on the bonds forged between his comrades, throwing away his ideal of isolation leading to independence, the 40th King from an alternate timeline, Mebius, reaches out to him to unleash the infinite potential of camaraderie.

This Connect can be accessed from any form.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 8
  • Jumping Height: 8888m
  • Running Speed: Mach 8
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 8
  • Underground Speed: Mach 8
  • Strength: 88,000 to 888,888 tons
  • Grip Strength: 88,000 to 888,888 tons


  • Sluggar Bondbrace: A brace located on his left arm.
    • Zero Brave Gigasaw: Duo energy buzzsaws shining a golden lustre, linked together to form an infinity symbol.
    • Sluggar Infinity Shoot: A golden array fired from the "+" style, accompanied by energy copies of Sluggars swirling.
    • Burning Bond Burst: Zero can create a large ball of fire in his hands; first, he places his hand over the Sluggar Bondbrace and throws his arms in the air. He then brings his hands together at his chest, holding the fireball. Finally, he hurls the fireball at his foes. Can destroy monsters in one blow.
    • Brave Slash: Energy slashes fired from the Sluggar Bondbrace.
  • Infinity Phoenix Burst: The form's ultimate attack, Zero releases all his inner energies as a flaming phoenix, which pierces through opponents with ease.

Specium Sluggar

Specium Sluggar Zero

Submitted by: Cdr

Accessing the raw energies of The Justifiable One, Zero unleashes the power of origin, becoming much more feral and wild in battle, seeing a proficiency in hand-to-hand combat.


  • Specium Zero Ray: A "+" style beam, consisting of mini sparks of pure Dexter energy, named "Specium". Instead of causing the enemy to die in a grand explosion, the radioactive energies instead induce synthetic mutation, causing lethal rapid cell death.
    • Mega Specium Zero Ray: A larger version of the original fired in the same manner. Used to target multiple enemies at once.
  • Emerium Halo: Energy discs fired from the Ocular Lantern. Contact with them causes rapid mutation to occur, inducing great pain.
  • Sluggar Slash Ray: Zero can fire a stream of white energy Sluggars from his hand when he places his other hand above it.
  • Sluggar Capture: Deploying his Sluggars, they spin at high speeds above and below a levitating enemy and fire a white laser. Used to keep the enemy in temporary suspended motion.
  • Enhanced Psychokinesis: Zero augments his psychic abilities in order to withstand most chemical, elemental and explosive attacks, or offensively by empowering his physical strikes.

Reasons for Form

  • No Ultraman 66 connect for some reason, so I thought I'd fix that.
  • Taken from Card's Spacium Slugger.

Mega Specium Sluggar


Mega Specium Sluggar Zero

Submitted by: Moar

On his travels across the cosmos, Zero stumbled onto a planet composed of solidified Specium. Upon investigating, he discovered a temple, dedicated to a being known only as 'The Powered'. Marking the walls are ancient texts written in Sevarean, detailing the story of a warrior who sought to create a power beyond that of Emerium. This led to the discovery of Specium, but its power was unpredictable and uncontrolled in those days. The energies flooded the warrior's body, transforming him into a literal force of power. For the safety of Sevar, he was banished to the deepest reaches of the galaxy, never to return. Suddenly, the spirit of the Powered appears to Zero, sensing his desire for the power and warning him of the dangers, before embuing it to him. Flooding the Dexter Nexus, the energies merge with those of The Justifiable One, allowing Zero to access the form of Mega Specium Sluggar.


  • Unleashed Specium Zero Ray: A "+" style beam, firing waves of concentrated Specium from the blades lining his forearms. The radioactive energies annihilate the molecular bonds of all living creatures, reducing organisms to a irradiated sludge.
  • Specium Emerium Halo: Energy discs fired from Zero's hands that cleave through molecular bonds, ripping limbs from creatures' bodies and cauterising the wounds.
    • Unleashed Specium Emerium Halo: A larger version of the original. Capable of cutting through most organisms, reverting the victim to primordial soup.
  • Unleashed Psychokinesis: Zero's psychic abilities are evolved to a level unseen in millennia, allowing him to withstand most chemical, elemental and explosive attacks, or manipulate the very elements around him.
  • Powered Chakram: A ring-like weapon on his back, of which he can throw towards enemies.
    • Muscle Control: Zero is able to slow down the movements of his enemies through muscle control, controlled by the Powered Chakram on his back. Opponents will look like they are moving in slow motion.

Reasons for Form

  • I'm always up for Ultraman/Powered fusions.

Superior Sluggar


Superior Sluggar Zero Alter


Superior Sluggar Zero Alter (side)

Submitted by: Cdr

When Zero mishandled the power of the Dexter Nexus, the spiritual projection of his father's superior and mentor came to mind, who instructed him on how to handle his father's strength by lending him his own. Using the power of the Dexter Nexus, Zero calls upon the power of his father's Superior. This form is very physical in combat, almost never using his beam attacks.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 12
  • Jumping Height: 2700m
  • Running Speed: Mach 4
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 4
  • Underground Speed: Mach 4
  • Strength: 300,000 tons
  • Grip Strength: 150,000 tons


  • Astral Projection: In this form, Zero can appear to other beings in order to inform of stuff.
  • Serrated Sluggar: In this form, his main Sluggar at the top of his head is instead curved and serrated like his father's Superior.
  • And all of Emerium Tri-Sluggar's abilities, except the Wide Sevar Booster and Tripartite Emerium Swirl (as they are his father's powers).

Reasons for Form

  • Why not
  • This form using mostly physical combat is a reference to the common joke that Seven's Superior is actually the star of Ultra Fight.

Forms Zero accesses when he tests out the power of two Kings at once through the Dexter Nexus.

Arch Tri-Sluggar

Arch Tri-Sluggar Zero

Submitted by: Cdr

Zero's first attempt at Duo Dexter Linking, which resulted in a horrible mutation of his father and the spiritual essence of a greater evil, wielding the power of two warriors at once. It's the upgrade from Emerium Tri-Sluggar.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 8
  • Jumping Height: 5500m
  • Running Speed: Mach 6
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 5
  • Underground Speed: Mach 5
  • Strength: 600,000 tons
  • Grip Strength: 450,000 tons


  • Soul Sluggar Reflect: Zero releases all five of his Sluggars, before firing the Emewrath Slasher from his arms in a "+" fashion. The beam then deflects off his five Sluggars into smaller, but deadly, rays that strike at the opponent in a calamitous shower of death.
  • Emewrath Slasher: The deathly version of the Emerium Slasher, engulfed by crackling bolts of crimson lightning.

Reasons for Form

  • Same as Shining Mystic.

Double Tri-Sluggar

Double Tri-Sluggar Zero

Submitted by: BigD2003

Zero's second attempt at Duo Dexter Linking, which resulted a successful attempt at using the power of his father and uncle, wielding the power of his two family members at once. It's the second upgrade from Emerium Tri-Sluggar.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 12
  • Jumping Height: 7000m
  • Running Speed: Mach 11
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 10.5
  • Underground Speed: Mach 10.5
  • Strength: 550,000 tons
  • Grip Strength: 470,000 tons


  • Penta Sluggar Tactics: Zero is able to redirect the Sluggars on his shoulders and head in a swift and efficient fashion, slicing up opponents to unrecognizable bits.
    • Sluggar Glacier: Combining the five detachable Sluggars into one spinning weapon, shaped like a missle at low-lying negative temperatures, he plunges this through the opponent, whose body instantly freezes and shatters upon impact.
    • Sluggar Freezing: Redirecting the Sluggars to spin around the opponent, this generates intense, cold winds, weakening the enemy.
  • Emerium Pentagonal Haze: First drawing a pentagon in the air using the Ocular Energy, he then fires the Emerium Slasher towards this pentagon, which amplifies the attack fifty fold.
  • Emerium Shard Blade: The Shard Blade, now enhanced by the Ocular energy.
  • Ice Manipulation: Self explanatory.
  • And all of Emerium Tri-Sluggar's and Ice Luggar's abilities.

Reasons for Form

  • There (was) only one form in Duo Dexter Linking.

Nefarious Burning

Nefarious Burning Zero

Zero's third fusion through Duo Dexter Linking, and his preferred Duo form. A combination of his father's and master's powers, utilising burning hell flames and knockout tactics. It's the upgrade from Nefarious Knuckle.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 15
  • Jumping Height: 6000m
  • Running Speed: Mach 9
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 8
  • Underground Speed: Mach 8
  • Strength: 500,000 tons
  • Grip Strength: 350,000 tons
  • Eye Sluggar: He possesses only one Eye Sluggar in this form.
  • Sluggar Knuckles: He now has two Sluggar Knuckles in this form.


  • Emerium Duo Burning Boost: Charging up the Sluggar Knuckles to critical, maximum levels of seething power, extending his arms forward, Zero unleashes the devil's fury of flaming, scathing emerald energy bursts. Obliterates entire galaxies at full power.
    • Duo Burning Sluggar: He does the same technique, but this time transferring the energy to his Sluggar.
  • Sluggar Knockback Tactics: Using psychokinesis, he redirects the Sluggars in a smooth fashion.
  • Breastar Cannon: Shooting beams of blue, fired from holes in his chest armour.
  • Emerium Comet: Emerium Slasher, coated in flames.
  • Leo Sevar Kick: A finishing kick engulfed by crimson energy.

Specium Zepellion


Specium Zepellion Zero


Specium Zepellion Zero Power


Specium Zepellion Zero Sky

Submitted by: Cdr

A new Duo-Dexter Linking form, Zero accesses the power of The Chosen One and the 20th king of an alternate timeline, granting him the powers of old and new centuries combined. It's the upgrade from Mugen Crosser.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 16.5 to 23
  • Jumping Height: 4000m
  • Running Speed: Mach 12.5
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 12.5
  • Underground Speed: Mach 12.5
  • Strength: 340,000 to 850,000 tons
  • Grip Strength: 340,000 to 650,000 tons
  • Type Change Powers: Borrowing the Type Change technique from the 20th King, Tiga, Zero channels the abilities of Tiga's Type Change forms, each of his markings glowing either purple or red, which give him either a speed or power boost respectively.


  • Spellion Ray: A finishing attack performed in a similar manner to The Chosen One's Specium Ray, augmented by Tiga's light powers. When fired, a construct like an orb appears.
  • Spellion Light Ring: Zero forms a buzzsaw-like projectile disc capable of slicing through almost anything. These can become the Spellion Shurikens, mini versions of the Spellion Light Ring fired in rapid succession, or a gigantic variant known as the Giga Spellion Light Ring.
  • Dark Light Conversion: Zero is capable of converting any dark energy into light energy for his use.
  • Timer Attack Ray: Zero gathers ribbons of energy from the surrounding area, and releases it in a burst of Emerium spirals. This hits the foe, but when Zero clenches his fists, the opponent then explodes.

Reasons for Form

  • Felt like it.

Spesium Zepeloin UltraRiderZero Alter

Spesium Zepeloin UltraRiderZero Alter

Submitted by: Gren


One of Emerad's freinds fuses with him know, and he becomes annoing as well. He tries to look cool and fails.


  • Mistakes: As with this entire form submission, Zero now makes mistakes. A lot of them. Such as calling Belial as Berial, Nebula M78 as Nebula M87, and mistaking Sevar for Seven.
  • Transformation Announcement: GACCHAN! MUZZLE UP! Akai Kobushi Tsuyosa! Aoi Puzzle Rensa! Aka to Ao no Kousa! PERFECT KNOCK O~U~T!!!
  • Long Paragraphs: He types in extremely long paragraphs that nobody bothers to read.
  • Nebula M87 Ray: Zoffi's beam but in negative colors.


Dynamight Zero

Submitted by: Anon KitsuneSoldier

A while after receiving the powers of the alternate 40th King, Mebius, Zero has to walk through the Valley of Fervor to pass a challenge issued to him by the Fifth King. After strenuously passing through the test, Zero gains a portion of the Fifth King's power, combining it with that of Mebius to give light to Dynamight. It's the upgrade from Brave Challenger.


  • Burning Sluggar Bondbrace: A fiery upgraded version of Brave Challenger's brace.
    • Zero Mebrium Crack: Dragging a palm across the Burning Sluggar Bondbrace, Zero then raises his right arm to the air followed by the left, putting clenched fists to his side while gathering energy and burning flames to his body. He shoots this latent energy in the form of a "T".
    • Inferno Sluggar Slash: Zero fires energy Sluggars coated in crimson flames and azure lightning bolts from the Burning Sluggar Bondbrace, shot in pairs.
  • Burning Dynamite Burst: Zero curls himself into a fiery ball of inferno hellfire, ribbons of Emerium energy swirling around his being. He then launches himself, slamming to the enemy in a magnificent explosion.

Reasons for Form

  • More Orb forms, why not.

These forms are attained when Zero accesses an insane number of the Kings through the Dexter Nexus.

Super Ultraman Zero Alter


Super Ultraman Zero Alter


Super Ultraman Zero Alter

Submitted by: Cdr

After attempting to access the first 5 Kings of Sevar at once via the Dexter Nexus, the 5 Kings, known as the Sevar Brothers, appear to Zero and give him their power, granting him a new, incredibly powerful form.


  • Strium Noacer Brace: The upgraded version of the Noacer Brace. When the roulette is spun, Zero can access the Sevar Brothers' powers.
    • M87 Carnage Blow: Zero stretches out his right arm to set free a wave of silverish particles.
    • Specium Zero Ray: A "+" style beam, consisting of mini sparks of pure Dexter energy, named "Specium". Instead of causing the enemy to die in a grand explosion, the radioactive energies instead induce synthetic mutation, causing lethal rapid cell death.
    • Cinerama Spark: Sparks of light fired from his right hand. Cause mini explosions.
    • Ocular Guillotine: Zero crosses his arms parallel and vertically with one another and breaking the stance, releases a thin line of energy that can slice opponents in half. Variations exist.
    • Storium Burst: Zero generates a fiery ball of inferno hellfire, ribbons of Storium energy swirling around. He then launches it, slamming to the enemy in a magnificent explosion.
    • Brothers Emerium Slasher: The Emerium Slasher augmented with the energies of the Brothers.
    • Cosmos Miracle Bigbang: A powerful laser he shoots from his raised arm and the side of his body, including his armpit, after combining with his five other Sevar Brothers.

Reasons for Form

  • Super Taro is awesome.

Ultraman Zero Infinity

Ultraman Zero Infinity

Submitted by: Cdr

Against the Ultimate Super Beast, V-Killersaurus Alter, Zero gets trapped under its pincers while fighting alongside the Sevar Brothers and Mebius. The Ultras instill their power to Zero, fusing with him to become the greatest hero to ever set foot on Earth: Ultraman Zero Infinity.

Compared to most of his other Super forms, Zero Infinity fights quite simply instead.

  • Cosmos Miracle Edge: A prismatic, rainbow-like aura which permeates from Zero's being, allows him to withstand any condition.


  • Infinity Alter Feather: An energy blast attack from the hands, however one shot of said attack is even capable of taking down monsters like EX Tyrant down with little to no effort.
  • Cosmos Miracle Break: Zero coats himself with multiple layers of the Cosmos Miracle Edge, which starts to break through the fabric of reality as he bursts full force through the enemy.
  • Cosmos Miracle Nuclear: Never seen, it's a rainbow variation of the Cosmos Miracle Bigbang.

Ultraman Zero Generational

ZeroNewGen (1)

Ultraman Zero Generational

Submitted by: Cdr

Combining the powers of the New Generation Ultras into one, Zero Alter gains the Neo Zero Calisluggar, fusing with the possibilities of the future, spirit of the earth, cyber technologies and the power of bonds, attaining an all-powerful form: Ultraman Zero Generational!


  • Neo Zero Calisluggar: A weapon branded with the power of four, utilises their techniques to the maximum output.
    • Exceed Emerium: Sliding down the touch pad once, and pressing upon the trigger, Zero fires four split beams of Emerium from the Lugger Base that converge into one, that annihilate the opponent.
    • Victorious Crash: Sliding up the touch pad once, and pressing upon the trigger, Zero unleashes a rainbow-colored slash shaped like a "V", from the tip of the Calisluggar known as the Shepardon Core.
    • Orb Elemental Calisluggar: Sliding up the touch pad twice, and pressing upon the trigger, the blade unleashes a variety of elemental attacks, randomly chosen from fire, water, earth and wind.
    • Wrecking Light Ring: Sliding up the touch pad thrice, and pressing upon the trigger, from the tip of the blade and beyond a multitude of light discs span over an indefinite length. Zero then crashes the blade down, the buzzsaws following in unison.
    • Neo Dexter Impact: Sliding up the touch pad thrice, then hitting down at the hilt of the blade and swinging the blade flat facing forward to release the Spark Lance Limiters and Timbre Blade. Luminous Dexter energies surround the blade's being, as the four New Generation insignias appear across a straight line targeting the opponent (with Orb's O on the enemy's body), before Zero sends it crashing down upon the opponent, causing the insignias to slam together and completely obliterating the enemy through exposure to pure Dexter energies.. If this doesn't work, the blade can start spinning to pierce through, creating a "Z" symbol.
    • Xogiv Decker: Sliding up the touch pad thrice, then spinning the roulette, Zero Generational activates his ultimate attack. First placing his hands in a position similar to Orb firing the Origium Ray (producing an O sign), then crossing them in a V shape (producing a V sign), he swings his hands in a clockwise direction (creating Ginga's sign), then finally bringing his whole body back in the motion of the Xanadium Ray (creating an X sign). Finally, he thrusts the Calisluggar forward, as the signs combine into one, firing a highly potent beam comprised of the Orb Supreme Caliber, XLugger Shot, Victorium Especially and Ginga Especially, and his own Emerium energies.
  • Ginga Slicer: Zero swings his hands forward to that of Ginga's fighting stance; from his hands come out an energy slicer.
  • X Crunch: Zero brings his hands in, then thrusts it out to that of X's fighting stance; this releases a punch of cybernetic energies.
  • Victory Gravity: Thrusting his hands up and down to that of Victory's fighting stance, Zero manipulates gravity to hit the enemy hard.
  • Orb Blow: Positioning his hands to that of Orb's calm stance, a huge gust of wind blows the opponent off their feet.
  • Component Ultra Powers: Naturally, he possesses the powers of his component Ultras.
  • Zero Fusion Crisis: Zero Generational's version of the Wide Zero Crack. He crosses his arms, then brings it to his fighting stance, then firing the beam in an "L" position.


Dexter Connects possessed by The Devil's Plague, light diminished by the dark.

  • Deathcium Empowerement: In these Connects, his attacks are cursed with the suffocating black substance known as Deathcium, eating away at the living in accelerated decomposition.

Emerium Tri-Sluggar Zero Dark

Emerium Tri-Sluggar Zero Dark

Submitted by: Cdr

When overtaken by his inner darkness, Zero can use the Dexter Connect to tap into the Darkness which once plagued his ancestors, doing so with the power of his father, creating this form.

This Connect can only be accessed when Zero is in Normal form.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 18
  • Jumping Height: 5777m
  • Running Speed: Mach 10
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 10
  • Underground Speed: Mach 10
  • Strength: 666,000 tons
  • Grip Strength: 565,000 tons


  • Dark Sluggar Tactics: The Sluggar in the middle detaches, while the other two emit phantom copies, each glowing crimson, gunmetal and black respectively. Zero is able to wield and control the Sluggars with high efficiency.
    • Sluggar Spinner Dark: The three Sluggars combine into one spinning disc of pain. Zero redirects it to the opponent.
  • Zero Triple Extinction: The three Sluggars connect to his Color Resounder, releasing a beam of destructive power.
  • Dark Sevar Abysm: Combining the energies of his father with his, Zero puts his arms in a "L" position.
  • Tripartite Emerium Conflict: Through his Ocular Lantern, Zero fires three emerald beams which converge to plow through the opponent.

Reasons for Form

  • Needs moar dark forms.

Mugen Crosser Dark

Mugen Crosser Zero Dark

Submitted by: MoarCrossovers

When overcome by sorrow and rage, Zero uses the Dexter Connect to harness the ancient sins of the alternate 20th King, Tiga, to create a foul new power.

This Connect can only be accessed when Zero is in his Luna-Miracle form.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 15 to 20
  • Jumping Height: 6666m
  • Running Speed: Mach 9 to 15
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 9 to 15
  • Underground Speed: Mach 9 to 15
  • Strength: 770,000 tons
  • Grip Strength: 650,000 tons


  • Zeperia Trident Slasher: Gathering the darkness of despair from his surroundings, Zero converts it into a terribly cursed power, as he emits thick fumes of poisonous black. He then blasts twin rays from the tip of the Sluggar Slicer NEO, which converge to form a purple-orange cannon of energy surrounded by Deathcium spirals.
  • Deathcium Elucidate: A beam of Deathcium fired from the Ocular Core in his chest.
  • Light Conversion: If Zero is hit by any form of light energy, he can convert it into Deathcium to empower himself.
  • Power of Darkness: Tiga was once known as the leader of the Giants of Darkness, thus he possesses quite a formidable dark aura. Zero never uses this to its full potential however.

Specium Sluggar Dark

Specium Sluggar Zero Dark

Submitted by: Cdr

When overtaken by feelings of monstrous rage and destructive tendencies, Zero uses the Dexter Connect to supplement himself with the same dark, corrupting forces which once clouded the sanity of the 2nd King.

This Connect can only be accessed when Zero is in his Specium Sluggar Connect.


  • Wrecking Specium Burst: A "+" style beam, consisting of a trail of Specium particles trapped in a spiral of Deathcium bolts which pierces finely. The lethality of the finisher is multiplied drastically, blowing up the opponent from the inside, a display of guts and gore tainted by mutation. Pus generated from this explosion is highly infectious as well.
  • Thunder Halo: A crimson lit halo disc of pain, which ravages and eats away at opponents.
  • Deathcium Slash Ray: Crimson energy Sluggars empowered by red-black lightning bolts, fired from his palm.
  • Emperor Attack Ray: Dark green spirals of highly concentrated energy. When it hits the enemy, they become frozen in place. Zero then clenches his fists to utterly destroy them.

Zer0 Alter
ChangeColor 19-9-2017-5-36-19

Ultraman Zer0 Alter

Submitted by: Gren

During one of his multiversal adventures, he met Ultraman 0. They had to fight some monster or something and fused into Ultraman Zer0 Alter.


  • Emerald Slasher: A combination of the Emerium Slasher and Emerald Beam. Fired from the Beam Ocular Lamp.
  • Wide Emerald Shot: A combination of the Wide Zero Crack and the Emerald Shot. Fired in a "L" style.
  • Emerald Sluggars: He suspends his Sluggars on the air in front of him and launches them at his target by shooting them with the Wide Emerald Shot.
  • 0 Cyclops Bolt: Energy slashes from his hands.


  • Double Zer0 Power: An unlimited power of infinite potential, shows the true bond between Zero and 0. In a flaming green aura, all of Zer0's parameters are boosted significantly.

Legacy Zero Alter

Legacy Zero Alter

Submitted by: Cdr

During some Legacy and Zero Alter crossover that doesn't exist yet, Zero meets a young Ultra warrior somewhat similar to himself, Ultraman Legacy. After a brief argument about who used the ability of calling upon the power of past Ultras without being an OrbGeed first, the two decide to join forces against a powerful threat, which eventrually proves too much for either of them, so the Ultras fuse together into a new form to combat this evil.


  • Wide Legacy Zero Shot: A combination of the Wide Zero Shot and Legacy Beam techniques.
  • Energised Sluggers: Channeling the same energies Legacy uses to energise his punches and kicks, this form can do the same with Zero's sluggers.
  • Legacy Zero Barrier: A powerful energy barrier.
  • Legacy Zero Kick: Channeling the powers of Zero Alter's Zero Kick and Legacy's Leo LD mode, this form can perform a powerful flaming kick to an opponent.
  • Speed: Channeling Legacy's Plasma form and Zero Alter's Luna Miracle form, this fusion can enhance it's speed at will.
  • Plasma Aegis Bracelet: The remnant Plasma Spark energies in Legacy's body combine with Zero's Aegis forming a powerful bracelet which can empower this form or form a more powerful version of the Ultimate Zero Alter, which is a brighter shade of silver than the original
  • Enhanced Emerium Slasher: Self Explanatory.
  • Legacy Zero Blade: This form can form Legacy's blade, and use it in tandem with Zero's Sluggers or to power up Ultimate Legacy Zero's sword.
  • Dexter Duplication: This form can acess the Dexter Connect as well as Legacy's LD forms and combine the powers of past Ultras from two different universes into further upgraded forms.
  • Legacy Zero Cutter: Small projectiles akin to Legacy's Legacy Cutter ability.
  • Enhanced Ultra Senses: Same as Legacy's Ultra Senses.


  • The two Ultras need to work in tandem for the fusion to do anything. It is somewhat like a Zero/Leito type of situation. Luckily an opponent will provide a good distraction from the two arguing with one another and rendering the fusion useless.

Reasons for Form

  • Obligatory crossover thing
  • It's cool
  • I had fun making up abilities for this
  • For the record, Legacy was using the power of past Ultras as upgrade forms first.

Titan Cdr Alter

Titan Cdr Alter

Dedicated to: Cdr, Zero Alter's number one fan

When cruising along on one of his journeys, Titan Cdr meets with Zero Alter. In anticipation to fuse and gain new powers, Cdr and Zero Alter form a bond and assimilate into one, the latter hesitantly agreeing. They form a mighty Ultraman-Titan hybrid, known as Titan Cdr Alter. Together, the duo completes one of Cdr's missions, and bid farewell against a background of explosions. This fusion is rumored for granting Titan Cdr his Sluggers.


  • Wide Zillium Ray: An "L" style version of Titan Cdr's Zillium Ray augmented with Zero's Emerium energies. Blows the powers of even Titans out of the water. It also has a more powerful variant fired in the same configuration as the Cosmo Miracle Ray.
  • Zillium Sluggars: Zero Alter's Sluggars augmented with Cdr's Xenon Ultra energies, allowing it to shape-shift into any weapon from the Dexter Connects, as well as the Carlos Sluggar Saber.
  • Emerium Ban Slasher: A ray that throws or seals a being/object, out from the current multiverse.
  • Atomic Breath: Possessing Shin Goji's tail and fins on his chest, Cdr can charge up for a much more powerful variant of Shin Goji's atomic breath. His body begins to radiate a distinct blue, that transitions into a violet-purple hue. Cdr's mouth then shape shifts into that of Shin Goji's, where he first vomits out a river of flames that slowly focuses into a thin purple beam.
  • Hardened Shell: Taken from Heisei Gamera, Cdr has wings on his back which can expand out into a thick shell, and detract back again.
  • Anti Cancer Shield/Ultimate Barrier: A force field around Cdr's entire body that protects from cancer, along with pretty much any other disease, attack, or anything else that would harm him. It takes the form of a glowing blue aura around his body. Zero Alter approves.
  • Joke Beam Alter: A much more potent Joke Beam that may make the opponent laugh so hard, they spill out their intestines and die from internal bleeding.
  • Backhand Beam: A beam of energy with a hand on the end for backhanding people. It's effectiveness varies on the power level and annoyance tolerance of the target. Zero Alter seems to abstain from this technique as if it were the plague, however.
  • Reality Warping: Basically, to a lesser degree.
  • Cringe Conversion: He is able to convert any form of cringe into meme energy.

Reasons for Form

  • Dedicated to Cdr for being the greatest contributor to this page.
    • Even if it means they're one third parodies.
    • T-that doesn't mean I don't like the rest of you or anything.

Titan MZ Alter

Titan MZ Alter

Adapted from: Mebius-Zer0

The Titan/Ultra-like being, Mebius-Zer0 appeared out of a portal one fine day, when Zero Alter was battling some rogue monsters. Helping to defeat them, Zero decided to return the favor out of gratitude, and helped Mebius-Zer0 clear some Mega Man X levels. A gaming bond developed between the both, and from then on they gathered together as gaming buddies.

When they were reaching a vital level in the game one day, Ultron Sigma appeared the heck outta nowhere, destroying everything in its path. Both of them pissed off, they fused into Titan MZ Alter, to take on the menace and keep the game world safe.


  • Mebium-Zero Ray: Sliding his hands over the crystal of the Mebium Brace, then shifting it to the side in Zero's Wide Zero Crack position, MZ Alter then blasts a golden-whitish array of jewels and Dexter energy.
    • Wide Skull Purgatory: When MZ Alter concentrates more of his sinister energies after unleashing the Berserker's Rage, he can fire a more powerful version of the Mebium-Zero Ray, a crimson ray with skulls of hellish flames encircling its being.
  • Emerium Binding Slasher: Instead of Emerium, MZ Alter unleashes a series of bones that extend far and wide from his crest, which grab hold of the opponent and squeeze them to death. Also used to slap people silly.
  • Mebium Twin Blaster: MZ Alter slots the Sluggars to his shoulders sideways, then unleashes a hell of azure blue particles upon the enemy.
  • Gaming Materialization: MZ Alter is able to spawn game blocks and cubes, as well as power-up items and weapons to aid him in battle.
  • Berserker's Rage: A heathen aura emanates from within him, as claws burst from his hands, his body markings turning into one more sinister in color. Grants him amazing strength. He is able to sustain this temporal power boost for 15 seconds.

Ultraman Saga Seraphy

Main article: Ultraman Saga Seraphy

Zero Alter Beyond

Zero Alter Beyond

Beyond is Zero's forced evolution instigated by the Ocular energy of the Zoffi stone, unstable and vigorous with the inner light of the most powerful King of Sevar, the first. Zero almost goes insane, drunk in power due to the stone's side effects, and its direct connection to the Dexter Nexus.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 30
  • Jumping Height: 7800m
  • Running Speed: Mach 25
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 22.5
  • Underground Speed: Mach 22
  • Strength: 2,870,000 tons
  • Grip Strength: 1,777,000 tons


  • M807 Carnage Blow: Zero stretches out his right arm to set free a wave of golden particles. His first use of the technique resulted in him destroying entire communities in a freak accident, bringing them to dust in a galaxial explosion.
  • Bulky Chorus: Zero first releases 8 energy cores (which seem like floating cannons engulfed by energies, if looked closely) from his hands, then stretches out his arms to the side to shoot those energy cores as beams of high latent energy. The way these orbs of energy are placed is similar to Zoffi's Star Marks' positions.
  • Zero Freeze Ray: Gusts of winds at absolute zero temperatures, which instantly freezes any target.
  • Zero Quadro Sluggars: He gains four Sluggars which can detach from his head.
    • Quadrea Sluggar Bow: A light bow created from the Sluggars, which Zero can use to unleash the M807 Spark Blow.
  • Hundred Rapid Kicks: In under the span of a second, Zero lets loose a hundred unseen kicks.
  • Star Medal Cannon: From the Star Medals located on his Sluggar shoulders, Zero fires multiple blue beams.
  • Emerium Beyond: A multi-attacking Emerium Slasher.

Muteki Alter Zero Beyond

Muteki Alter Zero Beyond

Submitted by: Zenon

Zero Alter finds the Muteki energy that Particle used to obtain the Muteki form that was made by the sacrificed soul of King, Noa and Zero and gains the energy to obtain an infinitely invincible form. One-time use. The downside is that the form does considerable damage, putting a great strain on his body.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 99
  • Jumping Height: 99,000m
  • Running Speed: Mach 99
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 99
  • Underground Speed: Mach 99
  • Strength: 999,000,000 tons
  • Grip Strength: 999,000,000 tons


  • Beyond Critical Sparking: Zero dropkicks an opponent with sparkles of golden energy engulfed by multi colored sparks of lightning.
  • Sluggar Golden Impact: Zero unleashes six glowing Sluggars and directs them towards the opponent.
  • Hyper Muteki Cannon: Zero shoots a beam that can defeat virtually anything.
  • Spacial Disruption: He uses this ability to teleport and disrupt the surrounding battlefield.

Reasons for Form

  • Maybe some Particle's power source came to Zero Alter's universe...?
  • none

Magnificent Alter Zero Beyond

Magnificent Alter Zero Beyond

Submitted by: Zenon

After the usage of Muteki Alter, Zero trains to push his body over the limit in order to achieve said form again. However, Belial from the Particle universe escapes into Zero Alter's universe and fights him one-to-one. When Shining form couldn't even beat Belial, Zero attempts to use Muteki, achieving a higher level of power known as Magnificent; however, this deals a huge blow, Zero's Color Resounder immediately turning red, though he manages to beat Belial to a pulp.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 128
  • Jumping Height: 128,000m
  • Running Speed: Mach 128
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 128
  • Underground Speed: Mach 128
  • Strength: 1,280,000,000 tons
  • Grip Strength: 1,280,000,000 tons


  • Magnificent Punch: A punch so powerful that in his battle with Belial, he shattered reality and the surrounding universe with little to no effort.
  • Magnificent Shot: A ray so powerful it destroys two universes.
  • Spacial Disruption: He uses this ability to teleport and disrupt the surrounding battlefield.

Reasons for Form

  • idk...

Astral Zero Alter

Astral Zero Alter

Astral is Zero's ultimate form from the Dexter Nexus, using the powers of the Elders of Sevar. Borrowing Ken's expertise, brute strength and speed, and Sevar's supreme technique: Dext-Kinesis, Zero becomes something even more than Beyond; he transcends to an Astral being.

He normally assumes this form in deep space.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 40
  • Jumping Height: 10,000m
  • Running Speed: Mach 35
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 32.5
  • Underground Speed: Mach 32.5
  • Strength: 4,780,000 tons
  • Grip Strength: 3,777,000 tons


  • Gargant Buster Wave: Astral's penultimate finisher. Bringing his fists together and then spreading them apart, Zero gathers metaphysical energies of godlike structure, then puts his hands in an "L" position.
  • Dext-Kinesis: Activating the Giga Array, Zero is able to deal all kinds of kinesis-esque attacks upon his opponents. His Ocular Lamp glows green and the Giga Array flashes a blinding light whenever he uses this.
    • Giga Thunder Shock: From his horns, Zero releases lightning bolts which strike down even gods.
    • Burst of Doom: A fiery explosion which engulfs almost anything. Never seen due to its sheer destructive power.
  • Astral Barrier: An invisible barrier which protects Zero from any attack.
  • Astral Manipulation: True to its name, Zero can manipulate astral energies and objects on the astral realm.
  • Astral Energies: Zero can charge his hands with astral energies, to:
    • Astral Knuckle: Punching an enemy will instantly send them into a space-time warp. This can only be used twice per battle however.
    • Astral Deflection: Using his arms, Zero can deflect and withstand even the most powerful of beams. The energies ricochet back to the opponent in continuous explosions.
  • Planar Descent: A long, winding tube is created at the enemies' feet. They descend further and further into the astral realm at high speeds, the astral energies taking apart their body based on their individual karmic count.

Kagayaku Zero Alter


Kagayaku Zero Alter

Submitted by: UltraZilla2017

When facing an army of abominations from another dimension known as the Under Realm, Zero access his other super forms to fend them off but to no avail; he was overpowered by their sheer numbers and cornered. Before they could begin to ravage him apart, a mysterious light appeared upon them and disrupted the battle by falling down on Zero, causing an immense explosion. Zero was inside the light and in front of him appeared a mysterious entity with wings made and its whole body made out of light. The being give Zero a new Super form that is stronger than the rest. Afterwards it vanished and Zero prepares himself for an all out combat against the invading abominations.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 60
  • Jumping Height: 40,000m
  • Running Speed: Mach 37
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 37
  • Underground Speed: Mach 37
  • Strength: 10,000,000 tons
  • Grip Strength: 6,777,000 tons


  • Kagayaku Emerium Star Beam: Zero Alter's basic but powerful finisher in this form. He charges up for only a few minutes before firing a beam from his forehead. Can destroy opponents in an instant.
  • Kagayaku Zero Sluggars: Zero can conjure a large Sluggar like blade from each of his forearms, used as an arm like weapon to slash opponents. Can also be thrown just like a boomerang.
  • Light Speed Travel: Zero can travel to other dimensions at the speed of light.
  • Deflection
  • Kagayaku Final Big Bang: Zero's most powerful ray attack by charging up and performing an "L"-shaped arm gesture. Used to wipe out an entire army of abominations.

Reasons for Form

  • I was thinking of adding a form that is powerful but more serious and less joke like.

All the forms under this category are empowered by Deathcium.

Zero Alter Darkness

Zero Alter Darkness

When the Eighth King takes full control of Zero's turbulent desires and monstrous rage, his body rots into an unrecognisable black, reflective of his status as a servant of the Overlord of Savagery. How fitting.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 66
  • Jumping Height: 66,000m
  • Running Speed: Mach 66
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 50
  • Underground Speed: Mach 48.5
  • Strength: 6,000,000 tons
  • Grip Strength: 4,777,000 tons


  • Absolute Zero Shock: Using four-fifths of the latent energy within the Dexter Nexus, Zero unleashes a jet black cannon with crackling red bolts, that destroys entire universes.
  • Darkness Counter: In a suffocating cloud of black, Zero uses his Sluggars to instantly rip open the opponent from the inside-out.
  • Zero Twin Shred: Performed in a similar manner to the Zero Twin Blaster.
  • Emerium Ripper: A ray of sickening green that can blast holes in entire galaxies.

Strong-Corona MONSTROUS

Strong-Corona "MONSTROUS" Zero

Submitted by: Cdr

Entangled in tentacles of gloom, is the version of Strong-Corona empowered but blinded by the darkness.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 50
  • Jumping Height: 50,000m
  • Running Speed: Mach 45
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 42
  • Underground Speed: Mach 42
  • Strength: 10,000,000 tons
  • Grip Strength: 8,777,000 tons


  • Deathrealm Forcebuster: The dark version of the Space Storealm Buster, reduces even the most toughest of fortifications to none.
  • Hurricane Crash: Using his strength, Zero picks up enemies and throws them to the air, then spinning like a drill through them.
  • Nefarious Garnate Boost: Zero's attacks are charged with blazing infernos of black.

Reasons for Form

  • Darkness must be feeling left out since Beyond and Shining have so many variations.

Luna-Miracle ECLIPSE

Luna-Miracle "ECLIPSE" Zero

Submitted by: Cdr

Enraptured by the bittersweet scent of the purgatory mist, is the version of Luna-Miracle empowered by the darkness, but shielded from the light.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 80
  • Jumping Height: 80,000m
  • Running Speed: Mach 74
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 70
  • Underground Speed: Mach 70.5
  • Strength: 3,000,000 tons
  • Grip Strength: 1,777,000 tons


  • Sluggar Acheron: A dark set of Sluggar weapons.
    • Sluggar Ripper: Blades attached to both his arms.
  • Miracurse Smash: Slamming his palm to the opponent with high speed, they instantly shatter into organic rubble.
  • Particulam Flash: Zero moves at such outbursts of great speed, it's almost as if he was teleporting.

Reasons for Form

  • Darkness must be feeling left out since Beyond and Shining have so many variations.

Eclipse-Flash RAVAGED

Eclipse-Flash "RAVAGED" Zero

Submitted by: BigD2003

Ravaged in crimson blemishes, ravaging under a turqoise moonlight, is the version of Eclipse-Flash empowered but ravaged by the darkness.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 100
  • Jumping Height: 90,000m
  • Running Speed: Mach 93
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 92.5
  • Underground Speed: Mach 92.5
  • Strength: 20,000,000 tons
  • Grip Strength: 18,777,000 tons


  • Zero Ravage: Zero grows claws, glowing a sinister red.
  • Wild Calamity Annihilation: Evolved version of the Wide Omega Break and Absolute Zero Shock.
  • Calamity Darkness: The dark and evolved version of the Emerium Ripper and Cosmium Cutter.
  • Hellrealm Deathbuster: The dark and evolved version of the Deathrealm Forcebuster.
  • MiraECLIPSE Swarm Break: The dark and evolved version of the Miracurse Smash.

Reasons for Form

  • I'm copyi- I mean, borrowing Cdr's ideas.
  • And sorry if I'm being too lazy (no no it's alright I'll accept anything)

Ultimate Darkness

Ultimate Darkness Zero

Submitted by: Cdr

When Zero is taken under the control of the Zagacer Brace, he unlocks a dark version of his Ultimate form, which is less powerful in terms of attacks, but of which makes up for the lack of power with its ferocity, driven insane by the Deathcium flowing within his body.

Larva stage.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 267
  • Jumping Height: 80,000m
  • Running Speed: Mach 87
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 85
  • Underground Speed: Mach 85
  • Strength: 15,000,000 tons
  • Grip Strength: 13,777,000 tons


  • Darkness Zero Zagiclaw: The jet black claws on both his arms which act as replacements for the Alter Zero Sword. The tips glow red, infused with Deathcium.
  • Darkness Zero Flappers: The unworldly protrusions from his back, the gems blast a stream of lasers.
  • Final Zero Annihilation: The armor disassembles and reforms into the Blade of Darkness, spanning multiple galaxies wide. Zero holds the blade by the hilt, as he pulls along energy strings which charge the weapon with Deathcium. Releasing his grip, the sword launches towards its target at light speed, finally resulting in multiversal destruction.

Reasons for Form

  • Darkness must be feeling left out since Beyond and Shining have so many variations.

Arch Darkness

Arch Darkness Zero

Submitted by: Zenon

When Belial from the official universe attacks Zero Alter and gains the form of Arch Belial again, thinking Zero Alter is Zero, he possesses Zero Alter and became a feared ultra and attacks the Overlord of Savagery, and failed...

Zero Alter later evolves to this form again after gaining Ultimate Darkness.

Cocoon stage.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 20
  • Jumping Height: 20,000m
  • Running Speed: Mach 15
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 15
  • Underground Speed: Mach 15
  • Strength: 1,000,000,000 tons
  • Grip Strength: 890,777,000 tons


  • Darkness Hyper Shoot: Streaks of darkness energy discharge from the monster's mouth, obliterating any enemy within its wake and darkening the universe.
  • Demonic Dark Crash: Crimson lightning bolts are released from his Color Resounder, which push back any incoming objects.
  • Arch Death Blow: Charging his claws with Deathcium, Zero swats enemies down like mere flies.

Reasons for Form

  • None?

Savage Darkness

Savage Zero Alter

Submitted by: Zenon

Even after Zero Alter escaped from Belial, he had consumed some of Belial's darkness, thus this darkness changed Zero into a greedy, power-hungry alteration of himself. Blinded by darkness, he joined forces with Belial and took Belial's darkness by killing Belial, and turned into a beastly Zero: named Savage Zero by his beastly personality.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 488
  • Jumping Height: 100,000m
  • Running Speed: Mach 300
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 300
  • Underground Speed: Mach 300
  • Strength: 800,000,000,000 tons
  • Grip Strength: 666,666,666,666 tons


  • Savagery Scratch: Zero scratches the enemy with his Beast Claws,this attack is able to inject the venom from the beast claws and infect the enemy with a virus that makes the enemy a power hungry pawn.
  • Savagery Beast Burst: Zero shoots a ray full of his anger, rage and darkness that can deal a lot of damage, this attack is too dangerous.
  • Beast Hunt: Zero Alter's eyes will glow red and have x-ray vision to consume darkness from his prey.
  • Darkness Consumer: He will roar so loud that the darkness enters his Color Resounder, this technique is only used once for its deadliness.
  • Da-Da-Da-Da-Da-Dark Beastly Deadcium Bursting Ray: Zero gathers all the darkness energy from his previous Dark forms and shoots a ray full of darkness, this ability is so strong that this attack is able to kill Zero Alter when he shoots it for over even a few seconds.

Reasons for Form

  • Sequels! Sequels! Sequel to the Arch Zero form!
  • Dark forms are too cool, especially black and purple

Emperor of Darkness, Zero

Emperor of Darkness, Zero

A beautiful existence, representation of the demonic lord, dictator of life, death and chaos. Overtaken by his inner demons, feared and revered. One who was foretold in the prophecy to seek life, and to bring it to naught, has now arisen.

The beguiling butterfly.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 666
  • Jumping Height: 666,666,666m
  • Running Speed: Immeasurable
  • Underwater Speed: Immeasurable
  • Underground Speed: Immeasurable
  • Strength: Omniversal level
  • Grip Strength: Multiversal level


  • Plague of Belial: The ultimate disease which destroys the Image, propagates Desire, and causes people to fall from Grace.
  • Omnipresence: He can wish upon whatever location he desires to be in.
  • Sepulchral Demise: Wings of Amon engulf the living in an eternal cycle of suffering.
  • Lugiel Orbs: Each of these orbs command a number of the 7 Deadly Sins.
  • Reduction to Zero: Spreading the arms of Satan out into a wretched cross, a ghostly display of Deathcium, accompanied by tormented souls reduced to skulls, Zero unleashes Belial's Judgement across the planes of existence.
  • Hellhound Barking: The claw on his left arm transforms to that of a canine possessing three heads, which bite and bark at the opponent. Together, they unleash the Hellhound Rising, which is easily capable of coating entire universes in nigh tribulation.
  • Appendages of Cthulhu: Tentacles which spread far and wide, ensnaring and suffocating.

Zero Alter Darkness Darkness

Zero Alter Darkness Darkness

Idea by: MoarCrossovers


Zero Alter Darkness Darkness was born as a result of Zero Darkness Darkness bestowing some of his darkness powers upon Zero Alter and corrupting him into a way edgier form. To emphasize his edginess, Zero Alter now wields the Serpent Blade, an embodiment of Zero Darkness Darkness' jealousy and hate of Shining Shining Zero. His personality also shifts to a much more cringier one, I guess.


  • Darkium Deathcium Crash: An inferior copy of the Shinium Emerium Crash. It is still able to eradicate the likes of Arch Belial, Magata no Orochi, Zogu, Greeza, Desastro, Zaigorg, Chaos Header, Godzilla in all incarnations, all the Neo Ultras, Hyper Muteki Ex-Aid, Hyper Kabuto, Dark Lugiel, Dark Zagi, Alien Empera, Hyper Zetton, and Gatanothor though, and still destroy one and a half multiverses.
  • Darkness Zetsubou Punch: A punch that kills Ultraman Fedora in one shot.
  • Darkness Ankoku Kick A kick that kills Ultraman Emerald in one shot.
  • Hatredium Bang Bang: A beam made of Zero Alter's sheer hatred that allows him to destroy all that he despises.
  • And almost all of Zero Darkness Darkness' abilities.

Zero Darkness Darkness Deathcium

Zero Darkness Darkness Deathcium

Idea by: MoarCrossovers


Apparently when even the power of Zero Darkness Darkness wasn't enough, Zero assimilated with the Deathcium energies and became a more armored, skilled and powerful form: Zero Darkness Darkness Deathcium! He gained the powers of Anathema Zero, Ultraman Dao and Ultraman Exterminus as well, it seems.

  • Double Jugglur Serpent Blades: He has two swords now because that makes him more edgy.


  • Anathema Extermium Deathcium Crash: An even more dark version of the Darkium Deathcium Crash, powered up by the energies as stated in its name, empowered by the combined efforts of cringe, idiocy and a hate for all parodies, ironically. It is difficult to gauge the power of this attack, as it rivals that of Shining Shining Zero and his upgrades, I guess.
  • Hatredium Boom Boom Even more destructive than the Hatredium Bang Bang, supplemented by his ever growing feelings of hate for the society and the world.
  • Anathema Extermium Wiki-Qualityium Parodium Hax Zero Darkness Darkness Deathcium Twin Shoot: Zero connects the Zero Darkness Darkness Deathcium Sluggers to his Color Resounder, charging extraordinary levels of energy. The released power is enough to [ERROR 404 NOT RECOGNISED].

Shining Alter Zero

Shining Zero Alter

When Zero embraces his inner light instead of being plagued by an overwhelming darkness, performing a mystic ritual he assimilates with all the Estreia Stones and fuses with the resulting Dexter Septem derived from the Dexter Nexus to turn into Shining Alter Zero. When in this form, he goes into a trance, the Eight Anima (represented by eight gas giants within his sub-consciousness) shining from within his core, a pure blue, while the Noacer Brace fuses with his skin.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 90
  • Jumping Height: 88,000m
  • Running Speed: Mach 85
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 81
  • Underground Speed: Mach 81
  • Strength: 8,000,000 tons
  • Grip Strength: 7,777,000 tons


  • Shining Photon Driviar: Zero raises his hand, as orbs of azure blue erupt from within him into a sphere of energy. He reverses time, accelerates it, or even change the course of history.
    • Zero Driviar Enigma: Zero launches this blue ball of light as an attack instead.
  • Shining Zero Dragon: Shining Alter Zero's version of the Wide Zero Crack.
  • Shining Emerium Ignition: Shining Alter Zero's version of the Emerium Slasher, enough to eliminate threats light years away.
  • Zero Meta Field: A hyperspace dimension Zero creates, which drastically weakens opponents and allows Zero to finish them off as quickly as he needs it to be. Time also passes much faster in the field as compared to the lower realms.
  • Darkness Negation: As a being of total light, Zero can negate all sources of darkness.

Shining Mystic Alter Zero

Shining Mystic Zero Alter

Submitted by: Cdr

In a desperate attempt to connect to the Dexter Nexus in his Shining Form, Zero attains the armament Shining Mystic, an all-powerful combination between the Second King and his Shining Form. It has only been used once.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 130
  • Jumping Height: 888,000m
  • Running Speed: Mach 110
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 91
  • Underground Speed: Mach 91
  • Strength: 30,000,000 tons
  • Grip Strength: 27,777,000 tons


  • Specium Star Driviar: Raising his right hand to the air, Zero gathers his energies into a massive fiery ball of light, which disperses to stop time. He then fires the Specium Emerium Ray.
  • Specium Emerium Ray: The Emerium Slasher, fired in a "+" fashion accompanied by Specium particles.

Reasons for Form

  • Since he can access pretty much all of Orb's Zero or Seven forms, I figured why not do the same for Geed, skipping Solid Burning of course because it would be the same as Nefarious Knuckle.

Shining Shining Alter Zero
Shining Ultraman Zero

Shining Shining Zero Alter

Submitted by: Cdr


After a battle with an opponent too powerful for Zero to possibly overcome, he recieves help from another Zero from another universe, the ubsurdly powerful Shining Shining Zero. The Powerful Ultra one-shots the enemy, and then grants Zero the ability to call upon a fraction of his power if needed, which would still be enough to wipe out pretty much anything he came up against, I guess.

The ultimate evolution of Shining Alter Zero, temporarily used.

  • Mystic Gauntlet: He possesses the Mystic Gauntlet from Shining Mystic.
  • Noacer Aegis: His Noacer Brace grants him the Aegis which allows him to tranverse universes.
  • Sluggar Caliber: From this Sluggar Weapon, he can fire a beam that destroys several universes with ease.


  • Shinium Emerium Crash: Zero Alter's own version of the Shinium Beam, which is enough to wipeout the likes of Arch Belial, Magata no Orochi, Zogu, Desastro, Zaigorg, Godzilla in all incarnations, all the Neo Ultras, Hyper Muteki Ex-aid, Hyper Kabuto, Dark Lugiel, Dark Zagi, Alien Empera, Hyper Zetton, and Gathanothor in one blow, and still destroy two multiverses.
  • And almost all of Shining Shining Zero's abilities, with the exception of the Optional Omnipotence, and the Overpoweredium Hax Beam.

Reasons for Form

  • I wanted to do this the second you said there would be submissions for this guy, and I just now got permission to do so in teh chat

Super Shining Shining Zero Alter

Super Shining Shining Zero Alter

Kindly offered by: Zenon


Ultraman Protego grants his powers upon Zero Alter in a twist of events and a mix-up of universes, as he is forced to fight Exterminus. He gains superior power to the Titan Princes, though only for a brief moment (like 0.00001 seconds) as the power seeps away once he banished Exterminus forever.

SSS Zero Alter transforms with the Twin Zero Calibers, which can attach and detach from each other. He places the Elements Card Capsule and Dexter Card Capsule over each of the swords, and then transforms in a spectacle of light.


  • Super Saiyan Anti-Parody Extermination Shining Emerium Crash: Used once on Exterminus at minimal power, killed him in an instant.
  • Sextuple Noa Wings of Fiery: The first wing controls time, the second grants him omnipotence. The third lets him see through the past, present and future, the fourth allows for teleportation and omnipresence. The fifth, wields all forms of matter and telekinetic control, and the sixth grants immortality.

Crystal Star Ultimatum

Crystal Star Ultimatum Zero

Submitted by: LightningSluggerX17

A horrific amalgation of Zero Alter's, Star's and Guts' worst nightmares appeared in a surprising form. Zero had called upon Guts to help out Star and himself protect the latter's homeworld from an incoming menance that threatened to rain hellfire and calamity upon its denizens. The trio fought a tremendously exhausting battle, but only managed to weaken the villian's core. In a last ditch attempt, Star and Guts bestowed their godly forms upon Zero, transforming themselves into the Crystal Star Armor for our hero to don.


  • Shining Sluggar Erasers: Twin swords resembling a fusion of the Beta Spark Sword and Zero's Sluggars. Whatever they slice through gets erased out of existence, hence the name.
  • Star Beam Attack: Luminous energy projectiles shaped like stars are launched from Zero's chestplate. Once they land on an enemy, Zero can perform one of the following techniques.
    • Star Rupture: With a snap of his fingers, the stars completely disintegrate enemies they have fallen upon. A mini black hole then forms at the site of impact, of which lasts for approximately 5 seconds. No physical object can escape its pull.
    • Star Strike Crash: The enemy becomes a living magnet due to the various star symbols emitting magnetic fields. Zero's gauntlet, made of metal, then closes in with streaks of Star's energies resembling his Ultra Sign, as the impact made is enough to shatter entire galaxies.
  • Galaxy Steeling: With Guts' unbreakable crystals condensed into the individual molecules that form the armor, Zero has the ultimate defense.

Reasons for Form

  • Made this as a way to thank CBeard for helping me out with Star and Guts (no, thank YOU instead, Lightning!)

Crayeia Zero Alter

Crayeia Zero Alter

Searching for his journey's purpose, Zero stumbles upon the Vetitum Archives, and strolls along its exquisite, intricate hallways of antique shelves, filled to the brim with collections, volumes and obscure titles never before seen. Standing amongst the luscious everflowing garden of emerald green, he encounters the fallen effigy of a benevolent goddess, once great, now laid bare in rest.

This is the form of Zero who was granted gracious, gentle power, by the Titan Prince known as Cray.

  • Flying Speed: Unknown
  • Jumping Height: Unknown
  • Running Speed: Unknown
  • Underwater Speed: Unknown
  • Underground Speed: Unknown
  • Strength: 40,000,000 tons
  • Grip Strength: 27,777,000 tons


  • Arisen Wrath: Drawing energy from his mana pool, Zero seals and reverses evolution, turning creatures back to their rightful form. Further usage of this technique can completely reduce living things to waste, or annihilate to a speck of dust, unseen by the eye.
  • Nature Manipulation: Zero commands surrounding nature to aid him in battle. Ranges from bending the flora and fauna to his will, to even commanding the weather.
    • Life Enlightenment: He is able to induce the growth of life wherever he goes. This can be seen whenever Zero takes a step; plant-life tends to erupt instantly from the ground beneath.
  • Harmonic Pollen: Brings individuals to a deep sleep. However, it is less potent than Cray's.
  • Ground Assimilation: Zero can assimilate with the ground to pop up from anywhere underneath.
  • Gutting Cave: Gauntlets resembling paws materialise at Zero's arms; when the claws scratch a surface, instantly a hole is caved in.
  • Emerium Solarius: A pure white stream of energy fired from his Ocular Lantern, incinerates anything in sight.
  • Revival: Simply stated. The number of times he can use this technique depends on the amount of mana he has to deliver for revival.

Zeus Zero Alter
ChangeColor 11-9-2017-9-42-18

Zeus Zero Alter

Submitted by: Zenon

A legendary warrior called Zeus attacks Zero; Zero seems to be troubled fighting such a legendary warrior. Using his ultimate attack, Zero enters Zeus's mind. From there, he sees that Zeus's homeland was being invaded by Belial with Zero's own form in disguise. Zero told Zeus that not all Ultraman are evil, and showing him the error of his ways. However, Zeus' mighty pride and dignity got in the way. The two started to develop a bondship throughout their journey to stop Belial's forces, and their trust eventually grew. In a last ditch attempt, Zeus bonded with Zeus; Zero's Ultra Zero Eye evolves into the Ultra Zeus Eye and transforms Zero into Zeus Zero Alter, a god-like form utilising Zeus' lightning-based attacks.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 160
  • Jumping Height: 600,000m
  • Running Speed: Mach 135
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 125.5
  • Underground Speed: Mach 125.5
  • Strength: 600,000,000 tons
  • Grip Strength: 360,000,000 tons


  • Wide Zeus Shot: Zeus Zero shoots a pure white Wide Zero Shot with godly lightning bolts around it, electrocuting and reducing to ruin any ancient evil standing before its might.
  • Zero Zeus Split: When the Zeus Zero Alter form is endangered, Zero will split Zeus Zero to Zeus and Zero.
  • Zeus Emerium Slash: Just the Emerium Slasher, but white in color and with lightning bolts surrounding it.
  • Conscious Change: When deemed necessary, Zeus can switch places with Zero to pilot the form. Zeus Zero Alter's fighting style changes to one that is much more posh, elegant and experienced.
  • Thundering Menace: His eye glows white, as golden clouds start to gather, as intense lightning strikes everywhere, hurting only evil beings.
  • Miraculous Thunderclap: With a single clap, the battlefield explodes into one annihilated by lightning bombs.
  • Thunderous Applause: In a flash bang of light, the enemy is severely deafened.
  • Invisible Light Bombs: Zeus Zero Alter can make it so his traps are hidden to the enemy's eye. Such traps include light bombs, or fine threads.

Reasons for Form

  • It's cool.

Sevar Storm
ChangeColor 14-9-2017-9-20-14

Sevar Storm Zero Alter

Original photo credits: Unknown

The preliminary, devolved form of Legendary. Zero Alter has to fight many battles in order to strengthen the bonds of light fueled by Luminous Noa, before he can assume Legendary.

This form is similar to those of the Dexter Connect.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 30
  • Jumping Height: 9000m
  • Running Speed: Mach 25
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 25
  • Underground Speed: Mach 25
  • Strength: 1,000,000 tons
  • Grip Strength: 777,000 tons


  • Wide Overdrive Storm: Sevar Storm Zero Alter's main finisher, which decomposes its target at the molecular level, dissipating as blue particles.
  • Emerium Impulse: A destructive beam fired from his Energy Core, this is Sevar Storm Zero Alter's strongest attack.
  • Sluggar Feather: Energy slashes resembling his now-absent Sluggars, fired from the Armed Nexus.
  • Mach Move: He is able to move at short bursts of an amazing speed.
  • Phase Shift Meta: A golden stream of energy fired from the Armed Nexus to the sky, this generates the Meta Field, which sends surrounding enemies to a sub space dimension where Noa used to reside.

Legendary Zero Alter

Legendary Zero Alter

Submitted by: Zenon

Exploring the cosmos, Zero Alter stumbled upon Luminous Noa's spirit, in a state of unrest. Zero and Noa interacted, and Noa decided to bond with Zero through the Dexter Nexus. Gaining the Mythic Noacer, slotting his Zero Eye upon the staff and pressing a button, he transforms into Legendary and fights the Belials of alternate universes to fulfill Noa's wish.

  • Flying Speed: Mach 200
  • Jumping Height: 5,000,000m
  • Running Speed: Mach 170
  • Underwater Speed: Mach 165
  • Underground Speed: Mach 165
  • Strength: 200,000,000,000 tons
  • Grip Strength: 177,777,000,000 tons


  • Lightning Noacer Zero: A golden beam from crossed arms.
  • Emerium Blasthole: Legendary's version of the Emerium Slasher.
  • Zero the Final: Similar to Noa's Noa the Final, this technique seals rifts in space-time, as well as draining Belials of their power. He uses this to defeat multiple Belials.
  • Zero the Shield: Wards off all evil and darkness.
  • Ultimate Noacer: Using the Ultimate Noacer Brace on his left arm, clashing it to the Beyond Gauntlet on his right fist, a massive explosion occurs.
    • Ultimate Noacer Blade: A luminous golden blade drawn from the Ultimate Noacer Brace.
  • Zero Ultimate Sluggars: Massive Sluggars on his shoulders that can be deployed at any moment.
  • Dimension Travel: Just like Noa, he can travel through dimensions without strenuous effort.
  • Phantom Copies: He is able to move in swift movements that leave phantom copies behind, which distract opponents.

Reasons for Form

  • Royal Mega Master's cool, what about Noa instead of King!

Divinity Zero Alter
ChangeColor 30-8-2017-2-37-48

A silhouette of Divinity Zero Alter

Ripped off from: Akreious

Zero's penultimate form, exceeding even the likes of Shining Mystic. (Never used in series or specials) This form is never achieved by Zero, although theorized he is able to by Seven, Luminous Noa and even Darkness Zero himself, by tapping into Zero's higher chance of evolution. This is theorized to be the highest evolution that a Sevarean can take, exceeding True Super Ultras and Legendary Ultras alike. This form is the true fusion with his inner light.

  • Flying Speed: Zero definite state, fluctuates
  • Jumping Height: Zero definite state, fluctuates
  • Running Speed: Zero definite state, fluctuates
  • Underwater Speed: Zero definite state, fluctuates
  • Underground Speed: Zero definite state, fluctuates
  • Strength: Googolplex tons
  • Grip Strength: Googolplex tons


  • Divine Zero Shot: A godlike version of the Wide Zero Crack.
  • Divinity Phaserealm: A prismatic Aura around Zero. It is able to warp matter and reality just by being in presence of anything.

Zero Alter Final

Zero Alter Final

Submitted by: Cdr

After the Dexter mind approaches him, Zero finally sheds his inner darkness, separating from Emperor Zero Darkness and embracing the light and unleashing his maximum potential like never before, all at once, in a spectacle of light.

  • Flying Speed: Infinite
  • Jumping Height: Infinite
  • Running Speed: Infinite
  • Underwater Speed: Infinite
  • Underground Speed: Infinite
  • Strength: Infinite
  • Grip Strength: Infinite


  • Dexter Final: Zero calls upon his ancestors in spiritual form, combining all powers of the Dexter Nexus into one and finally unleashing it as a multi-colored bombardment of energy.
  • Final Zero Sluggars: Zero now has five Sluggars at his disposal, which he can use in combat like his regular two. The center Sluggar can enlarge to form any of the Sluggar weapons, while the other four can form together to form two Sluggar Slicers.
  • Emerium Final: The three beam lamps each fire three streams of Emerium, which all converge to become a monster mass of energy.
  • Dimensional Travel: Exactly what it states. To a lesser degree, it is teleportation as well.
  • Final Alter Sword: A three pronged blade. The blades on the side move back and forth constantly to intensify the stabbing effect.
    • Ultimate Luminous Sword: All his Sluggars combine with the Final Alter Sword to form an energy weapon of gigantic proportions, which can cut through anything.
  • Wide Zero Final: An immensely effective beam attack that relieves anyone of sin, gluttonous desire and devious thoughts. It does no damage however.
  • Final Emerium Crash: An attack that was never used.
  • Memory Reformation: Zero unleashes all the energies within his self, effulgent particles of azure blue and crimson red which spread throughout, far and wide, to restore and reform from the darkness. This ability caused Zero to lose the Final form for all eternity, never to be attained again.


  • Anti-Deletion Buff: His page is protected from all harm done to it, including deletion or even a wikia wipeout.
  • Omnipotence: Basically.
  • Etheric Separation: Both spirit and body are able to temporarily split from each other to deal surprise attacks.
  • Ultra Zero Eye: He is able to see through all possibilities and counter them respectively.

Reasons for Form

  • I love final forms
  • I also love slapping previous forms together into an even more OP form.

Final Zero Alter Final

Final Zero Alter Final

Submitted by: Gren


Zero Alter Final finds other Zero Alter Finals throughout the Omniverse. They had to fuse in order to kill the Void Eye, and they became Final Zero Alter Final. They fail because the Void Eye is immortal, but it leaves them be and they disperse once more. Except for one, who would go on to become Void Zero Alter.


  • Literal Divine Death: Kills anything and everything. Like seriously.
  • Omnipotence: In its truest form.
  • Undying and Unaffected: Unaffected by all kinds of malicious effects which may bring harm, sorrow, pain and anger to this benevolent being, both directly and indirectly, spiritually and physically, within the plane of existence and the astral realms, between life and death, among the Void and within. He cannot die, cannot be killed, is ever existing and will forever reign over as the supreme lord of the omniverse, on par with the Void Eye because why the hell not.

Reasons for Form

  • I'm not even going to bother with this one.

Hydralic Smasher Zero Alter

Hydralic Smasher Zero Alter

Hydralic Smasher is Zero's water-based and acrobatically dexterous form, which he assumes when fighting within liquid environments. Fluent and fluid, Zero possesses outstanding agility, nimbleness and reaction timing.


  • Reflection Fluid: Hydralic Smasher's main quirk. In a form of mimicry, Zero mirrors the chemical structure of the liquid form, reducing his physical self down to a volume of the fluid equal to his. He can also partially transform his body instead, which explains his agility in water bodies. He can only assume the liquid's form for a short period of time however, for the strain it puts on his biological makeup is enormous. He also needs to first make contact with the liquid source in order to gain information on its structure.
  • Connection: Zero is able to establish a connection to any water bodies in the area, of which he will then be aware of their physical state through vibrations. One way he uses this ability is through connecting with the surrounding water vapor in order to gain a deeper awareness on the movements of enemies.
  • Acro Jet: Zero blasts a stream of liquid from his palms.
  • Hydro Blades: Water blades solidified, which form from his arms.
    • Hydro Water Caliber: Transforming a portion of the battlefield into an extra dimensional water arena, Zero then traps the enemy in a column of liquid, then proceeding to slash through them with the Hydro Blades.
  • Emerium Splash: Continuous slashes of Emerium fired from the metallic blue crest on his head.

Ultraman Destiny

Altering the threads of an uncertain fate, that power lies in his hands...

Ultraman Zero Alter (Ultra Fight ver)
Zero Ultra Fight

Ultraman Zero Alter (Ultra Fight ver)

Zero participating in the Ultra Fight challenge has left him with a more vicious, aggressive personality; he spares the lives of none, brutally murdering monsters and aliens alike with his bare fists, beating them down with an enraged ferocity, tearing apart their limbs and innards in a murderous rampage. The most unsettling thing, however, is the constant cold stare, that blankness in his eyes; Zero is dead inside.

Appearance wise, Zero gains darker eyes, a dirtied look and cracked skin, a physical condition which shows how weary he truly is.


  • Zero Knife: Zero can create an oversized knife which he can fling at the enemy or use it to slash enemies. The results vary, from explosion to impalement. It seems to vary in strength, sometimes it can be blocked by the monsters bare hands but a single explosion from it can kill five monsters at once.
  • Zero Lance: Zero has a spear similar to Ultraman Jack's Ultra Cross which is usually stored in small size, but can be enlarged at will and used to stab enemies.
  • Zero Kick/Punch: Physical punches and kicks which breaks bones and ruptures internal organs.
  • Zero Chop: A chopping technique which slices through flesh and meat quite easily.
  • Zero Fall: Zero throws enemies off cliffs headfirst, effectively cracking their skulls open.
  • Zero Pull: Zero pulls off the skin of opponents, revealing their bare bones.
  • Emerium Cutter: A cutter which is fired from the Ocular Lantern.
  • Teleportation: Zero has mastered the art of stealthy teleportation, often doing so to confuse and intimidate his opponents through sudden jumpscares.

Zero Alter-tan

Zero Alter-tan

Zero Alter-tan is Zero's magical girl form when he forms a contract between himself and a lone girl, Zora, left to fend for herself in a desolate world.

The original art is of Weiss Winterprison from the anime, Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku.


  • Zero Hyper Sparkle: Spinning the Noacer Punpun Wand three times, Zora then positions her hands in a "L" position, firing a beam of sparkling glitter stars and pink nebulous energy.
  • Magical Emerium Novathrash: Positioning her wand in front of her, then chanting the words "Impervious to all evil, I am the princess of Sevar!", Zora unleashes an explosive stream of lively emerald green, capable of cutting through all materials.
  • Zero Twin Starsluggars: The Sluggars now manifest on her head, and can be deployed in a number of ways:
    • Sparkling Galaxy Magniaburst: Attaching the Sluggars to her Color Resounder, Zora bursts open an incinerating attack. She can charge up for a much more powerful version which shines golden, though this depletes most of her mana reserves.
    • Zero Zora Twin Excalibur: Uniting their dreams and hopes into one, the Sluggars fuse to form a single blade.

Double Action Gamer Level XX

Zero Alter Double Action Gamer Level 70,000 R


Zora Double Action Gamer Level XX-0 L

Inspired from: Ginga no Tameni


"Gachan! Double Up! Ore ga Omae de! Omae ga Ore de! (We Are!) Mighty! Mighty! Brothers (Hey!) Double X!"

―Transformation announcement

Zora was brought to an empty game world along with Katie (Ultraman Tiga) and Tanaka (Ultraman Seox). Initially, she was reluctant to lend assistance to the stranger duo, but eventually opened up to them and fought alongside the pair to combat the evil mastermind Masamune Dan. They were later joined by Kuroto Dan, who then gave the Mighty Brothers XX Gashat to Zora, for her to transform into the Double Action Gamers Level XX. This caused Zero Alter to split from Zora, who later switched out the normal Mighty Brothers XX spandex suits for something much more comfortable.


  • Mighty Double Critical Strike: A double Rider kick performed by both components of the Double Action Gamer. They kick and bounce off the opponent, until finally drilling him through in a show of lightning sparks and azure energy. The "Game Clear!" announcement tends to pop up if the enemy is successfully cleared.
    • Emerium Double Critical Strike: Both join hands to fire a combination of the Magical Emerium Novathrash and Emerium Slasher.
  • Mighty Double Critical Finish: Inserting the Mighty Brothers XX Gashat into the Sluggar Keyslasher, both perform continuous sets of slashing attacks.

Bullmark Zero Alter
Bullmark Zero

Bullmark Zero Alter

Submitted by: Cdr

Ultraman Zero Alter grows a little fat in the thighs, thicker around the waist. He has some considerably... mediocre color choices? Honestly he's quite thicker than his on-screen counterpart for some reason. Why can't Bullmark make screen accurate figures for once? Everything they manufacture has to wedgie themselves on the fine line of show accurate products and super deformed crap. Is this a charm of their products I don't see? Like, follow the example of a credible figure line like, let's say, the Ultra Hero Series for once. You don't have to go all the way to make yourselves look extra vintage; it's the year 2017, not 1977. For god's sake, this is honestly what's wrong with Bullmark figure. Ultra Hero Series is the superior race, mongrels.

He may also have some relation to Bullmark Eleking, idk.

Exploded Zero Alter
PicsArt 1505196942304

Exploded Zero Alter

Submitted by: Gren

After coming in contact with Ultraman OPius and receiving a bit of his power, Zero's body couldn't handle it and exploded into millions of pieces which scattered throughout space. However, due to them each having a bit of OPius' power, they regenerated into tiny little Zero Alters, which over the years, grew in size and power, transforming into...

Ultraman ZerOP Alter
ChangeColor 12-9-2017-2-38-1

Ultraman ZerOP Alter

Submitted by: Gren






  • Literally all of normal Zero Alter's abilities, except much more powerful to the point that he becomes third in power to OPius and The Power.

Ultraman Neo Zero Alter

Ultraman Neo Zero Alter...?

Submitted by: Cdr

Following the events of Parody Taisen when Zero Alter fused with Shining Shining Zero, Ultraman 0, and the remaining energies of the deceased Ultraman Neo Zero, some of Neo Zero's energies remained within Zero Alter, giving him this form, in which he becomes stupidly overpowered for no apparent reason.

He looks exactly the same as his normal form though.


  • Zero's normal attacks with the name Neo in front; the attack is 5x stronger.
  • Neo Ultimate Attack: Zero shoots 2 beams vertically from his hands; it is his ultimate attack.
  • Neo Aarb Barrier: Summons a barrier created from the energies of Aarb.
  • Neo Knight Shot: Neo Zero simulates the Knight Shot, it's empowered by the powers of Aarb.

Reasons for Form


Supreme Neo Zero Alter

Supreme Neo Zero Alter...?

Submitted by: Cdr

Neo Zero Alter's ultimate form.

He becomes rainbow-colored.


  • Supreme Shoot: Zero shoots a beam like the Wide Zero Crack, just 10x powerful, with rainbow colors.
  • Supreme Barrier: Zero summons a barrier with the supreme logo on it.
  • Supreme Destroy and Heal: Heals his teammates and destroy his enemies.

Mugen Spirit Zero

Mugen Spirit Zero

Submitted by: Gren


"Cho Kaigan! Mugen! (angelic rock music) Keep going! Go, go, go! Go, go, go! Go, go, go! Gotta Ghost!"

―Mugen Spirit Zero's transformation announcement.

Zero taps into the power of humanity's infinite potential. Mugen no Kanousei.


  • God Omega Emerium Break: Zero levitates and gathers holy energies at his right leg. In a burst of feathers, Zero rams into the opponent, and then shoots the Emerium Slasher.
  • Sluggar Sigil: A pair of rainbow wings behind his back which resemble his Sluggars, with the aura of an infinity symbol. Boosts the God Omega Emerium Break.
  • Seven Godsent Attacks: Zero uses the infinite potential and irrationality of emotions to his advantage.
    • Contented Stream: Using the Gan Gun Saber in Naginata Mode, Zero charges each weapon's bladed end with swirling yellow energy before he presses the trigger on its handle to rapidly slash the target with both blades in the form of an Infinity Symbol.
    • Excitement Strike: Using the Gan Gun Saber in Arrow Mode, Zero pulls on the energized "bowstring" of his weapon which makes an array appear to shield him from incoming attacks. Once charged, Zero lets the energized orange arrow fly and pierce its target with great force in the form of an Infinity Symbol.
    • Faithful Impact: Using the Gan Gun Saber in Rifle Mode, Zero charges a green energy bullet as the Bat Clock winds its clock and projects an energy construct of a scope lens to lock on to the target. Once the clock hands point at the muzzle of the gun barrels and the energy is fully charged, the Rifle fires a powerful shotgun blast which destroys opponents.
    • Courageous Shoot: Using the Gan Gun Saber in Gun Mode, Zero charges energy into the muzzle of his weapon before unleashing a powerful purple
    • Resentment Slash: Using the Gan Gun Saber in Nitouryu Mode, Zero batters the opponent with his weapon's blades as they charge up red energy before he presses the trigger on its handle when he's in position to cut down the opponent to make the charge be expelled upon the last hit.
    • Sorrowful Break: Using the Gan Gun Saber in Blade Mode, Zero charges the blade with swirling blue energy before he presses the trigger on its handle to cleave through the target.
    • Affectionate Bomber: Using the Gan Gun Saber in Hammer Mode, Zero charges white energy to the Kumo Lantern, then slams the weapon on the ground, generating energy constructs shaped like a Heart, which are then flung at the opponent. It is presumably to be the strongest emotional finisher out of them all, as it has enough power to destroy even Savage Darkness Zero.



Submitted by: Cdr

The form of Zero Alter possessed by Lord Ba Dao, otherwise known as the entity Shiny and Ahiny.

He may or may not have connections to Ultraman Dull.

In this form, he gains all the abilities of the Shiny Lord and Ultraman Dull as well.

His personality also switches to that of absolute cringe, speaking of genocide, child rape and intense bouts of murder as if it's a casual topic. He also bears a deep, undying love for Setsuna, the Shiny Lord's fiancee.

Pennywise Zero
ChangeColor 19-9-2017-3-51-52

Pennywise Zero

Submitted by: Zenon

Zero gets hit by the meteorite when he travels into the past, and fuses with Pennywise.



  • Shapeshifting: Zero can shapeshift into the fears of his victims or enemies.
  • Fangs: Zero has nearly indestructible fangs that can be unleashed when he opens his mouth.
  • "We all float down here" spam: He repeatedly curses his opponents with the phrase "We all float down here".


  • "You can't float" spam: When someone says "You can't float", Zero will experience crippling depression and explode. If he explodes, nothing happens.

Reasons for Form

  • I love 2017 Pennywise.

Negative Zero Alter
Negative Zero render

Negative Zero Alter

Submitted by: Cdr

Zero gets really deep down in the shitter and experiences severe crippling depression. It's like, he doesn't even want to be here anymore. He just wants to end this shitty life of his. Why can't his parents ever give him peace? Why must he put up a facade to act as a functioning member of society? The world looks down upon him, as he looks down upon himself. He's locked within this dark, gloomy pit of tangling vines and a typhoon of darkness; death draws closer every single second, as he reminiscences the (little to none) good memories he had living his life throughout. As he grabs the noose, the devils inside him sucking out his very soul, he decides to take a deep breath, and hangs the ragged rope around his neck.

Then he pussies out LOL.


  • Depression Ray: A weak blob of energy from crossed arms. Signifies how deep down in depression he is. Please get him some help.

Ultraman Zero Gimmick
PicsArt 1506278095768

Ultraman Zero Gimmick

Submitted by: Gren

Zero Alter uses the powers of gimmicks to the maximum, becoming Ultraman Zero Gimmick.


  • Spark Doll Powers: Basically.
  • Cyber Card Powers: Basically.
  • Fusion Card Powers: Basically.
  • Ultra Capsule Powers: Basically.
  • And pretty much anything.

Shining Strong-Corona Luna-Miracle Ultimate Zero Darkness Beyond ALTER

ChangeColor 12-9-2017-11-21-26

Shining Strong-Corona Luna-Miracle Ultimate Zero Darkness Beyond ALTER

ChangeColor 7-9-2017-8-11-7

Shining Strong-Corona Luna-Miracle Ultimate Zero Darkness Beyond ALTER

The guy that should burn in hellfire for thinking this monstrousity: MoarCrossovers

Basically a clusterf-ck of all his forms into one that should never be accessed. Ever. And I really mean NEVER EVER.

Also his body turns into Emerium. Neat.


  • Emerium Emerium: Emerium Slasher but more Emerium. Because there is never enough Emerium.
  • SSCLMUZDB We had to abbreviate the name because it's too long and frankly, our writer died: the Beam: An OP attack. Never used. Because the form was never accessed.
  • Zero Double Lightning Crash: Combining forces with the original Zero, both Zero Alter and Zero join hands to release emerald lightning bolts which destroy enemies in a matter of seconds.

Ultimate Shinning Shinning Shinning Shinning Beyond the Beyond Strong Mircale Luna Corona Thunder Ultraman Zero Origin the 29th New Generation version ALTER
ChangeColor 8-9-2017-11-18-31

USSSSBtBSMLCT Ultraman Zero Origin the 29th New Generation version ALTER







  • GIMMICKS OVERLOADING DISASTER: Zero combines the powers of capsules by scanning them in the Zero Riser. These form the Zero Capsule Alpha and Beta, of which he scans again to transfer their power to himself. Afterwards, he uses the Orb Ring to scan the Zero and Seven cards, which grant him Mary Sue type powers from fusing with his alternate selves. Then, he scans the Ultimate Zero and Ultraman Zero Cyber Cards in the X Devisor, gaining the Zero Hybrid Armor which bursts into energy. Finally, he uses a Zero Spark Lancer to UltraLive himself, then spins the roulettes on both the Dexter and Zero Braces to gain the power of all his forms and his predecessors. He proceeds to unleash this energy in a green-white stream fired from his Ocular Lantern if he wasn't already bombarded during the ten minute charging up sequence.

Neo Ultimate Shining Shining Shining Shining Shining Strong Corona Luna Miracle Eclipse Flash Multi Power Burning Brave Sky Brave Exceed Super Hyper Mega Ultra Zero Beyond Beyond Beyond the Extreme Complete Sparkling Cosmic Muteki Mugen Darkness Infinity Legendary Alpha Saga Origin Trinity Knight Supreme X V30 ALTER
Ultrafan Wikia's God


Submitted by: The foolish anon who later became KitsuneSoldier






Anyway, Ultimate Shinning Shinning Shinning Shinning Beyond the Beyond Strong Mircale Luna Corona Thunder Ultraman Zero Origin the 29th New Generation version ALTER takes a walk through the Kamen Rider and Super Sentai universes and absorbs their power, as well as that of Ultraman Gimmick and Ultraman Tsupro, making the already idiotic form even WORSE.


  • FINAL TOTAL GIMMECKAGEDDON: Zero uses the Neo Zero Riser to scan every Ultra Capsule in existence, gradually fusing huge numbers of Ultras together into increasingly tight spaces until there are only two huge clusterf*ck capsules left, the NUSSSSSSCLMEFMPBBSBESHMUZBBBtECSCMMDILASOTKSXV30 Capsules Alpha and Beta. After attaching the Neo Ultimate Zero Eye V2 to the Neo Zero Riser, he scans the two capsules and presses the trigger, before swiping the Neo Zero Riser across the blade of the Zero Claw, causing it to announce "Shift Into Ultimate Super Hyper Extreme Supreme Maximum Overdrive!". He then presses the Expansion Switch on top of the Zero Claw, causing the blades to pop out, before pressing the trigger 3 times and then pressing the Deciding Switch on the side. Zero discards the Zero Claw and moves on to the Super Zero Calibur, he spins the Calibur Wheel around and presses the button on the hilt, causing it to announce "Super Advent Unleash! The True Power Of Overkill!". Next, he inserts the Zero, Dexter and Noacer Core Medals in the ZerOOO Belt, and uses the Zero Scanner to activate it, before attaching the Seven and Leo Full Bottles to the Build Zero Driver, as well as the One and Nova Gaia Memories to the Double Zero Memory Flusher, and activating both devices. He attaches and scans the Zero Kyutama with his Seiza Blaster, the Dexter Zyudenchi with his Gaburevolver, and the Noacer Nin Shuriken with his Ninja Ichibantou, and then scans the Ultra Fusion Cards of Zero, Seven, and every Ultra in the Dexter Nexus to the Zero Fusion Ring, before finally scanning the Super Zero Calibur through it, causing it to announce "I'm going to finish typing this whether I find it entertaining or not!" After that, he materializes three Zero Spark Dolls, which he scans to the Zero Galaxy Spark, Zero Victorium Lancer and Zero Cyber Devisor, respectively. The latter is also used to scan the Cyber Cards of all of Zero's previous forms, materializing the Legendary Supreme Zero Armor and Weapons for him to use. Finally, he slides his finger across the panel on the Ultimate Supreme Zero Slasher Slugger three times and presses the Boost Switch on the bottom, then uses it to write the entire Bee Movie script in the air. Finally, Zero puts his arms in an "L" shape and fires a tiny blip of Emerium energy that's so weak it couldn't hurt an amoeba.
  • Stand: Zero has Mugen Damashii as his Stand in this form.



Submitted by: Cdr & Gren




Memelord of Autism and Cancer, Zero

Memelord Zero

Submitted by: Cdr

While travelling the multiverse, Zero ends up in a universe similar to Earth's internet. In that world, Zero must defend it's population of memes who's very existence is threatened by a being known only as Behind The Meme. During a battle with this entity, Zero finds himself unable to defeat Behind The Meme, so the native memes of this universe grant him their power, transforming him into this form.


  • Cyberbullying: In this form, Zero can create a seemingly endless amount of half-baked insults which somehow anger or "trigger" his opponents.
  • Triggered Burst: When Zero gets extremely triggered, he can release a burst of energy from his body. After this is done, he is no longer triggered, so it can be assumed the attack corresponds specifically to how triggered he is.
  • Patrick Slash: Zero can create a giant energy projection of Patrick Star which he can throw as a star-shaped cutting weapon.
  • WOAH Cannon: Zero can transform his hands into Woah heads and fire blasts of energy from them. The heads exclaim "WOAH" when he does this.
  • Obey Beam: Zero can fire a beam of energy from his "Obey" hat.
  • MLG Skills: In this form, Zero inexplicably becomes skilled at "360 nose scoping" and can use a variety of oversized human weaponry
  • Ragequit: If a battle (or argument) isn't going his way, Zero can automatically end the current universe he is in, essentially ragequitting the universe.
  • Parody Spawn: Zero can create numerous parody variations of himself, as has been done to many memes before.
  • Net: A net that he just found, when he says go, be ready to throw.
  • Offendium Ray: Zero can fire a beam comprised of 4chan posts that automatically offends anyone it hits. Zero can only use it when tapping into the power of /b/
  • Tweetium Slash: a rapid-fire projectile. Zero can only fire 140 of them at a time.
  • Drama Field: Zero can emit a field of energy that causes drama inside everything inside it. This was used when he aligned himself with ya boi Killer Beatstar. LET'SSSSSSSSS GETTTTTTTT ROIGHTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT INTO THE NEWSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!
  • Unicycling: Zero somehow becomes skilled at riding a unicycle. It can be assumed this ability was inhereted from Dat Boi.
  • That Disney Channel Flow: Zero badly sings Jake Paul songs while firing an Ultra Shower.
  • Dao Roasting: Zero absorbs the power of the Hall of Memes and gains a myriad of ways to roast Dao.
  • Enhanced Speed: Zero's speed enhances in this form for when he GOTTA GO FAST
  • Bling: It's just bling.
  • Weed: In this form, Zero can become high at will using the power of dank kush.
  • Disguise: Zero can disguise himself as his normal form, as he did when he visited Ultraman Geed's universe to get in on some of Geed's drugs.
  • Caption Ray: Zero can shoot a wave of energy that captions anything it hits, turning it into a meme.
  • Lenny Face: Zero can change his face to the lenny face to make any situation uncomfortable.
  • Stand Summoning: Zero can summon his million Stands, each with different powers I won't be able to explain in a single article.


Reasons for Form

  • Explained above
  • This is the best form I've ever made XD
  • I had fun making this

Pickle Zero Alter
If I go to Hell it will be because of this


Submitted and Image by: Kit

On one of his adventures across existence, Zero finds himself on board Rickman Morty's space cruiser. Before anything can be explained, a Rick-and-Morty-villain-"inspired" Seijin appears from absolutely goddamn nowhere. Even when they work together, Zero and Rickman find themselves unable to defeat the bad guy, so Rickman gives Zero some of his Pickle Rick powers, and Pickle Zero Alter becomes a thing.


  • PICKLE KICKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!: Zero lights the bottom tip of his pickle body on fire and smacks the opponent with it while repeatedly yelling "PICKLE KICK!" A memetic mutation of the old Ultra Zero Kick.
  • Emerium Brine: Zero squirts a stream of literal pickle juice out of his Ocular Lantern. It does about as much damage as you'd expect.
    • Emeriyaki Dipper: A more powerful beam, this one consisting of Mulan Szechuan Teriyaki Dipping Sauce. It can hurt things far better than the Emerium Brine, but is nowhere near as powerful as Chairman Szechuan's ray.
  • Dill Pickle Crack: Pickle Zero suddenly grows arms, and fires a green Wide Zero Crack from them in a dabbing position. Using this technique also causes a shirt to appear on Zero, which resembles his normal form's torso and markings.
  • Indestructibility: Just like Rickman Morty's version of the form, Pickle Zero is so durable that basically nothing short of a Titan Prince can even scratch his skin.
  • Rat Pickle Zero Gear: After Pickle Kicking several Ratmins to death, Zero fashioned an exosuit of sorts out of their limbs and brains. Due to actually having limbs, this sub-form allows him to perform more effective versions of the Dill Pickle Crack and Pickle Kick, and greatly increases his mobility/athleticism.
  • Enhanced Intelligence: To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty. The humour is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the jokes will go over a typical viewer’s head. There’s also Rick’s nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation- his personal philosophy draws heavily from Narodnaya Volya literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these jokes, to realise that they’re not just funny- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Rick & Morty truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn’t appreciate, for instance, the humour in Rick’s existential catchphrase “Wubba Lubba Dub Dub,” which itself is a cryptic reference to Turgenev’s Russian epic Fathers and Sons. I’m smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Dan Harmon’s genius wit unfolds itself on their television screens. What fools.. how I pity them. 😂 And yes, by the way, i DO have a Rick & Morty tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It’s for the ladies’ eyes only- and even then they have to demonstrate that they’re within 5 IQ points of my own (preferably lower) beforehand. Nothin personnel kid 😎

Reasons for Form

  • The reason anyone would do this if they could, would be because they could.

Void Zero Alter

Void Zero Alter

Submitted by: Gren

Zero becomes the very embodiment of the Void Eye in the mortal realm, an agent of destruction and a ruinous messenger cloaked in a lone shadow, sowing the seeds of decay and demise. An avatar to signify conclusion, a definite end.


  • Devour: The Void Eye's power to destroy anything it chooses, just by his gaze.
  • Fade: His mere presence causes the very fabric of reality to tear apart and vanish into oblivion.
  • Void Realm: He can transverse freely between any realms and Limbo.
  • Tentacles: Merely for display.

Zero, Beyond the Void

Using the Void Eye Neo, Void Zero Alter unites the destructive and heretic powers of the Void Eye, AltiVoidEye, Cringe Void Eye and the Parody Eye into what can only be described as a Lovecraftian horror.


  • Defeat All Teh Titan Prince And Void Eye: Self-explanatory.

Submitted by: Cdr

Zero borrows the powers and abilities of his fellow comrades of the Ultimate Battalion Zero.


Glenblazer Zero Alter

Wielding the hellish infernos of the guardian protecting the Pirates of the Holocaust, Zero attains the Glenblazer form.

  • Flame Core: An energy core which pulsates in a blazing orange. Supplements the trillion degree flames Glenblazer wields for battle.


  • Vulcan Guts: Zero can empower his guts until it reaches the maximum level. When initiated, Zero's body will be covered in flames, which increases his attacks.
    • Vulcan Dynamite: A technique stronger than the Ultra Dynamite, where Zero grabs the enemy and induces a galaxy-wide explosion. When paired with an electromagnetic field, the affected area will be much wider.
    • Glen Flamma Dash: A series of punches.
  • Hephaestus' Pillar: A lance summoned from the heavens, created and branded in holy fire.
    • Thundering Flash: Zero collects the surrounding heat into the lance before attacking the enemy. When it hits, a burst of flames appear behind the opponent before the opponent disintegrates.
  • Glen Flamma Punch: A punch coated in crimson flames.
  • Glen Blazing Kick: A kick engulfed in mystic infernos.

Mirror Paladin

Mirror Paladin Zero

Mimicry and illusions amidst a parallel of shards and mirrors, Zero summons a reflection of Mirror Paladin's form.

  • Mirror Pendant: Contrary to its name, is the cross-style visor present on his face. Supports the ability to manipulate mirrors and the light that reflects off them.


  • Paladin Mover: Like Mirror Paladin, Zero can move and teleport freely between mirrors, or bring himself to the Mirror World.
  • Barrier Mirror: Zero summons a multitude of hardened mirrors to protect himself in a dome-like structure of glass crosses, or a simple barrier.
  • Mirror Cross: A technique where Zero manipulates light into energy crosses. Reflects off mirrors.
    • Silver Shard Cross: A cutter-like projectile that explodes upon impact. Finisher.
  • Paladin Holy Lecter: Gathering light from the surroundings, Zero's body glows a white aura which purifies anything he grabs ahold of.'

Jumborg Titans MK 0-9

Jumborg Titans Zero MK 0-9

Towering mechas that plow anything to dirt with brute force, strength and an overwhelming arsenal, Zero lock and loads into the form of the Jumborg Brothers.

  • Jumborg Heart: The core driver of the mecha armor, which connects to Zero's inorganic parts to draw out the latent power within.


  • Double Jum-Knuckle: Twin knuckles powered by high propelling rockets that jam and crush anything in their path.
  • Emerald Jean Buster: A cannon buster of Emerium fired from the Jumborg Heart and the five sub-cores.
  • Battle Cleaver: A double bladed axe constructed from the toughest of gems.
    • Turbine Thunder: Zero's finishing attack where he spins at a high speed while wielding the Battle Cleaver, while emitting high voltage bolts.
  • Rifle Pad: A gun-like weapon which can form into a touch pad. Originally from Jumborg Titan MK 9, who used the Rifle Pad as a control panel for his host.
    • Titan Star-dust: Multiple shots of lasers fired from the Rifle Pad. Powerful enough to take down Nefarious Burning Zero Alter.
  • Strength: The combined strength of both titans are capable of facing Zero Alter Beyond toe-to-toe.

Zero connects with the Alter Ultras on a spiritual level, transferring their powers through the Alter Circuits.

Zero Loss

Zero Loss is the form attained by Zero when he fuses with the Alter Ultra known as Ultraman S.

Neon Absence

Neon Absence is the form attained by Zero when he fuses with the Alter Ultra known as Ultraman Neo Neos.

Forms that were scrapped for various reasons.

Master of Royal Dexter, Zero


Master of Royal Dexter, Zero

A form that was supposed to use assets of one of the Dexter Nexus' avatars, scrapped for being an impractical choice for the story.



  • The silhouette of Divinity Zero Alter is based on that of Kamen Rider Double's theoretical ultimate form, CycloneAccelXtreme.
  • Zero Alter Final's anti-deletion ability, is a prevention against Neo Mebius' joke forms.
  • CBeard's favourite form is Kagayaku Zero Alter.


  • Nothing can triumph Zero Alter Final.
  • Ultraman Zero Alter is free-to-use in any fan fiction of your choice.

Edit Logs

  • 2/9/2017: To-do list includes Brave Challenger, Magnificent, Shining Strong-Corona Luna-Miracle Ultimate Zero Darkness Beyond
  • 3/9/2017: Add Double Tri-Sluggar
  • 4/9/2017: Add the two Ultimate Zero concept arts. Also, Ultimate Shinning Shinning Shinning Shinning Beyond the Beyond Strong Mircale Luna Corona Thunder Ultraman Zero Origin the 29th New Generation version by Biogoji McZucc.
  • 10/9/2017: New submissions in thread. Also add Spacium Strom under Legendary, and Lightning Sluggar. Considering adding Saga as well.
  • 5/10/2017: Add Storium Galaxy, Sky Dash Max, Fire Leader, Ballerina Zero, Cdr Zero, Hydralic (Acro Smasher).
  • 17/10/2017: Add a Kaiju form for Zero, preferably King Joe/Eleking, as suggested by Ultraman Explained.
  • 17/5/2018: Probably add a Noactive Succeed and Mighty Trekker armored form. Le-over Fist as a form to [SPOILERS]. Also add Ultraman Zero Altar as "suggested" by Sol.

To-do List

Glitter Miracluna

Submitted by: Cdr

Glitter Zero unlocks the ultimate power of the Super Estreia Gems, gaining a glittering, glowing form which grants him incredible power, however only for a brief moment.


  • Glitter Miracluna Final: A strong purifying wave.
  • Glitter Solgent Buster: Zero's finishing attack, when peace cannot be achieved and he must destroy his enemy.


Zero can only maintain this form for a short period of time, before being forcefully reverted back into his base form. This form also runs the risk of overloading the Super Estreia Gems and potentially rendering them powerless temporarily, thus Zero has to gauge his use of this form with caution.

Reasons for Form

  • Remaining Cosmos and Dyna forms to combine.

Noaegis Ultimate

After successive uses of the Zero Capsule by Jeed, the Alter Aegis synchronises with Jeed's genome and gains further powers, in the form of the dual Seeds of Jeed planted onto the Aegis front.

Storium Galactic

Zero accesses the power of the 5th King.

Mighty Puncher

Mugen Puncher in a suit of armor, take that away and what are you?

Emerium Guts

OC & Art by: LightningSluggerX17
Submitted by: Cdr

Zero bonds with the warrior of undying guts.

Saxium Moonsault

Submitted by: Kit

Backstory TBC.

  • Ocular Belt: Zero dons 8-0's signature belt, a symbol of his royalty which he also used to store tools from his past occupations. Its buckle contains a power device that can function as a second Ocular Lantern.


  • Wide Soft Saxium: Drawing one arm to the sky and the other to the side, Zero forms the classic "L" shape to release a multicolored stream that clears Minus Energy from the target's body.
  • Emerium Buckling: Zero fires out multiple diamond-shaped healing blasts from his main Ocular Lantern, which can even revive the dead.
  • Ocular Mirror Pure: Zero generates a sparkling wall of light, which injures Minus Energy beings that touch it.
  • Faux Slugger Boomerang: Along with his two Sluggers, Zero gains the ability to conjure a phantom copy from his central crest, an ability 8-0 had but never showed in life.
  • Sluggar Ray Lancer: Zero's Sluggars and Boomerang combine into a large javelin, suiting 8-0's famed tactical accuracy.
  • Acu Phase Rod: Zero charges healing energy into the Sluggar Ray Lancer and flings it, piercing the target's body but leaving them unhurt. It releases its energy into their being and purifies them.
  • Agility: Zero's fighting style becomes more acrobatic and fluid, dodging attacks and performing acrobatic stunts.
  • Medical Power: Zero becomes adept at healing wounds and curing illnesses in himself or others.

Reasons for Form

  • 80 needs some love.
  • Make the exact opposite of Nefarious Knuckle.
  • Credit to Moar for some bits of this.
  • I tried with the attack names...
  • Feel free to edit whatever you want.

RE:Over the Fist

From rage and sorrow emerges a newborn determination, a flaming Phoenix that will burn all traces of the Plague.


  • Plague Neutralization:

Dash Slashar Max

Zero combines the powers of the 3rd King and Max.

Generational Type P

Submitted by: Cdr


A variation of Generational gained by Zero after joining the Parody Garrison, while facing a difficult battle against a powerful foe. It combines the power of Supe Man Super Galacy Mode, Ultrawoman Victory, Ultraman Y, and Ultraman Card Origin.

Zero Alter Mjolnir

Submitted by: Kit

During their travels across the multiverse, Ultimate Zero and God of Thunder Lightning bump into each other for the first time since the Kumasaga incident, then have to fight some sort of crazy bad guy. During the inevitable battle, Zero is KO'd and Mjolnir is knocked out of Lightning's hand. As Lightning is losing against the villain, Zero gains consciousness and attempts to return Lightning's weapon. However, as he grabs it, Ultraman Thor's spirit finds Zero worthy to wield Mjolnir's power, and transforms him into an all-new form.

Due to the nature of this form, requiring a weapon that another Ultra would prefer to keep, it was only used once.


  • TBA: Zero + Lightning + Thor. Also make sure to include Megingjord and Jarngriepr, they're just as important as Mjolnir itself.

Reasons for Form

  • Oh Wow, a form by Kit that isn't a Dexter Connect or a parody.
  • Oh Wow, Zeus Zero but with context and isn't an attempted one-up.
  • I thought Zero borrowing Lightning's final form would be cooler than a fusion.
  • Expect any abilities to be ripped off for the actual God of Thunder form.

True Thunder God, Zero

Submitted by: Kit

Zero and Lightning cross paths once again, this time pitted against the gods of the underworld, Zero utilitzes his Zeus form as Lightning is incapacitated, choosing to lend Mjolnir to Zero once again. Thor and Zeus reach an agreement and combine their powers, granting Zero ultimate control of the storm.


  • TBA: Zeus Zero + Zero Mjolnir.

Reasons for Form

  • Realized Zero already has a thunder-based super form. Instead of cancelling my one, decided to make a more powerful form that combines them.

Flame Aura Armor

Inserting the Flame Orb Rudiment into the O-R/B Gyro, Zero calls upon the Flame Aura Armor.

Aqua Ripple Armor

Inserting the Aqua Orb Rudiment into the O-R/B Gyro, Zero calls upon the Aqua Ripple Armor.

Wind Gale Armor

Inserting the Wind Orb Rudiment into the O-R/B Gyro, Zero calls upon the Wind Gale Armor.

Ground Quake Armor

Inserting the Ground Orb Rudiment into the O-R/B Gyro, Zero calls upon the Ground Quake Armor.

Shadow Miasma Armor

Inserting the Shadow Orb Rudiment into the O-R/B Gyro, Zero calls upon the immensely vengeful Shadow Miasma Armor.

Burning Blizzard Dual

Combining the powers of the Flame and Aqua Orb Rudiments, by fitting them onto the O-R/B Angle, Zero calls upon the Thematic Compound of blazing storm.


The Kaiju Soul of King Joe assimilates with Zero and grants him an extraordinary Pedanium defense.


The Kaiju Soul of Eleking assimilates with Zero and grants him an electrokinetic monster form.

Gridman Zero

Grid Exceed Zero

Submitted by: Cdr

Gomorrah MonsTechtarion

Eleking MonsTechtarion

Thunder Q Lair MonsTechtarion

Bemstar MonsTechtarion

King Joe MonsTechtarion

Hybrid Techtarion

Grid Exceed Zero Emperor

Grid Exceed Zero Emperor Beta

Submitted by: Cdr

Drunk Zero Alter

Submitted by: Cdr

Self explanatory, a form only seen in the UBA Ultra Fight Stageshow.

Lord of the Dance Floor, Ballerina Zero

Zero in a tutu.

Ultraman Neo Zero Alter

Supreme Neo Zero Alter

Mirror Neo Paladin

Submitted by: Kit

Ultraman Zero Altar

Unexpectedly, Zero has died, and a majestic funeral was thus held in commemoration of his life achievements and heroic ventures. Subsequently, an altar was set up for those who wished to offer their respects, pay him gratitude and celebrate his accomplishments. Despite the loss of a valuable comrade, people have come from all around in happy occasion, cracking open a cold one with the boys or meeting friends of times past, all in memory of the honored warrior. The peaceful end that Zero had sought, finally comes.

This concludes the chronicles of Zero.

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