Ultraman Virus
Human Host/Form: Kai Tomaya (Human Form)
Gender: Male
Age: Over 24,000 years old
Height: 51meters
Weight: 45000 tonnes
Home world: Scorpio Nova Universe
Series: Ultraman One
Ultraman Virus: The Aftermath
Ultraman Virus Gaiden: The Scorpium Ultras
Type: Ally
Former Villain turned Anti Hero
Fighter Type: Attribute
Fighter Sub-type: Disease
Family Ultrawoman Yvon (Wife, formerly estranged)
Ultraman Cure (Elder Brother)
Ultrawoman Minous (Younger Sister)
Ultrawoman Atlanta (Elder Sister in law)
Dark Sceptor (Eldest Son)
Ida (Second daughter)
Affiliation Genesis Messiah(Master, former enemy)
Scorpium Ultras (Race, Comrades)
Ultras from other Universes
Evil Messiah (Former Master)
Voiderium Figure (Inner soul, advisor)
Virus Army (Former)
Ultraman Breaker (Former)
Evil Scorpium Ultras (Former)
Created by Zhu Huong Ng

Ultraman Virus (ウルトラマンウイルス Urutoraman Uirusu?) is the second oldest Scorpium Ultra, being the protector of Voiderium and Scorpio Nova, bearing the attribute disease. Virus served as the main villain of Ultraman One vs Ultraman Virus: Darkness Corruption and Ultraman One Season 4 before redeeming himself in Ultraman Virus: The Aftermath.


Virus has multiple sub titles.

  • Voider of Worlds
  • Spreader of Plague
  • Manipulator of Disease
  • The Jester/The Clown


His name Virus, means that he is able to spread virus/diseases/plague to entire planets or even Galaxy. Actually, the name Virus comes from Virus being chosen to wield the evil substance Voiderium and the protector of it. The relation between Virus and Cure as brothers is also ironic as in terms of virus related illness/disease, "Virus" is the cause of it while "Cure" is the solution to the cause. This is to emphasize Curium Water and Voiderium are counterparts.


Virus was born 1000 years after his older brother, Cure was born, he shares his genes with Cure, receiving Voiderium from Scorpio Nova and received disease as his attribute.

Past ArcsEdit

Chapter 1: Battle with DeletosEdit

Meeting Ultraman Cure, Virus fought against the Deleto Race with his older brother and driving them to extinction. Having no idea about the purpose of his attribute and Voiderium, he decided to journey across the galaxies to find answers while training himself and increasing his physical strength. He then completes the ritual of becoming the manipulator of disease by signing the Pact Scroll.

Chapter 2: Living on EarthEdit

While wandering through the Solar System, he sensed the presence of the two Deletos on Earth, he visited Earth and save Yvon from them. Eventually the couple married one another after 10 years. When Virus see the disgusting side of humans and knowing the purpose of Voiderium and his attribute, he tricked Yvon and turn her to The Sacrifice to void the universe of free will but the attempt backfired. He then left Earth while beginning his ideals of peace while doing it for fun.

Chapter 3: BanishmentEdit

Carrying out his ideals, he will visit many planets and galaxies, using his Voiderium to void off organisms from their free will and killing them, turning many planets in a wasteland and disrupted the balance of light and darkness. Eventually, his actions were condemned by his brother Cure after the ecosystem of Scorpio Stargate is severely damaged. Virus fought against Cure but loss and was banished to another universe.

Chapter 4: Meeting with Evil MessiahEdit

Virus eventually visited the Evil Realm, where he would meet Evil Messiah and the remaining Deletos. Having his ideals acknowledged, Evil Messiah corrupt his inner light with his powers and allowing him to be bestowed the Virus Claws, greater strength and power and enhancement to his Voiderium and completely taking on an evil path before visiting the Milky Way Galaxy of the Showa Universe.

Chapter 5: Showa UniverseEdit

Arriving at the Showa Universe, his journey is to go to Earth to turn it into a wasteland and attracting the Ultras from the Land of Light to fight him, as they posed a threat to Evil Messiah's schemes and wanting Virus to slay them. But in reality before he visit Earth, he had participated in many wars and battles in different galaxies and planets. Through those battles, his fighting skills and brute strength increased tremedously. He was also known as "The Jester" by his new gained surbodinates as he develops the habit of giving his foes false hope and then giving them true despair before killing/defeating them. He would later allie himself with the Dark Matter and forming the Virus Army. Virus and his army then journeyed to Showa Universe version of the Solar System. At some point of time, he meet Dark Hazel and fought him but the dark Ultra fleed.

Ultraman One vs Ultraman Virus: Darkness CorruptionEdit

Arriving at the Milky Way Galaxy, he fought against Lila and corrupted her, and later on One at his foetress (Land of Atlantis, Underneath Atlantic Ocean) before making his presence known to people of Earth by using Voiderium to kill all organisms slowly and eventually turning Earth into a wasteland only to failed due to Zero's arrival with the Lightning Spark but resumed his goals after defeating Zero, One, Xena and Giga after becoming Fusion Virus by merging The Dark Matter. Virus was eventually defeated when One, Xena and Giga fused their hearts into one and becoming Ultraman Contrast. While peace to Earth is restored, Virus survived.

Ultraman One: Season 4-5Edit

After being defeated by Ultraman Contrast, Virus survived but was forced to take on a Blank Form to survive. To that end, Virus ventured to the Monster Graveyard and absorbed large amounts of minus energy and activating Evil Messiah's power of bestowment and becoming his Demonic Form. Afterwards, Virus revived two of the most powerful evil Ultras in existence, Belial and Emperor and rebuilding his Virus Army with powerful Kaiju and the Darklops. Returning back to Scorpio Nova Universe with his goals of converting Sunriums to Darkiums and blowing up the entire universe. Alongside Belial, Virus corrupted the various native Scorpium Ultras and titling the ecosystem of the universe with Voiderium. Upon meeting his son, Virus explained his origins but brutally assaulted the latter after Dark Sceptor rejected the offer and fought against the oppositions. After defeating One and shrugging off the attacks of Cure, Virus become a suicide bomber and achieved his goals of blowing up the universe and would have suceeded if Genesis Messiah did not revert the damage he had caused. Although Virus is believed to be dead, he surived through the leftover energies in his Voider Organ and become "Vampire Form". He then ventured to the Negative Side of The Universe and formulates his new scheme. Before started the next calamity of chaos in his home universe, he ventured and warned the Ultras at the Evil Realm and briefly talked to his wife and son.

Scorpium Ultras: Rises of Good and EvilEdit

His journeys in the shadows leads him to discover the existence of Dark Scorpium Ultras and an ancient entrance to Hellish Dimensional, he seeks to freed them and conquer his universe and beyond. He will team up with Ultraman Breaker, an Ultra from hell to suceed his plans. After freeing the Dark Scorpium Ultras, a war between the good and bad Scorpium Ultras starts and the battle begins once more. He engages in a battle with Ultraman Cure and Ultrawoman Yvon, his brother and wife respectively. Their fight causing a wormhole to open and they are dragged into another universe.

Return of The Chaos HeaderEdit


Ultraman Virus: The AftermathEdit

Returning back to his home universe (Earth), Virus secretly watched his son fighting against threats while observing the humans once more before meeting Yvon again, redeeming from his actions after being finally convinced by his wife before both of them aided their son against Moetargana. The couple then went America for vacation while entrusting Earth to their son, returned back after being informed about Jugglus Reflector’s arrival. Due to Yvon being newly pregnant, Virus and the other Scorpium Ultras fought against the mirror mage but was easily defeated. Realising who Jugglus Reflector truly was and everyone’s believing in him, Virus killed Jugglus Reflector through his newly unlocked Ultimate Form. While his comrades left, Virus celebrated the victory with his family before bidding farewell to Cure and returned to normal lifes.

Unite! Ultras from 26 Universes: Defeat the Dark Sorcerer!Edit

Under the orders of Genesis Messiah after returning to his home universe, Virus went to an alternate "Future M78" Universe, and recruiting Leg and Brotein to join the battle against Kumasaga.

Ultraman Virus Gaiden: The Scorpium UltrasEdit

Following Kumasaga’s death, Virus was present during his daughter birth. Although Virus and his son supported Ida’s desire while sparring with her since she was young, Yvon’s strong objection causes a family conflict, and eventually allowed Ida to move forward and focusing on excelling in academics.

Origin Arc: "Receiving Recognition"Edit


Origin Arc: "Awakening of Guar Spectre"Edit


Origin Arc: "The Younger Sister"Edit


Origin Arc: "Fate of Planet Gorudo"Edit


Near the finale, Virus was among the older Scorpium Ultras who restored the imbalances caused by Vipermayu while entrusting the younger generation in eradicating the destroyer.

Ultraman One The Movie: Fate! Scorpio Universal Calamity!Edit


Cameo AppearancesEdit

In Ultraman Geed The Movie, Virus alongside Yvon, Cure and One guarded Geed’s Earth while Zero went towards the planet. Virus contributed to the final battle by firing his Voiderium Sun-Stream (as True Form) and meeting Geed/Riku and his friends before returning home.

In Ultraman Zora, Virus was contacted by Genesis Messiah and ventured to Primodial Light Universe to recruit the Ultras there to stop the threat of Kumasaga.


Virus has a somewhat erractic personality, he loves to play and taunt his foes, involves Virus trolling anyone around him and acting as a jerk, being a joker. Virus will lower his standards of fighting by giving others "hope" before giving them a taste of true despair. Afterwards, his insanity of becoming triggered leads to him talking like a crazy-minded person and being agitated while enjoying others contradicting his statements. After taking the path of good, he continues this clown like type against his foes or those he is unfamiliar with.

This also stems to him being heartless and having a cold-hearted nature, showing no sense of remorse after critically injuries his foes and even towards his own son and brother. Compared to most villains who has an impulsive and impatient nature, wanting to faster cause destruction, Virus is shown to be very calm when faced with the opposition and prefers to drag his plan as long as possible for enjoyment. Virus also enjoys feeling resentment towards his homeworld and claims that he uses the effects of Voiderium for fun and not for his mission or whatsoever.

Originally, Virus has a kind-hearted, polite and gentle nature, and helping those in need. Virus has a short spot towards his wife, despite without he did, he still deeply loves her and feeling a sense of remorse towards although during their re-meeting, Virus would taunts her about being wasting her time on him. After her encouragement, he would adopt this personality in front of his family and his trusted allies and further strengthening his relationship with his wife, brother and son. Virus will also has an open heart when meeting Genesis Messiah and the Ultras he is familiar with. As a parent, he is not shown to be too overprotective of them compared to Yvon, and trusting that they will choose the right paths in their life and making the right decisions.

Towards conflicts, he has a viewpoint that "Conflict is not needed to attain peace", after seeing the disgusting side of humans. After returns to the path of good, Virus uphold a neutral stance towards them, like his wife.

He respects Evil Messiah as his teacher but seeing the wrongdoings of his teacher when possessing Jugglus Reflector, he regret accepting his ideals and powers from the evil deity, and decided to end his threat with his own hands.

Virus has a form of annoyance towards the statement "I will beat you.", prefer his foes to show it instead of bragging about it.



  • Human Form: Kai Tomoya
  • Homeworld: Scorpio Nova Universe, Planet Cure (formerly), Planet Earth (SNG Version, Currently). Showa Universe Earth - Land of Atlantic, Many colony worlds in the same universe (Former Operation Bases)
  • Transformation Item/Process: Kai transforms via his own willpower.
  • Grip Strength: 115, 000 tonnes
  • Brute Strength: 230, 000 tonnes
  • Running Speed: Mach 4.5
  • Underground Travelling Speed: Mach 4
  • Underwater Travelling Speed: Mach 4.2
  • Flight Speed: M5
  • Jumping Height: 750 meters
  • Burrowing Speed: M3
  • Pressure: Unknown
  • Hobbies: Physical Training and Conditioning, Being a clown joker to his foes, Former Hobbies: Voiding off free will, turning worlds to wasteland, Calling himself "The Jester"
  • Dislikes: His former hobbies, Evil Messiah, Evil Affilations
  • Weaknesses:
    • Virus' lifeforce is linked to Scorpio Nova directly, anything happens to the Scorpio Nova will greatly affect Virus. However, he is saved from death if the star becomes a supernova but his ability will weaken by alot, but this is still not the case.
    • Virus use of his former Voider Organ will cause temporary energy poisoning.
    • Curium Water (formerly)
    • His True Form can only be used for a short period of time
  • Height: 49m
  • Weight:
    • Normal: 55, 000 tonnes
    • Demonic/Suicide/Fusion Virus: 65, 000 tonnes
    • Vampire:57, 000 tonnes
    • True: 56, 000 tonnes
    • Blank: 34, 000 tonnes


As his Original Form, Virus’ main color is crimson-red and dark-green. His arms had pincers-like bracers protruding out known as Virus Spincers. His protectors are similar like Cure’s and being surrounded with shades of black around his chest, giving him extra protection. On his lower torso, Virus have spiral-lines intersecting with each other which is orange. On his both legs and forehead, Virus sports a purple crystal. His Ultra Armor is resistant to anything as long as Virus had sufficient strength and Color Timer which only blinks he is weakened. Virus had red claws instead of fingers and having circular eyes which glows yellow.


As True form, protruding out from his back are "long" twin spikes, known as Virus Orbium (dark-green) which stores his Voiderium with his protectors being armoured and durable. His forehead gem and color timer is now "V" shaped. His purple crystals are now suited at his arms and legs acting as bracers while have fingers instead of claws.

As his "Demonic Form", his eyes are crescent-shaped glowing orange with his claws being longer and curved, known as the Virus Daggers. On his lower torso, silver metallic pieces are seen which also applies to his existing protectors and around his chest are lines intersecting with each other right below his protectors. However, his bracers and crystals are absent in this form. Main colour is sliver.

As Vampire Form, Virus has vampiric-like claws which can changed back into fingers and having lines glowing dark-green running throughout his body. His arms and legs, having fang-like bracers protruding out, his protectors now being V-shaped which applies to his forehead crystal that glows orange. His eyes is the same as his Demonic Form and on his lower torso, having tattoos looking claw-shaped. Main colour is black and red.


  • Memory Linkage: After being married to Yvon, Virus and Yvon has a memory interlink with each other, while Virus can see and scan into Yvon memories and actions, Yvon can do the same.

Normal Form
  • Voiderium: An ability which allows Virus to possess the void, removing free will and turning planets/lands into a wasteland, greatly upsetting the ecosystem. This takes a long time and the counterpart to Curium Water. After voiding organisms of their free will, it will slowly kill them. This ability has killed off countless beings in his universe before his brother stopped him. Virus can choose to time taken for the Voiderium particles to start taking effect.
    • Virus Plague: Bestowed by Evil Messiah, apart from retaining the abilities of Voiderium, it has allowed Virus to possess the ability to kill organisms directly and slowly. Victims that are killed by this are humans and birds, known by scientists and doctors as the Super Deadly Virus, for no known vaccine is able to cure it. In the movie, it appears as a large ball of dark green light before the diseased particles begin to spread and taking effect.
    • Virus Corruption: The original form of Voiderium, Virus changes his particles of Voiderium into a dark pink ray that can corrupt an Ultra. It has the same effect on aliens and monsters, causing them to evolve into stronger forms, leaving them more violent and deadlier.
    • Voiderium Injection: Virus creates a dark green ball containing Voiderium and injects it into another being. Virus used this on Yvon and turned her to the Sacrifice.
    • Revive: Virus was able to revive deceased allies.
  • Astral Projection: Virus can create an astral projection of himself to communicate and deliver his message to others.
  • Virus Claws: Bestowed by Evil Messiah, Virus hands are changed into claws which allow him to do many things.
    • Dark Generator: Virus can use his claws to convert any light energy attacks to dark and fire it back as his own version. There is another version of this where Virus erects a barrier and reflects the attack back at his opponent.
    • Virus Shield: Using his claws, Virus can erect a pool or wall of purple water to shield himself from attacks.
    • Virus Rupture: Virus can use his claws to tear apart a dimensional field by injecting the claw to the ground, after that, Virus grabs his opponent with his claws and teleport himself and his opponent back to the reality world. Used to break free from One's One Pure Field.
    • Virus Blackhole: Virus can summon a black hole from his claws and use it to suck all minus energy and powers towards himself. He can even pull opponents towards him and slash them multiple times. Virus can also inhale attacks and fire it back at foes.
    • Virus Slash: Virus brutally slashes his foes, causing purple energy slashes and sparks.
    • Virus Whip Virus can transform his claws into a whip, increasing their power.
Natural Powers

This powers below are Virus' own powers, including Voiderium and Virus Corruption, not bestowed from Evil Messiah.

Special Moves
  • Virusium Sun-Ray: Virus's most powerful ray attack. He thrusts his hands into an L shape and fires a dark-green beam laced with particles of infection.
  • Petrification Beam: Virus fires a red electrical beam from his left hand, can be used to turn foes into stone in seconds.
  • Crufix Beam: An energy ray that Virus uses for torture and paralysing foes, weakening them.
  • Virus Ball: Virus can form a dark energy ball and fire it at desired locations to cause devastating effects.
  • Strength: Virus possesses great physical strength, as he is able to fight on par with Zero and One's strength forms.
  • Virus Power: Virus can temporarily summon great, Herculean strength to enhance all his physical attacks.
  • Virus Lift: Virus lifts up foes with great strength and flings them towards the ground.
  • Virus Punch: A basic, energetic punch. He can also empower the strength of his blows.
  • Virus Kick: A basic kick technique. He can also empower his kicks to cause shockwaves.
  • Virus Elbow Cutter: Using the spines on his elbows, Virus can cut things.
  • Virus Ram: Virus rams his foes at fast speeds.
  • Virus Multi Kick: Virus can kick foes multiple times in rapid sucessionn.
  • Virus Fast: Virus can fly at high speeds, but this puts much strain on his body.

Demonic Form

A new form of Virus after absorbing minus energy from the monster graveyard and turning it into his own power. This is considered his "second" body. In this form, Virus is several times stronger than his Normal or Fusion Virus forms. Virus gained more strength, speed, the ability to manipulate Voiderium to a greater degree and he is more resistant to Curium Water. This form is more powerful than One's Wisdom Form. Although this is considered his "Ultimate" form, it is not his true Ultimate form. It is just an enhancement and an advanced form, being his second most powerful form. He looks like a demon in this form.

  • Grip Strength: 162,000t (He usually utilizes half of it)
  • Brute Strength: 364,000t (He usually utilizes half of it)
  • Running Speed: Mach 6
  • Underground Travelling Speed: Mach 5
  • Underwater Travelling Speed: Mach 5
  • Flight Speed: Mach 5.7
  • Jumping Height: 1150 meters
  • Burrowing Speed: Mach 5
  • Voiderium: A new powerful variant of Voiderium, retaining all the powers of his previous forms, Fusion Virus and Normal Form in addition to the Virus Plague. However, they are more powerful. Virus can now manipulate Voiderium to a much larger degree.
    • Voiderium Particles Spread: Virus release Voiderium Particles and spread to an Ultra, turning them into their dark and corrupted self.
      • Virus Plague Unleash: Another version of his Voiderium Particles Spread, instead of concentrating it on a celestial body like Ultras, Virus can spread the particles out from his body to cover larger areas to destroy ecosystems. This results in places being turned to wastelands, which converts Sunrium energies to negative energies to further enhance the attack. Combining with Belial's power allows him to speed up the process.
    • Minus Energy Manipulation: Virus can manipulate minus energy freely thanks to his Voiderium.
    • Light Energy Conversion: Virus has the ability to convert and change light energy into darkness, although Virus may feel weaker afterwards.
    • Soulless Creation: Virus with his Voiderium now can clone soulless version of dark Ultras. These clones are completely under his control.
    • Voider Organ: Using the power of Voiderium, Virus has developed an organ on his back. This allows him to:
      • Energy Transmution /Storage /Absorption: The reason for harvesting large amounts of Sunriums is so that Virus can transmute them into dark energies by absorbing them and storing them in his organ. There is no limit to how much he can absorb, though absorbing a large portion turns Virus into a suicide bomber.
        • Revive: The leftover energies, Genesis Messiah's interference allowed Virus to revive himself with a new body.
      • Attack Conversion: Through his Voider Organ, Virys can convert the light beam attacks from other Ultras to further strengthen/empower himself in this form.
  • Invisible Capsule: Virus can create a capusle to store celestial bodies like Ultras that is invisible to others, allowing Virus to travel in space easily while having items to carry around.
  • Light Speed Flight: Virus covers himself in dark green light to travel at extremely high speeds.
Special Moves
  • Virusium Sun-Ray: Virus' main finisher, Virus thrusts his hands into plus style and fires a dark pink ray of energy. This beam rivals the beams of Showa Ultras.
  • Virus Reverse: Virus creates a black hole of energy to absorb attacks and blast them back at their creator.
  • Virus Barrier: Virus erects a barrier to block attacks.
  • Virus Ball/Virus Blast: Virus creates a ball and fires energy blasts towards foes, can cause fatal burns when hit.
  • Virus Magic: Virus' telepathic abilities, rarely used.
  • Virus Teleportation: Virus can teleport foes and by creating a ball of purple energy and by opening a dimensional hole to other places.
  • Virus Daggers: Virus fingers are now replaced by daggers, this allows him to do the following:
    • Spirit Revival: By injecting his daggers into the ground, Virus can revive deceased monsters like Hell-Death and Ex-Tanothor and even dark Ultras like Belial and Emperor.
    • Spirit Combine Resonation: Virus can combine the spirits of two dead monsters into one body, after Virus can inject his claws into the ground and pumping Voiderium to the ground, leading to the creation of a new monster. He used this to create Death Tanothor.
    • Beam Hold: Using his daggers, Virus can hold Ultra Beams and deflecting it away. Virus can break the beam apart with his strength.
    • Virus Whip: When necessary, Virus can transforms his daggers into whip weapon of whatever length he chooses to make his daggers more deadly.
    • Virus Slash: Using his daggers or whips, Virus can slash his foes and cause them to bleed out of blood/light, weakening them servely.
    • Virus X Slash: Virus can slash his foes with his two daggers, forming an X on their bodies. This allows Virus to take out One even in his Wisdom Form.
  • Extension: Virus can extend his daggers to whatever length he wishes, even up to five times his height.
  • Virus Knuckle: Virus can punch his foes with great strength, creating shockwaves.
  • Virus Deathblow: A blow of dark energy created by punching foes.
  • Virus Kick: Virus can kick his foes, creating a massive spiral of dark energy to empower his blows.
  • Virus Deathslam: Virus can charge his daggers with dark energy and deliver an extremely painful punch to his foes.
  • Durability: Virus has greater durability in this form, able to withstand even the Curium Water.

Vampire Form

This form or rather his "third body" came about after revivng from the leftover energies stored in his Voider Organ formerly. Instead of original functions of Voiderium, Virus focus on elemental attacks related to Voiderium. He gains a more demonic and vampiric look. This form is weaker than Demonic but stronger than his Normal Form.

  • Grip Strength: 120, 000t (Usually he uses 95, 000 tonnes in this form)
  • Brute Strength: 270, 000t (He usually utilizes half of this)
  • Running Speed: Mach 5
  • Underground Travelling Speed: Mach 4.5
  • Underwater Travelling Speed: Mach 3
  • Flight Speed: Mach 4
  • Jumping Height: 760 meters
  • Burrowing Speed: Mach 4.6
    • Powers of Normal Mode: Virus has access to his Normal and Demonic Form powers.
  • Dimensional Travelling: Signature ability of Scorpium Ultras.
  • Portal Closure: Virus fires a dark-green day to close and seal giant portals.
  • Willpower: Virus' willpower is greater than any other Ultras, endured choking effects which are proven life-threatening.
  • Voiderium: Virus still possess Voiderium as Vampire, he can use disease based attacks, excelling in Virokinesis.
    • Voider Free: Infecting the target with Voiderium, temporary voiding off their free will, stunning their movements.
      • Voider Corrupt: Virus temporary brainwashes his foes with Voiderium and attacking their own allies.
    • Voider Scythe: Virus can create scythe blades with particles of infection that pop out behind his body. He uses these to ensare and pierce through foes bodies to weaken them.
    • Voiderium Convert: Virus' defensive move with Voiderium.
      • Convert Type: Virus converts the attack before blasting back at the target or empowering himself.
    • Voider Wall: Virus creates a barrier dome of Voiderium particles, to block attack or to dissolve shields by tossing it at the opponent.
    • Voider Disease: Virus either converts the Voiderium to an acid or an alkali, scalding their body.
    • Voiderium Afloat: Virus covers himself with an aura of Voiderium particles to empower himself and staying afloat in midair. Virus can greatly reduce the damage to the surroundings with his attrbute based powers. Activating the aura's true power allows Virus to assume his Ultimate Form. He utilizes this aura for space travelling.
    • Voider Splash: Virus splashes Voiderium (form of liquid) towards foes, causing them to bleed out energy and weakening them.
    • Voider Bomb: Virus throws a ball filled with Voiderium particles towards foes, and weakening their immune system and unable to channel defensive-like moves across Virus.
    • Voider Fang: Ability to cause inner explosions within foes with Voiderium, causing them intense pain.
    • Voider Brute: Virus shatters the ground, erecting a shockwave of Voiderium particles, scalding anyone mortally upon contact.
    • Viro Healing: Virus' healing ability.
      • Type 1: Virus spreads Voiderium towards surroundings and healing his allies.
    • Type 2: A more specific version, where Virus either promotes & remove cancer cells from the target, leading the recovery of wounds and cell alteration on aggressive foes.
    • Type 3: Same technique but not healing as Virus prevents foes from activating their healing and regeneration ability
  • Teleportation: Virus can teleport short distances, when doing so, green flash of light is emitted.

  • Vampirium Sun-Ray: A dark orange and purple ray fired from an 'L' style.
  • Vampirium Ripper: A purple and orange energy arc created from his both hands. Can be fired rapidly.
  • Vampirium Slash: Virus can fire energy slashes of medium energy from his Vampire Bracers.
  • Vampire Visor: A powerful concentrated ray fired from his both eyes.
  • Color Timer Ray: A secondary attack fired from Color Timer.
  • Mouth Breath: A breath of black beam from his mouth, able to stun the oooonent temporary.
  • Vampire Claws: Virus has a set of vampire like talons his hands, which he can swap between his normal fingers. They are similar to Dracula's vampire claws or rather a direct analogus. Like the Virus Daggers and Virus Claws in his Normal or Demonic Forms, they are still a portion of Evil Messiah's power.
    • Vampire Destruct: A powerful slash attack with his claws empowered by black aura, it leaves an "X"shaped cut on his foes' body, where they would start bleeding out energy.
    • Vampire Exceed: Virus extends his claws into long daggers that is twice his height and using it to pierce through his foes' body.
    • Vampire Shield: Virus charges his claws with black aura and it acts like a shield to block attacks. Virus can convert the attacks to his own power and launch it back at his foes.
    • Vampire Absorption: Virus can absorb energy from any sources through his Vampire Claws to empower himself. This is to compensate for the loss of his Voider Organ after using it to revive himself previously. Like how a vampire absorbs blood.
  • Vampire Ram: A ramming attack with his body.
  • Vampire Punch: A powerful punch attack.
  • Vampire Kick: A powerful kick attack.
  • Vampire Bite: Something not exhibited by most Ultras, Virus can physically bite the opponent with his mouth to cut their flesh apart.
  • Vampire Lift: A lifting attack.
  • Triple Combo: A combination move with Cure and Yvon. Virus first voids off the free will of foes with Voiderium, with Yvon delivering multiple slash attacks with her blade. Cure then finishes the move, destroying them with a powerful splash of Curium Water.
  • Clawblade Slash: A combination move with Yvon, where Virus delivers an X shaped cut Attack with Yvon delivering the finishing move with a drawing slash with her blade. Virus can perform with Dark Sceptor or with the both of them.
  • Vampire Combo Ray: Virus can combine his Vampire Sun-Ray with another beam attack to make it a more powerful beam.
  • Twin Exceed: Virus first cuts his foes brutally, weakening them, allowing Yvon or Dark Sceptor to slice foes into half with their blades.
  • Wateroider Splasher: A combination of his Voiderium and Cure's Curium Splash, gravely scalding them.
  • Voider Striker: A combination move with Virus, this involves Yvon tossing the Sunrium Blade at the enemy while Virus fires Voiderium from his both hands, destroying them in a blow.

Fusion Virus

A form of Virus when he merges himself with the Dark Matter, he is now much stronger but discard the abilities bestowed by Evil Messiah in order to strengthen his own attacks in exchange for a powerful form. His third most powerful form.

  • Grip Strength:127, 000 tonnes
  • Brute Strength: 245, 000 tonnes
  • Running Speed: Mach 5
  • Underground Travelling Speed: Mach 5
  • Underwater Travelling Speed: Mach 5
  • Flight Speed: Mach 5
  • Jumping Height: 850 meters
  • Burrowing Speed: Mach 6
  • Voiderium Spreader: A special kind of Voiderium he possess in this form, it is able to counteract the effects of the Lightning Spark and kill organisms at a much faster rate.
Special Moves
  • Final Virusium Sun-Ray: Enchanced version of his Virusium Ray. Less powerful than Contrast's Ray.
  • Virusium Straight: Virus inject hands to the ground snd fires a straight ray, destroying a path forward.
  • Virusium Tear: Virus is able to tear Ultra Flesh apart using his bare hands.
  • Virusium Darkness: Virus ultimate move where he tried to defeat Contrast with but failed, becoming Blank.
  • Petrification Bolt: A bolt of lightning from his hands to turn Ultras into a statue.

Virus does not have physical arts, he retains them from his first form.

  • Virus Shield:A shield Virus creates.
    • Virus Reverse: Virus shield is able to absorb attacks and blasting it back to them.

Blank Form

This is Virus weakest Form, where Virus does not have his Ultra Armor, leaving much of his flesh exposed and ripped ofmost of his powers. To be in simple, Virus is simply a luminous unrecongize dark figure. He temporary assumed this form when he blew up the universe before gaining his Vampire form, his "third" body.

  • Grip Strength: None, Virus is very weak in this form
  • Brute Strength: None, Virus is very weak in this form
  • Running Speed: Mach 3
  • Underground Travelling Speed: N/A
  • Underwater Travelling Speed: N/A
  • Flight Speed: Mach 3.4
  • Jumping Height: Unknown
  • Burrowing Speed: Unknown
  • Absorption: Losing his powers, Virus has to absorb the energies in order to restore his armor and powers. As a result, this revives and enpowers him, granting him a new body.


This form is achieved when Virus absorb and converting all Sunriums present into Darkiums, this form is where Virus become a bomber, a sacrifical weapon and acheiving his goals of blewing up the entire universe.


Same as Demonic Form

  • Resurrection: After Virus blew up the universe, he immediately resurrected himself in a new body, i.e, his Resurrcted Form.
  • Voiderium Aura: By uniting all the Darkiums inside his body and his Voiderium, his Voider Organ and his dark energy, Virus can summon a invincible aura of dark purple energy around his body. This aura is the source of his sacrifical powers in this form and it protects Virus from any harm and damage. Also known as Voiderium Ring.
    • Virus Unleashing: Using the power of his aura, Virus can unleash a large dark purple ball in front of him that is capable of effecting all organisms in a large area. He did not demonstrate this.
    • Virus Sacrifical: Virus creates a large purple ball in front of him. Virus then rushes towards the dark purple ball and rams it high speed, creating an explosion that is capable of destroying an universe and all beings. The Ultras present in unable to stop it and only The Messiah interference is able to reverse this.

True Form

"The power to protect everyone in this universe by voiding free will in the correct way is the true power of Voiderium, Virus True Form!!!"

―Virus quote before assuming this form.

This is Virus Ultimate Form, it grants incredible boosts to all his stats.

  • Grip Strength: 180, 000 tonnes
  • Brute Strength: 360, 000 tonnes
  • Running Speed: Mach 8
  • Underground Travelling Speed: Mach 6
  • Underwater Travelling Speed: Mach 7
  • Flight Speed: Mach 7.5
  • Jumping Height: 1050 meters
  • Burrowing Speed: Mach 8
  • Powers of Vampire, Normal and Demonic Forms: As True Form, Virus gains stronger version of his regular forms attack.
  • Voiderium: Virus continues to possess Voiderium. However in this form, Virus can amplify his powers and making them more deadly.
    • Voiderium Final: Virus charges himself with energy, and launching a full-body radiation of Voiderium particles and instantly voiding off anything in it's path, damage reduced with Cure Afloat.
    • Voiderium Dragon: Virus creates 7-8 dragons (Max:40) made up of Voiderium. They can fight against foes, attacking them directly and sent to attack anything. In addition, they can act as a barrier and dissolving foes' attack into their body and negating it completely.
      • Voider Equilix or Foam: A powerful acid splited from the dragon's mouth, which causes bruises forming all over foes body. Another version involves alkali being releasing, weakening foes inner function. Their signature ability.
      • Voider Breather: The mystical energy of the dragons, charging themselves before rapidly firing cannons of Voiderium particles, zapping anything it hits.
    • Voiderium Mirage: Virus bring forth Voiderium particles around him, summoning a wall of Voiderium, blocking and redirecting attacks of foes. Can use it as a portal, travelling to another universe.
      • Voider Clones: With the mirage activated, Virus creates Voiderium figures from it for a powerful illusionary trickery technique.
    • Voider Freedom:Allowing Voiderium to reach foes like a rain shower, Virus can void off their free will for whatever location he wants.
    • Voider Nightmare: Virus disperses Voiderium to the sky, creating a circular barrier dome to trick foes in a raidus of 10km and with the power of the Void, to gain advantage in combat as well. Virus can create illusions of his foes greatest fears, weakening their willpower.
  • True Kick: Virus engulfs his legs with green energy and performs a very powerful bicyle kick.
    • V Kick: A V kick empowered by anti gravity waves, more powerful.
  • True Punch: The punch variant of the Ultimate Kick.
    • X Punch: A X shaped punch empowered by anti gravity waves, more powerful.
  • Virus Kinetic: Virus uses muscular strength, to physically push back foes.
  • Virus Drill: A very powerful drilling attack.
  • Virus Whipper: A powerful swing attack which involves Virus grabbing the enemy multiple times and throwing them multiple times.
  • Virus Dash: Charging himself with dark green energy, Virus dashes towards his foes and rams them, destroying monsters in one blow.
Special Moves
  • Voiderium Sun-Stream: Virus' beam finisher in this form, it is fired as a green ray with particles of injection.
  • Virus Arrow: Virus fires arrows of light energy at his foes, power light is medium but an stun the enemy.
  • Voider Crescent: Virus creates a crescent blade of energy and launch it at his foes, cutting them into half.
  • Voider Wave: A non-lethal wave of light to push back foes.


Evil Use of VoideriumEdit

Beings that fell under the effects of Voiderium when Virus was on the side of bad.

  • Birdon (Evolves into Ex Beast)
  • Gan Q (Evolves into Ex Beast)
  • Alien Nackle (Evolves into Burst Version)
  • Alien Guts (Evolves into Burst Version)
  • Alien Temporer (Evolves into Burst Version)
  • Ex-Elemental Tanothor
  • Zetton Army
  • Hell-Death
  • Death Tanothor
  • Ultrawoman Lila (Formerly)
  • Ultraman One (Formerly)
  • Ultraman Lava (Formerly)
  • Ultraman Celestial (Formerly)
  • Ultraman Vader (Formerly)
  • Ultraman Trident (Formerly)
  • Yvon (First to not fell under the effects of the said substance, formerly), purified by Cure but unable to change her as The Sacrifice to Normal Mode)
  • Soulless Ultras

Good Use of VoideriumEdit

Beings that fell under the effects of Voiderium when Virus was on the side of good.

  • Moetaranga (Used to save Dark Sceptor)

Trivia Edit

  • Virus origins as a Scorpium Ultra wasn't revealed in his introduction. Before the movie, he is written to be an Ultra born from a dark supernova.
  • Virus is formerly and technically a "good" Scorpium Ultras but taunted with the power of darkness.
  • Virus has more forms than most Scorpium Ultras, at seven.
  • Given the chronogically order of events, Belial's use of the Sturm Organ as Atrocious was inspired from Virus utilisation of his Voider Organ.
  • Virus is the first Ultra to possess virus-related powers and using an evil substance when returning to the good side.
  • In Ultraman One vs Ultraman Virus: Darkness Corruption, the reason for coding Earth of ShowaUniverse is currently unknown.
  • Virus' jester trait is inspired from Chaos Breaker Dragon of Vanguard Dragon, Jugglus Juggler and Sadeath from Ultra Series.

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