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    SUBMISSION THREAD Be serious about the naming for the stuff you submit. You can submit as many powers and abilities as you like, and I will consider them, just give me a basic description of what you submitted and I will elaborate on it.

    1. For Ultrawoman Sombre, she utilized her plant manipulation powers through her weapons that I listed on her page. 2. For Warheir, he channels his plant manipulation powers through the use of physical arts. 3. Submit powers for Belial "Scythe" Form, associated powers with the "Deathcium Axe" and "Deathcium Lancer", refer to Belial's page if you like.

    Thanks for what you guys, this submission thread will be opened until I get enough ideas.

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    • Sombre for one already has fairly developed abilities, so all I'll do for her is suggest adding a standard Ultra beam:

      Sombrium Ray: Sombre's beam attack, fired in the "+" position.

      You may decided on color.

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    • Ok, well I'm wanting to see what associated powers I could give for her weapons though....

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    • Now for Belial Scythe:

      Deathcium Axe Powers:

      Belial can channel Deathcium energy through the axe to increase the power of its blows.

      Deathcium Guillotine: Belial sweeps the axe through the air, causing to release an arc of Deathcium energies which can slash through foes to devastating effect.

      Deathcium Earthquake: Belial slams the axe into the ground, creating cracks int he ground blow releasing a shockwave of energy which can unbalance enemies or knock them back.

      Deathcium Air Slash: Belial jumps high into the air and brings his axe down upon his enemy, causing great damage. 

      Deathcium X Cutter: Belial generates an "X" shape made of energy by slashing the axe in the air, then hits the projection with the axe to send it flying towards his enemy.

      Deathcium Axe Shot: Belial points the axe  with the blade pointed downward and charges it with energy, until a powerful beam of energy is fired from it. 

      I'll make up some stuff for the Lancer and abilities not weapon aided later

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    • Excerlics wrote:
      Ok, well I'm wanting to see what associated powers I could give for her weapons though....

      In that case I'll get thinking.

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    • Well Sombre's plant powers are channeled through her weapons so a plant-based theme will be good. Hope to get more ideas

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    • This thread: RIP huh

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    • Hmmm.....I have added the powers for Deathcium Axe, anymore suggestions currently have in mind?

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