Ultraman Typhoon
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Gender: Male
Age: 20,000 years
Height: 45 meters
Weight: 50,000 tons
Home world: The Land of Light
Series: Ultraman Gamma
Type: Hero
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Family Unknown
Affiliation Ultras
Created by Zombiejiger
Ultraman Typhoon is a veteran Ultra. He is a trainer, instructing younger Ultras such as Ultraman Gamma and Ultraman Phoenix.

Body Features, Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Body featuresEdit

  • Eyes: Ultraman Typhoon's eyes can see invisible enemies.
  • Color Timer: Ultraman Typhoon has a Color Timer with armor surrounding it.
  • Ultra Armor: Ultraman Typhoon's Ultra Armor is resistant to fire and beams.
  • Star Medals: Several small metal bulbs on his armor, showing that he is a respected Ultra.

Special techniques:Edit

  • Typhoon Arrow: Ultraman Typhoon's signature move. He gathers energy into his hands, pulls his left hand back and fires a blue arrow-shaped beam. Can kill a monster in one hit.
  • Typhoon Slicer: Similar to the Ultra Slicer, a slash fired from Ultraman Typhoon's hand.

Physical TechniquesEdit

  • Typhoon Crusher: Ultraman Typhoon grabs and enemy and pounds them into the ground.
  • Greater Ultra Punch: A stronger version of the Ultra Punch.
  • Greater Ultra Kick: A stronger version of the Ultra Kick.
  • Greater Ultra Chop: A stronger version of the Ultra Chop.

Other TechniquesEdit

  • Ultra Douser: Ultraman Typhoon can spray water from his hands.


Ultraman Typhoon slightly resembles Gorian from the Ultraman Story 0 Manga, as both are large and muscular Ultras. He has a large Y shaped mark on his chest, with his color timer in the middle.