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Ultraman moedari titlecard

Moedari logo/episode opening

The first phase of Ultraman Moedari is technically from episodes 1 through 6, although the storyline continues into episode 7. The second phase extends from episodes 7 to 12, although the second phase of the story starts in Episode 8. The final phase follows 12 to the final episode. 

Not a hero. Just one who loves life.

-Ultraman Moedari tagline.

The following page (Ultraman Moedari (Continuity)) is fan fiction, it is in no way an attempt to make profit of any form from Tsuburaya Productions copyrighted characters. It is meant for the enjoyment of other fans of Ultraman and similar copyrighted characters.



Side StoriesEdit



Lead ProtagonistsEdit


Ultraman Moedari

Moedari is the title character and lead protagonist. Son of Mebius, he is even more naive, despite his rather incongruous host. A truant to earth, he soon found himself "in" thicker than he had ever dreamed of.

Ultrawoman Lunaram

Princess of Argentium, the Silver Land far away in a distant universe, she comes to Moedari's incarnation of earth to avenge her father. But the evil that she seeks is growing, and she discovers that it isn't a mere case of revenge, but of saving the Omniverse.

Ultraman Lugeno, aka Father Leo

Lunaram's tutor, Lugeno came for reasons he keeps to himself. Incredibly powerful, he discovered the meaning of life on earth, and devoted himself to protecting it. Unlike other Ultras in this series, who use human hosts, Lugeno creates his own form; that of a simple, hard working Catholic Priest. 

Ultraman Finem

A darkly coloured Ultra, Finem is the alternate universe incarnation of Ultramen King, Noah and Lugeno. However, he is not like them; they are a beginning, and he is an end. No one knows what that end is, however, though some may hazard a guess. 

Ultraman Miryuu

The original incarnation of Ultraman Moedari.


Mater Mundaram

The mother of worlds and queen of time. Whether she is actually a protagonist or an evil entity is unknown. While she has little power in and of herself, she may have more to do with everything than at first thought.


Jake Miliken

Its never a good idea to choose a random host out of a group of people, particularly in New York City. However, Moedari must have lucked out with someone that's good natured enough to comply with the crazy needs of this alien that possessed him without permission. 

Madame Kandakai

Opera singer, dramatist and host, Kandakai gives Lunaram the body she needs to stay on earth. Her personality fits Lunaram's well, and the two seldom have the interior debates Jake and Moedari do.

Owari Kandakai

Owari is Finem's human host, as well as the husband of Madame Kandakai. He's a scientist, but that doesn't stop him from going to church and having eight children. 

Anna Mokowski

Journalist who investigates kaiju attacks and weapons nut. Keeps guns under her pillow and in her car. "Strong female character" characterization.

Lead AntagonistsEdit

The Hidden One

Main Antagonist of the show, he's exactly what his name says. No one knows who he is, or whether it's even a he; all they know is that his soldiers are more powerful than usual and that he apparantly likes conquering places. 



Very powerful, and the only dark clone of the series, Fantom is made of floating particles, the dark copy of Lunaram's father. So strong, he can take one Lugeno, Moedari, and Lunaram at once, and win!

Ultrawoman Hekar

Formerly a friend of Lunaram, Hekar went, to borrow a term from Star Wars, to the dark side. She is more powerful than Lunaram because the Hidden One gave her some powers, and is the mortal enemy of our favorite female hero!

Ultraman Virido

He's from another universe, and his colours turned black because his mind did. Most Ultras in this series do not; and hence, no one knows exactly who he is. 



  • Ultraman Moedari is the first series to have a unique theme song made up by the author. 
  • Ultraman Moedari is one of the first Ultraman/Kamen Rider crossover series. 
  • Moedari will not fight a dark or mecha copy of himself.
  • Moedari does not posess enough power or desire to become a super Ultra. 
  • Moedari is one of the few main Ultras who is excelled by a secondary Ultra. 


Thank you to everyone for any help whatsoever!

  • The following attacks of Ultrawoman Lunaram Regina Mode were contributed by SolZen321Regina FinalRegina Smite, Regina Over and Queenly Orders.
  • DucantheChoju submitted the attacks Time Light and Silver Sun (originally silver fire) for Lunaram's Regina mode. 
  • Brian Haughton submitted the attack Regina Light Burst for Lunaram's Regina form. 

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