Space Baltan
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Gender: Male
Height: 50 meters
Weight: 15,000 tons
Home world/Origin: Planet Baltan
Series: Ultraman Gamma
Type: Alien
Affiliation Inhabitants of Planet Baltan
Created by Zombiejiger
Space Baltan is one of Ultraman Gamma's deadliest opponents, almost killing the Ultra.

Subtitle: Gravity Alien (重力宇宙人,  Jūryoku Uchūjin)


Space Baltan is an all silver variation of Alien Baltan with orange eyes. He has pincers that can transform into clawed hands, similar to Neo Baltan's.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Omni Pincers: Space Baltan's pincers are used for multiple attacks. He can also use them as weapons to bash enemies with.
    • Energy Beams: Space Baltan can fire an orange energy beam from his claws. These can destroy buildings in one hit and knock Ultras down.
    • Energy Bolts: Space Baltan can fire blasts of orange energy from his pincers.
    • Gravity Storms: With a series of flashes within his claws, Alien Baltan can create gravity storms that can increase or decrease gravity.
    • Shurikens: Space Baltan has a shuriken in each claw. These can be fired out and will automatically return to Space Baltan's claws. This power is shared with his illusions.
    • Clawed Hands: When needed or if his claws are damaged, Space Baltan can morph his pincers into hooked clawed hands. He can no longer use his beam attacks when like this, only his Gravity Storm ability.
  • Illusions: Space Baltan can create illusions of himself. The only power these can use are shurikens.
  • Space Survival: Space Baltan can survive in space without a ship.




  • Space Baltan is one of Zombiejiger's favorite creations.
  • Space Baltan's Clawed Hands ability is based on Neo Baltan, who had a similar ability.
    • Space Baltan is also based on Space Gyaos.

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