Dark Miasma
Human Host/Form: Black Woman
Gender: Female
Age: 18,000 years old
Height: 49 meters
Weight: 35,000 tonnes
Home world: Scorpio Nova Galaxy/Hellish Dimensional
Series: Ultraman One
Type: Female villain
Fighter Type: Attribute
Fighter Sub-type: Sorrow
Family Ultraman Delete (Husband)
Affiliation Evil Scorpium Ultras
Ultraman Breaker
Created by Zhu Huong Ng

Dark Miasma is the ninth oldest and second female Scorpium Ultra. She bears the attribute sorrow and is able to manipulate negative emotions. She seems to have a rivalry with Yvon.



Dark Miasma is another female Scorpium Ultra born, but she received Evil Messiah's genes in the form of Sunriums and was sealed to the Hellish Dimensional. At Hellish Dimensional, she meet the alone Ultraman Delete and had been pledging her loyalty to the dark Ultra and soon the both of them becomes husband and wife, vowing to break out of the Hellish Dimensional soon. The giantress had a vile desire, she wants to use her element sorrow to turn the universe in a sorrowful place, a place full of hatred and anger. Ultraman Delete supported her desire. She begin to train herself in the Hellish Dimensional and mastering the use of her attribute fighting style, sorrow. When Dark Gale and Dark Chaos was sent there, she commanded them and trained them to become powerful evil ones to serve under here.

Scorpium Ultras: Rises of Good and EvilEdit

Her desire along with along with other Evil Scorpium Ultras came through when Ultraman Virus allied himself with Ultraman Breaker, found an ancient and secret passage to pass through the Hellish Dimensional. She was freed along the other evil ones, she and the other evil went to Earth, starting their threats. She later become obeeseed with Yvon and wanting to beat her in a fight. Eventually, she was killed in the end after dragging their fight to the rings of Planet Saturn.

As "Black Woman"Edit

Black Woman is the human form of Dark Miasma. In this form, she maintains a strong liking towards negative emotions.


Scorpium Ultra MovieEdit

Dark Miasma took on this form when she arrived on Earth, posing as a dark figure in an ancient clock tower waiting for Sakura to found here.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Miasma Echo: Dark Miasma in her human form can emit loud and painful sound waves from her mouth. This sound wave is enough to paralyses a human and making them in a state of panic and depression, it is even more lethal in her Ultra Forms.
    • Bat Calling: Her sound waves is able to attarct bats swarms and put them under her control. The bats will attack foes in human form.
  • Echo Blast Dark Miasma can channel her sound waves in the form of energy blasts, use to attack and knock back foes.
  • Feelings Manipulation: Unknown how she does this in human form, but Dark Miasma can manipulate the feelings of other, making them feel whatever she wants them to. She can make others cry easily as well. This could be a form of mental abilites.
  • Mental Abilities: Dark Miasma possess the basic form of mental abilities.
    • Levitation: She can levitate in mid-air and keep herself in mid-air.
    • Transformation: She can resume her Ultra Form using her mental abilities, a glow of binding purple light will be uneviled, evolved herself into her Ultra Forms.
  • Martial Arts: Dark Miasma in her human form, is an expert in martial arts.


Dark Miasma has cold-hearted but demanding nature, always questioning others on why they approached her in a serious tone. Dark Miasma also shares an erractic personality like her husband but not to the extent of being a "troller" and a crazy individual when triggered like Virus. Dark Miasma enjoys taunting her foes while using her attribute-based powers to restrain them as well as seeing them releasing negative emotions from their inner heart (eg. fear, panic, chaos and calamity). Like the other Dark Scorpium Ultras, Dark Miasma is cruel, showing no sense of remorse towards others she hurt. In spite of all this, Miasma also loves her husband deeply and willing to sacrifice her life for Delete's sake.


Dark Miasma is a female Ultra with a feline body and her motif is shark and vampire, combined together. She is mostly yellow, brown and purple in colour in her body parts, she has a vector like protectors that like similar to the aspects of a vampire and shark teeth. She has a sinister look on her face with a color timer that glows purple and a star like energy core in her forehead. She also has bracers on her both arms. Dark Miasma has visible fangs on her mouth in her Normal and Ultimate Forms.

Her Ultimate Form ,she retains most of her features in her normal form. With additional features of course, she eyes is now crescent shaped and her armor is vector shaped but with the additional of sparks. She also gains a pair of darkness angelic wings that becomes her source of her elemental powers. Dark Miasma also has visible tatoos of vampire and shark motif on her body.

Human FormEdit

Her human form, which she like to call herself as the Black Woman, she wears a black dress that covers her entire body with a black jacket. Her jacket has a hood which she use to cover her head. Dark Miasma wears fake fingernails that reprsents that nails of a typical female vampire. She wears a pair of dark heels on her fit.



  • Human Form: Black Woman
  • Homeworld: Scorpio Nova Galaxy, Hellish Dimensional
  • Transformation Item/Process: Willpower
  • Grip Strength: 53, 000 tonnes
  • Brute Strength: 106,000 tonnes
  • Running Speed: Mach 3.8
  • Underground Travelling Speed: Mach 4
  • Underwater Travelling Speed: Mach 3.7
  • Flight Speed: Mach 4.8
  • Jumping Height: 650 meters
  • Burrowing Speed: Mach 2.5
  • Pressure: Unknown
  • Hobbies: Tormenting and torturing others, negative emotions
  • Dislikes: Positive emotions, seeing others enjoying life, Yvon
  • Weaknesses: Unknown or none (She feeds on negative emotions, if postive emotions is greater, she will be weakened a lot)
  • Height: 49 meters, Lament: 54 meters (with Dark Angelic Wings)
  • Weight: 35, 000 tonnes, Lament: 45, 000 tonnes

Body FeaturesEdit

  • Color Timer: Dark Miasma possess a circular color timer on her chest, it glows in purple.
  • Energy Orb: A purple coloured energy orb which is star shaped on her forehead.
  • Protectors: Dark Miasma's vector shaped protectors, can protect her from attacks.
  • Purple Lines: Purple stripes and lines on her arms, legs and body.
  • Bracers: Purple coloured bracers that protrude out of her both elbows.
  • Fangs: An unusual features that she possess, she is shown to have two fangs that protrude out of her mouth from both ends of her mouth.
  • Dark Angelic Wings: Dark-purple coloured angelic lines that appeared all of her back, it provides her powers in her Ultimate Form.



The form she was born in.

  • Sorrow Manipulation: She is able to manipulate sorrow, the negative feelings of others.
    • Sorrowful Field: Miasma's calamity dimension power, creating a field where sorrowful cries of vengeful spirits can be heard, and triggering negative emotions on others. The field remain even she assumes her Ultimate Form and last until her death or when she chooses to remove the field.
    • Joyful Change: Releasing a binding purple light from her eyes, to change another "positive" such as emotions and energies to the opposite version. This ability can cause her target to release the feelings of hatred, sorrow, agony, sadness, grief and revenge, allowing them to fight each other.
    • Bat Summoning: Summons a number of bats and using them to strike at the opponent.
    • Anguish Cry: A sorrowful cry from her mouth to restrain foes and pushing them backwards.
    • Socerer Ball: Throws a pink ball of minus energies at the opponent, to trigger negative thinking on foes, weakening their willpower.
      • Negative Feelings Release: A wave of darkness to release negative emotions on others, converting it to energy and absorbing it to strengthen herself.
    • Miasma Waves: Dark Miasma's strongest attack, Miasma launches deafening sonar waves from her mouth, triggering explosions and inflict pain on her foes.
    • Soul Summoning: Summoning souls of dead human to invoke fear, chaos and pain feeling on the opponent.
    • Ghost Illusions: Casting ghost illusions to hunt down her foes.
      • Vampire Call: An ability to cast illusions of vampires, to trick and invoking fear on her opponent.
  • Miasma Sun-Ray: A dark purple energy beam with her arms thrusts in a '+' style.
  • Miasma Ripper: Crescent energy arcs from her both hands fired rapidly.
  • Miasma Eclipse: An eclipse shaped blade launch at her foes.
  • Miasma Blasts: Dark Miasma can release dark energy bullets from her arms.
  • Fast Kick: A fast kick attack.
    • Thundering Kick: A more powerful kick with thunder discharges.
  • Fast punch: A fast punch attack.
    • Thundering Punch: A more powerful punch with thunder discharges.
  • Miasma Elbow: An attack with her elbows, can inflict pain.
  • Miasma Pinner: Channeling muscle strength with her arms to pin down tougher foes.
  • Miasma Breaker: A move that involves Dark Miasma strangling her foes and breaking their neck.
  • Miasma Dril: Acting as a drill to slice through foes.
  • Miasma Flip: A move to grab the opponent and flipping them upside down.
  • Miasma Ram: A very powerful ramming attack.
  • Miasma Dash: Performs a fast dash to slash the opponent.


Her Ultimate Form, which Dark Miasma embraces darkness to the fullest extent and understand the true meaning of her attribute, sorrow.

  • Grip Strength: 68, 000 tonnes
  • Brute Strength: 147,000 tonnes
  • Running Speed: Mach 5.8
  • Underground Travelling Speed:Mach 6
  • Underwater Travelling Speed: Mach 5.5
  • Flight Speed: Mach 6.4
  • Jumping Height: 780 meters
  • Burrowing Speed: 750 km/h
  • Pressure: Unknown
  • Dark Angelic Wings: Dark Miasma possess a pair of angelic wings behind her in this form.
    • Super Gravity Waves: The wings allows her to fly at fast speeds.
    • Angelic Wave: Dark Miasma can produce shockwaves from her both wings, able to knock back foes.
    • Ripper Arcs: Energy needles fired in rapid succession from her wings,
    • Angelic Abosrb: Warping her angelic wings around her foes, electrocuting them and abosrbing their energy, converting it negative energies to empower herself.
  • Sorrow Manipulation: Dark Miasma can manipulate the attribute sorrow bitcoin being more powerful.
    • Deaf Waves: Dark Miasma's strongest attack in this form or as an Ultra, Dark Miasma releases a painful sonar wave from her entire body, triggering large explosions and destroying anything in one shot while greatly zap the enemy's energy.
      • Negation Power: While this technique is in use, it instantly negates the power of her opponent.
    • Bat Barrage: Dark Miasma releases a rain shower full of bats to cause her oppponent to bleed out light & blood by piercing through their body.
    • Anguishing Field: Dark Miasma casts a field of agonising feelings, to gain an advantage in combat. This weakens the combat power of her foes as they will enter a state of dilenma and unable to react. Other organisms present nearby will fight each other, bringing forth destruction.
    • Miasma Dragon: Miasma can summon 7-8 dragons for combat, a maximum of 40 dragons can be summoned in combat.
      • Miasma Sonar: A sonar wave to stun foes.
      • Miasma Waver:A wave of minus energies to inflict pain and pushing back foes.
      • Sorrowful Needles:Energy needles from their mouths to pierce through foes.
    • Powers of Normal Mode: Miasma has access to more powerful variants of her normal form powers.
  • Miasma Deflect: Miasma can physically deflect an enemy attack by charging her arms.
  • Miasma Sun Strema: A '+' style beam finisher attack.
  • Miasma Slasher: Miasma launches a barrage of energy bullets o slash her foes.
  • Miasma Arrows: Energy arrows fired from her both hands.

Carried from her Normal Form.


  • Apart from just summoning dragons in her Ultimate Form, Miasma can summon bats to aid her in combat in both of her forms.


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