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Title: Heroic Warrior of LightEdit


Violent Monster: Earthron

Super Ancient Dragon God: Bahumut


Space; the vastness of creation is often described as being a great void, a massive collection of darkness, with holes of light littering the curtain of night. If only one could traverse it however, they would find beautiful multi colored nebulae, suns shining brightly and planets of great beauty and other magnificent sights. However, in some of its seemingly infinite corners there were things that were bred on sickness and pollution, raised up to hate and nourished by fear, creatures that had to be fought and defeated and they were. However, this one creature was not in battle, it was there to do its dark deeds.

The being was humanoid, in a long sleeve black jacket and hood which covered their head, showing only darkness. The being wore black garments underneath the jacket, even black gloves, boots etc. It simply hovered in space looking down on planet Earth in front of it, a world that after so many years was beginning to gain a sense of peace. It would not have any of that, if man could no longer fear his fellow man, he would learn to fear other things.

Behind the being a shadow appeared, waves of darkness radiated from it, a deep darkness that cast a shadow over the darkness of space itself. This shadow took a vaguely humanoid form, with a cone shaped head, red almond shaped dome eyes, it had lines on its face that ran up its head glowing red. It had no lower body, that was still in the host, but it had sharp red claws, it was a mass of smoke and darkness but the sharpness of those claws could not be ignored.

It crossed its hands, smoke, red lightning and dark energy condensed  in a black sphere formed before it as the shadow swung its arms open. The sphere exploded, but not in all directions, the dark energies were gathered for a purpose and that purpose was in the Earth's direction. The energy was a pulse that covered the side of the Earth the being faced and continued past that to the other side before dissipating.

Its work was done, the seeds of discord and tragedy had been planted, the shadow laughed in the silent void while its host remained motionless and the two disappeared in waves of dark energy.

How long it had been since the creature came was unknown, but its actions did not go unnoticed. It has been said "where there is light there will be darkness, thus were there is darkness there will again be light." This light rushed towards Earth seemingly proving this statement. A red sphere, it darted across the solar system at speeds that would shame light. It came sensing the consequences of the shadow's actions, it came to fight the shadow it had cast over the Earth, it came because it had to...

Chapter 1

The people ran in a panic, one would think they would be used to it by now, but the fear monster attacks was like hurricane alerts, tsunami warnings and the sight of twisters on the horizon. It was not something you get over.

The entire city was being evacuated, mainly the suburban district since that was where the beast was expected to appear first. On the scene was a military operation, men in red suits guided the evacuees. They wore military jumpsuits and helmets with visors and mouth guards that hid their features. They carried rifles not unlike something out of a Sci-Fi show but they were no laughing matter, they were STAR, the first and last defense against monsters.

They directed traffic and pointed the direction for the people to run, most of the neighborhood was clear but then it happened. The ground rumbled and everyone almost fell to the ground from the intensity of the shaking, it wasn't an earthquake, the nearest fault lines was many miles away, it was the creature breaking the surface.

When one gets a monster alert, the press is not talking about boogeymen or simple wild animals, the scientific community refers to them as Mega-Beasts, most civilians and solders call them 'Kaiju' from the Japanese Genre. What they are all talking about is a giant monster.

The beast rose up out of the earth and let out a mighty roar, a powerful roar that was like thunder. It was angry, at what was anyone's guess, but it came all this way just to attack people. There was no logical reason, it clearly didn't eat humans and yet it had basically migrated all this way to get here.

The creature began its assault, vomiting up what could only be described as magma in powerful jet streams all around it. Many homes went up in smoke, burnt to cinders but that was not simply that. The creature screamed in pain as powerful bolts of energy rained down on it, several jets flew past it, small triangular fighters, with turrets on the front and exhausts that gave of only blue streams of energy.

These were the Comet Darts, STAR's main fighting machine against Kaiju, armed with laser turrets and plasma warheads, the little fighters were propelled at high speeds by Ion Propulsion systems.

"Lay down the hurt...!" shouted the squadron leader over the radio, the seven Dart pilots pressed the same button, from the side of the fighters arose their stockpiles of Plasma Warhead missiles. These cylinder shaped weapons packed a powerful punch and were held in rings on one platform, when one row was used up, the ring contracted in, making room for the next row to fire and there were four rows and six missiles on each.

Each missile exploded in a large white burst of glowing white hot gases that would completely destroy any house or conventional building in one shot. However the monster itself could survive more than just one or two, its hide could deal with bullets, turrets and normal missiles. However it was now being drown in a mountain of plasma as the squadron fired several missiles, covering its body with burns.

It began to fire its magma beam again in retaliation and two fighters were taken down by the power of the beast's heat ray. Even so they kept fighting to give the people on the ground time to clear out the civilians if nothing else.

The cloaked figure watched from a rooftop, from it mannerisms it was clearly amused by this conflict, by this battle. However something cut that short, it sensed something, something powerful, something polar to its dark power, something...good. It turned around hissing in anger and disgust as the man stood across from it on the roof, giving it an angry look of disapproval.

Chapter 2Edit

Even with the battle raging around them, the two just stayed there looking each other. They didn't know the other, as far as the man knew they had never met, but they both knew what the other was, their opposite, their enemy. The two were simply waiting for the other to make a move, to draw first, to ignite the spark that would begin their battle.

They didn't know each other and they didn't need to know, his power was light, the being's was darkness, their ability to sense the other meant they knew they were enemies and yet the man found his sight diverting from the enemy at hand. Ever so often his eyes twitched as they tried to divert to the battle in the background, a few more fighters had gone down, all of their pilots ejected but still, the humans were loosing this battle.

The monster's beam struck the Squadron leader's ship, taking it down, he tried to eject but the cockpit had been sealed shut and he was trapped in a tail spin.

"Well...?" asked the creature in a deep, raspy voice "Are you going stare at me or go help the monkeys...hero...!"

"I'll deal with you later..." said the man, he pulled up his sleeve and raised his fist. On his wrist was a bracelet, silver with a blue oval stone. It shined and in the span of a flash a blue wave of energy covered the man's body before it in turned shined a bright yellow. The being raised his hand to block the intensity of the light and lowered it to find the light had flown of. 

The captain shouted at the top of his voice as his fighter headed towards the ground, only to be surprised when it suddenly dead stopped in the air. Even through the tinted glass the light shined brightly through it forcing him to cover his face. When the light was gone everyone looked, the squadron leader, the civilians, the solders, especially the monster. They could not help but stare at the giant that had appeared from the light.

The giant put down the fighter gently and walked of, the leader pulled out his pistol and shot apart the cockpit glass to get out and watched as the giant walked towards the monster. The beast, which had previously been rampaging with little impunity, was now cowering in fear making feints to try and scare away the giant. It wasn't working.

The giant walked towards the beast tall with a noble posture. Terrified at the power it sensed the beast fired its magma like beam. The giant's hand glowed white as he raised it and blocked the blast, not even feeling a slight singe.

"Fire...!" shouted the Squadron leader, despite having his life saved he still saw only two monsters duking it out in the middle of a suburban area. Specifically he had ordered they fire on the new and more dangerous threat the giant. The missiles exploded when they hit his skin and the monster fired its beam again, both sources caused large fire balls to surround the giant.

The fire turned to smoke and everyone watched and waited. Suddenly a silver hand appeared out of the smoke, with a swing of his arm the giant blew away the smokescreen and faced the monster again. No one could believe it, those missiles were made to deal with Kaiju, who had proved immune to previous more conventional weapons, yet this thing was not so much as singed. The leader couldn't believe his eyes.

The monster roared in a fear fueled rage and charged the giant, swinging both arms at him, the giant blocked them, then grabbed the beast's arms, twisting them before spinning around and throwing the monster into the distance. No one could believe what they saw, such strength and power, to throw a kaiju and withstand a barrage of plasma missiles unscathed. Now the giant crouched and jumped of after the monster, he didn't fly he jumped.

The monster landed in nearby woods, as it got up the giant landed in front of it, kicking up volumes of dirt from his sheer mass. The monster charged again but the giant just side step as the creature dead stopped in front of him. Before the monster could turn around it received a kick to the stomach, making it keel over. The kick was then followed by a knee to the face as the giant grabbed it by its neck and proceeded to knee it in the chest several more times before he pushed it away and knocked it down with kick to the chest.

The monster fell over grabbing its chest in pain, all of its forced courage was gone and it rolled over onto its stomach to attempt to tunnel away. Suddenly there was a yank on its tail as the giant pulled it away from the hole it was making. After slamming it into the ground a few times the giant threw it away. The dizzy monster got up and turned around to notice too late what the giant was doing.

He had clenched his right fist and tucked it to his side, his other hand over it, particles were gathering to surround his fist with energy. With a punching motion he fired a beam that struck the monster, the beast's body absorbed the energy, but did not to metabolize it. The same light of the beam glowed within the paralyzed kaiju and less than a second later the light transformed the beast from a giant monster to a series of large explosions from within.

Chapter 3Edit

It was done, the creature would never hurt anyone ever again, but there was something else that threatened this world, the giant had not forgotten. He turned to face the direction of the town, his eyes gazed onto the town as if he was standing there, nothing was kept from his sight, not by any obstacle man had created, but still the cloaked figure was gone, long gone perhaps.

In the meantime the humans seemed ready to show themselves worthy foes as their tanks and fighters began to circle his position ready to fire. Normally he would've taken this as an act of war, but he knew they were ignorant of his place and rank in the universe and the various monsters had most likely mired their trust of any thing over twenty meters tall.

As the STAR forces prepared to fire the stone on the giant's forehead suddenly shined and the giant faded away in a hazy aura. The men stood down, there was nothing to shoot, their sensors even agreed with what they saw, a forty meter plus giant has just disappeared into thin air.

Their scientists were in white hazmat suits, they came and inspected the area, picking up the tiny burnt remains of the monster. They studied the giant's foot prints in the woods, scanning them, taking soil samples, still they could find nothing. No trace, nothing genetic nor forensic proof of it existence besides the fact that it made a footprint in the ground.

Leading all of this was a woman in a hazmat suit, her suit had on a black star. She was of African American descent, middle aged, curly hair and pretty. She was the head of the investigation team here just as the Squadron leader was head of the fighters.

Speaking of which the Squadron leader looked down at her as she was in the footprint, like her, his suit also bore a black star mark, it showed them to be STAR Elite. He removed his helmet, revealing himself to be a her, a young woman of Asian descent, with an eye patch over her right eye.

"Mizuki..." said the other Elite "You know protocol!"

"Enough about protocol, Haley" she replied "What can you tell me about that giant...?" Prf. Haley climbed out of the foot print and stood next to her.

"Nothing..." Mizuki raised her eyebrow "We can't detect any contaminants, any poisons that would signify a mutation, nor can we gather forensic evidence, aside from the impression from his weight, we don't know anything about this creature..."

"We know that it can brush of Jericho Class missiles..."

"Ah, yes I saw the video footage. I must say the creature's behavior was rather strange..."

"What's so strange about a monster...besides the usual?" Haley lead her to her command tent where several computers had been set up. She began to show footage from the battle.

"This 'monster' appeared to save you, unlike the other the monster's attack which had sealed you in..."


"So afterwards it showed only interest in the monster..."

"So it's territorial?"

"You attacked it, but it didn't retaliate, it even went so far as to throw the monster away from the populated area..."

"What are you getting at...?"

"This creature, I don't think it was here to hurt us, perhaps protect us..."

"You're crazy, nothing that big is going to help us...!" She walked of.

"It could have destroyed us...!" shouted Haley, making Mizuki stop "If it could survive Jericho missiles it could survive laser turrets, masers! Nothing in our arsenal could have stopped it, yet all it did was destroy the monster!" She walked up to behind Mizuki "It destroyed that monster in one attack, a beam, when it survived everything we threw at it. Call it what you will but we have never encountered anything like this before." Mizuki turned around

"So, what...?" She asked with an attitude "You want to shake hands with it and bake cookies?"

"Don't be cute, this thing represents something new, chances are it's not even from this world..."

"You make it sound as if that was better...."

On the other side of the world, the island sat there peaceful and undisturbed by modern society, however its peaceful atmosphere was soon to end. Hovering in front the mountain was the dark one, the figure covered by a hood. He raised his hands, radiating more dark energy, outstretching them forward, he released waves of dark energy onto the mountain side. This dark energy began to behave strangely, it behaved like a net, once thrown colliding with something, wrapping around it. The dark energy had hit something and now all of it condensed onto that unseen object. The mountain side shook as a large crack formed, from within a loud growl could be heard as a massive eye glowed red with a rage millenia in the making.

Chapter 4Edit

The two STAR Elites were in a private white room, it was like an office, white panels covered the walls, floor and ceiling like everywhere else, it had an arc shaped computer desk, a TV and several appliances on the side for various tests.

Haley was at the desk compiling data from her team's search while Mizuki watched the news with a sour expression.

"Today has brought forth a unique incident..." said the anchorman "Today a monster classified as Earthtron, attacked a suburban neighborhood earlier today. While STAR attempted to destroy the Mega-Beast it appeared that another giant creature beat them to the chase. This giant is the first documented case of a humanoid kaiju, what's more the creature, currently unclassified, destroyed Earthtron before disappearing. Many have begun to wonder about this mysterious hero..." It was at that point Mizuki put the TV on mute and sneered.

"Just what is your problem...?" asked Haley

"I don't have a problem...!" barked Mizuki "It's all these idiots, we know nothing about this thing but everyone thinks its some damn superhero...!" she buried her face in her palm

"What do you expect..." Mizuki looked at Haley "The world has been at war with these monsters since you were a little girl, in that time, we've only now begun to make a stand against these creatures..."

"A, stand...? We, kill them!"

"Yeah, and how much does it cost to do that...?" Mizuki lowered her head "The world was just learning peace, mankind was finally learning how to get along, then these things showed up. We can beat them, but it takes a lot and costs a lot, the world finally seems to have a glimmer of hope, do you think it's natural for mankind to sulk in the dark forever..." Mizuki was silent "Besides, we both know that's not why you hate the thing." Mizuki turned to say something when the TV changed and a voice was heard. It was their superior officer.

"Captains Mizuki and Haley...!" the two stood up, "make your way to these coordinates, there's been another monster sighting...!"

"Sir..." said Haley "Our forces are not at full strength...!"

"You will have to do..." he said "You are the closest carrier"

The man walked about the massive crater that was once the mountain top, inside he found a circular room with columns, runes and mural depicting some ancient story. He had come there sensing the phenomenon that now plagued the Earth, instead all he found was this ancient... temple of sorts.

Without warning he raised his hand to his side, erecting a shield of blue energy; a blast of purple smoke and red lightning shattered against it. The man looked to see the cloaked figure stepping out of the shadows, it was as if the shadows had wrapped around him, given way he suddenly appeared out of the dark.

"You are never far behind are you...?" said the cloaked figure.

"Are you the catalyst...?" asked the man. The entity just tilted their head.

"If you mean, am I the cause of all these problems then we both know all of this is your fault..."

"I fail to see how I could ever be responsible for all of this... but I see now, what I sensed was you not a beast..." The man took a fighting stance.

"So serious, but so wrong, all of this is your fault, I did not lure you here, and...." A shadow suddenly appeared over them. The man looked up and his bracelet began to glow. "I assure you, it wasn't me you sensed...!"

The Command Carrier was a large heli-carrier, shaped somewhat as a cross between a jet and a naval carrier, but with powerful turbines and thrusters keeping it aloft. Mizuki took the two other remaining jets out as they approached the island, leaving the Command Carrier back as backup. The few villages on the island had been devastated, numerous craters littered the ground but there were no scorch marks or any other hint of a fire.

"What happened here..." asked Mizuki. Almost as if to respond the giant fell from the sky hitting the ground on his back and leaving a crater. Everyone was caught of guard, as the giant stood up the three jets formed an arc shaped pattern as they aimed at him. "Still think he's a hero...?" asked Mizuki over the com system.

"Wait and see what he does..." replied Haley from the Command Carrier's bridge. The giant rose up, making a movement akin to panting; the stone on his chest was flashing and making a noise similar to a heart beat. He looked up into the air and took a fighting stance. Mizuki smirked and readied her weapons.

"Well, now we know its intentions..." she said over the radio.

"Mizuki, move now...!" shouted Haley

"What...?" It when then that she and her team noticed it had gotten dark, but only over them. She finally realized the giant was not looking at her and looked up above to see a gargantuan beast with a massive wing span coming down on top of her.

Chapter 5Edit

NB: The Horse stance is a stance from Chinese martial arts, it refers to when the fighter's feet are apart and bent, in a fashion similar to a rider on a horse. The Half Horse stance is similar but one leg is pointing out front to where the fighter is facing.

This creature was large, majestic and sported a powerful and massive wingspan. Without pause the three Darts scurried to move themselves as the creature came down for a landing. It touched the ground with a deep thud and the giant maintained his posture. This creature simply radiated 'power', with its plate armor and size.

Mizuki knew this thing was powerful, not because of the noise the stone on the giant's chest was making but because of the giant's stance. Before his stance was a clenched fist to his side and an open palm with the pinkie side of his hand pointing outwards. His legs were in the half-horse stance and he stood upright and had an atmosphere of power about him. Now both hands were open and outstretched, he was hunched over and his legs were in a horse stance, he looked tired. Mizuki knew anything that could tire out a creature that can shake of a barrage of Jericho missiles was bad news.

"All fighters open fire on..." Before she could tell them to fire on the monster, it opened its wings and took of into the air in a massive burst of wind. Then something Mizuki was not expecting happened, in a jumping fashion the giant took of into the air but he didn't come back down. He was flying after the beast ready to dogfight with it in the air. "After them...!" she ordered.

"Belay that order...!" said Haley over the phone.


"HQ has ordered you to stand down and only interfere when the battle is over..."


"I suspect they want to see what these things can do, besides we need to help the villagers..." Mizuki sneered in anger but ultimately compliance.

The giant flew after the monster high into the air, as he flew his arms glowed with blue energy as he swung them in a chopping fashion, firing arc shaped bursts of energy at the beast. In turn it dodged most of them, moving side to side and occasionally looking back and firing back. It would open its maw, electricity would form between it teeth, top jaw and bottom jaw. There was a strange whistling of wind and black spheres formed, spheres that were shot out by the electricity.

When arc and sphere met, they merged and exploded in bright blasts. The two continued their mid-air battle until the beast flew past Orion, who moved to the side to dodge. However, behind him was a cloud and that brief moment of invisibility was all the creature needed to escape the giant's sight. He looked around, his powerful eyes piercing through the veil created by the clouds but still no luck finding the beast.

The sudden roar made him look up, only to receive a black sphere to his face, followed by several more of the spheres slamming into his upper body. The armor on his upper body took most of the shock but the one that hit his face dazed him and he was covering his face. He looked again with barely enough time to see the beast flip over and strike him in his face with its tail.

The giant fell, knocked out of the sky a second time and the stone on his chest was flashing and pulsating even faster than before. The dragon roared in victory, but that was a mistake. The giant caught itself, stopping in midair, his hands glowed blue again and he put them in an 'L' position. From the underside of his vertical arm came a beam of blue particles that struck the beast in the chest. Where once there was a chest made of thick purple plates, there was now a smoldering, smoking and melted crater of flesh and bone. The dragon went limp and fell, leaving a trail of smoke from its wound and mouth all the way to the ocean where it hit with a large and loud splash before it sank.

Seconds later the giant landed and fell to his knee, tired and weakened, he grabbed his side and remembered how he got the injury. The first time he fought in the air with the beast, the monster stabbed him in his left side with its tail, causing golden light to bleed out profusely. He closed the wound with white light from his hand, but he was still unable to stop himself from falling that first time.

He looked towards Mizuki's fighter and pointed towards the opened up crater where the beast had emerged before disappearing again.

Chapter 6Edit

At the bottom of the ocean the dead dragon rested on the rocks and coral. The red of his eyes were gone along with any other sign of life. Standing before the corpse was the cloaked figure, his fingers interlocked.

"Great Bahumut..." he said telepathically "Will you abide by this defeat...?" The red glow of hatred burned behind the dragon's eyes again.

Commander Harrison was a middle aged man of African descent, he had trimmed curly hair, a thick groomed mustache, hazel eyes and a stern look. He was slim and well built and wore a dark blue suit with the star logo on it. He was the head of the STAR Elite, making him effectively the leader of all of STAR.

Harrison walked down a hallway no one but him used, Like the command carrier, the inside of the base was covered in white metal plates. He came to a door that check his biometrics: his fingerprints, eyes etc. Inside was a dark room with only a chair and a large monitor. Upon sitting down the screen came on, showing a shadowy figure with a disguised voice.

"Commander Harrison..." said the voice

"Saul..." he replied, politely "So do you know what that thing is that's doing our job for us..."

"The giant...?"

"I don't know of any else that I could be talking about..."

"Do not sass me... it is an Ultra..." The commander raised his eyebrow.


"They are called the most evolved form of humanoid life, once upon a time they looked similar to mankind, if mankind survives long enough, it may look like that..."

"What does it want...?"

"To do its job, Ultras are the universally recognized upholders of order in the universe, they stop invasions, keep the peace between species and exterminate monsters..."

"So giant monsters are not uniquely terrestrial..."

"Not even close, they have been around since the Ultras, how and why they appear at all is still unknown for even the most advance sciences..."

"So what is it, a cyborg...?"

"Unknown..." Harrison raised his eyebrow

"That's a first..."

"The Ultras claim they are beings of light and indeed they do feed on sunlight, but some races believe them to be cyborgs, but they have performed abilities most science cannot explain such as size changing."

"So is it a threat...?"

"As long as mankind behaves itself when it comes to interplanetary affairs, no. However, you currently do not posses any weapons that could defeat it."

"I can think of a few..."

"They are all but immune to fire, beams and extreme heat, they are also immune to radiation. Like monsters, conventional weaponry is also out of the question. I suggest you do not get in this thing's way..."

Haley and her team examined the ruins of Bahumut's nest, taking pictures of the murals, while Mizuki and some guards watched over them. While Haley looked at the murals with interest Mizuki was bored, out of her wits. She sat on the edge of a wall looking down as the jungle below.

"Fascinating..." said Haley

"That's up for debate..." quipped Mizuki.

"No seriously, these paintings, they tell a story of an ancient civilization, highly advance, they may have inspired myths like Mu or Atlantis!"

"Great, what does that have to do with anything?"

"That creature, it is, it was a weapon these people created, but something happened to them, a cataclysm. I think this thing was..."

"Left on it default setting, kill everything..."

"Yes, yes. It was most likely programmed to destroy any civilization not the one that created it..." Mizuki had stopped paying attention, her gaze was focused down the mountain. There was a stranger walking about holding his side. She could only assume it was a native perhaps, regardless, she now had a reason to leave the boring 'labcoats'.

Chapter 7Edit

The man sat down on a rock located on a cliff overlooking the ocean. In the distance he could see the Command Carrier and where the dragon fell into the waters. He was still holding his side, despite the fact it was apparently healed in Ultra form, the wound was simply closed not gone. He could still feel the pain when he tried to move, so he took to sitting down and trying to concentrate his energy on healing.

As he sat there, his gaze was fixed towards where the dragon fell. He could feel it, something was wrong, the sensation of victory was not there. The minus energy of the creature could still be felt strongly.

"Are you alright...?" the man turned around to see Mizuki, having just gotten down the mountain via a jet pack. She looked at the man with concern but with suspicion as she held her rifle.

"Yeah I'll live..." he replied, Mizuki noticed the man was holding his side the same place the giant did.

"Great... who are you exactly...?"

"The name's Alex, I was visiting the island when I had a little accident..."

"We've already evacuated this island's native, where were you...?"

"Oh, around..."

"Right listen..." The bracer on Mizuki's arms began to ring. Annoyed, she opened the casing revealing a screen and a small keypad. Haley appeared on the screen with an annoyed look. "What...?"

"Listen to people when they are talking to you, where are you by the way...?"

"I found some guy that claims to be a survivor..."

"Then bring him to the ship with the others, listen that thing is not dead!"

"Really, it looked dead to know, the missing a chest thing?"

"It can regenerate...!"

"Come again..."

"So long as its head is undamaged, heck that may not be enough! This thing is an ancient bio-weapon, made to fight other similar bio-weapons!"

"How do you know this...?"

"My translation program traced the runes to other ancient languages, probably descended from it. This thing can regenerate from massive amounts of damage, assuming anything can get past its hide. Then there's its breath, it removes oxygen from the target!"

"How did that take down our machines...?"

"Oxygen..." said the man "Is one of the most common and versatile element in the universe, it bonds with literally almost anything at any given time. Since it bonds with almost everything, almost everything is vulnerable to its lost, any cell hit by that blast will immediately by liquefied, any conventional structure will crumble..." Mizuki just stared at him.

"Please tell me that guy is cute as well..." said Haley.

"Who are you...?" asked Mizuki

"The name's Alex..." he said standing up, he outstretched his hand to shake her but Mizuki just stared at him.

Without warning there was a splash in the ocean, a massive splash when Bahumut rose out of the water on his massive wings. His chest was mostly healed, though there was heavy scarring. The beast turned to the Command Carrier and fired another of its blasts at the engines, causing the craft to tip over before it began to fly away.

Alex moved forward instinctively only to stop and the feeling of a sharp blow the back of his head followed by a state of unconsciousness. Mizuki looked down on him with her gun fixed on at his head.

Chapter 8Edit

Alex awoke in a patient's uniform, a lime green shirt and pants, he looked around to find himself in a room covered in white metal panels for tiles. Next to him were several machines that were connected several pads on his body via wires. He lifted his shirt and found that his wounded side had been bandaged. He looked at his wrist, the bracelet he wore was gone, in its place was an oval shaped red tattoo. The absence of his bracelet did not bother him for some reason, instead he turned his attention to figuring out where he was.

His eyes shined blue as his sight pierced past the confines of his room, all around him he found members of STAR walking the halls. However his psychic senses converged on a room, a meeting hall where Commander Harrison sat at the top of the table, Mizuki and Haley were also there. With them were two men, one was a large bulky individual, bulky in terms of muscle. He was middle aged, of Caucasian and Asian descent, with hazel eyes and brown hair with a bald patch forming, he was Captain Tachibana, a weapons expert and generally lead ground forces while Mizuki was in charge of air combat. The other man was Vincent, a teenager, he had short curly red hair, green eyes. He was handsome but had a cold look and disposition that put of people. He was slim with pale skin and a Caucasian background. He sat there petting his cat as he typed away at a laptop.

"You really believe this story...?" asked Tachibana, talking to Haley

"It's the only thing that made sense..." she replied "An ancient civilization, with advance technology, created a bio-weapon..."


"Why does anyone make weapons..." said Mizuki "To make war, to fight..."

"Our pessimistic colleague may be correct..." said Haley "The murals show images of this creature fighting other giant beasts, from what we have translated it was apparently made to counter these other bio-weapons."

"Tip the scales..." said Vincent

"Yes, we know it can regenerate, that has been confirmed, we also know from our attack it can withstand our weapons..."

"It also has some stealth mechanism that allows it to hide from our satellites and sensors..." said the Commander "The question is what does it want..." Haley paused for a moment.

"This thing is a weapon, it was made to counter other weapons, other civilizations, it most likely perceives our modern civilization as a threat to its own..."

"It's own civilization is gone..." said Tachibana.

"Yes, but it's an animal, an organic robot if you will. It only has its programming to follow, its instincts..."

"How do we stop it..." asked Mizuki. Haley paused for a moment.

"The giant..." said Vincent. The screen at the end of the table turned on, it showed the battle between the Giant and Bahumut, primarily when his beam struck the dragon.

"You can't be serious...!" shouted Mizuki in protest.

"The boy has a point, but also a flaw in his plan..." said Tachibana "True the giant's beams seem able to vaporize a monster, but we have no idea how make it appear. The only thing that seems to draw it out appears to be another monster..."

"Besides..." said Mizuki "If it's beam could finish that thing of, we would not be here talking about that monster..." Vincent typed on his laptop and another video appeared beside the first, this one of the Giant fighting Earthtron, mainly his finisher beam.

"Notice..." said Vincent "That the beams used on Earthtron and the dragon are different, one was charged and the other was seemingly a quick use beam."

"What's your point..." said Mizuki

"His point..." said Haley "Is despite Bahumut's survival, the giant may be the only thing to put it down for good... Speaking of which, are we really going to keep calling this thing Giant...?"

"It's code name..." said the commander "will be Ultraman..."

"I like it..." said Haley

"I like it..." said Tachibana

"I like it..." said Vincent

"I hate it..." said Mizuki 

"Too bad..." said the Commander "Majority rules..."

"Fine..." said Mizuki "But what of the man, that Alex fellow...?"

Chapter 9Edit

The room got a bit silent as everyone looked at the commander for his answer. Mizuki was was especially to know what the commander planned to do, but not as much as Alex who watched and listened from the his room.

"The boy will be released..." said the commander

"What...!" barked Mizuki, sitting up. It took only a stare from Harrison to make her sit back down sheepishly.

"You have brought no evidence that the boy is anything other than that..."

"But the tests...!"

"Are inconclusive..." said Haley. Mizuki just stared at her in disbelief "His DNA is completely human, his biology, human and those markings on is wrist are just tattoos..."

"Some advance alien stealth tech, why does he have the same injury as the giant...?"

"He could have easily have been injured during the attack by shrapnel or some other missile..."

"Why does no one on the island know him...?"

"He's a visitor..."

"Okay, that barrier that blocked my shot..." Everyone else had an uncomfortable look.

"The fact you tried to commit murder will be excused..." said the Commander "Only because A, you failed and B, you are a good solder. The boy will be released and that's that...!"

"Besides..." said Haley "For all we know the giant could have done that from afar, we have no idea where that thing disappears too..."

"That settles it..." said the Commander "He will be released when he awakes..."

"He is awake..." said Vincent.

The commander entered the room alone, locking the door behind him. Without warning Vincent suddenly found his feed into the lab cut, something that alerted all of the STAR Elite, who were outside the door. The commander looked at Alex who nodded in politeness and the commander nodded back. He looked at the boy, trying to get a feel for his personality, but he kept drawing blanks with his calm collected stare.

"I am Commander Harrison, commanding officer of the STAR Elite..."

"STAR...?" asked Alex.

"We are an organization that protects mankind from monsters, alien invasion and investigate any bizarre activity. We are mankind's protectors..." The commander walked towards the wall and pressed a panel, several of them glowed green for a moment and sudden became transparent. Acting as a sort of window, they revealed that they were in the air, high in the air given the clouds beneath them. "May I ask who you are...?"

"My name is Alex, Alex Hikari..."

"Is that your real name...?"

"It's the name I tell people..." said Alex, raising an eyebrow

"I see, what do you think about the giant...?"

"The giant...?"

"The giant that destroyed that monster..." Alex paused for a moment.

"I think he is here to help..." The commander turned to him

"Would you like to help us...?" Alex looked at him.

"Do what...?"

"Deal with these things, the world, STAR could use someone with your talents..."

"Sir, I would love to help, but my... priorities don't allow for such fraternization, I would love to help your organization protect people and when I can I will but not as a member."

"I see..." The Commander threw him a device, a rectangular shaped device with a STAR logo on it.

"What's this...?"

"You are an honorary STAR member, when ever there are monster attacks, that thing will pin point their location for you."

"Thanks..." said Alex with uncertainty.

Commander Walked out the room and locked the door behind him. Everyone just looked at him waiting for an answer.

"He leaves without commotion..." That was all he said before he walked of, content in knowing no one was stupid enough to dare disobey him.

Chapter 10Edit

That night Zephyr Base hovered in the air, it resembled a massive upside down pyramid with a disc on top followed by several domes and connecting passages. It was a wonder of human engineering, though several rumors were about as to how it was created. Above, unseen even by the numerous advance senors it boasted, the cloaked figure hovered over the air, something, someone of interest was in the base.

Alex slept in his bed, he already knew the door was locked and didn't want to raise any suspicion by leaving. Despite his appearance he was not asleep, he was holding a conversation. The limits of his mind had been stretched far into space.

Within his mental domain Alex took on his true form as Ultraman, he flew about in a white space filled with churning currents of light. Before him appeared two more Ultras, his step-mother Tori and his step-brother Impulse. As soon as the met, Impulse and Orion banged the side of their arms together, a sort of 'Ultra High Five' between brothers.

"What's up lil'bro...?" said Impulse "How are the locals treating you...?"

"Not too bad, though there is one that's a..." He looked at his mother "You know..."

"I hear you, my first assignment there was this guy that kept crying out I was some kind of invader, stirring up the locals. After saving them from invaders a couple of times, people stopped listening to him!"

"Orion..." said Tori with a soft voice. She opened her arms and Orion flew over to her and gave her a hug. He recoiled and looked at the cloak she was wearing, finally noticing the light coming from her stomach.

"So is it a boy or a girl...?" he asked

"Your father and I have decided to wait and be surprised..." She wanted to smack herself on the head, she said the that word, the word that pointed out what was missing. Impulse turned around with an uncomfortable posture while Orion hung his head low for a moment. "I'm..."

"No, it's nothing, I'm sure he was busy..." Orion floated away from the two and stood up straight, saluting the two. They understood the gesture, he was now addressing them not as family but as his superiors.

"What do you have to report..." said Impulse, his voice now serious and his arms crossed.

"It is as you feared..." said Orion, putting down his hand "This planet has a strong Minus Field around it..."

"So monsters will be appearing there..." said Tori with a sad tone.

"Yes, the natives have already formed a special task force to deal with them, however..."

"However, what...?" asked Impulse

"The field is not natural, there is too much life here, and the generation of pollution is slowing down and is beginning to be reversed. Even so, the amount of pollution present could not generate this much Minus Energy. Also, the monsters, while I have encountered an Ancient Bio-Weapon, this world is plagued by naturally appearing monsters..."

"The catalyst..." said Impulse with a grim tone, Orion nodded.

"That is just a theory..." said Tori

"But the only one that makes sense, mother..."

"Indeed, but before we begin a discussion about that..." said Orion turning around "Would you be so kind as to identify yourself..." With in that field of light a black stained appeared, that shadow that appeared over the cloaked being, only now it had a lower body and was covered in a thick red coat. Within the coat, all that could be seen was darkness, endless darkness, save a black stone on its chest the same shape as Orion's.

Everyone there took a defensive stance against the intruder, Orion and Impulse instinctively placed themselves between the shadowy being and their mother, causing it to giggle. The two looked at each other and then back to the being.

"How adorable..." it said in a deep unearthly voice "Two sons trying to protect their mother... well one son and the family pet..."

"Identify yourself..." said Orion with a stern voice

"How cute..." said the being, mocking him "It thinks to talk with its betters..."

"By the powers invested in me by the Galactic Law as a member of the Space Guard, you will identify yourself or be declared an Invader, subject to extermination..."

"Oh, you sound so strong, but we both know..." Before the shadow could speak, Orion had dashed forward and planted his fist into the intruder's face, knocking them back.

"You had your chance..." said Orion.

Chapter 11Edit

Orion flew towards the shadow again, throwing a punch. The intruder dodged to the side over and over again before Orion stopped leaving the intruder confused. He pointed to the side and intruder turned just in time to see the heel of Impulse's foot connect with their face at high speed. As the intruder stumbled about Impulse jumped to his brother's side and the two slammed arms again. The intruder regain their footing and the brothers took fighting stances.

The intruder roared like an animal, revealing their red claws that they lengthened. If that was an attempt to intimidate them, it failed. The two were experienced members of the Space Guard, they had seen interstellar war and the beasts of the Dark Nebula, that was not going to scare them.

Impulse took to the air and Orion dove towards the intruder directly. Orion came with a foot sweep which the intruder easily dodged but they were left open to Impulse's jump kick. The intruder stumbled about only to receive a swift kick to the rear from Orion, driving them forward to receive a kick to stomach from Impulse. The intruder stumbled back and was picked up by Orion and carried on his shoulders. Orion backed his brother and threw the intruder back towards him, Impulse turned around and back flipped, deliver a kick to the intruder's stomach again.

The intruder hit the ground, as they tried to get back up Orion delivered an elbow drop in the back and Impulse gave a leg sweep to their face. Orion picked them up and pushed them to Impulse who knocked them back with a punch to the face. From then on the two played pinball with the intruder, their fists and feet the paddles and the space between them getting smaller until Orion punched the intruder in the face and Impulse elbowed them in the stomach. The two spun around and switched places causing the intruder to stumble back. They slammed their arms together, but this time they spun them around and in a shared punching motion fired a beam from their fists that knocked the intruder on their back.

As the intruder got up the two put up fighting stances, ready to go again. The intruder simply keeled over and looked at the two as they looked them down.

"Ready for another round...?" said Impulse

"We always enjoy any excuse for brotherly bonding." said Orion

"Which mainly includes, beating some low-life creep like you senseless, so stand down or be put down...!" The intruder just looked at them before suddenly disappearing. The two were caught of guard, but like brothers they shared their first thoughts after the fact; their mother.

The intruder appeared behind Tori, claws extended and ready to tear into the skin of an Ultra. Despite her looks and being pregnant, Tori had wonderful senses and reflexes. She turned around in time and caught the assailant's claws in a sphere of red energy between her hands, waving them, she turned the sphere into a shock wave that knocked the intruder back leaving it open for her sons.

Orion crossed his hands, the stones on his bracers glowed with energy that covered his arms, swinging his arms open he fired arrow head shaped constructs that arced around his mother and struck the intruder in their chest. Impulse's bracelet had turned into a bow with a string made of energy, pulling it in quick succession he fired several silver bolts of light that speed towards his mother but bent out of the way and towards the enemy. Orion landed next to Tori and from the stone on his forehead, fired several bullet like blasts of energy, followed by Impulse who clapped his hands together over his head, gathering energy and in a throwing manner fired a large bullet of energy.

The intruder was on their knees and looked at the three, all but Tori was in a fighting stance but this time there were no jokes, no mercy. They were waiting for the next move to end it, so the intruder ended it. Their body exploded into dark energy and they were gone.

"Escaped..." said Orion, he and his brother stood up and looked to their mother as Impulse turned his bow back into a bracelet.

"You, okay..?" asked Impulse

"Of course..." said Tori "I have such gallant sons to protect me...!" The brothers laughed inside but they got serious quickly.

"I suspect..." said Impulse "That alien may be the cause for the Minus Energy field on this planet, as a Captain I order you to investigate along with your other duties..." Orion saluted his brother.

In the real world, the cloaked figure sat with their legs crossed in mid-air as the dark energy returned to them, seemingly waking them up. Immediately they keeled over in pain and stared at the base.

"So..." said the cloaked figure "You can beat me in your dreams, but let's see you survive in reality..."

Chapter 12Edit

The city was as calm as could be expected of any metropolis in the morning, the noise from traffic lines filled the air and there seem to be no calm in sight. Somehow the cloaked figure gave of a sense of calm as their ears were drowned in all the noise even on top a skyscraper.

Everyone went about their daily routine until there was a sudden 'racket' in the 'calm'. Everyone stopped and looked to the distance as a portion of a skyscraper fell to the ground. The people all around were shocked and aghast in terror and wonder, pondering what could have cause this. It did not take long for them to figure out as massive shadow moved across the city creating hurricane winds in its wake.

On board Zephyr base Alex's psychic senses was being bombarded by images of destruction and terror. This all came as he was putting on his jacket, his clothes had finally come back. An alarm could be heard throughout the base and Alex watched as the door to his room open. He didn't waste anytime in leaving, he was in the medical wing, he knew this and the base would be too busy to notice him. However upon leaving the room he came upon Mizuki waiting for him in the hall way, her arms crossed and a gun in her hand.

"Going somewhere...?" she asked

"Yeah, it sounds like people could use my help..."

"Help, really..." she said pointing her gun at him "You really expect me to believe that...?"

"Pray tell what's wrong with the idea that I would want to help people...?"

"Let me put it in a way you can understand, they are not your...people, your not a 'native' of their country, why would you have interest in helping them?" Alex just had an appalled and confused look on his face.

"What does that have to do with anything...?" barked Alex. Mizuki was about to say something when Alex moved. It happened quickly, one large quick giant step to close the gap, followed by several quick jabs to her gut, grabbing her gun arm and moving it away from him and a chop to her neck to put her out. With that done her put her down softly and ran of.

Moments later he made his way to the roof, despite the intense winds he kept running to the edge, his tattoo glowing and returning to his prior form as a bracelet. Alex jumped of the edge without hesitation or fear and upon calling out his true name, light from the bracelet encased him in a glowing orb which sped of into the distance.

Bahumut rampaged through the city, flying over head and causing hurricane winds that picked up cars and threw them about. It fired it energy bombs at random, it seemed only interested in causing mayhem. It landed before a large traffic jam, people got out of their stuck cars to run for their lives, to run anywhere or to shelters. Bahumut's unreasonable rage surged at the sight of everything around him, where were his beloved masters, where were their towers, their monuments, the more it's tiny brain thought the angrier it became. It opened it maw, energy arced between it fangs but it also absorbed stray particles and EM waves from the air, it was preparing for some massive attack.

The people ran but stopped when there was a sudden thud. The earth shook for a moment, all the glass nearby in the buildings and the cars were cracked. Many looked back at the monster, it had stopped, no longer was it charging an attack, instead it seemed frozen. Then it fell to its knees and then onto its face and the people understood what happened. Standing behind the creature was Orion, the fist he struck the beast with was still clenched and in the air.

Orion jumped back, wisely remembering the beast's tail, a fact that allowed him to dodge it. He stepped back and took a fighting stance and the monster got up and turned around. It roared in rage at the sight of this protector of these interlopers, these invaders. It roared again, charging for another blast.

Chapter 13Edit

The Command Carrier had already deployed its Darts, Mizuki lead the squadron of six others while Commander Harrison commanded from the bridge of the ship. Mizuki was vexed, vexed at being beaten by 'him', she already suspected Alex was Orion and she already hated him for it.

"Captain Mizuki..." said the commander over the com-system "You are only to attack code named Bahumut unless ordered, are we clear..."

"Very clear..." she said sheepishly. Without warning Ultraman's massive form broke through the clouds beneath, popping out in front of the squadron, forcing them to scatter to avoid him, almost crashing. The Commander noticed several black spheres appearing after him and everyone noticed the large dragon flying after him.

Orion took of into the air at speeds just over Mach 11, he moved from side to side dodging Bahumut's attacks. He eventually he stopped and looked back, he moved to the side just in time to dodge the large dragon. Orion noticed that the beast had turned around and arced back towards the ground, he took of knowing full well what it planned to do.

The dragon opened its maw as it flew back towards the city, content in its believe it had scared away its protector. It was charging another blast when Orion came from the side and closed its mouth with a powerful kick. Bahumut tumbled about in the air for a while before it caught itself, before it could react, Orion came with a powerful kick at Mach 10 followed by bicycle kicks into the creature's chest. The monster swung at Orion, hitting him in his face, he flipped backwards but immediately returned with a drop kick to the monster's face.

The beast was sent flying again, but quickly regained control of itself, it fired another blast at Orion, who countered with an energy blast via a chopping motion. The two attacks set of the other in a mid-air explosion, Orion watched as the beast started to fire more and he countered how best he could but one got past him. At full speed he moved stopping the attack with his back. If he was a lesser creature, his back would have been blown open but he was an Ultra, they were called 'the most evolved form of humanoid life' for a reason, still the damage was done.

Now the creature began to fire more blasts, Orion countered what he could, with his hand slash and energy bullets from the stone on his forehead. Suddenly he curled up, rings of energy form around him, swinging his hands open, he turned the rings into a massive shield that covered the city with a blue protective aura. Despite all he had done, Orion looked down in horror at that one blast that got past his shield. He panicked, he couldn't drop the shield and he could not turn around and shoot it out of the sky.

Out of nowhere came laser beams that set of the blast before anything could be hit. Orion watched as Mizuki's plane flew by an noted that she looked up at sneering not out of spite but unwelcomed feelings of respect towards him.

Bahumut was now angrier than before, he was being denied his purpose, to destroy these intruders and their 'champion'. It opened its mouth, ignoring the missiles and laser beams from Mizuki's squadron, they were of a much lower priority. It charged as it did before, stray particles and EM Waves were called to the sphere in its mouth turning it from black to white/gold. It fired the beam but Orion didn't budge, though he still could sense how dangerous an attack like that was, it worked on the fact that lifeforms generally do not evolve to operate in space, the vaccuum nature of it attacks was what generally destroyed its targets, however he was an Ultra, his body worked better in space than did here.

The barrier came down as Orion grabbed the beast by its throat, taking a beam to his shoulder for a moment, his body could deal with it, especially with his chest armor. His shield's energy was transformed into a sphere around his clenched fist and with an uppercut, it exploded onto Bahumut, sending him flying into the air.

The dragon screamed in pain before it could stopped, it roared in rage and then it roared in pain. Two arrow head shaped bursts of energy had just severed the tip of it tail, both from Orion who followed up with a beam from his forehead which destroyed it completely. Bahumut was now more furious than ever, foaming at the mouth like a mad beast. It flew towards Orion but he suddenly moved at incredible speeds back to the ground, there he stood up slowly and Mizuki noticed a change. 

As Bahumut charged his beam again as the lines on Orion's head began to glow, stray particles and EM waves gathered on his head as 'energy hair' blue, spiky and intimidating, Orion's eyes also glowed brightly. The stones on his arms glowed as well, the light covered his arms with an aura that merged when he crossed them, he moved them apart with energy arcing between them and then put his arms in an L position.

The two giants fired their beams at the same time, Bahumut's gold beam and Orion's blue beam, but Orion's was different. Bahumut's was a beam form of a vacuum environment coupled with electricity, Orion's had an unspoken weight to it, it moved through the air which shimmered around it from all the energy it contained. It simply tore through the much smaller beam and struck Bahumut directly. It was at this time the cloaked figure got up turned around and disappeared. Bahumut screamed, it didn't roar in anger or in pain, it screamed a sad noise as it body turned completely blue, glowing blue, then it shattered. It did not explode in the normal sense, there were no flames, it shattered like glass breaking into sand particles but with a force behind it that made a pulse not unlike thunder. All that was left of the ancient being were blue particles that rained down on the city, disappearing before they could even touch the ground.

The people cheered and the STAR members looked at the sight in awe, but only Mizuki looked at Orion. The stone on his chest was flashing again, making a noise like a heartbeat and it was going fast. Orion's 'hair' disappeared quickly and his eye went dark for just a second, just long enough for him to almost fall face first into the street. He recovered, putting his foot forwards, but he was now on his knees in exhaustion.

Mizuki thought about firing, her missiles where armed and ready, but she looked at him, looked at him carefully as he made movements not unlike panting and she just put them away. Orion, unaware of her choice, stood up and took of into the air before disappearing.

Chapter 14: EpilogueEdit

The STAR elites were again in their meeting room, discussing the day's victory, well most of them were celebrating save the commander who kept his professional demeanor and Mizuki who had her elbows on the table as she looked lost in thought.

"What did I say...?" said Vincent, getting a high five from Tachibana.

"I would like to see the next monster freak step up...!" said Tachibana

"Calm down..." said the commander "It is too early to trust this thing, we don't know if he will always show up when we need him...." The two calmed down.

"I agree..." said Haley "We don't know anything about him, I suggest we take our time and study him..."

"Agreed..." Everyone looked at Mizuki, surprised she had said nothing. "Captain...!" said the commander waking her up.

"Sorry, sir...!" she said jumping

"Something you want to share with us...?"

"No sir... just thinking about today's events... the giant's last attack seemed to take a lot out of him..."

"Yeah, it did..." said Vincent. The group went back to their discussion about Ultraman and Mizuki's mind went back to that image that haunted her.

Her mind was preoccupied with something she saw a long time ago, a dark figure, with red lines on its head like Orion's but a singled crest, glowing red eyes, red claws and a Opal swirl on its chest just like Orion's. She knew, he was connected to that thing, she didn't know how, but she knew they were somehow connected and she had to find out if she was going to kill it.