Shadow is the alias taken up by a mysterious young woman. Not much is known about her, but she is apparently fused or at least connected to some unknown dark power. She is seen many times, before, during or just after a monster attack. She seems to be particularly interested in Orion.


Originally Rosaline, she was best friends with Mizuki when they were children, that was until Zoe first came to Earth and killed both of their families. Rosalline died but was revived as Zoe's host, as such she is her slave and cannot survive without the dark one's presence.

Zwei Era Edit

Charlotte Rosaline, has been freed from Zoe and as been in an institute for the learning impaired, trying to get her life back together. She lives with Mizuki.



Shadow's moniker is appropriate considering how she dresses, she is often in dark clothes and a long sleeve jacket and hood. When the hood is up, it never falls down and all that can be seen inside is darkness.

Rosaline, is a caucasian woman with long blonde hair.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

After the final Episode of the series, Rosaline has since lost these powers.

  • Superhuman body: Shadow has survived hits from blaster pistols, light bullets and blows from Alex (Orion's human form), she can also go toe-to-toe with him in physical combat. She is also an extraordinary jumper.
  • Minus Energy: Shadow can generate and direct Minus energy, gathering it from the area or infusing it in something or someone. She often does this to awaken or call a monster.
  • Survive without Oxygen: Shadow has appeared in airless environments and showed no sign of the slightest discomfort.
  • Telekinesis: She can immobilized things by simply outstretching her hand.
  • Quick Movement: Shadow has often appeared and disappeared without warning.
  • Telepathy: Shadow can mentally communicate with other over vast distances.
  • Dark Power: Connected to a dark power/entity. Shadow can transform into her counterpart.