This page is no longer perceived by its creator to be canon, but has been kept for preservation purposes.

Sochiku Gai is the Armored Protector, a title bestowed onto him by the people of Neo Tokyo.


In the deep reaches of space, an intergalactic agency instigates battle with Earth. The war has reached its climax, and the conflict is finally settling down. However, sleeper agents activate on our planet, pioneered by an unseen hand. One man stands above these tribulations, and dons the Limit Point to become the Armored Protector.

Techniques, Abilities and ProfileEdit


  • Height: 1.75m
  • Weight: 50kg (with exoskeleton: 90kg)
  • Age: 19
  • Homeworld: Earth
  • Occupation: Working as an agent for the I.S.D. (Investigation Stealth Department) of the Global Foundation Network
  • Likes: Chocolate, boxing
  • Dislikes: I.S.D. work, squids.

Techniques and AbilitiesEdit

  • Sollion Cannons: Twin cannons on his shoulders, used to fire the Sollion Buster, a powerful energy beam that can kill an alien in one shot. Has to be reloaded with cartridges.
  • Sperium Blades: Energy blades equipped under his arms, cut through tough armor with ease.
  • Stronium Plates: An exoskeleton that acts as reinforced solar panels.
  • Limit Point: A measuring device that calculates the time limit Sochiku can bear to fight for.
  • Magrium Blasters: Boots that defy gravity and fly. 
  • Nanofield: Sochiku bears a force field around his body when engaging in battle.


  • All the gears are named after certain Ultramen finisher beams. The Sollion Cannons are adapted from the words Solgent and Zepellion, and the Sperium Blades are adapted from the words Specium and Emerium.
  • The armor also references Shinjiro Hayata of the 2011 ULTRAMAN manga, though Sochiku dons an exoskeleton instead of an armor.