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Ultraman One: Episode 9
Series: Ultraman One (Continuity)
Owners/Writers: Zhu Huong Ng
Previous Episode: Ultraman One: Episode 8
Next Episode: Ultraman One:Episode 10

Title: Fusion MonsterEdit



Cameo( Assist )
  • Ultraman Zero
  • Ultraman Ace
  • Ultraman Mebius
  • Ultraman Hikari
  • Ultraman Leo
  • Ultraman Nexus/Noa
  • Ultraman Dyna
  • Belial
  • Armored Eight King
  • Darklops One&Zero

Chapter 1Edit

On a particular evening, suddenly the skies are covered by black clouds and a wormhole appears. A powerful Kaiju appears with a rocky body, a pincers and a monstrous head, entered through the wormhole. The Kaiju is Armored Eight King , it lands on Earth, begin to wreak havoc on the planet.

"" said several civilians, running away from the attacks.

"Run for your life..." said another man.

"News report, a very powerful monster has appeared!" said the news reported, the SACD Members is seeing this. But their jets and planes are too weak against Armored Eight King.

"Ultraman One, Ultraman Xena will surely come." said Sakura.

"They will." said Marina.

"Weren't this over fight as well?" asked Zena.

"No, our crafts are down!" said Toshiwa.

"I will handle him." a man appears from the door, it was Haruto Kenki, the human host of Ultraman Xena.

"I am Ultraman Xena, I will fight him." said Haruto.

"Ultraman Xena, you are??" asked One Otari, blinking his eyelid to him.

Haruto nodded and took out his transformation item and becomes Ultraman Xena and rushes to the place Armored Eight King is.

"Yosh, we will take care of the injured ones, let's go to the various places and attend to them now!" said Toshiwa.

"Yosh!" said the other members.

Just as One Otari is about to leave, Toshiwa stop him.

"One, transform into Ultraman One." ordered Toshiwa as he picked up his helmet and went with the other members.

"One!" said One Otari, Ultraman One appears and rushes to the battle scene.

Chapter 2Edit

Mirai at the rooftop of her house apartment, look at the Baraji Stone necklace on her neck.

"Mirai, let's go." said Giga inside the necklace.

"Giga!" said Mirai.

Mirai takes out the necklace and transform it to a small diamond stone and becomes Ultraman Giga, Giga rushes to the fight scene.

One, Xena, Giga lands in front of the chimera monster, they took fighting stances.

"Let's blast it into bits." said Giga.

"Yosh!" said One and Xena.

"Giga Shot!" said Giga while charging his attack.

"One Cross Shot!" said One.

"Xenon Cannon!" said Xena.

Giga, One and Xena beam combine one and reaches Armored Eight King, AEK took the attack hand on and walks towards One, Giga and Xena.

"What? He survived?" asked One.

"No time for nonsense." said Giga as he rushes towards AEK pincers and using his strength to hold the Chimera monster. Xena grans the monster left arm and tries to break it with his own Ultra strength. One tries to punch through thr Armored body. One complained that the body is too rough.

"Too rough!" said One.

AEK flings Giga away with his pincers and crashes into a nearby building.

"Argh!" said Giga.

AEK tossed Xena aside with his might. AEK then grabs One with his pinces and toss him back several yards away.

"No...." said One.

"Giga!" said Mirai.

"Mirai, hold up youselve!" said Giga.

"One, are you okay?" asked One Otari.

"I will, One Otari, focus on the enemy infront." said One.

One, Xena and Giga stands up again.

Chapter 3Edit

"Over Arrow Ray Schtrom!" said Giga as he fires a powerful arrow at AEK. AEK creates a blackhole, sucking the attack and toss it aside.

"Ultra One Kick!" said One as he delivers a very powerful kick at AEK, however, AEK grabs One's foot.

"Nani...." said One. One was tossed back to the ground.

Xena tries to run towards AEK, AEK fires a barrage of energy at Xena, causing him to fall.

One transforms to his Agile Form, summons his One Sluggers towards AEK, the sluggers impactted AEK, weakening him a bit. However, AEK decide to go into the offensive mode. Xena and Giga stands up, wanting to fight back as well.

AEK roars, charges his mouth energy and fires his Minus Energy Beam at the three Ultras, the three Ultras was impactted by the said attack as they was blasted back by the beam, their body fall onto buildings.

After that, AEK fires a series of energy missiles towards them, creating a very large explosion around them.

Xena, Giga and One color timer starts blinking.

"No time left!" said Giga.

"Leave it to me!" said Xena, Xena absorbs nearby rocks and conjures an armor and rushes towards AEK.

AEK fires a red beam at his left hand, Xena was digitizes by the attack, Xena's body becomes data and reverts back to Haruto.

"Xena!" shouted One.

One color timer keeps blinking non stop and reverting back to One. The same fate goes to Giga. One, Mirai and Haruto on the ground, wounded stares at AEk, continuing weecking havoc on the city.

Chapter 4Edit

"Argh...." said One Otari as he tries to stand up by grabbing the nearby rock.

"No..." said Mirai.

"I can stand!" said and lamented Haruto.

Suddenly, a car comes and a young woman appears, it was Isurugi Yamato, the human firm of Ultrawoman Lila.

"One, Haruto, Mirai!" shouted Isurugi.

"Isurugi!" said One.

"Lila?" asked Haruto.

"Save us!" said Mirai.

"Are you guys okay? Quick, to the car." said Isurugi.

Isurugi grabs One's arm and out him inside the car, Isurugi went forward to help Mirai and Haruto to the car. Isurugi then drove back to her house.

Isurugi puts One, Mirai and Haruto on a bed in her home. One, Mirai and Haruto begin to rest.

"Rest here and try not to move as much as possible." said Isurugi.

"Isurugi...." said One.

"Damn, we can't transform!" said Haruto as he look at the Xena Brace, which is heavily damaged and under repairs!

"Giga, you there?" asked Mirai, looking a her Baraji Stone.

While attending to the three Ultra Hosts by giving them tea and medical aid, Isurugi say this "Your light will soon recover back!"

"Isurugi, can you fight?" said Haruto.

"I can't, I had forgotten how to fight and I need to train in human form everyday." said Isurugi, wearing her typical karate outfit as she just returned from training to fetch the three of them.

"I sure." said One.

"There surely is hope." said Mirai in a happy tone.

Chapter 5Edit

Suddenly in major cities in Japan and America, a group of Darklops are being sent there. They are robqotic doppelangers of Ultraman Zero and Ultraman One. They begin to shoot energy beams and energy blasts a the cities, causing chaos. A group of people are running away from their assault. They also begin crashing landmarks ans buildings with their robot hands.

"Go! Darklops! Destroy Earth!" shouted Belial.

"This is Earth. Detect humans, kill and destroy." said one of the Darklops.

"Grandpa, run!" said a young man.

"Grandson...." shouted the old man.

Meanwhile in Tokyo,

"Let's get to safety!" said Toshiwa.

The other SACD members are attending to the injured and escorting them to safety. They are working together with the military and the police. Even the ambulance team is also here. The SACD members are escorting them as hard as they could.

"Look, what's that?" asked Sakura.

"They are Darklops." said Marina.

"Darklops??" asked Zena.

"Darklops are robotic versions of Ultraman One!" said Toshiwa.

"Help!" shouted an old lady behind them. Toshiwa immediately rushes towards her and bring her to safety.

"We have arrived. Destroy, kill!" said the Darklops.

The Darklops begin firing a series of energy bullets at the builidingd, knocking the buildings down.

The chimera monster, Armored Eight King had caused a path of destrution as he walked towards the countryside. Everything is crashed into rubbles in the monster's path. AEK at the countryside, begin taking down mountains and builidngs there. Darklops are wrecking too much havoc.

Isurugi looking through the TV.

"Damn, if we can fight!" said Haruto.

"Not yet, no, our Earth, Our world!" said One.

"Giga respond!" said Mirai in a sad tone.

Chapter 6Edit

"Earth is in crisis." said Father of Ultra.

"Supreme Commander, allow us to go!" said Mebius.

"Takes right!" said Hikari.

"Ken, let them go!" said Mother of Ultra.

"Father...." said Ace.

"Zero, you sent us there." said Ace.

"Yosh, let's go to Earth!" said Zero.

"Save our son!" said Zeth, patting Zero's back.

"Don't worry, Zeth!" said Zero.

"Dyna! You have been staying here for a while, will you mind helping?" asked Father of Ultra.

"I will be honoured!" said Dyna.

"Everyone, time to go and save the future of the irreplacable planet, Earth!" said Zero as he dons the Ultimate Aegis.

Zero opens a portal with the said aegis and teleported inside, followed by Mebius, Hikari, Ace and Dyna.

"Good luck." said Father of Ultra.

"Supreme commander, I am going as well!" said Leo.

"Quick, Leo, the portal has not closed." said Mother of Ultra.

Leo immediately leap into the portal and following Zero in suit. Astra watches his brother going.

"Master Leo!" said Zero.

"Let's save Earth." said Leo.

The portal is about to reach peace.... will Earth be peace now??

Chapter 7Edit

"We will protect the Earth!" said One Otari, determined. His determination revives back Ultraman One.

"One, you are back?" asked One Otari.

"That's right, One, remember your young days!" said Leo as he appears from the portal. Following by Zero, Ace, Mebius and Hikari.

"Father! Ace-nisan! Mebius nisan. Hikari nisan." said One.

Zero transfer his energy to Haruto, One and Mirai, allowing them to reusme their Ultra Forms.

"Isurugi, want return to the Land of Light?" asked Zero.

"Zero-nisan?? Nah, I would like to stay on Earth more." said Isurugi.

"Cool." said Zero.

"One, Xena and Giga, quickly show them." said Isurugi, encouraging them.

"Mebius and I will take care of the Darklops in America." said Hikari. Mebius and Hikari takes flight and goes towards America.

"Then the Darklops here? And there's Armored Eight King!" said One.

"I will kill the Darklops in one shot!" said Zero as he summons an energy blade from the Ultimate Aegis, slashing the Darklops into half and killing them on impact. The remaining Ultras that goes towards AEK, the climatic battle starts!

Chapter 8Edit

Insert Song: Fusion Rise, Ultraman Geed ThemeEdit

Zero lands in front of AEK, he resumes his Strong Corona Mode and delivers a series of pumches and kicks at AEK, AEK was pushed back slightly by Zero.

"Revolium Wave." said Dyna in his Miracle Type, AEK was knocked back further by the impact.

"One 15 Swords!" said One as he launches his 15 sluggers at the Chimera monster, The sluggers breaks the pincers at AEK right hand.

"Minus Energy Beam." said the Kaiju in a monotone voice.

"Garnet Bomber! Garnet Buster!" said Dyna and Zero, pushing back the beam at AEK, weakening him slightly.

"Now let's focus on breaking that thick armor!" said Zero.

"Of course!" said the others.

Meanwhile in America, Mebius and Hikari has been slashing the Darklops with their Mebium Blade and Knight Blade respecitvely. Mebius and Hikari are engrossed in the fight.

"Mebium Shot! Knight Shot!" said Mebius and Hikari, respectively, killing all the Darklos there, they returned to Japan to help deal with Armored Eight King.

Zero, Leo, Ace, Dyna, One, Xena and Giga is fighting a very intense battle with AEK.

"Mebius Burst!" said Mebius as he fire a ball of fire at AEK, Hikari fires his Knight Shoot at the ball of fire, pushing back AEK.

"Mebius! Hikari!" shouted Xena.

"Combine our forces now!" said Dyna.

Leo and Zero combines their kick and delivering a very powerful kick at AEK, AEK moans in pain.

"Thunder Miracle!" said Dyna in his Miracle Type. Giga fires his Giga Thunder Especially at the kaiju. AEK fires his "Combined Beam", the attack causes a huge explosion.

Giga charges his Arrow Ray Schtrom and break one of AEK's arms. AEK tries to escape by creating a wormhole with his huge wings.

"Let's break the wings!" shouted One.

One charges his One Cross Shot, Leo fires his Ultra Shooter, followed by Zero who, fires his Zero Twin Shoot. Dyna fires his Revolium Wave, Giga launches his Over Ray Schtrom and Xena fires his Xena Shot, all attacks destroy the wings of the chimera monster. AEK falls to the ground.

The Kaiju stands up.....

"It's the end!" said Mebius.

"Now, guys!" said Hikari

Chapter 9Edit

Hikari with his Knight Blade, Mebius with his Mebium Blade, slashes through AEK's body. Leo and Zero delivers a fiery punch at the said Kaiju, pushing him backwards with a huge force. One transforms to his Blaze Form and delivering his punch with his sluggers, Xena unleashes the Xena Blade at AEK, cutting off part of his armor. Ace launches manu Ultra Gullotines at the Kaiju's Armor, severely weakening the rocky property of the armor. AEK groans loudly.

Dyna becomes his Strong Type and delivers the Garnet Bomber at the Kaiju.

"Hes completely weakened now!" said Leo.

"Let's kill him." said One.

"Yosh." shouted the other Ultras.

One decides to charge his most powerful attack, the One Rainbow Light and fires at AEK, Zero summons the Ultimate Aegis with Dyna charging it. Xena fires his Xena X Cannon at the Kaiju, Giga transforms to his Space Form mode and launches his Ultraviolet Thunder Especially at the said Kaiju. Leo fires a purple variant of his Ultra Shooter. Mebius and Hikari launches their respecitve finishers. Ace fires his Metallium Ray. All attacks reaches AEK and engulfs the Kaiju, killing him in a large explosiom.

The Ultra lands back on the ground, posing a thumbs up sign.

"Great guys!" said Isurugi, watching the battle.

Chapter 10Edit

"One, Xena and Giga, return to the Land of Light, we need to give you three treatment." said Zero.

"Then Earth?" said One.

"We need a protector for Earth." said Giga.

"We need to beat the mastermind of everything." said Xena.

"Okay, it is just temporary, you guys can return after your wounds are recovered!" said Mebius.

"That's an order!" said Hikari.

"Guys, I have to leave to anothe journey." said Dyna.

"Bye Dyna!" said Zero as he shakes hands with Dyna. Asuka points a thumbs up at Zero. Dyna then shakes hands with the other Ultras and leave Earth, to his own futurw and to another universe. The Ultras realized they will meet Dyna someday.

"Yeah, Father of Ultra has asked me to guard Earth," said Ace.

"Ace??" said a surprised One.

"Okay Ace, we will leave things to you for now." said Giga.

"To the Land of Light!" said One.

Ace transforms back to his human persona, Seiji Hokuto and went to the SACD Hedquarters to seek cooperation with them.

Zero, Mebius, Hikari, One, Xena and Giga returns to the Land of Light. Zero transports them through a portal with the Ultimate Aegis.


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