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Gender: Male
Height: 45 meters
Weight: 50,000 tons
Home world/Origin: Unknown
Series: Star Soldier Nova
Type: robot
Affiliation Shadow Ruler (creator)

Nova (archenemy)

Created by Zombiejiger
NovaKiller was a robot created by the Shadow Ruler to kill Nova.

Subtitle: Deadly Robot (致命的なロボット, Chimei-tekina robotto


NovaKiller resembles Nova, but with bladed claws and a head resembling Ace Killer's. He has red and silver armor, like Nova's, but it is actually a type of extremely strong metal. He wears two Novastorm Bracelets, like Nova, and has several electric powers. He also wields a sai.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Anti Novastorm Bracelets: NovaKiller wears two Novastorm Bracelets exactly like the ones used by Nova. However, despite being copies, they are stronger than the originals.
  • Sai: NovaKiller has a sai.
    • Electric Blast: NovaKiller's sai can fire a blast of electricity from it's points.
  • Electric Powers: NovaKiller has several electric powers.
    • Electric Beam: NovaKiller can fire a beam from the gem on his forehead.
    • Shock Hands: NovaKiller can shock enemies by grabbing them.
  • Armor: NovaKiller's armor can resist the Novastorm Missiles.


NovaKiller was a robot designed to kill Nova that was created by the Shadow Ruler and his army.


  • NovaKiller was inspired by the Jumborg Ace villains JumKiller and JumKiller Jr. and Ace Killer from Ultraman Ace. Interestingly, all three have "killer" in their name.