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Ultraman Orion is the first place winner in the Character Originality Competition
Ultraman Orion
05032016 123219
Human Host/Form: Alex Hikari
Gender: Male
Age: 10,000 years
Height: 50 Meters
Weight: 50,000 tons
Home world: Land of Giants
Series: Ultraman Orion
Type: Hero/Main Character
Fighter Type: Physical Fighter (Orion Series)
Super Ultra (Ultrawoman Diana Special and beyond)
Fighter Sub-type: Primarily Golden Boy, Secondary- Veteran (Orion Series)
Veteran (Ultrawoman Diana Special and beyond)
Family Ultraman Torrent (Step-Father)
Ultrawoman Tori (Step-Mother)
Ultraman Impulse (Step Brother)
Affiliation Space Patrol
People of the Land of Giants
Created by SolZen321

Ultraman Orion is a young but skilled Ultra from his own continuity. He claims he came to Earth to investigate strange readings and while there are indeed strange happenings on the Blue Planet, the young Ultra is keen to keep his past a secret.


Orion is an Ultra of average height and an athletic build. He bares round yellow eyes, a blue stone on his forehead called the Wiseman's Eye, a V shaped crest. On his head are twin blue lines that run down to his cheek giving him 'tear marks' and another smaller pair outside the crest and between his ears. On his forearms are silver bracers with blue stones on the tips, on the back of his neck is a fin that covers his neck and in the middle of his chest is the Heart Stone. The Heart Stone is an amber three point swirl where a color timer would normally be, it is his color timer but it does not glow but flashes yellow and makes sounds similar to a heart beat when he is injured/weak. Orion also sports protectors on his chest similar to Ultraseven's and Ultraman Zero's.


He is multi colored with a blue outside but a red line running underneath both of his arms, down the middle of his front and back and the inside of his legs. His feet are blue but his hands are silver.

Berserk ModeEdit

In berserk mode, Orion becomes bulky and very muscular, his stones all glow red and his body is now red were he was blue and silver where he was red.

In Insanity Version, his his eyes glow red and he has claws on his finger, he also has an aura of red waves radiating from his Wiseman's stone, and Heart Stone. His Wiseman's eyes has turned black and his energy hair is always present and appears as fire.

Priest ModeEdit

Orion's body becomes all blue and more stream line. His lines are now constantly active as he gathers energy.

Zen ModeEdit

Orion has a gold body, his protectors are gone, and several pads/body armor cover his body. He now has a short central crest and his lines shine white, they also run all over his body. His Wiseman's eye shines golden with the Light of Zen.

Enlightened ModeEdit

05032016 123219

Orion's new default form: Enlightened Mode

Orion's Wiseman's Eye is now glowing brighter than before, his body now had natural armor of thick proctector like portions of skin all over his body like Ultraman Noa. His Heart Stone is now glowing Yellow with the Light of Zen.


Orion, born Orion, Ezekial, Riviera, Miliardo Krushkrenda, was born on the Kingdom of Warriors, a nerd in a warrior society, he was kept around because his research was considered useful. One day Orion and the rest of his people were transformed into Ultras but like a select few Orion was not one who transformed into a dark Ultra...

Gaiden 1

Gaiden 2

Gaiden 3

Series Edit

At some point in time, Orion is assigned to planet Earth, while investigating the strange minus energy field phenomenon plaguing the universe.

Legend Battle Edit

Orion later encountered the Mu Civilization, an ancient human civilization and the ancient Ultraman Kaizer. Due to Kaizer ancient and pompous personality, he was forced to fight the much stronger Ultra for the fate of the Earth.

Darkness War Edit

Some time after the series, Orin and Luter are married, expecting their first child. However, the Children of Darkness, attacked his planet. After pushing back the main force, Orion helped Ultraman Myth fight of Mother of Shadows as she tried to retreat to another universe. However, he was forced to fight Ever Darkness. The two were locked in battle for five thousand years, during which Orion chased him across the Multiverse, meeting up with several other Ultras and heroes before trapping him in a pocket dimension. Eventually his opponent escaped and Orion spends several centuries chasing him across the Multiverse, meeting other Ultras, such as One, Sorta, Gamma, Reuz, Zach and

Diana Gaiden Edit

Fan Masshup Edit

As a result of Minus' actions, Orion's was sucked into a merged Universe with several other Ultras, who all had their timelines merged. In this Universe he is the King of the Land of Giants, married to Lunaram, Queen of Argentium, who is now the mother of his daughter Diana.



Orion is seemingly a kind straight forward kind of person, he takes his jobs as a Space Ranger very seriously to the point that he will defend the work of the Ultras almost like zealot. Beyond that he is very lax unless the situation calls for him to be serious, but despite his normal behavior he is very intelligent, often to the point that he shocks and surprises those closest to him with his knowledge of advance concepts. He also has secrets that he is not willing to share.

Orion takes great pride in being an Ultra and the Vow of Ultra, adhering to its principles. He is quick to defend the reputation and honor of the Land of Giants and takes great issue when someone tries to destroys to dishonor it.

Though he can laid back, Orion was raised as a minor noble and was thus brought up to present himself as honorable and respectable as possible (in Fan Mashup he acts common just to annoy Lunaram), because of this, he is not one for crude, vulgar or common remarks.

Above all else, Orion is courageous, while he tries to pick his fight, and fight smart, he will not hesitate to ran into a wall of energy bullets to save someone, if he suspects that he can.

Due to his past, Orion has a fear of the red light of instinct and fears it will overpower him.

Profile, Features and FormsEdit


  • Real Name: Orion, Ezekial, Rivera, Miliardo Krushkrenda
  • Human Form: Alex Hikari
  • Transformation Item: Legend Bracelet
  • Height: 40 meters (original height), 50 meters (current height with growth)
  • Weight: 30,000 tons (original weight), 50,000 tons (current weight with growth)
  • Age: Over 10,000 years (Earth Years) in his series, 2,500 in the first Gaiden, 15,00 years at the end of the Darkness War, 20,000 at Diana Gaiden.
  • Home World: Land of Giants (Adopted home), Kingdom of Warriors (Original home)
  • Flight Speed: Mach 3 (Casual Flight Speed), Mach 12 (exertion)
  • Jump Height/Distance: 900 m
  • Running Speed: 450 km phr/ This refers to normal running.
  • Swimming Speed: 200 knots
  • Physical Strength: Orion can lift 210,000 tons
  • Occupation: Explorer/ Map maker/scout, combatant
  • Relationships
  • Likes: Lazying about, sleeping, sweets, trying anything new
  • Dislikes: Fish, Bullies in any form, the name Zoe.

Body FeaturesEdit

  • Eyes: Orion can see through objects, in the dark and vast distances, he can also see beyond the visible spectrum and Mana.
  • Back Fin: A fin on the back of his head covering the back of his neck, it is the equivalent of having long hair.
  • Orion Lines: Blue lines that run down his head, one pair runs down his face making 'tear' marks and another smaller pair is between that and his ears. When using his full power they shine and make spiky 'hair'  energy made out of different colors of light. Their real purpose is to gather Mana and convert it into Life Energy. They turn red in Berserk mode.
  • Wiseman's Eye: A blue crystal on his forehead, it shines blue with the 'light of Reason' but can be made to shine red with the Light of Instinct. It helps Orion focus and can act as his third eye. Only one other Ultra has this feature, King.
  • Heart Stone: A three point swirl of light on his chest made of apparently amber, Orion is unique among his adopted family and most Ultras in general for having this. It's acts like a Color Timer but Orion does not have a time limit (Like the other Ultras of his universe), why he has this instead of a Color Timer is a secret he does not intend to share.
  • Hands: Orion can charge his hands making them able to block and grab energy bullets/blasts etc. The glow can also be used offensively to enhance the cutting ability of his chops.


Orion is weak against cold weather, also in an atmosphere environment his body's ability to heal is impaired, wounds will close but they are still there.


Normal Mode

Normal Form: The form Orion was born with, it is the form he starts in whenever he transforms.

Fighting Style: Orion is a very skilled fighter for his age, possessing an innate sense of combat

Special MovesEdit

  • Orion Blast: An L shaped Ultra Beam. Due to its power it is strenuous and should only be used once per battle. Its molecular deconstructive effect is so powerful the foe is turned into particles. It is often used after Orion Charge.
  • Orion Shot: An beam fired from an outstretched fist, it is fired from any hand. It can be charged to get the O Spark.
  • Orion Wave: A ray from his hand shot into the sky it rains down as particles of light that can calm creatures. Beings of pure evil will be burned by this and it can purify beings.
  • O Spark: A powerful beam charged by Orion Charge and fired from a clenched fist.
  • O Spark Ultimate: Orion's Strongest Attack. Is only to be used as a last resort due to the fact that its use can kill him.
  • Cosmos Wave: Orion's Heart Stone shines generating an aura around him, swinging his hands he focus the energy and fires it from both hands (Left hand is touching the right arm, both hands are upright). This can selectively destroy targets, phasing through one and hitting another as Orion chooses.
  • Orion Light: Orion charges and uses Orion Power, the combination is a full body release of energy that destroys everything around him. Is very tiring.
  • O Core: Using Orion Charge, Orion can fire a beam from his Heart Stone. However this is just one form of this technique, the real purpose is to release hidden power from with Orion, usually in the form of a protective Aura. First used intentionally against Dark Zoe

Standard AttacksEdit

  • Orion Slash: An arc shape blast of energy from his hand
  • Particle Slicer: An circle shaped burst of energy with great cutting power. Can be wielded from the hand or thrown, generated by Orion's bracers. His version of the Halo Ring.
  • Chakram Beam: A beam from the Wise Man’s Eye, can destroy or maim. Its strongest attack gathers particles. It is a condensed Specium Ray.
    • Type A: A quick beam for a fast attack, puts his fingers to the stone.
    • Type B: Several bullets of energy
    • Type C: Orion waves his hands and puts them to his stone. This beam can destroy a monster.
  • Ultra Ring Shot: A beam from Orion's index and middle finger, it cannot destroy a monster but it can destroy a small UFO in one shot. Was devised in the Machine War and is the basis of the Cosmos Wave

Fighting ArtsEdit

  • Combat Experience: Between his own upbringing on his homeworld, to the wars he fought, Orion is a skilled combatant, having a natural gift for combat.
    • Combat Zen: From his time in the Machine war and fighting many opponents at once, along with his years of service, when Orion clears his mind and concentrates he enters a mental state of calm where his senses and combat experience allow him accurate predict their attacks. His opponent must possess godlike speed to catch him of guard. It usually symbolized by his fighting stance, arms out to the top and bottom and the palms back each while one foot is out front.
  • Orion Power: Orion summons power from his energy core to strengthen himself and use other abilities. When in use his eye shine brightly and his hair stands up glowing bright white. He cannot use it for more than a few minutes without putting strain on his body.
    • Orion Power Punch: A high powered punch, using super gravity waves
    • Orion Power Kick: A kick version of the Power Punch
    • Orion Power Throw: Orion uses all of his strength to throw and/or grapple with his opponent.
    • Orion Power Flight: Using Orion Power, Orion can immediately take of at top speed
    • Orion Power Swim: Using Orion Power Orion can move underwater at top speed, even under the crushing ocean depths.
    • Orion Lifter: Using Orion power he picks up a monster and throws them.
  • Orion Swing: Using the arm and/or head Orion throws the opponent. He generally grabs his opponent and throws them.
  • Orion Attack: Orion tackles/rams his opponents with his shoulder, often used in close quarters after a combo to set up for another attack or combo.
  • Orion Flip: Against a charging opponent, Orion grabs the enemy, falls on his back and uses his leg to flip them over.
  • Orion Grab: A grappling technique, Orion grabs his opponent by the head, he either throws them to the side or turns around and flips them over his shoulder/side.
  • Orion Impact: A punch from a charged fist, often from high in the air.
  • Orion Elbow: An elbow strike, Orion Uses super gravity waves to enhance the blow. He also has an elbow drop version of this attack.
  • Orion Flush- Using Orion Power, a flurry of punches is delivered to the opponent, each charged for extra damage.
  • Orion Multi Punch: A punch combo of various different punches and chops. Orion often attacks with a series of these.
    • Orion Double Slam: A counter blow, after deflecting a punch, Orion usually turns around and ducks, using the momentum to deliver a double fist hammer to the opponent's guts.
    • Orion Machine Punch: A series of powerful jabs in quick succession.
    • Orion Guillotine: A chop using a charged hand, can cut through conventional matter. The energy around the hand forms a disk similar to the Halo Slash
  • Orion Kick: Various kick techniques, a kick using Orion Power, normal Kicks, a flying kick.
    • Orion Axe Drop: A powerful Axe kick using his heel. Has great destructive potential.
    • Orion Power Kick: A sudden front kick, energy was charged in the leg before had and unleashed in one sharp blow. Can send the opponent flying back

Psychic PowersEdit

  • Ultra Barrier: Orion can create energy constructs to defend himself.
    • Circle Barrier: Resembles a pool of water, erected with one hand or two.
    • Wall Barrier: Similar to the style of barrier used by the Showa Ultras
    • Defense Mirror: A small square construct between his hands, it reflects any energy attack used against it.
  • Ultra V Barrier: Orion crossed his arms and uses his psychic power to block attacks.
  • Orion Charge: Orion gathers energy from any nearby ambient power source such as Light, Fire, EM waves. This causes his 'hair' to ignite and may also cause flames to appear on his bracers. The attack can be used to recharge his energy or to charge up one of his attacks. Possible thanks to Orion's Ultra Lines
    • Generator Storm: Orion uses his Charge technique, and can convert dark energy into light energy for him to use. However, the presence of dark energy in his body causes a condition similar to blood poisoning in humans.
  • Orion Realize: A beam from his eyes, can remove disguises or erode barriers.
  • Orion Heal: Since Orion cannot regenerate like normal in atmosphere environments he can close his wounds with a white light from his hand. He can also use this on others.
    • Orion Force: Orion can transfer his energy to heal others, he places his white hand on his ally's fist as a white ball forms in the palm of his hand.
  • Orion Freeze: Orion waves his hand and gathers energy into a sphere. He can either, swing his hands open and release a wave of icy energy, point his hands forward to fire icy waves to put out fires directly or throw the ball to freeze a single target.
  • Orion Flash: Orion moves like a blur as his body shines.
  • Orion Shock: Orion puts his fist together and his body starts generating large volumes of electricity.
  • Capsules: Orion can store any life form in the form of a capsule to be used again later in human or Ultra form.
    • Ho

Berserk Mode

Berserk Form: This is the result of when Orion's Wiseman's eye shines red with the Light of Instinct, due to its nature of making him overly aggressive, he generally refrains from using it and usually only for a short time. There is a red eyed version called Insanity Version, where he radiates red light, his silver parts of have turned dark grey and is much stronger, but he has lost all reason in his rage. He has a purified form of this called Purified Insanity Version, where his eyes are still normal his silver parts have returned and he is in control of his faculties as his body glows.

  • Flight Speed: Mach 12 (15 in Insanity Mode)
  • Jump Height/Distance: 1500 m
  • Running Speed: 350 km phr/ This refers to normal running.
  • Swimming Speed: 200 knots
  • Physical Strength: Orion can lift 300,000 tons (500,000 in Insanity Mode)

Techniques and PowersEdit

  • Berserk Power: A version of Orion power, Orion's 'hair' is yellow and both his strength and speed are greater. With this he can wrap his limbs in fiery auras when attacking.
  • Greater Power: In this form Orion can perform all of this Orion Power based moves without the need of the technique.
  • Berserk Dynamite: Orion's body is covered in flame like energy where enemy attacks are naturally repelled. He can either release the energy in an omni-direction blast are as an explosion, from the flames his body will reform. The second version badly damaged his body.
    • Dynamite Dash: Orion crashes into the enemy, disappears and reappears behind them. The explosion goes of inside the enemy.
  • Berserk Ball: Orion gathers the fire energy into a sphere in front of him and pushes against it, sending it flying. The ball is so energetic it leaves a trail of fire behind it in the atmosphere. 
  • Berserk Spark: Like the O Spark, but Orion charges all of his flame aura into his first increasing its power greatly.
    • Demerium Ray: A double Berserk Spark fired from both hands in front of him and his color timer. Is his strongest Berserk Mode attack
  • Gravity Orion: Orion charges his arms and cups them together to fire a gravity beam of yellow/orange energy.
  • Berserk Mode Insanity Version: Due to his berserker mentality, Orion has little range abilities in this form
    • Endurance: Orion posses vast endurance in this form, having being taken over by the Light of Instinct. Injuries that would normally leave him paralyzed he can ignore.
    • Strength: Orion now boasts strength to stagger the likes of Ultraman Gigas and Torrent easily.
    • Insanity Blaze: Orion's body is covered in flames, intense flames that render him immune to beams and burns anything that touches him
      • Insanity Blaze Dash: Wearing the Insanity Blaze, Orion rushes his enemy colliding with a powerful explosion
    • Insanity Bash: A sphere of fiery energy from his fists, his only ranged attack in this form.
    • Insanity Claws: Orion now conjure claws similar to Dark Zoe's. They can cut an Ultra's flesh.
      • Insanity Tide: A wave of red energy from his claws.
    • Insanity Rush: Orion attacks his enemy in a mad frenzy.

Priest Mode

Priest Form: The result of his time on Earth and his relationship with Earthlings allowed Orion to power his Berserk mode, not with emotions such as righteous fury but love, compassion and empathy, causing his Berserk transformation to be powered by the Light of Reason instead of Instinct. In this form his strength is the same as his normal form but his psychic powers are at their greatest. His reflexes have also increased and so has his mobility. Unlike Berserker form this form is achieved using O Core.

  • Flight Speed: Mach 20
  • Jump Height/Distance: 900 m
  • Running Speed: 600 km phr/ This refers to normal running.
  • Swimming Speed: 500 knots
  • Physical Strength: Orion can lift 210,000 tons

Techniques and PowersEdit

  • Soul Arrow: A straight pulse of light from his hand, it can purify an area, object, person of minus energy waves.
  • Ultra Willpower: Orion's mental strength is strongest in this form, being able to deflect beams with pure will.
  • Heart Beam: Using light from his Heart Stone, Orion forms a sphere which he extend out with one hand as a beam with circles around it. It is not much more powerful than a Specium Ray, but can pierce through objects his other attacks can't. It is also selective in what it destroys.
  • Orion Shootless: Orion charges a sphere to his side and fired a beam, it hits the enemy and feathers of light fly out their back dissipating. It strips the foe of their energy and/or contaminants.
  • Orion Slicer: Orion charges his arms and crosses them, energy arcs between them. He swing them apart in a vertical fashion firing a large arc of energy that can slice through the opponent.
  • Medical Powers: Orion's healing abilities have been magnified, allowing him to heal even fatal injuries and create a protective forcefield.
  • Orion Force: Same as his normal form but doesn't have to charge to use it.
  • Orion Flash: Orion can move quickly like his normal form, but now his body does not glow.
    • Orion Flash Step: Orion can now teleport short and long distances at will, it is signified by his body shinning first.
  • Orion Blade: Orion can form a Katana from pure will.
  • Priest Power: Like Orion power but in Priest form it is more power, Orion can convert something like lightning into power and when used as full power his 'fire hair' forms a disc of light above his head.
  • Blue Flames: Orion can create a flame aura like his Berserk Form, but his blue flames are hotter. They react to his will and burn what he tells them to.
  • Ultra Impulse: Orion can make precision strikes of great force, leaving streaks in the air. He can also move his body like a blur at will, though just for a second at the most to increase the power of his blows.
  • Healing Factor: Even in atmosphere environments, all of Orion's wounds heal quickly.

Zen Mode

Zen Form: Zen form is the realization of Orion's potential, his Wiseman's Eye shines with both the Light of Reason and the Light of Will creating a new unseen power. He is now physically far more powerful than Berserk Mode and has greater abilities than Priest mode. He now possesses golden versions of all his abilities, without any drawbacks. His Wiseman's eye is now as powerful as King's. Because of its nature, Orion is in a trance when he uses this mode to balance the power of Reason and Will and may not remember what he does when he uses it or that he even did.

  • Flight Speed: Mach 30
  • Jump Height/Distance: 3000 m
  • Running Speed: 800 km phr/ This refers to normal running.
  • Swimming Speed: 500 knots
  • Physical Strength: Orion can lift 800,000 tons

Techniques and PowersEdit

  • Zen Aura: A sparkling golden aura that renders him invulnerable. Any evil that collides with it will be completely destroyed, even things known for their great powers of regeneration. Orion's flight speed can now approach that of light. The aura is also the key to his other attacks.
    • Zen Spark: The power of the Zen Aura is emitted outward to purify the area.
    • Zen Dynamite: Like Zen Spark, but everything is consumed in a blast from Orion's body.
    • Zen Fire: Orion converts the aura's energy into fiery sphere around him that he fires. Each one has the destructive power of Berserk Dynamite.
    • Zen Sunrise: A more powerful version of his Demerium Ray. The resulting blast clears an area of evil.
    • Zen Blade: A blade made from one of his bracers, the blade reduces anything it hits into ray particles, it can also change size and fire energy blasts.
    • Zen Movement: An instantaneous teleporation. He can even go to other Universes but he will be left in his base form each time.
    • Zen Calm: Put his fists together, he opens his hands and arms showing the field with light/particles that banish aggression and calms all.
  • Zen Over: Orion summons an unknown power from within himself to transforming his chest armor into armor similar to Ultimate Zero's/Legend Armor. With the two structures on his back he can access his most powerful techniques. This is said to be his fully realized form due to his Heart Stone's nature and his nature as a Super Ultra.
    • Zen Over: The Zen Aura turns white/prismatic as Orion uses his full power to perform some seemingly impossible task.
    • Zen Ark: Orion can travel to other universes, bringing others along for the ride. He turns his aura into a sphere for this.
    • Zen Discharge: Orion fires of the Zen Aura in the form of a bird of light. Can destroy entire armies
    • Zen The Ultimate: Orion charges a beam using his entire body and fires from his Heart Stone, this beam's power is unknown. It is speculated that it can destroy a gas giant like Jupiter or even an entire stare. Regardless, use of this technique will reduce him to his original base form, drained of energy.
  • Zen O Spark: Orion raises his hands above his head, forming an energy field between them, putting them forward the fire a beam. I stronger than the Plasma Draft but takes time to charge.
  • Light Field: Orion can now create a subspace field at his leisure, all beings of the Light of Instinct will be depowered and all beings of the Light of Reason will be empowered. The Light of Will will also be strengthened.
  • Zen Charge: With Ultra Lines all over his body, Orion can now charge quicker, when in use golden flames cover his entire body.
  • Plasma Draft: Orion can conjure a small blue orb over/in front his index finger. It can be either a beam, transformed into a large sphere of energy, or a continuous stream of Light Bullets.
  • Light Metamorphic Abilities: Orion can create energy constructs of his choice and for various purposes, often he uses his Wiseman's eye to create different rays:
    • Saving Circle: A type of powerful Travel Sphere/barrier used on others.
    • Wizard Beam: A multi purpose beam from the Wiseman's Eye, it can be a destructive beam, cause paralyzes, electromagnetic field, or leave the target immobile.
    • Miracle Cutter: An arc shaped burst of prismatic energy.
  • Power of Ultra: In this state, Orion now has complete understanding of the power of the light of Nature, he can now empower other Ultras and even turn humanoids into Ultras or at least Ultra like beings permanently or temporarily.

05032016 123219
Enlightened Mode

Enlightened Form: Not truly a transformation, it is Orion's normal form after he had realized his potential. His Wisman's eye glows brighter than it does before and he now has his normal abilities but enhanced. He also has no need for form changing given his new strength. He is stronger than Berserk Mode and faster than Priest mode as has greater defense than either. (Note this form will not appear in his series) When Orion is weakened he will revert to his Normal mode.

  • Flight Speed: Mach 20
  • Jump Height/Distance: 1500 m
  • Running Speed: 600 km phr/ This refers to normal running.
  • Swimming Speed: 500 knots
  • Physical Strength: Orion can lift 350,000 tons

Techniques and PowersEdit

  • Lightning Orion: An L style beam of prismatic energy. Stronger than any of his previous Beams, save Zen Mode's.
  • Orion Move: Orion can use his Wiseman's eye to create portals/wormholes all around the universe.
  • Orion Punch: Orion's punches are now stronger than before, naturally it is as strong as Torrent's or Gigas' but is enhanced by super-gravity waves.
  • Orion Kick: Orion's kick are similar improved
  • Orion Spark: Orion's electrical technique can be used at a whim to enhance his blows
  • Orion Wave: A stronger version of the Original
  • Orion Freeze: Stronger version of the original.
  • Orion Flame: Orion conjures powerful flames against his opponent.
  • Orion Breaker: A charged punch able to shattered barriers and break bones.
  • Orion Galaxy: Orion can now move objects with his mind that large and far away. When in use he gives of a prismatic aura
  • Orion Sphere: Orion creates a sphere of energy, it explodes in a large swirling ball of energy firing of waves of energy. Similar to to the Saga Plasma and Agul's Liquidator.
  • Orion Slicer: Orion can create the Halo Slash at will.
  • Aura of Calm (Name Unknown): Orion can generate a feeling of calm around himself. Used to counter the 'Aura of Horror' used by Minus.

Orion Dark

A dark version of Orion, this is a dark version of his normal form, his berserk mode goes straight to insanity mode but he can control himself and instead of Priest Mode he has Heretic mode, which is a dark version of Priest Mode, using the light of Malice. Heretic Mode's attacks are dark version of Priest Mode's. For example while Soul Arrow forces out dark energy, Heretic Mode's Soul Arrow forces dark energy into the target, poisoning them. Orion Dark does not have access to Enlightened Mode or Zen Mode. It resembles Orion Geist.

Other Abilities Edit

  • Scientific Knowledge: Due to his past, Orion has a great deal of scientific knowledge that surpasses mankind's.
  • Supernatural Abilities: Orion was formerly a Shaman on his homeworld, which also served the roles of scientists. Because of this he was trained in the art of resisting possession and fighting paranormal beings. This is seen as symbols he puts down which seal away evil. While he can use them for other things, such as illusions, the required time to set them up makes them nonviable for combat. As an Ultra, these symbols appear as Ultra Signs. In human form Orion places these seals by writing on a surface with his finger or a stick.

Gallery Edit


  • Orion is inspired heavily by Ultraman Nexus, even some of his supporting cast are inspired by Nexus Characters.
  • Orion's Heart Stone, while its shape is inspired by the Ultra N Project main Ultras, it's function is inspired by the Heisei Gamera films and Nexus' own ability to gradually get stronger.
  • Orion's Enlightened mode is based of Ultraman Gaia's V2 mode, serving the same purpose.
  • Orion's names have different sources.
    • Ezekial, come from Ezekiel, which in Hebrew means 'May God Strength him' or 'God strengthens him' which interestingly was chosen before its meaning, which ties in so well with Orion's themes and nature, was known to SolZen.
    • Riviera, is named after Riviera: The Promised Land, a GameBoy Advance RPG.
    • Milliardo comes from Milliardo Peacecraft, the real name of Zechs Merquise, from Gundam Wing.
    • last name, Krushkrenda is inspired from Trieze Khushrenada from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing.
  • The STAR team was not aware but Orion had previously placed seals all over their base, that they and their equipment cannot detect. These seals are why Zoe has never attempted to attack Zephyr Base, directly, to their knowledge.
  • Ironically, despite having mystical training since before he was an Ultra, Orion struggled with the spiritual aspects of his training. This is because the spiritual teachings of the Ultras and his people were radically different.
  • Although never stated in the series, Orion's grunts are 'Heyaah!' and 'Shah'. The first for when exerting himself and the second for when he is charging.
  • His Enlightened Mode was drawn by User Celek.

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    • A few here and there, but nothing big? I'll let you know on here if you miss anything really major.