Ultraman Sol
Urutorman Sol
Human Host/Form: None
Gender: Male
Age: TBA
Height: TBA
Weight: TBA
Home world: The Land of Light (Gamma Continuity)
Series: Ultraman Gamma
Type: Ally
Fighter Type: Physical Fighter
Fighter Sub-type: TBA
Family TBA
Affiliation The Land of Light Ultras
Created by Zombiejiger
Ultraman Sol is a friend of Ultraman Gamma and Ultraman Phoenix. He is a scout for the Space Garrison. He can combine with both of his friends to form Ultraman Aurora.

Body Features, Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Body FeaturesEdit

  • Protectors: The most notable thing about Ultraman Sol are his Protectors. They cover most of his chest and surround his Color Timer.
  • Color Timer: The basic Color Timer.
  • Eyes: Ultraman Sol's eyes can fire beams.

Special TechniquesEdit

  • Blaze Dart: A small blast of energy from Ultraman Sol's hands.
  • Eyebeams: Ultraman Sol can fire two small beams of energy from his eyes. Despite their size, they are quite powerful. Finisher.

Physical TechniquesEdit

  • Sol Aura: Ultraman Sol emits energy from all over his body, used to power up his melee attacks.
    • Ultra Dynamite: A dashing attack in which Sol is engulfed in flames. The impact causes a massive and powerful explosion, destroying enemies with ease. He then reforms back to normal. This ability also has a dangerous side-effect for Ultraman Sol. Because it takes a lot of his energy to make, upon reforming, he is both physically and energetically exhausted. Finisher.
  • Ultra Chop: A basic chop.
  • Ultra Punch: A basic punch.
  • Ultra Kick: A basic kick.

Other TechniquesEdit

  • Phantom Fire: Ultraman Sol starts a small fire.
  • Ultra Combine (ウルトラのコンバイン, Urutora Kumiawaseru): Ultraman Sol can combine with Ultraman Gamma and Ultraman Phoenix to create Ultraman Aurora.