Shadow Troopers were the elite soldiers of the Shadow Ruler's empire.

Subtitle: Shadow Soldier (シャドウソルジャー, Shadousorujā)

Elite Subtitle: Elite Shadow Soldier (エリートシャドーソルジャー, Erītoshadōsorujā)

Beast Tamer Subtitle: Kaiju Controlling Shadow Soldier (怪獣制御シャドウソルジャー, Kaijū seigyo shadousorujā)


Shadow Troopers wear metallic blue, black, and red armor, depending on their rank. Blue is for basics, black is for elites, and red is for beast tamers. Their faces are covered by black visors that are shaped like overlapping plates, and and they wear black suits similar to Alien Magma's under their armor.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Laser Rifles: Basic Shadow Troopers wield laser rifles.


  • Heavy Laser Rifles: Elite Shadow Troopers wield powerful laser rifles.
  • Armor: Elites wear heavier armor than normal troopers.

Beast TamerEdit

  • Laser Pistols: Beast Tamer Shadow Troopers wield laser pistols.
  • Collars: Beast Tamer Shadow Troopers have collars that they can put on monsters. These allow them to control that creature using a wrist-mounted computer.
  • Armor: While not strong enough to resist the Novastorm Blast, Beast Tamer's armor can resist claws.


The Shadow Troopers were the grunts of the Shadow Empire. At multiple times they were sent to defeat Nova, but usually failed. Several Beast Tamers controlled creatures known as Astro Dinosaur, Spacer and Azteczaurus but the beasts were freed and Nova killed the tamers.


  • The Shadow Troopers were inspired by the Sith Troopers in KOTOR II, and share their name with a stormtrooper variety from The Force Unleashed.