Title: Space Dragon (宇宙ドラゴン| Uchu Ryu)

Second Title: Violent beast king of the Dark Nebula


Death King resembles an upright lizard with a somewhat humanoid build, he is covered from to toe in bony armor and has pitch black underskin. His eyes are glaring red dots and his chest armor resembles a skull. His tail splits in two at the end and his wings are like fold out fans with spikes on the end. On his head are horns and his snout is somewhat short while his armor and fangs have fused together.


  • Height: 45 meters
  • Weight: 50,000 tons
  • Place of Origin: Planet Torn


  • Strength: Death King is strong enough to overpower Red King and all but the strongest of Ultras.
  • Gravity beam: Death King can fire a yellow gravity beam from his mouth.
  • Gravity bolts: Death King can fire purple bolts of energy similar to his gravity beam from his wing tips, they can be fired in rapid succession.
  • Over Gravity Beam: A combination of his Gravity beam and energy charged fom his wings.
  • Warp Bubbble: Death King can traverse space on his own power.
  • Jaws: Death King's jaws can pierce Ultra Flesh.
  • Armor: Death King's Armor is resistant to Beam
  • Regeneration: Death King has impressive regenerative powers


A bio weapon from planet Torn, home to a green skin race famous for their Bio Weapons, the people of Torn were always being put down by the Ultras due to their numerous attempts at Invasion. The Torn were naturally belligerent and never learned their lesson despite the numerous sanctions placed on their civilization. One day they sought to create the most powerful of all their Bio-Weapons a monster of unparalleled power and brutality. However in their folly the Torn failed to realize that they had set the creature's aggression too high on their first try. Upon awakening the monster began to devastate their entire world and due to their sanctions they could expect no help from the Ultras or other races. With in the week their entire civilization was destroyed and Death King took of for the biggest concentration of Minus Energy the Dark Nebula where it found a home among the other monsters, engineered or otherwise.

During his time as a student of the Space Patrol, Orion ventured into the dark nebula to train. Upon being overwhelmed Orion first used Berserk mode destroying many monsters. When faced off against Death King, Orion went into Berserk Mode Insanity version for the first time wounding the monster and driving it of.

However, recently the beast has left the Nebula and has headed to Earth, it now sports a scar over its left eye.

A quantum hologram replica of Death King appeared, to fight Orion, Gamma and Sorta, when the other two Ultras found themselves in Orion's universe.