SMART is a worldwide task force that was formed when monsters first began to attack the Earth.


  • Helmet: The SMART helmets cover the back of the head and have a clear visor over the wearer's face.  The helmets have an orange paintjob with the SMART logo on each side.
    • Motorcycle Helmets: The SMART motorcycle helmets resemble the regular version but cover the entire face exept for the eyes.
  • Suits: The SMART suits resemble the old SSSP suits, being orange and having the SMART logo as a radio. They can withstand heat and cold, and maintain a certain temperature depending on how the wearer sets it.
  • Belts: The SMART belts have multiple pockets and and a holster for an energy pistol.


SMART JapanEdit

  • Hikari Yamato: The human host of Ultraman Gamma. He is often teamed with Orochi.
  • Sadao Ikeda: The captain of SMART Japan, often teams with Masuyo Miura.
  • Orochi Takeda: The computer expert of SMART, a skilled hacker and programmer.
  • Kazuo Ide: The weapons expert of SMART, invented the U Gun.
  • Keiko Yamasaki: One of the two female members of the team, she is often teamed with Kazuo.
  • Masuyo Miura: One of the two female members of SMART, often teamed with Sadao.
  • Haru Tanaka: One of the four backup pilots, a member of the Orbit Dragon crew.
  • Itsuki Shimizu: One of the four backup pilots, a member of the Orbit Dragon crew.
  • Satoru Nakishima: One of the four backup pilots, a member of the Orbit Dragon crew. Tsubaki's brother.
  • Tsubaki Nakishima: One of the four backup pilots, a member of the Orbit Dragon crew. Satoru's sister.
  • Bemlar: SMART's cat "mascot". Likes to snoop around SMART HQ.


  • Energy Pistol: The basic SMART weapon. Fires a thin beam of energy that can be combined for a stronger blast.
    • Energy Rifle: A larger, stronger version of the Energy Pistol.
  • Supergun: A prototype weapon used by some members. An upgraded form is also used by Phantom.
  • U Gun: A large, oval shaped gun that fires U-shaped energy blasts.
  • Flash Flare: A small signal flare that also feature a smoke bomb.


  • ARM (Armored Remote control Machine): A small, heavily armored remote control vehicle used for dangerous rescues. SMART has multiple of them.
  • Jetcraft: A small airplane that can fire the same beam as the energy rifle.
  • SMART Cycle: A motorcycle with the SMART logo.
  • Space Attacker: A medium-sized ship that has a large ring that can be attached to the back for space flight.
  • Falcon Jet: The second largest SMART mecha, can split into the Falcon Alpha and the Falcon Beta. It can hold the entire SMART team.
    • Falcon Alpha: The Falcon Alpha has heavier weapons than the Falcan Beta, but lacks in speed.
    • Falcon Beta: The Falcon Beta has weaker weapons than the Falcan Alpha, but is very fast.
  • Orbit Dragon: The largest vehicle in the SMART armada, the Orbit Dragon can hold the Falcon Jet and two ARMs. Features a large laser weapon, the Plasma Energy Storm Turbine Gun (PEST-G) , energy rifle-strength guns, and plasma missile launchers. The PEST-G can destroy weaker monsters with one hit. can  The ship can fly into orbit, but can not go as far as the Space Attacker.