Ultraman Spirits

(ウルトラマン スピリッツ)

Author VegitoSS3
Illustrator VegitoSS3
Published on 31 July 2016 -
Published by TBA
Country Japanese
Volumes TBA
Ultraman Spirits (ウルトラマン スピリッツ Urutoraman Supiritssu) is a Novel that takes place in Alternate Universe. The Novels feature famous Ultras such as Ultraman Ginga, Ultraman, Ultraman Taro and Ultraman Tiga. It was published in 2016.


The Earth was once in it's peaceful moments but, a two alien invader came to earth using a figurines known as Spark Dolls to clean all the Inhabitants. A 19 years old young man named Adam Scott was given a device called the Ginga Spark to combat this villain threat. With the help of his Adam try to uncover behind the madness of this Invasion.


Humans Edit

The Alliance

  • Adam Scott
  • Matt Carver
  • Danny Carver

Ultras Edit

Non-Ultras Edit

Aliens and Monsters Edit

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Evil Edit


Volume 1 Edit

  1. The Beginning
  2. Lake's Secret
  3. Golza's Terror
  4. Screams Towards Tomorrow
  5. When The Moon Shine
  6. Contest Battle
  7. The Revelation