A new ultra from a parralel universe, he comes from planet Yulazer in the Ryozuko nebula.


A group of dark ultras planned on destroying all of life in the universe. They saw humans as a weak a flesh species. Ultrafive was a young ultra, one of the great elders from his planet told about The Vikax War. The war started with a ultra who desired more power. A great ultra who chose darkness over light showed the young ultra about darkness. The young one desired power so, he became dark. With other ultras follwing the darkness, a war began. The dark ultra who was the master called, Ultraman Eclipseion started the war against the light ultras with his legion of dark ultras. Both sides were evenly matched after years of fighting across the planet. The king of light ultras, Ultraman Solaru decided ultras would go to other planets to convince other galactic nations to assist them. Baltans, Babalous, and even the great Mephilas. The war escalated to other worlds, except Earth. After the war, a team of elite ultras sent the dark master into a black hole.

The forces of evil were still in the universe, Ultrafive traveled to Earth. The team of elite defence called, ADT,  Advance Defence Team, was getting readings on satellites of a giant object moving at incredible speed towards Earth. The team fought the being in space. A young pilot named Yomuy fired missiles at the ultra. The ultra reflected the missles with an ultra light shield. The missiles hit the ship. The ship was out of control and just before it exploded, the pilot, Akira saw a being of pure light. 

Appearance Edit

Ultrafive resembles standard ultras but,he is very quick as he has a lightning bolt for his color timer.