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Gender: M
Height: 50-110 meters
Weight: 40,000 tons
Home world/Origin: Argentium
Series: Ultraman Moedari
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Affiliation None
Created by Stephan222

Do not confuse with Phantom

Fantom, derived from Phantom, is the dark copy of the former ruler of Argentium. After the former ruler was encased in crystal, like Ultraman Zero, the Hidden One made a copy of his body. He also "enhanced" it, adding various abilities. 

He can shapshift to a solid form when smaller, when not solid but merely floating particles he is huge; over a hundred meters. He always is the same weight.

  • Fantom is a ghost-like figure: he is able to shapeshift. Much of his shape is just particles hovering in the air. 
  • He can fire the Regina and Argentium beams: The Malon Beam is incompatible with the Hidden One's technology.
  • He is extremely strong, even more so then Lunaram. 
  • He can produce Silver Glitter and Silver Balls. 


  • Fantom is the only dark copy of a good Ultra in the Moedari series. This is counting Mephisto and Belial as their own original forms. 
  • Fantom is also a programming language based on Javascript. It is considered (and most likely is) an improvement of Java's mess of libraries. Fantom is similar in a way; a dark "improvement" over an ultra who was aging and not in a good way.