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Gender: None
Height: tba
Weight: tba
Home world/Origin: Machine Empire Home world
Series: Ultraman Orion
Type: Cyborg/Monster
Affiliation Machine Empire
Created by SolZen321

Title: Bio Mechanical War Beast


Ray-Yu bears the Classic Giant monster shape, underneath his segmented armor, wires and black synthetic muscles can be seen. Ray-Yu's face resembles the Millenium Mecha Godzilla with Yellow eyes and sometimes red eyes. He has thick armor on his shoulders that contain Plasma Canons and Missiles. He has a large plate of armor on his chest that opens to reveal weapons.


  • Height: 40 Meters
  • Weight: 70,000 tons
  • Place of Origin: Machine Empire


  • Maser Eyes: Ray-Yu can fire Microwave bolts of energy from his eyes
  • Hyper Maser: He can fire a powerful double Maser beam from his mouth.
  • Plasma Canons: Ray-Yu hides powerful plasma Canons on his shoulders that create and fire fiery balls of plasma. Each is strong to cause a great deal of damage.
  • Hyper Plasma Canon: A powerful Maser/Plasma Beam from his chest
  • Missiles: Plasma Warhead Missiles from his back.
  • Arm Drill: Ray-Yu can turn his hands into drills for close combat, they are augmented by Maser energy.
  • Sword: The original form of Ray-Yu had arm mounted blades instead of the power to turn it hands into drills, they were also enhanced by maser energy.
  • Thrusters: Ray-Yu has powerful plasma ejectors on the bottom of is feet, the back of his legs and his shoulders.
  • Repair Mode: Ray-Yu has a repair funtion but this nanotech can only used outside of battle when other systems are shut down.
  • Maser Field: A force field using his mouth, blade arms, and chest, it blocks missile and energy attacks, but cannot stand up to Specium Ray for long. If any of the parts are missing this power cannot be used.


Ray-Yu is a cyborg Bio Weapon of the Machine Empire, bred as a bio-weapon, with accelerated growth, upon reaching adult hood it was so heavily augmented by cybernetics only those who knew of its origins would know it was partially organic. Its bones were chemically fused to dense metal , it muscles were surgically removed and replaced with synthetic replacements, armor became its skin and there was so much circuitry in its brain that an initial, rudementary examination would only reveal a large computer.

It was created to fight the Ultras in the great Machine War, during which many, if not all, were destroyed. How this specimen made it way to Earth is unknown, what is known is that, even if deactivated for a long time, the organic remains within it can still survive.


  • Ray-Yu's name is play on Rays refering the mechanical nature of it (Powered by electricity) and Ryu, the japanese word for Dragon.
  • During the Machine War, a Ray-Yu almost killed Orion, by stabbing him in the Heart Stone.