The overall series pertaining to Ulltraman Myth.



  • Episode 1: Age of Myth
  • Episode 2: Mystery of Light and Shadow
  • Episode 3: Gate/ The Mist
  • Episode 4: Advent of Giza
  • Episode 5: The Roaring Revenge
  • TBA





Normal HumansEdit

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Episode 2:

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Episode 3

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Monsters and AliensEdit

Original Monsters/ Children of Shadows


  • The Age of Monsters: A term to refer to when the Children of Shadows appear to bother mankind
  • The Age of Myth: A term used in conjunction with 'The Age of Monster' to more specifically state the time when Ultraman Myth gains a host or human form.
  • The Mist: The mist is a phenomenon that appears with the Children of Shadows as is part of the reason why they have gone unnoticed until now. The mist is simply how humans perceive it, what happens when the dimension of the Forbidden Lands partially merges with the real world, allowing the Children to escape and cause havoc. Electronic devices perceive the mist and all things within it as static any attempt by a normal human to enter the mist will most likely result in faining and worse cases severe hemeraging.
  • The Forbidden Lands: Ancient Ruins where the Mother of Shadows was sealed, they have since been lost with only Ultraman himself knowing there location.
  • The Tao Sect: An ancient order/family that exists to establish peace between the great beasts and mankind.
  • BCST: Bio-terror Counter Science and Tactics: A government organization that has taken up dealing with the Kaiju. If often works with the military and is opposed to the Tao sect's methods.
  • Miasma: