The Light of Nature is power that holds an alternate form of Mana that has the power of causing great change in any life form, creating Monsters, empowered aliens, psychics and most importantly Ultras.


Besides the fact it is Mana, more is known about mana than about the light of nature, but what is known is that it has the power to cause incredible changes to life forms, but only life forms. Depending on the heart of the creature it encounters, the Light may take its two alternate forms and transform the being, into either a monster, a mutation like some alien species and if they are humanoid and depending on the levels of exposure, either a psychic or a full blown Ultra.

How this works is unknown but it has been theorized by some that the Light of Nature works on a Quantum level, affecting the quantum field of the being. Due to the nature of the Quantum field of a being, any alteration to it can cause radical changes to a being, pluck the wrong quantum string and a man may suddenly find themselves a woman! However only a few, fully understand the nature of the Light.

Orion Continuity Edit

The Light of Nature is the natural/default state of the Power of Ultra. It bears no alignment to negative or positive and immediately alters, in response to what ever life form it encounters, into one of the more well known Lights of Evolution

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  • In the Orion Continuity of Solzen321, the Light of Nature is Sea Green in color, this is not the same for other fan fictions.
  • The Light of Nature was inspired by the Ultraman: Another Genesis book novel series, where the term was first used.