A story to vent some frustrations regarding the various sockpuppet accounts.

Premise Edit

One day in the Metaverse Cafe, Sol takes notice of strange beings known as Sockpuppets, seemingly bored from anathema. Bored and having nothing better to do, Cdr and Necrobane agree to take up the task of rounding up these sockpuppets and eliminate them before they can become a serious threat.

Characters Edit

Titan Princes Edit

Titans Edit

  • Cdr
  • MZ (cameo)

Sockpuppets Edit

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Episodes Edit

  • Episode 1: Death and Mischief go for a Walk
    • Cdr and the Necrobane, find themselves tasked by Sol, with figuring out where all the strange robot Titanoids are coming from.
  • Episode 2: Death and Mischief go on a Road Trip
    • Pending
  • Episode 3: Death and Mischief sneak into a house
    • Pending
  • Episode 4: Death and Mischief got sick of these Titles
    • Series end...TBA

Trivia Edit

  • This story was created when Sol was getting annoyed about the sock puppets, namely GaiTheGuy, and Cdr made a joke about him going on a UMFS style crusade against them. Then Cdr and Z made up various character ideas for the sock puppets and Sol charged them with making a story for it.