Ultraman Nadeius
P 20181017 191756
Human Host/Form: Taiki Enoshima
Gender: Male
Age: 5,850 years old
Height: 46 m (Varies with forms)
Weight: 40,500 t (Varies with forms)
Home world: Nebula M78
Series: Ultraman Nadeius
Type: Hero
Fighter Type: TBA
Fighter Sub-type: TBA
Family "Aishi"
Affiliation Future Foundation
Created by RaiderFukawa

Ultraman Nadeius (ウルトラマン・ナディウス Urutoraman Nadiusu? lit. Ultraman Hope) is the main Ultra in Ultraman Nadeius.

Etymology Edit

The name "Nadeius" comes from the Russian word "Nadezhda" meaning "hope", stating that Nadeius is "on the far side, beyond hope."

History Edit

Pre-Ultraman Nadeius Edit

Nadeius, in his neutral state, looked after Earth that it was at that time, another tragedy has occured. Nadeius' brother, Gunther advised him to choose a human host - one who will restore hope to the world. Just as Nadeius saw a person, who's name is Taiki Enoshima, he chose him for the next monster appearance.

Before Taiki had no idea to fight for his family, Nadeius appeared with a flash, taking form of a man explained the tragedy and how to stop it. He decided to give the Naderizer to Taiki, to "end despair, many days to come; with hope blooming in this world".

Ultraman Nadeius Edit

As Taiki gains the ability to become Ultraman Nadeius, he has the will to stop every monster from cluttering despair from any area. He strives to bring hope to every human being, children, and the elder for a safe Earth.

Ultraman Nadeius Gaiden Edit

Side Story - Touko Edit

Nadeius' was Touko Fukawa's aide in the sidestory. Taiki, who guards Touko from getting eliminated by Carmen's force, takes responsibility with her sister and Chizuko, Touko's sister-in-law, to fight and end despair against Touko and Chizuko themselves.

Side Story - Iz Gunther! Edit

Boris, or what Taiki calls him "Tovarisch", are on their adventures to Nebula M78, Nadeius' home. They are off to visit Gunther, Nadeius' brother.

Side Story - Kibou Restoration Saga Edit

Together with Makoto, Komaru, Touko, Kasumi, Yuri, and Byakuya, Nadeius has strived to fight the Monokaiju Regiment and destroy their stronghold - the Galaxy Enosius.

Films Edit

Ultraman Nadeius the Movie: Carmen's Vengeance Edit

A setting of the climax events from the Nadeius series, Nadeius aims to destroy Carmen as she strengthens their army.

Profile Edit

Stats Edit

  • Height: 46m
  • Weight: 40,500 tons
  • Age: 5,850 years old
  • Time Limit: None, depends if companion goes crazy or heavily damaged
  • Human Host: Taiki Enoshima
  • Flight Speed: Mach 20.4

Transformation Edit

Taiki uses the Naderizer equipped in his wrist, and swipes his hand from the brace, forming an energy ring.

In his rise, blue and red light energy blasts from the black background, and white swirls appear as Nadeius rises from the energy.

When using forms, Taiki inserts the Nade-Contactors into the slot, making an AI version of a character as a "companion". Like the transformtion sequence, he swipes his hand from the brace.

When using the Assoluto Nade-Contactor, the Assolute Dagger appears and scans the blade to the Nade-Contactor, summoning AI Komaru and AI Touko. The he swipes his hand to the dagger's crystal and presses the button, in order for Taiki to transform into Nadeius' Assoluto Form.

Forms Edit

Nadeius' base form is the Balanced Form. When used with Powerup Chips (Nade-Contactors), AI versions of Danganronpa characters appear as "companions". Each form is based on its power and artifacts, like i.e. - With the Tesak Nade-Contactor, Nadeius gains Genocider Syo's agility and has scissors as its arsenal.

Ultraman Nadeius - Balanced Form
P 20181017 191756

This is the base form of Nadeius, which is the Balanced form.

This is the form Taiki first obtained. This form relies on fighting skills to low-tier monsters; that is - Nadeius' first form shares strength from some Showa Ultramen.

His colors start off with black, gold, sliver, and red as it is Nadeius' base power.

  • Stocium Ray: Nadeius raises his right arm to gain energy. He then slashes his hand to the right and activates his Stocium Ray by command "Stocium Ray!" and fires it in an L-shape to finish off a monster.
  • Specium Shot: A Specium Ray attack, but weaker than the Stocium Ray and the Specium Ray itself. Used rarely to damage other areas.
  • Nadesium Slasher: Nadeius forms a rectangular shaped energy light to activate his Nadesium Slasher. He then punches the scattered energy which then forms into a V-shaped blade.
  • Nadeius Chop: A strong chop attack.
  • Nadeius Punch: A punch attack. May vary either Single or Rapid.

Ultraman Nadeius - Brecher Form

The second obtained form of Nadeius - Brecher Form. Elements of K1-B0's armor in his suit blocks powerful laser bullets with it's high-grade metal material. This form has the ability to one-shot weaker kaiju using the M87 Shot - Similar to Zoffy's.

The Brecher form is used when fighting a high-power kaiju.

The word Brecher comes from the word "crusher", translated in German language.

  • Stocium Ray: Same as the Stocium Ray - but colored cyan.
  • M87 Shot: The M87 Ray like Zoffy's - stronger to weaker kaiju, but weaker to boss kaiju.

Ultraman Nadeius - Tesak Form

The third obtained form of Nadeius - Tesak Form. Scissors-like weapons based on Genocider Syo's scissors armed in Nadeius' wrists cut enemies in a powerful cut. Speed and agility were increased at this rate.

The Tesak form is used when fighting a monster with high agility.

The word Tesak comes from the word "slasher", translated in Russian language.

  • Stocium Ray: Same as the Stocium Ray - but colored pink with blue static electricity.
  • Slugger Cut: Just like Ultraseven's Eye Slugger.
  • Emerium Shot: The Emerium Ray, but weaker.

Ultraman Nadeius - Ardient Versaille Form

The fourth obtained form of Nadeius - Ardient Versaille Form.

He then gains more of the agility and the power of fire - and could explain WHY Celestia Ludenberg is the companion of this form.

The word Ardient comes from the word "burning", translated in Spanish language, and the word, Versaille, well... What if you know?

  • Stocium Ray: Same as the Stocium Ray - but with fire and black shards.
  • Flaming Burst: Nadeius charges up and pushes his flaming energy with one push from the hand, making a burst against the enemy..
  • Versailles Dynamite: Like the Ultra Dynamite Taro does, but eventually Nadeius would lose half of his energy leaving Celeste sweating... >:3 (And it's 35% weaker.)

Ultraman Nadeius - Maskirovat Form

The fifth obtained form of Nadeius - Maskirovat Form.

Nadeius, having the management to disguise, will screw over every villain. (Megaloman reveals his "alter ego", BAM! Kaiju gets screwed over.) That form explains Tsumugi Shirogane being the companion.

The word Maskirovat comes from the word "disguise" from the Russian language, due to the fact that Tsumugi is the Ultimate Cosplayer.

  • Stocium Ray: Same as the Stocium Ray - but with more blue and black energy.
  • Disguise: Nadeius can become any character by request. If Tsumugi approves, then Nadeius can become a character, big or small.
  • Photon Shot: The weaker Photon Crusher. Agul, what the heck?

Ultraman Nadeius - Assoluto Form

The sixth obtained form of Nadeius - Assoluto Form.

This form has it's own weapon - the Assolute Slugger. With this form, AI Komaru and Touko are companions, making Nadeius the powerup form based on his Balanced Form.

The name of the form, Assoluto means "absolute" in Italian.

  • Stocium Ray: Same as the Stocium Ray - but even powerful with gold.
  • Specium Break: When the Bling Ammunition is indicated "BREAK", Nadeius forms a high-power version of the Specium Shot.
  • Storium Knockback: When the Bling Ammunition is indicated "KNOCKBACK", it's of course, Taro's Storium Ray but it knocks back the enemy with a powerful push.
  • Dynamite Burn: When the Bling Ammunition is indicated "BURN", Nadeius charges up his even powerful Ultra Dynamite.
  • Paralyze Shot: With the "PARALYZE" Bling Ammunition, Nadeius does the Ultra Shot like Jack's.
Final Pre-Finishers
  • Cosmo Miracle Shot: The charged-up version of the Cosmo Miracle Ray.

Trivia Edit

  • Nadeius' design is based a bit from Mebius' and Gaia's.
  • Nadeius may be spelled "Nadeyus" or "Nadeus"
  • Some form names are taken by translations of words.

Ideas and Other Uses Edit

  • Use Nadeius in such crossovers, but always ask!
  • Submit new designs of Nadeius if possible.
  • Other rules TBA.