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Fiction RatingPG13

A Movie of Intensity and Packed Actions

Warnings: Brutal Fighting and Violence, With Signs of Blood

Categories: Action Packed Movie, Romance, Family and Brtual Violence

Smoking/Alcohol: Yes

Violence: Plenty

Crude Humor: Unknown

Sexuality: None

Ultraman One vs Ultraman Virus: Darkness Corruption
Created by: Zhu Huong Ng
Opening Theme: None
Ending Theme: None
Number Of Episodes None, Movie
Preceded by Ultraman One and Ultraman Reuz vs Showa Ultra : Cho Final Showdown/Ultraman One:Episode 19(Season 3)
Succeeded by Ultraman One:Episode 20 (Season 4)

This is the second movie of Ultraman One Series, taking place after Ultraman One and Ultraman Reuz vs Showa Ultra : Cho Final Showdown/Season 3 of the series before Season 4 and 5.

Places/Locations Edit

  • Land Of Light(One's Universe)
  • Planet Earth
  • Undersea City Ruins:Main climatic battle.
  • Japan,the country.

Characters Edit

Ultras Edit

  • Ultraman One:As Wisdom Form,Normal Form,Agile Form,Blaze Form and One Dark.
  • Ultraman Xena
  • Ultraman Giga
  • Ultraman Zero
  • Ultrawoman Zeth
  • Ultrawoman Lila:As Corrupted Lila.
  • All Ultra Brothers except for Taro.
  • Ultraman King

The Dark Side Edit

  • Dark Matter
  • Ultraman Virus
    • Normal
    • Fusion Virus
    • Blank
  • Ultraman Belial(cameo)
  • EX-Alien Guts
  • Slivergon
  • Alien Temperor
  • Alien Nackle
  • King Joe as Black and Scarlet
  • Birdon as EX Beast
  • Gan Q as EX Beast


In deep reachest of space, far away from Earth or the Land of Light, a death star is reaching the end of its life cycle and an explosion occurs. The deathstar becomes a supernova, engulfing all the planets nearby to the star. The explosions also sends many asteroid and comets flying and drifting around space, colliding with countless moons and planets in that particular galaxy. The resultant explosion was eventually loud enough to be heard by people of Earth as they investigate and found out what has happened by the scientists on the Earth.

Reaching to the Earth was an asteroid, it was the great evil Ultraman, Ultraman Virus and his surbodinates, The Dark Matter, Birdon, Gan Q, Alien Guts, Alien Temporer, King Joe variants and Alien Nackle, they have come to terrorize the Earth again!

"You guys go to Earth and to Atlantis, set up my foetress there, I will be there shortly." said Virus.

"Virus-sama, where are you going to?" said The Dark Matter.

"Personally issues." said Virus.

The Dark Matter then took command of Virus army, ordering them to go to Earth, they landed on Atlantis. Using the broken undersea ruins and buildings, they repaired the place a little, setting up a throne and a labratory for their respected master, Ultraman Virus. Virus noticed his army's doing and begin laughing manically in space. Virus flew into space and further away from the Earth.....

What is his scheme? Virus comes from an unknown place, no one had know or seen Virus be, even the Ultras from King Temple and even the Land of Light. No humans had ever seem him as well, he thought to himself. Virus origins has yet to be revealed, he had shown no traces of what he did not the past. So, who is this Virus?

Chapter 1Edit

Virus journey towards Jupiter, for unknown reasons. There, while flying, he saw someone flying, heading towards the direction of the Land of Light.

"Who's that? Come and give me a fight!" said Virus as he rushes towards the direction the another person is flying to. He reaches the other person, both of them fell towards Ganymede, the largest moon of Jupiter and the solar system. The moon is a gaseous place with slivery craters and golden liquid.

"You are?" as the other person stands up, it was Ultrawoman Lila! The future wife of Ultraman One whom had just made her mind to return to the Land of Light. Virus had caught her now, what will happens to her?

Lila rushes towards Virus, both exchanging punches and kicks to each other. Virus uses his claws, grabs her by the neck and sending her hitting the several slivery craters around Ganymede and sink her into a golden pool of golden liquid. The female Ultra stands up.

"Who are you, why are you doing this? Are you invading Earth or anything?" asked Lila.

"Trash talk. If I am not invading Earth, why do I come to Earth for? I will tear this solar system apart. Threats had already arrived on Earth." said Virus arrogantly.

"I will beat you and stop them!" said Lila as she clenched her fists.

Lila charges at Virus at full speed, first she punches Virus in the face and proceeds to kick Virus in the color timer. Virus then groan loudly as he feels pain, while feeling pain, he begin laughing manically at Lila. Lila then grabs his both hands and swings him several yards away from her. Virus lands onto a pool of ice as he stands up.

"Lila Shot!" said Lila as she fires a ray of light but Virus uses his claws and deflect the attack into half!

"Virusium Sun-Ray!" said Virus as he fires a dark green light by entrusting his hands in a L style. Lila fires another shot, Virus beam pierces through he beam and hits Lila in the chest. Lila falls, and feeling weakened.

Virus then creates a ball of dark green particles, and spread it towards Lila, Lila was feeling pain as dark features begin growing in her body and her color timer, energy orb in her forehead and her eyes turn green red in colour.

"" said Lila as she fainted from the corruotion done by Virus. Virus went to her and grab her.

"Yes...sleep in eternal....your love will soon come and soon your darkness will grow." said Virus as he grabs her and flew towards Earth in a travel sphere. He went to Atlantis, meeting with surbodinate. Virus places Lila in a capsule and sent it into his labratory, several feets until his throne, he sits on his throne and crossing his legs, waiting for the one to challenge him and corrupt him.....

"King Joe Pink and King Joe Black, go to and start wrecking havoc!" said Virus as he activates the robots and sent them to the surface.

Chapter 2Edit

One was waiting for Lila for a few hours for her to return back to the land of light but she never returned back to the planet ultra. One was very worried as he thought she was kidnapped by beasts and sent to another universe. He was scared that all this will happen but all he did not know that is Virus who kidnapped Lila and sent her to Earth.

"Her last signal was at Ganymede and was shut down..." said One as he felt to his knees and punching his fists on the ground.

Zero, looking at One's disappointment and asked One gently "What happen, One?"

"Her signal was lost at Ganymede. She was been brough to Earth by some evil." said One.

"Are you certain?" asked Zero.

"Virus...he has unknown origin...." said Zeth as she arrives.

"I have to go Earth now." said One.

"No..One, you are being ruled by angry, this won't be things for you." said Zero.

"That's right, One, get back yourself." said Zero.

"Father, I will, I won't let rage overpower me." said One as he calmed down.

Just then, Xena and Giga arrives.

"Xena, Giga, accompany One." said Zero.

"We heard from Zeth and we have prepared to go as well." said Xena.

"Our pleasure."said Giga.

Giga, Xena and One waves goodbye to Zero and Zeth from the Land of Light, they are heading towards Earth, it has been 5 years since One has left the planet for the Land of Light.

"Father, I will return!" said One.

"We believe you will." said Zero.

"Best wishes." said Zeth.

"Zero...." said Zeth.

"What?" said Zero.

"I want to go as well." said Zeth.

"Hahaha...I will go in your place. You take care of things here." said Zero.

"Alright." said Zeth.

"Who is this Virus?" asked Zero.

"Well, he is someone I meet before in secret in space, but he did not notices me. I knew his name when his surbodinate called out to him. He may be from another universe or perhaps another Ultra race...." said Zeth.

"Why?" said Zero.

"I did not detect any Specium energies emitted from him." said Zeth.

Zero streches his arms and dons his Ultimate Aegis.

"Well, I will be going now, I will sent you to King Temple."said Zero.

"Thanks dear." said Zeth.

Zero holds Zeth's hand, takes files towards the King Temple, Zeth fly towards the temple and waves at each other. Zero then takes fly towards Earth.

"Zero's Ultra Sign." said Zeth......

Chapter 3Edit

Meahwhile on Earth, two King Joe's started wrecking havoc in a city. Among the defense was One Otari, was fighting one of the King Joe's with his air plane. While Toshiwa, Sakura, Marina and Zena are defending from the ground with their cars guns.

The pink King Joe uses his Pedanium Launcher and knocks One Otari plane, the plane fell to the ground, and explosion occurs.....

"One!" said everyone.

King Joe Black sees the SACD, tries to blast them with his Pedanium Launcher, a powerful ray of beam shoots the King Joe Black, pushing him back. A sphere of light appears and reveals to be Ultraman One.

"Ultraman One?" asked Zena Wakura.

"His back?" asked Marina.

"One! Otari is dead!" said Sakura.

"Yah!" said Toshiwa.

"He's fine! I took him as a human form, he is alive in me, eternally, I will deal this two King Joe's now!" said One.

"Thanks, One!" said Toshiwa.

"Teach those robots a lesson!" said Zena.

"Yeah, for Isurugi sake, I will defend this planet!" said One, he clenches his fist and rushes towards the two King Joe's.

One assumes his Blaze Form and punches King Joe Black rapidly, until he is paralysed. One then uses his XX Slugger Punch and broke King Joe Pink's Pedanium Launcher!! One has grown stronger and stronger isn't he? King Joe Black regains conscious and blasted One, One was knocked back.

"Geez, this two robots pack a punch!" said One.

"One Cross Shot!" said One, the King Joe Black dismantles himself to avoid it and reassembles himself back to his Normal State. One quickly transforms to his Agile Form and flys high to doge a powerful ray fired from King Joe's Black Pedanium Launcer.

"One 15 Sluggers!" said One as he launches 15 copies of One Sluggers at the King Joe Black, the King Joe Black tries to block it. But what's backing up the sluggers is One's One Vanisher, penetrating King Joe's shield and engulfed him in an explosion, killing the robot.

One then returns to the ground and took fighting stances to settle things between himself and King Joe Pink.

"Damn, this robots are just wasting my time!" said One.

One assumes his Rainbow Form and fires his One Rainbow Light at King Joe Pink, killing the female robot in one shot. With the SACD members watching, he becomes back into One Otari, all of them ran towards One to embrace and reunit with their old friend.

One has grown a lot since his time on Earth and fight against Belial, now he is able to defeat two King Joe's without much problems and easily defeating them.

"Guys, let's have a toast!" said One in a happy tone as all of them went to a nearby restaurant to drink up.

One recalls his past memories while in space, he noted a brave young man protecting Earth.


"That's One Otari, my former human host!" said One.

"Oh no! He's no danger!" said One, while Otari is being engulfing by the explosion of his air jet, One quickly transport's Otari's body from the plane and inside his body. Inside his body, an astral projection of One appears to a dying Otari.

"One Otari, you are brave man! Now, receive my blessings and become One with me!" said One as he merged with Otari and allowing One Otari to become his human form. One then engulfs inside a white travel sphere to confront the two King Joe's.

(End of Flashback)

During the toast, One thinks to himself this: "Isurugi, wait for me!! I will save you!!"

Chapter 4Edit

After the toast, One and his friends returned to the SACD Headquarters.

"Ultraman One? So what brings you back to this place."asked Toshiwa.

"Captain,I am back for new mission and to find and take back my Girlfriend, whose an Ultra as well, while she is leaving Earth, someone kidnap him." said One.

"Oh...I see!"said Sakura.

"Anyone can help to research and look out for my the Land of Atlantis under the Atlantic Ocean." Said One.

"Sure but why?" asked Marina.

"Ultraman King told me the evil is there." said One.

"Sure then." Said Marina as she start to search the note and her books for details and traces of the Land of Atlantis.

The next day,

"One, all your informations is ready!" said Marina.

"Thanks, Marina!" said One Otari.

Surprised One, One when to check out Marina's computer. It was found out that the evil Ultra had landed on Atlantis ,an underwater ruins city but in order to reach there, One needs to travel through a portal to go there to fight the evil and save Lila from it. One thanked Marina for all her help and shaked her hand as One nows has a more clearer clue now.

"Thanks,Marina!"said One.

"One,you need to go to your room and rest first." she passed the key to One.

" room, you still keep it?"

"Yeah, we alway know that you will return to Earth for vacation." added Zena.

"Thank you for all your hardwork guys. I will need my long journey to Altantis soon after this. But haha....I am hungry."said One.

"Hungry? What you need to eat? Fast food or seafood."asked Toshiwa.

"Anything....I wish to go out and eat."said One.

"Sure go and rest and we will ensure a good sleep for you tonight."said Zena.

"By the way,hows Kato?"asked Sakura.

"Kato Mosa or Ultraman Kato?" asked One.

"Ultraman Kato!" said Marina.

"His is in space, he has become a wanderer around the galaxy and we might see him return someday!" said One.

"One, me and Kato are engaging soon, will you be free to come?" said Sakura.

"Sakura, really??" asked One in a happy tone.

"Yeah, me and Kato has been dating every since you left five years ago and I meet his parents as well." said Sakura.

"Great process, Sakura!" said Toshiwa.

"Hope to attend your engagement soon." said One.

"Thanks guys but the most important thing, we should sleep now." said Sakura.

One returned to his home and still laying on the bed, his eyes closed and await for the next day.

Chapter 5Edit

More ResearchEdit

While One wakes up and finished his shower, he opens the door out of his room to the SACD main room, Marina waiting for One there.

"Hey Marina, why you here?" asked One.

"Otari, come my room, I have some new information about Atlantis." said Marina.

"Sure!" said One as he and Marina went to Marna's room.

"Kato, we have a new things to be settled, so I make not be able to visit your parents today and our date need to changed." said Sakura as she walked past Marina and One, talking to Kato through the phone.

"Sakura, I understand. Continue your work, help me say hi to One Otari as well." said Kato.

"Yeah, bye dear." said Marina as she closes the phone and walks towards the main room to meet Zena and Toshiwa.

At Marina's room,

One and Marina is spent time to research about Atlantis, they come across an interesting site. The history of Altantis is somehow similar as they are viewing an article of the internet as the city was above the water and they have advanced technology that allows people to live in peace. But someday, the undersea water rise up and destroyed many homes and killing all the people. However, there are some survivors had lived in Europe that time.

One said "So it is true Altantis is above the water before .Who are the survivors who survive from the destruction?"

Marina looking at the article and said "It says here that the survivor is a Prince of the ruler of the city."

"For the dark Ultra,the information are right here."said Marina.

"Okay,let do this research!"said One.

After long hours of researching and evaluation of the place Altantis ,One Otari has all the information required to reach there. One Otari had to reach there to save Lila in time and save her.

"Thanks, Marina, I know what to do now!" said One as he lefts the room, patting Marina's back.

"Good luck." said Marina as she smiles at One.

Chapter 6Edit

Suddenly, an black ball appears. It was the new arrival of Alien Nackle, he is more powerful the last time. He begin destroying around the city as if the buildings and roads are like toys to him. He starts to invoke fear and chaos among the humans, with the buildings and roads being crashed, the humans are running for their own life.

"Ohh....!This is terrible!" said an elderly woman.

"Grandma...let's go fast!" said a young man with blue shirts.

" again. This is so scary. Everyone, run for your life!" said a young rich woman in red T-shirt as she ran for her life.

"Yosh.....I will take photographs of the situation!" said a photographer

"Ben, run, building's falling down!!" said his friend. "No!" shouted Ben, the photgrapher.

Just then a blue light appears and saved the young men and everyone else at the area, it was Mirai as she teleported them to a forest area for safety. Mirai smiled at them and wishing them good luck.

"Who are you?" Ben asked.

Mirai flys high and said" I am Mirai Tomoya, my ailas is Ultraman Giga, whom saved me from death." said Mirai as she takes out her Baraji Stone and place it on her hand, the stone change to a brace, a blue light flashes as Giga rises and appeared in front of the seen.

"Ben, bring everyone to safety!" said Mirai as Giga.

"Argh....Ultraman?!" asked Nackle.

"I will kill you instead of Ultraman One first." continued Alien Nackle.

"We will see about that!" Giga said.

"I am stronger than those robots, there's not way you are winning, dude. Give it up."continued Nackle.

"Chill, the fight have not started." said Giga.

"I will show you what is my strength!" shouted Alien Nackle as he charges forward.

Giga stopped Nackle in mid-air and uses a kick attack at Nackle, as Nackle tries to keep his balance, Nackle punches Giga but Giga did not feel pain at all as he grabbed Nackle with his hands and flings him towards a building, with Giga laughing at Nackle.

"Is that all?" asked Nackle, Nackle stands up and charges his new powerful finisher towards Giga, Giga charges his signature move, the Giga Shot. Both attack clashes, with Giga winning but Nackle uses his another attack to overpower Giga with it.

Giga dodges the attack and fires the Baraji Shot at Alien Nackle, killing the clown alien with an explosion. The alien shouted in agony.....

Giga reverted himself back to Mirai and went to the SACD Headquarters to meet her comrades, and including the human form of Ultraman One himself. The SACD Members has throw a surprise party for Mirai, One and Haruto's return to Earth after their absence for 5 years. Toshiwa and Sakura are happy that the three of them had found their own paths and living their life's to the fullest at the Land of Light. Mirai and One are feeling very welcoming and is very engrossed in the surprise party that the SACD memebers has prepared for them.

"Ohh, where's Haruto?" said Toshiwa.

"Captain, he should be arriving soon." said Mirai.

"I see. Let's have a toast! Guys!" said Zena.

"You are right, Zena, we deserve a toast." said Sakura.

"Hoorray!" said Marina.

"Cheers for the future." said One.

The celebration continues towards the midnight.......

"Now Nackle is defeated, proceed to the next plan."said Virus.

"Master, this is Land of Light Ultras? They look so weak..." continued Virus.

"Temporer, you turn!" said Virus in an amused voice.

"Yes sir!" said Temporer and he called upon Alien Guts, the plan is to the next stage.

Afterwards, Slivergon appears on the mid-city. One and Mirai when to the area where Slivergon is rampaging, destroying buildings and stomping on trees, wrecking havoc like a berserker fighter.

"Mirai, should we transform?" asked One.

"Sure...." said Mirai.

"Wait, leave that guy to me!" said a unknown from space, arriving from the Land of Light was Ultraman Xena, the good friend of One and Giga. Xena lands on Earth by delivering a very powerful punch at the Kaiju, knocking him towards the ground. Xena waves hello to his SACD comrades, One and Mirai as well.

"Haruto!" said Mirai and One.

"Yo, One and Giga, comrades of Earth, I have arrived late, leave this to me." said Xena.

"Ultraman Xena!" shouted Toshiwa.

Xena took fighting stances and grabs Slivergon, whom is trying to stand up and flings him towards the nearby forest, Xena then launches a barrage of energy blasts at the Kaiju, weakening him slightly. Slivergon tried to retaliate by blocking the energy blasts launch by Xena at him by using his arms. Xena then delivers a punch straight at Slivergon's face, knocking him straight towards the ground again. The Kaiju stands up once again but feeling extremely weakened, as it groans in great pain.

"Let's finish this game up. Xena Explosives." said Xena, fly towards mid-air and creates many fireballs around him and launching them towards Slivergon, raining down the Kaiju and engulfing it with his ball of flames. Xena then lands on the ground, charges his signature finished, the Xena Shoot, destroying Slivergon in a large explosion. Xena noted that his battle has finished, he quickly reverted back to his human form, Haruto Kenki, and going straight to the SACD Headquarters to meet his other friends.

"Mirai, Slvergon's dead, let's see Haruto at the SACD Headquarters." said One.

"What? Personal car?" said Mirai. One grabs Mirai's hand and went to the carpark area of where his girlfriend, Lila's human form, Isurugi Yamato had once stayed. One sees his car parked at one of the lots, new and fresh, hopping onto his car.

"Wow! What a luxury." said Mirai, taking her seat at the car as well.

"Let's go." said One, starting up the engine and travels back to the SACD Headquarters for the reunion meetup.

Chapter 7Edit

"Alright, that's all for the celebration. What brings the three of you back here?" asked Toshiwa.

"Captain, we are here for a new threat." said Mirai, showing her signs of anxiety and nervous towards what's to come in the near future.

"Yeah, One and I have researched about Atlantis." said Marina.

"It's found out that Atlantis literally exists on this Earth, much to our unknown knowledge towards it." said Haruto.

"Atlantis but where?" said Zena.

"Unfortunately, there's found to be a portal that prevents anyone regular beings to enter through it. So the mastermind behind all this should be there." said Sakura.

"But as Ultras, we should be able to breach through that portal and enter the surmerged underwater land of Atlantis." said Haruto.

"Excuse me, but it is underwater, you guys can withstand the pressure?" said Toshiwa.

"We can. I doubt the Land of Atlantis is even being surrounded by water." said One.

"Uhh what? What do you mean by that?" said Sakura.

"Because the mastermind most likely, evaporate all the water and creating a barrier to filter all the presence of water." said Mirai.

"Likely to be without contact with water then." said Sakura.

"But where is it located? I'm curious though." said Toshiwa.

"Under the Atlantic Ocean, near Venice of Europe." said One.

"Venice, that's so far away." said Sakura.

"Don't worry guys, we can go to the Atlantic Ocean by travelling through the Pacific Ocean in no time." said Haruto.

"I see that now." said Marina.

"Yeah, One needs to save his future wife from the mastermind, she had lost contact for quite a while now." said Mirai.

"Wait what? Future wife? She didn't returned to the Land of Light with you guys?" said Sakura.

"Nah, she only went back years after we gone back but One still maintain his romantic relationship with One. However, when she made her mind to return back to the Land of Light, she was ambushed by an unknown evil." said Haruto.

"Yeah, I think I will be holding our wedding on Earth before returning to the Land of Light as a form of celebration." said One.

"Wedding on Earth? We will be blessed to be participating in the wedding." said Toshiwa.

"Yeah, we will attend it." said Sakura.

"But then we need to organise it soon." said Marina.

"Don't worry everyone, we will organise it after we save Lila and defeat the final mastermind." said One.

"One's right, settle the more important errands first. Celebration will be next." said Haruto.

"Our priority as an Ultra is always defeating evil, bringing justice." said Mirai.

"Guys, an alien breach!" said Zena, as the screen in front of all of them shows Alien Temperorm wreaking havoc in the city.

"He's on the next move already." said One, clenching his fist, not wanting to let Lila be in the hands of evil anymore.

"Gosh, this is a joke." said Haruto, is having the feeling that the mastermind of everything is just stalling for time and wasting everyone's time, and worse of all, toying with the opposition.

"One, Haruto, what we say?" said Mirai.

"The Aircrafts not working yet?" said One.

"Unfortunately One, they are still under repair after Ultraman Kaito's assault previously." said Toshiwa.

"That's kinda sad as a whole, but thank god that there's no monster threat during this whole five years." said Marina.

"We will rely on ourselves." said Mirai, taking out her Baraji Stone and taking her leave, and transformed into Giga, rushing straight to the battlefield where Alien Temperor is rampaging, at a forest countryside of Tokyo, one of the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Giga transforms into his Space Form to travel there in no time.

"Captain, we will be going, One! Xena!" shouted Haruto and One respectively, transforming into their Ultra Form and taking flight, joining forces with Giga. They arrived at the countryside of Tokyo, landing in front of Alien Temporer and took fighting stance, ready to start up their next battle.

"Ohh, you guys have arrived?" said Alien Temperor.

"We are here to stop you and get information for you." said Giga.

"Agreed. Don't underestimate us." said Xena.

"Whatever you guys say." said Alien Temporer.

"Sitting around won't get us nowhere." said One. The three elite young Ultras rushes towards Alien Temporer. The pincer alien rushes towards the Ultras as well.

Chapter 8Edit

Alien Temporer BattleEdit

"Anti Ultra Brothers Ray! Taste it, my hatred of the Ultra Brothers." said Alien Temporer.

"Over Ray Schtrom!" said Giga as he uses Nexus Junis' powers to counter against the beam Alien Temporer , both beams are equally matched. Xena then delivers energy slashes at the alien, knocking the alien slightly backwards. Alien Temperor summons his pincers in the form of an energy whip ps and fight against the three Ultras. One deflects the energy whips with his sluggers and transforms into his Blaze Form, and taking his sluggers and delivering a slicer punch at Alien Temporer, wounded the alien,

Giga transforms back into his Normal Mode and engages with the alien in a dog fight, by delivering regular punches and kicks. The alien countered back with his own variant of his physical arts, in the form of sumo battle. One then flys mid-air, delivering a very powerful fire kick at Alien Temporer, causing the alien to fall towards the ground, he stands up again.

"Damn you guys!" said Alien Temporer, however, shortly after standing he took flight as a volley of fireballs rains towards the ground, it was Xena, whom uses his Xena Explosives once again. Alien Temporer activates his winged and attempts to escape to space.

"Giga Thunder EspeciallY!" said Giga as he gathers thunder around the surroundings and the space and delivering a very powerful yellow thunder ray at Alien Temporer, ripping apart the alien's wings, causing the alien to fall to the ground, thousands of feet from the air. Though gravely wounded, Alien Temperor stands up once more.

"Master... <cough> Master...<cough> The plan is at the next stage.... <cough>" said Alien Temporer, telepathically delivering a message to the mastermind behind all this.

"Let's finish him off." said One as he charges his One Garnet Buster at Alien Temporer, while Xena and Giga charges their Xena Shot and Giga Shot especially, the three beams combines into one. Alien Temporer, in a last ditch effort to ensure his survival, he launches his signature move again at the Ultras. But the Ultras combined beam is enough to pierce through his beam, destroying him in a large explosion.

"Alien Guts, evolve into Ex-Alien Guts." said Virus, the mastermind of everything, launching dark green particles of an unknown substance, causing the bird alien to be affected directly by it and becoming more violent and malicious in nature, the alien took flight and goes to where the Ultras has finished their battle with Alien Temporer.

"Only take down the friends of the Ultra with the triple sluggers and sacrifie your life for me!" said Virus, shouting at the alien.

"Virus, you sure you want to do this?" asked the Dark Matter.

"Of course, Dark Matter, I'm the absolute existence here!!" said Virus.

"As you wish, master, my life is yours and I am pleased to offer it up." said Alien Guts in a savage and berserker tone.

The CruxificationEdit

"We did it, guys let's return home." said Giga.

"Yeah, the mastermind will most likely show himself up if he is bored and wanting to bring forth calamity and chaos soon." said Xena.

"Guys, careful!" said One as he is being strike down by a blue ray of light. One's color timer starts to blink as he looks up, to see whose the culprit whom sniped him.

"Argh....... Stop.... What's this...?" said Xena as he is being entangled by a red energy ropes, the young Ultra tries to break free from the energy rope but he is feeling weakened and with his color timer starting to blink as energy is being absorbed from his body and he is being paralysed by the said energy rope.

"Argh.... What's this!!!?? Whose the culprit??" said Giga, in a weakened and agonising tone, with his color timer starting to blink rapidly and more faster right now. Whatever Xena is suffering now, Giga is suffered the same. One tries to help his friends but Alien Guts appears, and begin unleashing energy beams and blasts at One, forcing One to summon a barrier to protect himself.

"The plan has move on to the next stage. Alien Temporer was more than just a pawn!" said Alien Guts.

"Let my friends go!" said One.

"Never, One, my master wants you to find him as soon as possible." said Alien Guts. Alien Guts successfully crufix Xena and Giga, trapping them in a cross-shape crystal dome, high up in the air. The two Ultras, being restricted in their movements, are unable to do anything as they stares helplessly at One.

"Why you make them suffer instead of me?" said One.

"Becuase your friends deserve it. Seeing you suffer for your friends sake is better than you suffering it yourself!!" said Alien Guts.

"Says what???!!!" said One as he engulfs himself in an aura of rainbow and assuming his rainbow form, and firing a very powerful rainbow ray of light at Alien Guts, destroying the bird alien in the process.

"Argh... Master! I HAVE COMPLETELY MY PURPOSE. MY LIFE IS YOURS." said AlienGuts, before finally being destroyed by One's attack.

An exhausted One wanted to help Xena and Giga but was stopped by them.

"One, don't waste your energy on us. We are entrusting the future to you!" said a weakened Xena.

"Guys!" said a saddened One.

"Don't worry about us, someone will come and help us. (Zero-nissan)" said Giga.

"Then what should I do?" said One.

"Take a break for the rest of the day and seek out the mastermind tommorrow morning. I know you can do it!" said Xena.

"Please become Wisdom Mode and fight the true mastermind with your true power!" said Giga.

A vengeful One clenches his fist tightly and put up a thumbs up sign, as a sign of promised his friends that he will protect and complete the current mission. One then takes flight, returning back to the SACD Headquarters. One tried to relax himself by taking a bath and immersing himself with water by watching his favourite shows and listening to the latest music.

"Xena, Giga, don't worry." said One.

Next StageEdit

"Ohh their are all dead! Birdon and Gan-Q, turn into your Ex-Beast forms to test Ultraman One! Dark green particles, create a plague that will greatly endanger this very adorable planet!" said Virus as he releases the dark green particles of corruption, corrupting Gan Q and Birdon, and sending them out for the battle and sacrifing their very own life.

Virus then consolidates the remaining particles in the form of dark green energy ball, and sending it out from the Atlantic Ocean and travels slowly towards the town of Japan, as the epicenter to spread those particles in the form of a plague, an unknown disease that no doctors/scientist has ever seen before, in an attempt to kill all the organisms on Earth and greatly endanger the ecosystem of the Earth. The scene ends with Virus laughing maniacally and becoming crazy triggered.

Chapter 9Edit

The next day, One begins journey to the Land of Atlantis, which is located my underneath the Atlantic Ocean where Virus is located. One had planned his journey, to travel via the Pacifc Ocean, towards the Atlantis Ocean. One standing at the highest mountain at the island of Kyoto and prepare to dive into the Pacific Ocean. Suddenly, two energy blasts is fired at him but One deflected them. One turned around and saw Gan Q and Birdon as Ex-Beast.

" and you first."said One.

One assumes his Crescent form and took fighting stances against Ex-Birdon. Ex-Birdon launched a fireball, blasting One to the Pacifc Ocean. Ex-Birdon then swing his wings creating hurricane winds, causing One to lose his balance.

"So strong? Argh, I have to conserve my energy so that I can defeat who ever that's behind all this."said One.

Seeing his chance ,One quickly summon a Lunar Blade and throws it towards Birdon, ripping apart his both wings and utilizing a very powerful kick at Birdon, One then resumes standing position at the coastal shore line of the Pacific Ocean on the island of Kyoto and regaining back his own ground.

"Finally."said One but an energy blast struck him, causing him to fall, with his color timer started to blink, as he says "NO!". The culprit behind the energy blasts with Gan-Q and Birdon, together in a combine effort to make life difficult for One.

However, One saw an entire sun facing him, he remembers his grandfather's absorbing ability, he turn raises his hands and absorb the entire energy of the sun, restoring his color timer and gaining more power to fight against the two Kaiju . Taking fighting stances, preparing to finish both Gan Q and Birdon. The young Ultra lunged at Birdon while punching Birdon's head. One then lock Birdon and flings him towards the sea. GanQ then split into two prepare to defeat One.

"Dimensional linked,huh?"msaid One.

One remembers his father Luna Miracle Form and quickly formulated a new way to defeat GanQ. Turning to his Crescent form and launch a green light ray towards the monster, weakened the two Gan Qs. One turns to his Agile Form and went inside GanQ eyes, where he uses a mental dispel attack, causing both the clone and the real one to dissipate into particles, vanishing into existence. Attacking One next is Birdon, whom tries to use his beak and injecting poison in One, One counter it back by firing the One Vanisher at Birdon, pushing him back.

"Geez, stop wasting my precious time!" said One as changes back to his Normal Mode, and after using a series of physical arts and lesser beam attacks, One engulf seems and kills Ex-Birdon, in a seemingly large explosion. One smiles as he is glad that he can now journey to battle and fight up the mastermind behind all of this.

"Luckily, thanks to the sun energy, I am still at full power with the two monsters defeated." said One.

One assumes his Agile form, he leaped into the Pacific Ocean and travels towards the Atlantic Ocean at full speed. During the journey, he sees many aquatic animals and is fascinated by the mere beauty of the oceans, the corals reefs and the school of fishes, giving him more drive and more motivation in order to protect and save Planet Earth, preserving the beauty of everything. And after a few centuries (nah, no so long), One arrives at the entrance to the Portal of Atlantis.

"This must be the portal to Atlantis, I'm gonna travel in." said One, assuming his Crescent Form and teleports himself into the said portal. Despite being forgetten by the Ultras from the Land of Light and the people of Earth, One was surprised that the lost world of Atlantis literally exist in the Earth. While journeying through the portal, he reached a temple and a palace full of underwater ruins and thrones. One saw signs of how people there thrive when the land still exist on the surface of the Earth, being carved into walls as drawings. While exploring the underwater ruins, One stares high up, noticing a barrier of dark light, to prevent water from getting into the ruins. Suddenly, he was approached by an Ultra with claws and a slightly vampiric look.

"Good job, you arrived. Nice to meet you, I'm, Ultraman Virus." said the Ultra, revealing himself to be Virus.

"Ultraman One, son of Zero, I'm here to end your scheme." said One.

"Ohh really, I have been wanting to fight a sporty opponent and let's hope you don't dissapointed me as a whole." sai Virus.

"Sure,it will be my honor to fight you." said One.

Virus prepares his claws and One summon his sluggers, both lunged at each other, staring their battle.

Chapter 10Edit

One and Virus weapon clashes, both Ultras do a backswing and move backwards, ready for their next special move.

"One, how powerful you are? I can beat you think." said Virus.

"Joke or pure sarcasm? You look younger than me." said One.

"Useless nonsense, I know you are here for your wife." said Virus.

"Yeah, where is she? Don't torture here, your target is me!" said One.

"She is at my research laboratory, underneath here, to reach her, defeat me you fool." said Virus.

One then charges forward and summons a dimensional field of pure light, teleporting both himself and Virus into the field, inside the field, One is feeling empowered and feeling stronger.

One jumps up high and perform a fiery kick towards Virus and knocking him back and later perform a chop which temporary stuns the movement of the darkness Ultra. Virus then laughs as he rams One at full speed, bashing One towards the ground. One stands up and launches his sluggers towards Virus but he simply deflect it with his claws. One then fire rainbow Emerium slash towards Virus, Virus simply deflect everything away with his claws. One proceeds and fire his signature move, One Cross Shot, Virus fired his Virusium Sun-Ray at One, both beams countered each other, the beam clash ended up in a draw, releasing a powerful shockwave impact that knocked back of them flying towards the ground.

"Virus, enough of your scheme." said One.

"Argh, barely pain for me." said Virus as he stands up.

"Seriously, Ultraman One. You want to beat me with the kind of power?" mocked Virus.

"What?" said One.

"This is just the beginning." said Virus.

Feeling annoyed, One summoned the sluggers and perform Ultra Knock Tactics but Virus erects a barrier from his claw and grabs One with his claws, flinging him towards the ground. Virus then transforms his claws into a whip and slashing One on his chest, causing One to bleed out light, One called out with an agonzing and painful cry, as he falls to the ground but he stands up again, trying his very best to keep his own balance and maintaining his consciousness.

"Virus Blackhole!" said Virus. Virus erects his claws to the surface of the dimensional field and releasing large amount of dark green particles, One triestp react but it was too late. Using a quick move, Virus grabs a weakened One and teleported both of them out of his dimensional field. Exiting his dimensional field, One was feeling extremely weak as his color timer begins to blink rapidly and loudly . Virus stabs One with his claws and fling One several yards away with his mighty strength. One then tried to use his sluggers and fire a triple shoot towards Virus but Virus took flight, effeively dodging away the attack.

Not intend to give up, One summon his blade and release a beam of light, Virus deflect with his barrier and reverse the attack back at One.

"How is he so powerful??"said One.

Virus then fire his signature finisher,the Virusium-Sun Ray followed by Crufix ray,paralysing the young Ultra as One is unable to move.

Virus then unleash his dark green particles at One, corrupted him into his dark self, as dark features appears on One's body, One then look corrupted and starts shouting in madness and roaring like a tiger, showing that One hams a beckme a malicious, sinister, violent and berserker fighter. One thenineel down and obeying Virus.

"Master!! I will take revenge against those from the Land of Light!!" said a corrupted One.

"Hahahahaha. I know you will serve me well, Ultraman One." said Virus. Virus then knock out One, causing him to lose his conscious, and tasking The Dark Matter to bring him to the laboratory for storage first.

Virus raises his claws high up, and said "Voiderium Particles, unleash the plague!". Virus then summon an astral projection of himself, making himself known to the people of Planet Earth and delivering his message to them, showing them about the defeat of Ultraman One. Virus then allowed the dark green ball rock spreading out the diseased particles.

"People of Earth, I will exterminate this planet with my diseased particles. The Ultras has been defeated, no one has the power to stand against me. Soon, this planet will be turned into a wasteland. The end of the world is approaching soon, Hahaha!!!" said Virus. Immediately, the diseased particles begin to cause the people around it to felt sick, symptoms such as vomiting blood, high fever and dots begin appearing on their body. Some of the weaker ones, including babies and the elderly, died immediately after the spreading of the plague. Apart from this, thousands of animals and plants had died off because of the said plague. Landforms and buildings begin to start eroding away, and finally being reduced to just dust. Aquatic animals and planets are also suffering suffered as their land counterparts.

"This is called "Super Deadly Virus", our latest technology can't research a suitable vaccine/cure for it. This is damn bad!" said one of the scientist from USA research center,

"News report,a very serious plague his injected people from many parts of the world." said a news reporter.

"This is bad." said Toshiwa Kata, despite being the captain of SACD, Toshiwa is one of the renowned surgeons of Japan before resigned as a doctor/surgeon and using his intelligence to established the SACD, hoping that it will benefit the people of Earth and keeping it safe from various monsters. As a result, Toshiwa, gathering his team of doctors and scientist from the hospital that he previously worked with to the SACD Headquarters to discuss about the said plague and devising ways to counter it. Aside from that, Toshiwa and the other SACD established a barrier to prevent the diseased particles from entering the said headquarters, preventing everyone to fall sick. To secure everyone, everyone went to the underground base to do the discussions and carrying out whatever work that is needed to be done with.

In Japan, a total of 100,000 have been dead after affected by the plague and another 200,000 were suffrering at the hospital. Even the doctors and nurses whom attended to the sick patients whom are affected by the plague also becoming one of the victims of the plague, with that, the doctors and nurses fall sick, one after another one. Aside from just Japan, other countries are gradually being affected by the same plague, as more and more civilians are dying because of the current stituation. Even for the hospitals, they are in a mess and chaos. Despite the importance of disposing dead bodies, people whom are in charge of it becomes one of the victims as well. What more is happening to this already chaotic and crazy stituation. This plague is far worse than any other plague/widespread diseases that affected Earth badly in the past, specifically the countries involved. Now, all countries are involved. This is real bad.

Toshiwa and his team of medical doctors and scientists, begin their research by starting experimental test but despite much research, as the cause is not known, there is no known cure towards it.

Chapter 11Edit

"That's Xena's Ultra Sign!" said Zero.

"Earth is having a new crisis and something we had never encounter before!" said Seven.

"What new crisis?" said Jack.

"Look." said Zeth, as an image of Earth appears, showing the effects of the plague that Virus released as well as Xena and Giga being defeated by Ex-Alien Guts earlier on.

"Ohh But where's One?" said Ace.

"One is been defeated by the mastermind behind all this. He claims himself to be Ultraman Virus, the spreader of all this." said Zero.

"Virus..... We somehow heard of that name." said 80.

"Whatever but now. The Earth is in a tough crisis, this plague will soon turn the planet into a wasteland and killing all known organisms!" said Hikari in a serious tone, finishing his scientific research on the said plague, and having arrived with a conclusion about the plague after investigating it with his team of Ultras from the science department.

"Hikari, can't it be. There's no way to cure or reverse it?" said Mebius.

"Unfortunately no, we have thought about it. Even if we using our regular energies and combining it with the power of Plasma Spark won't work effectively as we know," said Hikari.

"No matter what, we need to save our Earth, no matter what price we pay! Let's go Earth now." said Jack.

"Wait Jack. We have no idea whom this "Virus" is, going there without a plan. What Lila, One, Giga and Xena is going through will happen to us as well!" said Leo.

"So what should we do???" said Ace.

"Plague, Virus. There's no way we can counter this threat." said Ultraman.

"No there should be a way. 80, you are an expert with minus energies, do you devise any conclusion?" asked Astra.

"Everyone, this is not minus energy nor it is something empowered or directly related to." said 80.

"No minus energy, huh? This is real bad." said Seven.

"Don't panic guys, I think someone might have an idea on what to do about this threat and since it is too great for us to counter it now but for the Earth's sake we need to enlist his very help." said Zeth.

"Someone? You mean Ultraman King?" said Leo.

"Zeth makes a good point there, King may know what to do about this. So yeah, enlist his help then." said Ace.

"What do we have to deal with such thing?" said Mebius, in a lamenting tone.

"Well, we are Ultras, we have to deal with any threat here and there." said Ultraman.

"Zero, you go and find Ultraman King, for help." said Jack.

"It will be my pleasure to meet Ultraman King for the sake of everyone." said Zero.

"I will follow you." said Zeth.

"No Zeth, you stay here and deal with things here." said Zero.

"Very well said then." said Ace.

"But where's Ultraman King?" said Zeth.

"King's Temple." said Leo.

"To the breach, King's Temple, here we can." said Zero, holding Zeth's right hand and creating an energy sphere around them, and travels to King's Temple in the matter of seconds in order to meet Ultraman King. Arriving at the King's Temple, the couple went to the meditation grounds, and see King meditating there. They show their respect by waiting for King to finish his meditation.

"Hope this crisis will be resolved as soon as possible." said Seven.

"Welp, I will go back to the Science Department to try and create that vaccine if possible." said Hikari, taking flight and returning to the department of science headquarters of the Land of Light. All the Ultra Brothers all nodded to Hikari and waving goodbye, they stationed themselves at the Plasma Spark tower, waiting for any future notice before making any further actions. The Land of Light scene ends here.

"Old man King, we are here." said Zero, kneeling down on his knees and showing his respect towards the great legendary Ultra. Zeth did the same as well. King acknowledges their greetings and ready to listen to what they are about to say.

"King, this new crisis on Earth involves a new plague, which is beyond any known threat up to now." said Zeth.

"So, what do you guys think we should do?" asked King.

"The Ultra Brothers sent us to meet you, knowing that you will have some ideas." said Zero.

"You mean something to reverse the effects of the plague?" said King.

"King, you are right, we need an idea about what to do in order to save our very Earth!" said Zeth.

"King, can you descend to Earth yourself in order to stop the plague?" said Zero.

"Unfortunately I can't but I can modify the Lightning Spark and make it possessing an ability to reverse the adverse effects of the plague you talked about." said King.

"Ohh really? The Lightning Spark possess such a power?" said Zeth.

"Lightning Spark. A legendary object of the Showa Universe, a ancient device of the Land of Light and King's Temple. It's said to possess the power of miracles. I can modify it to help to reverse the adverse effects but may not be very fast to develop, but as soon as possible, I will get it to work." said King.

"So it needs we need to travel to the dungeons now?" said Zero.

"Yes, you are right." said King. As a result, the three Ultra took their flying stances and went to the dungeons of the King's Temple, the deepest reaches of the said temple, near the core of the temple. Arriving at the dungeon, the Ultras noticed the place where Belial is sealed, there was no seen of Belial. King utilizes the key, opening the room where the Lightning Spark and Kaiser Spark is being held and enters the room.

"Where's Belial, there's no sign of him." said Zero.

"Belial, his truly dead now." said King.

"What how? His a reiyonx." said Zeth.

"Due to exposing to the light energies of Plasma Spark in this dungeon, his body begin to erode away and having his spirit being casted to the Monster Graveyard, and very likely he can't resurrect himself and need an outside force to acheive it. So for now, the universe is save from the tyranny." said King.

"I see, well, it's get back to the topic. The plague." said Zero.

"Wait a while, I shall work on it now but I may need to burrow the light energies of the both of you if needed." said King, wanting Zero and Zeth to be aware of what's needed from them.

"We will be honoured." said Zeth and Zero, stimultanoeusly. As a result, the couple watched as the legendary Ultra starts using his scientific mind and his powers to start modifying the Lightning Spark device. From time to time, Zero and Zeth will donate their light energies to haste and helping in the process when necessary.

Chapter 12Edit

Several days passed, the plague has worsen, being chosen as the epicenter, nearly 80% of the population of Tokyo and several cities nearby are being affected by the plague, and thousands of humans and animals are dying shortly after contracting the plague. It do not just affect Japan itself, the plague has spread across the entire globe as well, the death of people and animals in total has become millions and eventually increase to billions in just a few days. As there is no Ultras from the Land of Light or other worlds coming to Earth, the Ultras presence are unable to do anything to help the current stituation. Xena and Giga remained crufixied and having very little energy left while One has being corrupted to the dark side.

Meanwhile, the SACD Members and the scientific team has evacuated to the underground base, many feet underneath the ground in order ensure they stay safe from the plague while the scientist and doctors continue working with former surgeon and captain of SACD to research for a vaccine that will possible help to cure the effects of the plague and saving any future victim said of the plague form dying immediately. After days of research, they finally come out with a test trial vaccine and dressing in anti-virus white cloths, and giving injections to those infected but the efforts were revealed to be in vain and has not even help to ease the plague symptoms, saving people from dying. Everyone from SACD and the world was disappointed with the result and sinking into depression. Even the best doctors and scientist from across the world come together for a international conference at the same underground base, they are unable to derive to a solution. The plague has now being labelled as "Super Deadly Virus".

Feeling that his patience has ran up, Virus decided to cause destruction by sending various energy balls of dark energy to strike down and crashing many infrastructure (buildings & roads & bridges & skyscrapers) in many cities around the world.

"Humans, your planet is now mine, there is nothing you can do. Slowly and slowly sink to the deepest abyss of despair!" said Virus, creating a gigantic astral projection, addressing his message to the globe.

The Earth, when now currently viewed from space, apart from it's typical blue colour of the oceanic seas, the white colour from the poles and the green colour form the forests, it has an aura of red circuling around that entire planet, they are the particles of infection, with the virus codenme "Super Deadly Virus".

Zero's ArrivalEdit

Just as Virus able to kill Xena and Giga with his energy balls, the Ultimate Aegis appears, blocking the assault. A white flesh of light appears on Earth, it was Ultraman Zero, arriving on Earth with the Lightning Spark, after the successful modification by Ultraman King.

"What???!!! No matter, I shall wait for the oppositions to descend here and battle me alone." said Virus in an agitated tone before finishing the sentence in a cold-hearted grin tone.

"Spark Ray!" said Zero as he fires a ray of light from the spark device, freeing Xena and Giga from the crystal dome that is helping them. With the last of their energies, they gently lands on the ground. Zero then donates light from the Lightning Spark, restoring back their energies. Quickly knowing what is his purpose on Earth, he quickly toss the Lightning Spark, allowing it to levitate in mid-air freely while healing particles become the spread out, causing a rain shower across the entire globe and begin reversing & healing the environment and lifeforms from the negative affects of the plague.

"Thanks for coming to free us, Zero-nisan." said Xena.

"Yeah, we thought the future of this Earth is gone case because of this plague." said Giga.

"Well, thanks to Ultraman King and modifiying the Lightning Spark, this plague will be resolved soon." as Zero explained the stituation to the two young Ultras.

"Anyways, since the three of us are now full in energy, should we go stop the mastermind behind all this?" asked Giga, feeling the determination and drive to end all of this.

"Ahh so, the Lightning Spark will remain in mid-air like this until this is over? So, do we ever have a clue where this "Atlantis" is?" asked Xena, showing his concerns.

"Of course, the device has a conscious of it's own, remember? I have a shortcut towards Land of Atlantis." said Zero, having donned the Ultimate Aegis, creating a portal and entered it with Xena and Giga followed suit. The portal closes, transported the three Ultras underneath the Atlantic Ocean, in front where the entrance towards the Land of Atlantis is used by One earlier on.

"Guys, ready to save the Earth from the forces of evil?" asked Zero. "Yosh! We will do what it takes." replied Xena and Giga. After that, they landed on Land of Atlantis. Meeting Virus in person, standing beside Virus was corrupted One with the Dark Matter standing behind.

Seeing the entrance to Atlantis was blocked by a barrier, the Ultras uses their most powerful attack and blow up the barrier as it revealed an ancient door showing the sign of Atlantis as the door opened, leading them to a throne with Virus waited for them along with a corrupted One.

"Ohh so you guys are the oppositions?" asked Virus, feeling amused.

"You name?" asked Giga.


"We are here to put a stop to your scheme." said Zero.

"What have done to One and Lila?" asked Xena.

"Oh? Whose talking? I have corrupted them." said Virus.

"Alright, Xena and Giga, bring One back by combining your powers. I will take down this guy." said Zero, transforming into his Strong Corona Mode and rush towards Virus, grabbing him with his strength and dragging Virus with him towards Japan and continuing their battle there.

Chapter 13Edit

"We will show you, our bonds." said Xena.

"The power of friendship we had attained." said Giga. As a result, Xena and Giga grabs each other hands, engulfing themselves in an aura of binding white light and transforming into one being, having a new bracer weapon on its left hand and having similar features of Xena and Giga.

"I'm Seminar, Ultraman Seminar. One, I will open up your heart." said the new Ultra being, introduced his name and rushes towards corrupted One. One performs a dark aura at Seminar, the Ultra deflected it with his arms and performing a headbutt attack, and performing a punch so powerful that it sent One flying.

"Wake up your senses!" said Seminar as he perform a tackle attack at corrupted One, by hitting him at the back. Decided to make a short work out of things, One fires the dark version of his One Cross Shot and One Triple Shot stimulteanously, Seminar erects a barrier to block those attacks. Taking a step backwards, One releases a series of energy slashes from his Beam Lamp, Seminar counters it by releasing multiple rainbow energy blasts, creating sparks of explosions continuously. Seminar seeing One distracted, teleported in front of One and delivering a ramming attack that knocked One towards the ground. The Dark Matter sees this, and to avoid getting killed, he teleported away from the Land of Atlantis.

Corrupted One stands up, "" said the corrupted your Ultra in a grin voice.

"You are Ultraman One, son of Zero and Zeth, and our friend!" said Seminar.

"Zero? Zeth? Friend? Enough of trash talk!!!" said One, enraged, charging a dark version of his One Double Shot, Semimar retaliated by releasing an energy arrow, casusing the attack to fade into light. One then jumps many metres high up in the air , and engulfing his leg with dark energy, performing a flying kick move at Seminar. Seminar sees this, using his immense strength, grabs One by the leg and punching One straight in this face. Seminar then greatly weakens corrupted One by firing the Rainbowium Slash at One, sending him flying towards the ground several yards away.

"Let's end this thing." said Seminar, engulfing himself with an aura of light, releasing purity energies from his entire body. One tries to counter with the dark version of his One Rainbow Light, but it was too weak as the purity energies reached One, releasing One from Virus' corruption.

"<cough>Xena and Giga, is that you?" said a weakened One, having waken up with his own conscious. Seeing that things are alright, Seminar defuses back into Xena and Giga, and go towards One.

"One, One, are you alright?" shouted Xena, showing his sense of concern and anxiety towards One.

"One, we are worried about you man." said Giga, teasing his friend once again.

"Thanks for saving me, where's Virus?" asked One, feeling confused.

"Your father has went after him so you don't have to worry." said Giga.

"I see, where's Lila?" asked One.

"She's underneath this land." said Xena.

"Alright, I will go and bring her back." said One, standing up, having recovered from the previous encounter. One transforms into his Crescent Form and performs a drilling attack, going underground to find his future wife.

"Good luck, One." said Xena.

"What shall we do?" asked Giga.

"See first." replied Xena.

Chapter 14Edit

One vs LilaEdit


Zero vs VirusEdit


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Chapter 30Edit


"Ohh what??? I'm alive but all my powers are gone!!! Hahaha!! Time to absorb some minus energies and awaken my inner light to get a stronger body!!." said a luminous blank but purple figure in the Floating Continient of the Monster Graveyard, it is Virus, whom managed to survive from his battle with Contrast earlier on and is far from his death.

"Time to get vengeance!" continued Virus as he raises both his hands, stripped off his Ultra Armor, this applies to his entire body as well and begin absorbing and transmuting the presence of minus energies from the Monster Graveyard, in order to become more powerful and stronger, and to continue his next scheme after the obtaining a new body.

Who actually is Virus? What ability enable him to spread a plague towards Planet Earth? Where did come from? What race of Ultras did Virus hail from? What's the reason behind the scheme of Virus? Does he have a master? They are mysterious questions to be answered.....


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