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  • Um, Zhu, sorry for misunderstanding back then. I was not quite on the mood that time... But I'm doing fine now, and I've forgiven you.

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  • Hey man, remember when you said you'll give me the highlight episodes of One? Yeah, think I've been ready to read again for a while now.

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    • Ahh yes, coming back to this topic. I'll link you the following episodes that I really put into more effort into as some of them after I rewrote them, they felt rushed. Here are the links.

      Also, you said that you had a review of my rewrite of One episode 1 right?

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    • Oof, didn't expect them to be that far. So, will I need serious context for most of these?

      And uh, I don't think I have a review. But I mean, since it's completed now, I should be able to write one up I suppose. No promises, though, especially with reviews nowadays.

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    • alright take your time, thanks for being tolerant towards me, well, don't need to really give a serious context towards them.

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    • Tolerant seems too strong of a word, now, doesn't it? It implies I was even irritated. I'm not, but it's no problem.

      And okay then, I hope I won't really have to keep up with most of the happenings of previous episodes. Wish me luck.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • SUBMISSION THREAD Be serious about the naming for the stuff you submit. You can submit as many powers and abilities as you like, and I will consider them, just give me a basic description of what you submitted and I will elaborate on it.

    1. For Ultrawoman Sombre, she utilized her plant manipulation powers through her weapons that I listed on her page. 2. For Warheir, he channels his plant manipulation powers through the use of physical arts. 3. Submit powers for Belial "Scythe" Form, associated powers with the "Deathcium Axe" and "Deathcium Lancer", refer to Belial's page if you like.

    Thanks for what you guys, this submission thread will be opened until I get enough ideas.

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    • This thread: RIP huh

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    • Hmmm.....I have added the powers for Deathcium Axe, anymore suggestions currently have in mind?

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  • As you guys know (as discussed in discord), I have decided to make Sombre and Warheir as twin brother and sisters, being the "true" offspring of Belial and Arasi and technically they are the other siblings of Geed. I'm currently debating whether to give them a Reiyonx Form after being corrupted by Belial before Geed bring them back in the upcoming move I'm planning for Geed Reboot. There will be a villain as well. I'm going to set up the following polls to get some ideas, comment here as well. Since it's a two parter movie, the true villains will only be revealed in the second part. The first part will be more on "Belial's backstory" before his banishment and the two Geed siblings I'm talking about.

    Corrupted & Reiyonx Forms

    The poll was created at 07:17 on September 11, 2018, and so far 6 people voted.
    Villain Idea

    The poll was created at 07:23 on September 11, 2018, and so far 6 people voted.
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  • I can't use discord.

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    • In an Andro Melos Manga Gaiden thing called Ultra Super Legends.
    • Juda made himself a clone before his death who went around causing terror, and attacked the Land of Light.
    • An ultra child named Trans was lost in scuffle and was found in Andro Melos's universe.
    • The Andro group found him and trained him to be powerful enough to defeat the Juda clone who was preparing to attack their Earth.
    • Near the end of the battle for Earth, the Juda clone stole the energy of Earth which was also absorbed accidently by Trans too making them both the gods of the planet.
    • Trans was now Super Trans...
    • and Clone Juda was now known as
    • Az-Earth
    • The two took their battle to another universe, and fought for the next 12,000 years until accidently loosing each other and just wondering around.
    • According to what one of the Andros apparently said, their was pretty close to Ultraman King's.
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  • Hey Zhu, we haven't talked for a while. How's it going?

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  • Kit has noticed you using the name Ultraman Caster for he who was formerly named Lorax. I had planned to make Ultrawoman Caster a series before this, and would like to make sure you're aware.

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  • I always had an idea of doing an Orb Reboot Series with several changes. I'm posting the contents (episodes/movies/gardens) of the Orb Reboot here, I'm not doing the said series, and it's open for adoption by anyone.

    Series Synopsis

    Main article: Orb Universe

    Noting the difference in the series of this Orb and the "offical" Orb, this section will show how this Orb's series will flow and the timelines. This is to avoid confusion. The series has 25 episodes.

    Pre Series Timelines

    • Birth as Gai: 10,000 years ago, Orb was born under the human alias Gai Kurenai. Received the Orb Ring, OrbCalibur and it's elemental powers.
    • Evolving/Becoming into Orb: Unknown past, Gai/Orb gains the ability to become an Ultra.
    • Descend to Earth: As an Ultra, Gai/Orb was tasked to go Earth of the universe to stop the King Demon Beasts, whom was sealed by the Ultra Warriors in ancient times.


    • Episode 1: Descend! Earth!
    • Episode 2: Magashizm Cult
    • Episode 3: Orb vs MagaTanothor
    • Episode 4: Earth's Thousand Years Stay
    • Episode 5: Year 1908 Events, Lose of Orb Origin? Fusion Up Forms? (Sperion Zeperion's debut)
    • Episode 6: Year 1950 Events
    • Episode 7: King Demon Beast of Wind
    • Episode 8: King Demon Beast of Earth
    • Episode 9: King Demon Beast of Water (Hurricane Slash, Burnmite's debut)
    • Episode 10: King Demon Beast of Fire
    • Episode 11: The Stolen Orb Ring
    • Episode 12: Belial's Blessing (Thunder Breastar's Debut)
    • Episode 13: Planet Twirl
    • Episode 14: Meet! Ultraman King!
    • Episode 15: Trials and Tests Part 1
    • Episode 16: Trials and Tests Part 2
    • Episode 17: Regain Back! Orb Origin! (Orb Origin Re-debut)
    • Episode 18: Orbcalibur Techniques
    • Episode 19: Galactron's Goal
    • Episode 20: Never Dying Spirit
    • Episode 21: Scores with Jugglus Juggler
    • Episode 22: Magata No Orochi's Revival
    • Episode 23: Despair
    • Episode 24: Power of Bonds
    • Episode 25: Closng Credits

    Post Series

    • Orb The Movie
    • Ultra Fight Orb
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  • Plot Summary:

    Kumasaga, a powerful dark sorcer born from Minus Energy within Geed's universe, after being banished by Ultraman King thousands of years ago, has been monitoring said universe using his abilities, awaiting the moment to strike. After the demise of Belial and Gilbaris, Kumasaga finally decides to make his bid for conquest of Geed's universe, re-entering it and taking possesion of Belial's Riser and Kaiju Capsules, which had been scattered in his death. 

    With the situation being quite dire, Genesis Messiah decides to scour the multiverse for heroes to aid in the fight against Kumasaga. Finding the universes of several Fan Ultras on this wiki, Genesis Messiah dispatches the Scorpium Ultras to visit these universes, inform the desired heroes of the situation, and enlist their aid in the battle against Kumasaga. 

    Submission Thread Rules:

    7-8 Ultras per user, 30 in total.

    Joke characters are not allowed per Zhu, however parody characters that can be taken seriously enough aren allowed.

    If your characters can summon Kaiju through some means they are allowed to do so.

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