The Ultra Elders are Ultras that originates from the Land of Light but lives in the King's Temple as they homeworld. They have close ties with the Ultras from the Land of Light, notable are the Space Garrison and Ultra Brothers. Despite being awarded the title Ultra Elders, they are not the "king" or "queen" of both lands nor has a royalty sense in them. They are in fact just legendary figures that are respected and honoured.





  • Ultraman King: The oldest among all, at 300,000 years old.
  • Ultron: The second oldest, at 295, 000 years old. He wields the Ultron Trident.
  • Zacon: The third oldest, at 240, 000 years old. She is the wife of Ultron.
  • Tina: The fourth oldest, at 235, 000 years old. She is the mother of Zeth and grandmother of One, great grandmother of Jane.
  • Solar: The fifth oldest, in fact he is the son of Ultron and Zacon, whom are the second and third oldest respectively.
  • Father of Ultra: The sixth oldest, he is the leader of the Space Garrison. However, he does not live in the King Temple.
  • Mother of Ultra: The youngest member, she is the leader of the Sliver Corps and mostly a medic.


  • Belial: Belial is originally to be awarded the title of Ultra Elder but his action deemed him unsuitable to be one and was banished from the Land of Light and merged with Reiyonx. Now, he wants revenge against them.


  • Lila's Mother: Known as Angel, she died from a infectious disease.
  • Lila's Father: Known as Eric, passed away in the Great Ultra War.
  • Zeth's Father: His real name is unknown but he had passed away.
  • Seven's Maternal Grandfather
  • Seven's Maternal Grandmother
  • Seven's Paternal Grandfather
  • Seven's Paternal Grandmother
  • Seven's Father
  • Seven's Mother