Young Life (0-12)Edit

Max Knight
Human Host/Form: None
Gender: Male
Age: 18
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Home world: Earth
Series: Ultraman Zach
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Family Unknown father, unknown mother, unknown brother
Affiliation EDF
Created by Brian Haughton
Max was born in 2010 in New York City, with 1 younger brother. He always had a love for Ultramen and Kaiju, buying toys and movies and such with any money he could. He usually had trouble with math and science in school, but history was his specialty. He knew everything about WWII and the Cold War. History was his saving grace really. His love for Ultras and Kaiju never faded though.

Teen Years (13-18) Edit

Max was never popular in high school, the small amount of friends he had were just people he knew from grade school. This was around the time Max began to realize the amount of damage and death that monsters caused. At age 15 he joined a group that gave food, shelter, and clothing to those whom have survived monster attacks. He worked with the group until age 18. He was doing better in school, he had a girlfriend and he was on good terms with his parents, until a kaiju attacked New York. It's a thing you would never imagine happening in your hometown. He watched in person as the EDF members took down the Kaiju within 15 minutes (John was with them), and decided to join the EDF. After months of preparing Max tested and made it in. He later discovered that the members he saw take down the Kaiju that day had either quit or been killed. A few other young adults (Jose, Charles, and Amy) made it in as well. He went on many mission with the team without a single casualty, until one morning in May, Max's VTOL crashed while fighting a monster called Gasmons. Ultraman Zach saw his bravery in facing he kaiju, and decided to save Max's life by making him his human host.

Trivia Edit

  • Max's personality is actually based off my own, with his love for kaiju and history.
  • Max's original name was going to be Max Gain, but it was changed for unknown reasons. (I dont remember)