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It is the battle between Ultraman One and Reuz and Faust.

Ultraman One and related characters are creations of  Zhu Huong Ng

Ultraman Reuz and related characters are creations of Apexz

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  • Land of Light: The planet of the Ultraman.
  • Reuz/Haruto World : The world created because of Reuz or Haruto imagination.
  • Land of Darkness: Belial home planet, created when Belial fused planets and black stars together.

Characters Edit


  • Ultraman One (Character)
  • Known as a unknown giant of light when fightning Reuz. 
  • As normal mode when fightning Faust.
  • Ultraman Reuz
  • Normal Mode when fighting One
  • Change into Reuz Red Flame, Reuz Violet Slash and Reuz Yellow Thunder, Brave Mode when fighting Faust
  • Ultraman Zero (One Continuity): As Normal form, Ultimate Zero, Strong Corona Mode and Shining Zero
  • Ultra Seven
  • Ultraman Mebius
  • Ultraman Leo
  • Ultraman Noa
  • Ultraman Ginga
  • Ultraman Uzone: One, Reuz, Mebius, Leo and Zero fuison together to become the most powerful Ultra

and introducing

  • Ultraman S: Second cameo. Only appeared helping Reuz and One giving his Heigashi Amor and Stronium Brace.

Dark UltraEdit

  • Faust: Emperor mode fighting Reuz and One, Emperor Mode V2 fighting One alone and Ultraman Uzone
  • Ultraman Belial:Reiyonix mode while fighting Zero the first time, Zero Darkness fighting Zero the second time
  • Dark Baron: Fusion with Faust and Belial

Prologue Edit

Deep on the wide space, some uncountable stars were flashing bright, even though it was pitch black. Passing all of the planets in the galaxies, two blue spheare were flying and hitting each other, crossing through another dimension and at last brought them to a strange planet, a black planet surrounded with brown clouds.

The two unknown Giants of Light started a cat fight between them. Both of them were at equal match, until one of the Giant with a triple slugger on it's head unleashed a Light beam from his hand but it missed, the beam striked the ground leaving a giant crater. Suddenly, vast amounts of darkness started to appear surrounding the cloud, and attacked the both of them. They managed to receipt the attack and continued their battle again with the Giant of Red, silver and with a blue crystal of light on it's chest firing a blue ray and the other one also fire again it's light beam and the beam hit each other at the same time causing a big explosion.

After that, the unknown giant with triple sluggers flew away leaving the other warrior weakened .Later, the warrior with a triple sluggers is known as Ultraman One, son of Ultraman Zero, and the warrior with a blue crystal of light is known as Ultraman Reuz, successor of Ultraman Ginga.

Chapter 1 Edit

Ultraman One PartEdit

One flew back to his home planet, weakened from the previous battle with the giant. He landed on one of the deserted areas, with no more energy, seemingly lifeless.

"S-stupid..." One muttered to himself, with his Color Timer blinking rapidly. He touched the blinking-red mechanical device, which was going faster by the second.

"I-I can't... I must..." on the edges of death, One put out his hand into the skies, and fainted....


"I hope he wakes up...." a being of mixed colors, red and blue spoke up to the doctor next to him, "He's been asleep for so long now..."

One heard these voices, and recognised one of them. His eyes fluttered with light, with the being of red and blue happily hugging him. 

"Father..." One muttered softly as he recieved the warmth from his father, Ultraman Zero.

"What happened?!" Zero reprimanded his son,the young Ultra, who seemingly looked away in shame.

"I-I, fought with.... someone..." One replied shyly, still ashamed.

"So that 'someone' could hurt my son so badly? Who was it?" Zero demanded an answer.

First of all, One didn't want to tell who he fought with, it would all turn out to be a disaster. Two, One was still embarrassed, so he didn't really want to tell at that point at time. Three, he had excuses. So One gave the best answer, truthfully:

"M-my...Aura Form almost cost me my life...." One replied.

"What?!" Zero thought, just like his Shining Zero, Zero assumed this form had disastorous results, so he had the right to disable it.

"Hmm, I will disable the form then. It's too powerful for your own sake, One, so I'm permanantly disabling it with this," Zero took out somethin from his hand. It was the "Disability Spark", a device that could disable One's powers, or specifically, his Aura Form.

Zero attached the gadget to his son's One Bracelet, this caused the bracelet to produce an effect, signalling the One Bracelet had been removed of the Aura Form. Zero sighed in relief, with One looking at his bracelet, sighing in loss of his powers. "My son, please do not do such a dangerous thing again,do not suffer the same thing as your father."Zero said.

Chapter 2Edit

Ultraman Reuz PartEdit

Later, the weakened Reuz was found in his planet and reverted back to Haruto. When Haruto wake up, he found himself on a White planet, peaceful with no existing living thing's except the light particles everywhere.

"What...what is this place...anyway...?" ask Haruto who not know the place is

" you hear me...?" said a strange voice. Haruto recognised that voice. It was Ultraman Reuz living on his Lock Spark, a transformation item for him. Able him to transform into Giant of Light Reuz.

"Hey...Reuz... where are we? ask Haruto to the light warrior

"If i not mistaken...this" Reuz replied softly to Haruto

"Kind a beautiful here...peacefull...withouth any living things living here..."

"Thank You, Haruto." 

"So are we goona stay here for while...?" Haruto ask while his right hand touching the hips, it was bleed same as  Reuz hips also flashing out light.

"I'm sorry...Haruto. If it wasen't for the fight....we were not been like this..." Reuz standing down infront of Haruto and also holding the Lock Spark.

At first Reuz was not capable to say to Haruto about the another being that they fought on the black planet, but to be honest and replied his kindness, he must tell the truth.

"About the enemy we fought at the planet you remember...?" ask Reuz

"Uh,uhh...Yeah. I did remember...who is that being anyway...?"

"I don't know...but the only thing that i'm concern about is that...his chest was flashing red like he has a colour timer like i have. So, possibly he was an Ultra like me or somebody else..."

"What? An Ultra...!?" said Haruto "I tought an Ultra would never fight an Ultra...since that's the story i heard from my Grandfather..." Reuz was silents at the moment "If it true, if it really an Ultra or somebody...we just have to be careful next time, i don't want to die in space."

Reuz colour timer was recharged again and return to blue instead after fighting with 'Unknown warrior' his colour timer blinking rapidly. "Haruto, since we at my home, how about you take a stroll to see the beautiful building's and ocean." said Reuz. "Haruto agree with the suggestion and he walk alone with an empty stomach but still have an energy to walk..."

Chapter 3Edit

Faust emergence at Land Of LightEdit

One was filled with energy again. He was gettin g better than before, he can now fight like he usually do but he cannot take to much damage, he just got wake up from long time sleep on the Land Of Light Hospital.

"One, are you feeling good?" Zero ask to his son, One

"Yes my father." replied One to Zero

After that, in the Plasma Spark tower Seven noticed some odd energy had been interfering with the Plasma Spark. Mebius arrived on the tower to meet Seven there.

"Brother, we need to settle this" said Mebius

"Mebius, call the other Ultra Brothers here,Zero and One.We need to settle this" replied Seven, Mebius obey his brother Seven and took a flight to the Hospital.

Mebius arrived at the Land of Light hospital and told One and Zero told Seven had an important meetings. While arriving, a few Darkclops arrived and surrounded the three ultras. They began to engages in fighting but only Mebius and Zero fight the Darkclops, Zero warned his son, One must go to the Plasma Spark Tower to meet his Grandfather, Seven while he and Mebius handle the darklops.

One was unhappy, he didn't have a chance to fight the Darkclops by his Father side, but for his safety and feeling well, he obey his Father odered and fly to the tower, leaving the two ultra fighting. Later, he reached the Plasma Spark Tower, there he meet Seven infront of the Plasma Spark waiting for all the Ultra Borther's.

"Where are the Other's...? ask Seven to his grandson, One

"The darkclops enter the Land Of Light again, but my father wouldn't allowed to fight as i just got my energy back..." replied One

"Maybe you father are right. You can't fight when you just got up your energy, most of it will drain up when you fight the darkclops..."

"Now One, upon waiting for you father and the rest of the Ultras I invited to arrive, come help me and investigated the odd energy there..." said Seven "We might find the one who sent the energy to interfering the Plasma Spark..."

"Okay..." One replied softly, he also noticed the energy too. It's the same energy that shot from the sky when he was fighting with the other warrior on the black planet.

Zero and Mebius destroyed the Darkclops sooner with their ultra Beams.But some more arrived,the Darkclops arrived and begin to attacks Mebius and Zero.Suddenly a very powerful energy beam with spectrum color and a combination of other rays destroyed the remaining Darkclops.It was revealed to be Ultraman One, Leo,  80, Jack, Ace and Taro.

One rush to his father and said "Father are you alright...?"

Zero said "One,I am alright, hurry out, go for the meeting in the Plasma Spark tower."

Mebius and the others fly to the Plasma Spark tower.

After that, The Ultra Brothers arrived at the Plamsa Spark. Seven happily hugged his son and grandson, Zero and One.

Seven replied "So who could be interfering with this?"

Suddenly, a strange dark Ultra sign appeared and the Ultras like at it shocking.

Followed by a voice,"I am Faust, the ruler of Darkness, you better come to my universe or you will suffer devastating destruction to your planet, Hahaha!!!". Faust then disappeared away.

Seven and the Ultras come up with a plan, they will sent Mebius, Zero, One and Leo to his universe. 

Chapter 4Edit

After a long distance walking on the beach, Haruto got his energy back again after drinking a nice water from the ocean, it taste like normal water from Earth. Reuz also filled up his energy back, he was capable to fight now and nomatter what enemy he will fight.

"Haruto, i got a bad feeling that someone was interupting the Ultra's from another universe..." said Reuz

"If it so, then i..." Haruto stop spoken, a dark ultra standing infront of him

He was similar to Reuz, a red and black, crystal of darkness? and he face look the same as Reuz. Haruto was mute for a second

"How did you enter the Light Particles, even so it was defending the planet from the dark side...? ask Reuz

"Isn't is obvious? I am you, whatever you do and what you can do, i also can do what you can do..." Faust replied

"What?!" Haruto with outrage look

"Come to my universe, Reuz. If not, i would destroy our home planet and share the same fate as the Land Of Light if you refuse..." Faust disappeared from Haruto sight

"I can't let this happen... .Haruto, let's got!"

"Yeah" Haruto took out his Lock Spark from his right pocket

Haruto swung his right hand which holding the Lock Spark to his back and his left arm infront of him and he rise the Spark Lens, the devise opened it face "Lock On!", the face of an Ultra, Light come's out surrounding Haruto and Reuz rise by spinning in the twin galaxy. He take a flight at his maximun speed to Faust Universe.

Back in the Land of Darkness,A planet similar to the Land of Light but is darkness no light.

A black sphere came to the planet and thus revealed to be Faust walking towards a dark ultra sitting in a Thorne and revealed to be Belial.

Belial talking to Faust:"Faust, have you gave to warning to the Land of Light...?

We must defeat the ultras to rule the Universe..."

"Yes master, our next plan will be coming soon but im not only warned the Land Of Light, i also warned it on my original at my home planet..." Faust replied

"Exelent, with this i could destroy every Ultra including my arch enemy, Ultraman Zero" Belial replied.

Chapter 5 Edit

While flying to Faust universe, The ultras found they are weakened and do not have the ability to fly now. They landing in a nearby planet.

"Father, now what are we going to do...?" One asked.

"I do not know..." Zero replied.

Suddenly, a vast amount of light energy fused together and formed a giant being, Ultraman Noa. The Legendary Ultra knows quite about Zero since he revive him when fighting Arc Belial.

"Noa...!" shouted Zero

"Zero, you have arrived in my universe, your destination is at the front, I will give you the power you needed..." said Noa

Noa then gave a light energy to Zero and the others. The Ultras filled with energy including One.

"Thanks Noa..." said Zero

Noa then disappeared. "Let go, guys...!" Zero transformed to his Ultimate form and use the Dimension Travel technique and teleport the others to Reuz's universe.

In the space, Reuz was flying leaving his home planet thus he didn't know the other Ultraman's are headed to his home. Using the Twinkel Way and the power of Ultraman Meteor, he opened up a portal, a same portal like Zero opened earlier and he fly in it.

"I like to explorer the space, it wide, beautiful and full of many intresting thing's that human didn't discover yet..." Haruto spoken in Reuz

"One day, you will be... . You once tell me, the dream can be archived if we didn't give up and trust our Heart that someday we will be..." Reuz giving courage to Haruto

"Thanks... .I will someday. " The both of them have a long distance to move, they didn't tought the portal they opened before was the same as the portal that Zero opened.

Chapter 6 Edit

Zero and the others arrived in a planet in Reuz's universe. They saw an Ultra flying at the sky, with a blue crystal on it's head, on his chest and arm, One reconised him. It was light warrior he fought long ago.

"Who are you...?" shouted Zero

"I also have a same question, who are you...?" ask Reuz

"So you are the one who fought me in the beginning, right....?"

"I don't know what you talking about...but something tell's me that the warrior i fought was...." before Reuz could spoke again, One rush to him.

Ultra BattleEdit

One was infuriated with Reuz. One started a cat fight with Reuz again, but this time, One keep punching and kicking Reuz. Zero stopped One fight with Reuz "Stop it,son! It is useless to fight now, we can settle everything nicely later. Now, it is important the found Faust. We can let off our hatred and be friends."

"Yes, I agree with Zero." said Mebius

"Me too!" said Leo.  Suddenly, monsters appeared and surrounded the Ultras sent by Faust, they are Tyrant,Alien Temperor, Gromite and Slivergon and Alien Guts all of Legendary monster that once fight the Ultra Brothers.

They started fighting with the monsters with One fought Tyrant, Zero fought Alien Temperor, Leo fought Slivergon, Reuz fought Gromite and Mebius fought his arch enemy, Alien Guts.

After a brutal battle with the Ultra's and Monster, they were defeated easily by all of them firing their Ultra Beam and destroy the five monster. One looking to Reuz who was starring at the explosion, Zero seem's concern about the Ultra, why didn't he answer his question, and why he appeared at the same portal as he is.

"You still didn't answer my question, Young Ultra..." said Zero

"I'm...Ultraman Reuz..." replied Reuz 

"So that is your name..., where did you come from?" ask Leo

"I...really don't know. I lost my memory when i was boy Ultra...but i know i now resident's of the Land Of Light before defending the Earth..."

"He's one of the resident's of Land Of Light, our home. So, i think he isn't a bad guy..."

"Hey...Reuz...I'm sorry...about the fight between us...." One said shyly, still ashamed from what he has done

"It's oke. Forget the's already happen" Reuz giving One a courage to get up again

"Can we be friend's...?" ask One

"We already friend, Ultraman One..." replied Reuz, Haruto also Happy having an Ultra as a friend

"Now, we can't wasting time here, Faust still waiting for Us..." said Mebius

Reuz join Ultraman Zero party alongside with One, Mebius and Leo, they five of them go through Ultraman Zero portal and headed to the Land Of Darkness.

Zero think of an solution "Guys, I will call my Ultimate force Zero team to help us in the fight..."

Zero then sent a ultra sign to them whether he know's where they are or not. The four of them got theire power's back and continue fly and waiting for the answer from Zero force. 

Chapter 7Edit

Later, at the Land Of Darkness, Belial seem to be cannot control his waiting motion to wait the Ultra to come, if they didn't come at the time, he will destroy the Land Of Light. More darkclops was created and sent to destroy the Ultra planet but he will wait until the right time.

Upon flying, a few sphere come towards them. It was revealed that they are Jean Nine, Jean Bot ,Mirror. Knight and Glenfire, Zero was happy to see them again after a long time didn't saw each other.

"Hey, Zero brother, long time no see..." said Glenfire

"What is it you come for our help...?" asked Mirror Knight

"Nice to meet you again..." said Jean Bot

"Welcome..."Jean Nine.

"Faust are going to destroy us, we need to stop him. We will talk later, now, let's stop him..." Zero replied to them.

"That's right, let go to Land of Darkness now!" said One

Ultra HeroesEdit

After that, they fly to the Land of Darkness to find Belial add Faust but stopped by a group of robotic monsters and hundreds of Darkclops appeared in front of them. Reuz and One took fighting stances, ready for the fight to come along with Zero and the other's. One keep his fighting style like is father, ignoring the Darkclops kicking to One right side, he immidietly block it using his hand. The darkclops make a mistake for using his emerium beam, One take a chance gathering the light to his hand and release his Crossium Ray, maneged to destroy one Darklops.

Reuz didn't have any troubles fighting the darkclops but he didn't have any idea how to fight a darkclops who look like Zero. Reuz landing a punch on the darkclops face, a scar shape was seen on his formed on his right face, he locked the darklops arm and take it on the sky, he turn the darkclops into upside down formation and slamp it on the ground. It's was weakend badly, Reuz forming x formation using both of his arm to downside and to his chest, his crystal of light change from Blue to Red with flame surrounding him. One was shocked, he didn't know the crystal could change colour. Reuz gathered the flame energy and forming a res sphere, forcing it to the rightside.

Reuz "Overdrive...!" he totse the red sphere to the darkclops, it was vaporized into a red particle's.

"Change colour...?" ask One

"Yeah... .My Crystal Of Light can change into nine diffrent colour, and the one i use is Red Flame..." Reuz replied

"Awesome... .Mine call Strong Mode, it is Red..." 

"Heh, we all have speciality that we can do..." 

"Guys...! There's still more of them...! shouted Zero to both of the young Ultra.

"Let's go...! said One

Mebius and Leo throw the other two remaining darkclops and the grouund, they active ther Fire kick at the same time ther feet surrounding with fire, together they released ther kick to the darkclop's, a crater exist on the ground where the darkclops hitten by the Ultra's power.

Zero releasing his twin sluggers and stuck on his chest, targeting the three darkclops at the same time, he firing the Zero Twin Shot, the darkclops was leaving no mercy and shattered into flame. The Ultra's victory over the darkclops was impressive but not for the unknown alien, he watched with giggle's.

"Took your time, Faust, the real battle never started yet, sent them more monster giving me time to recreated my experiment..." Belial looking to Faust

"My pleesure..." 

One starring at the tower, it's just like the Plasma Spark tower. Reuz noticed something was behind the pile of rock's when they are fighting with the robot's, the Ultra's followed Reuz to the great wormhole, Zero knew all along, if king was destroy and all the Land Of Darkness will be sucked into the wormhole, it's his plan all along. Leo grab a big rock from the last battle they in, he stamp the rock onto the wormhole so that it's save from other's as well.

"A wormhole...who never thought it would exist in here...?" said Mebius

"Still..., there still more of the robot's. We better be careful..." replied Zero

"What's importance to stick to our plan, we can't allowed anything goes through us, i don't want this happen to our presious home. To be honest, i was before sent away from the Land of Light by my father because i was lacking of maners and even close to be like Belial when i about to touch the Plasma Spark, but i really learn the true meaning's of being an Ultra..." Zerou tap his son, One shoulder's

"Guys...i think you need to see this..." said Leo

Chapter 8Edit

There is something very dangerous occurring in the planet. The dark Plasma Spark Tower started to shake, filling up with minus energy that was causing the wormhole.

The Ultras flew into the atmosphere of the planet and landed in front of Belial's  throne.

Zero shouted, "Belial, what do you think you're doing?! Have you not thought about the past crimes you have commited too? And how did you even come back?!"

Belial just raised his hand, and darkness particles began to surround it, giving him such increadible power to him. This power was the same power as the Plasma Spark.

"You see, I'm no longer an Ultra. I'm a Reiblood! Reibloods are the dominant species among the denizens across this universe, we shall rule over them all! And for interfering with my plans, you shall be destroyed!" A sphere of energy was formed from his hand, and Belial shot it towards the Ultras.

One quickly gather his light energy and fired the Crossium Ray that destroyed the energy blast. The blast created a big explosion causing the Ultra's dodge the flaming from the blast.

"Huh, so you wanna go on the offensive, Ultramen?!" Well here we go!" Belial stepped out of his throne, and commanded his army of Darkclops and robots to attack the Ultras, no mercy included.Belial ordered Faust to fight against Reuz and One while Belial will face Zero and Mebius himself once again. 

"I thought Dark Zagi more furious than this... but Belial just like a killing machine..." said Reuz

"You got that right..." replied Mebius

The other ultras and allies fight against the Darkclops. Faust didn't want to fight yet with his Original and the young ultra, he odered the more number of Darkclops to kill them both. Mebius released his Mebium Blade from his Mebius brace, Reuz also change into Indigo Mode, like Mebius, using the Reuz Saber, Reuz can fighting a sword battle with Mebius to fight the big number of robot's.

Reuz swung his saber to the darkclops right hand, it's disconneted from it's body, he charge up his fist with purple colour light, the one he called 'The Joker Ability' to the darkclops face, like before it  explode massively infront of him. While that Mebius keep his sword fighting ability, swing his blade to the robot's stomach and slash it into half, Mebius locked up one of the darkclops hand, giving Reuz a chance to conduct a wind to his blade, the wind was form with electric surrounding it, Reuz released his signature attack by totsing the wind he gathered.

"Cyclone Blade...!" said Reuz/Haruto

Mebius quickly move out from locking the darkclops hand, Reuz attack finally destroy the remaining darkclops. Zero seem to have a happy time fighting the robot's himself, he already experience to fight with them, Zero keep his fighting stance in good looking while dodging every attack from the darkclops had, Zero charge up his fist into a burning fire, punching all of the darkclops with acceleration in split second, one of them using emerium beam, Zero crossed his hand in 'X' formation to receipt the attack. To counter the attack, Zero unleashed his twin slugger's to his chest and firing a blue energy beam.

"Taste of the Zero Twin Shot...!" shouted Zero to all of the darkclops

There still more darkclops coming from the experiment area, Leo was giving everyting he have especially his best techniques attack, Leo Kick. Zero remembered his combination attack that he once use with Leo when fighting the android's Ultra brother's, hence he wan't to use it again to blast off all the remaining darkclops. 

"Leo...! How's about a little come back combination attack...?" ask Zero

"Let's do it...!" Leo agree with Zero word's

Zero twin sugger's returned back to his head, Leo using his both arm each left and right to upwards while Zero also do the same formation as Leo, Zero stop when he combine his hand like triangle shape and Leo clap his hand to Zero hand, the unleashed their strongest combination attack the "Leo-Zero Double Flasher!". Ending all the darkclops including the experiment area destroy in big explosion.

But before Zero could spoke to Leo, Leo was hit by a specium Ray from the King of Darkness, Belial. Leo fell down to the ground with a crater form where he landed hardly. Lucky for him, his colour timer didn't blink yer, he still got some energy to fight. Out of nowhere, One come in such of speed throwing Belial a punch on the face, but the Ultra was simply didn't feel anything, beyond grabbing One hand tightly.

"Arghhhhh...!" One shouted hurting when Belial grabbing his hand

'Belial...! Put him down now...! Belial grabbing One leg and he was upside down now

"So what's more importance from this...? He just a weakling Ultra who have no match with me... .He couldn't kill his friend the Crystal Head Ultra when they off fighting on my illusion planet..." 

"What...?!" Belial throwing One far away, sending him to Mebius and Reuz who still fighting more darkclops. Adventually, One and Reuz knocking each other from behind, the both of them fall down to the ground so hard. 

"I...hate that dark Ultra...!" One coudln't control his temper instead, he wont's forget what Belial word for calling him weakling. One flew back to Belial to avange againt's him, at the same time fighting with his father side. Reuz knew One feeling's, from the look of his face, it's currently tell that he is on anger mood.

"Geez..., he just wouldn't relaxed for a bit..." Haruto on Reuz colour timer, holding the Lock Spark

"We both have been like that before, but it was a long story..." Reuz replied to Haruto word's


Chapter 9Edit

"Huarghhhh...! One released his twin slugger's to his both of his hand, he took a fighting stance using the slugger's.

"Hmm...? Belial looking straight foward to One as he flying toward him. 

One swing his right hand slugger's to Belial but he blocked it using his sharp claws easily, One then swing his left hand slugger's to Belial, One finally hit him on the right side of his eye, leaving Belial a trace of Marking like Zero once did to him. Suddenly, Belial strike One a black thunder from his claws, knocking One backward's on the ground. 

"Son...!" Zero tries to get his son but he was blocked by Belial. Zero lending a chop on Belial shoulder's. The same effect happen as Belial also giving a chop on Zero shoulder's. Belial locked arm with Zero and tried to absorb his power to become more powerful. Several hand slash was blast by Mebius, the slash struck Belial leg and hips and two of them was block by him. Zero strike Belial on his stomach using his elbow, he was released by him, Belial got roar at Zero while firing a Dark Ray toward's him, Zero also unleashed his Wide Shot. The beam stike together at the same time, but Belial lost as his Beam are not stronger than before. Zero wide shot hitting Belial sending him flying backwards into the dust.

"What...?!" Belial look's comfuse. "How did you grown stronger than me...Zero...!?" 

"It's the power of Ultra that grown stronger everytime they fight...even Reyblood could not hurting us...!" Zero replied showing his rocking hand, as he learned it from his second human host, Nozamu Taiga.

"Well...look's like i have no choice but to use it..." Belial spinning himself and and flying toward the underground. Zero noticed some bad will happen if he didn't stop him now.

"Hey...! Wait...!" shouted Zero. Like Belial, Zero jumped to the hole made by Belial.

Battle of SoulEdit

One clambered back up, he saw his father was not on the ground anymore, they must have been fighting in the underground. Mebius and Leo went to the main room where the Plasma of Darkness was kept, in odered to destroy this planet, the Spark must be destroy completely. Everyone except Reuz, the young ultra was gone somewhere.

"Where's is he anyway...?" mummurs One. He kept his flying stance to find his friend, otherwise something bad happen to him.

At the area of the city, the city created by Faust with no human leaving there. Faust and Reuz finally showing off their face for the second time after they fight on Earth. Faust rise his hand to the sky, a unknown hole behind of him shooting's lightning bolt's at Reuz, he crossed his hand to receipt the attack. Faust then fired a red beam to Reuz but it misses as Reuz dodge roll to the right of the city.

"Look's like you dodge my fire attack..., so you really do know's my attack..." said Faust pointing to Reuz

"Faust..., it's doesn't be like this... .You can't live in terror killing living thing's that lived..." said Haruto

"So you really do remember me this time... .Im so flatthered...!" a swurl of Fire surrounding the both of the Ultra's, a red fire. Even so Reuz didn't scared at the fire, same as Haruto, opening his hand to absorb all of the fire into his chest creating a red sphere on his chest.

"Reuz Fireball...!" Haruto shouted at Faust. He totse his fireball that he absrob moment's later toward's Faust. He couldn't dodge it clearly as the fireball was coming close to him. A large explosion and for a moment, Haruto thought they win the fight as Faust no longer see in the flame. Reuz turned over and about to take a flight, he was struck by a swurl of Thunderbolts, Knocking Reuz backwards and fall down on the ground.

"Don't be so sure this is the end...the real fight just get started...!" Faust voice coming from the explosion

"W-what...?" said Haruto. He got the same effect as Reuz did.

Faust transformed into his Emperor form, a dar kenergy covered his body, he was amored and a red cape behind him. On the back, there was four diffrent weapons, all of them in a sphere shape. Faust gathered a minus energy and fired a dark ray towards Reuz but a very powerful spectrum ray shot and the beam clashes against each other but Faust was knocking back. He simply didn't know who's firing the other ray attack, only tought Reuz just knee on the ground.

"Who was that...!?" ask Faust

"One...Ultraman One...! Son of Zero...!" said One to Faust. Haruto and Reuz happy to see One, tought he just will die there with Faust.

It was Ultraman One. One transferred some his energy to Reuz and Reuz was filled with energy again. The two young Ultra's standing beside's and took a fighting stances together. 

"Let's finish this, Reuz...!" said One

"Yeah...!" replied Reuz

Faust didn't care what the Ultra's plan or what they will do, withing his new power that he absrob from Belial dark power, he was invincible with the power of Emeperor Mode. Legend said that the Emperor Form weild a four diffrent legendary weapon but cannot destroy by the Light, only if the weilder perish it also be vanish forever.

"Arghh...! It's all end...! My new power that i absorb from Belial, he will knock down in minutes also vanished forever...!"

Chapter 10 Edit

Belial vs ZeroEdit

Belial landed in that hole and walked towards a tower underground supplies with Minus energy and started to transform some dark energy in him. The crystal green orbs that he use to inherit's it and absrob all of it power to make him more new forms, like he use it to form arch mode when he become a gigantic monster to defeat Zero and his allie's.

"Stop it, Belial..." shouted Zero landed on the ground and saw Belial's absorbing the energy

"Zero, you remember the form I use when I am in your body...?" Belial replied

"Impossible...!" said Zero

Belial then absorb all the dark energy and transformed into Zero Darkness. It's looks impossible to Zero as Zero Darkness only can be form if Belial prosseses him but he didn't know Belial can transforming himself into him.

Zero Darkness then rush to Zero, using his hyper acceleration. Zero started fighting with Belial (Zero Darkness). Belial took flight up to the ground while Zero touch his Twin slugger's and about to throws them on Belial. 

"Take this!"shouted Zero. He then throws his double sluggers to Belial and Belial as Zero Darkness throw his against Zero. The slugger's have equal match each other hitting everywhere as Zero want's too, the same as Belial command's it. Withouth any each of the slugger's loose, they returned back to their master's head.

Belial then fire his Dark Wide Shot and Zero fired his own, then two beam clashes together, creating an explosion. Zero was sent away as the Dark Wide Shot hitting him on the chest beside's his colour timer, crashing on the building's to buildings. Zero get up again but something glow's red on his chest, his colour timer started blinking. The land of darkness really removed the light energy to become minus energy.

"Arghh...! If it turn's like this..., all of us will lose...!" said Zero while touching his colour timer. His hoping his Son and the Young Ultra, Reuz find their way to stop the other ultra like Belial.

One and Reuz vs FaustEdit

One and Reuz were fighting against Faust, who is dominated all the minus energy to form his new form, the Emperor Mode. One flew toward's Faust and throwing a multiple punch, but where Faust blocked it using his right hand, but somewhere Reuz come in helping hand kick Faust on the rips, leaving Faust fell to the ground with trenches spot on the ground.

"You can't defeat me!" Reuz lending a punch and kick Faust but the two of them got the same effect, Faust grab Reuz neck, holding it tightly while his fist was covered with dark aura. Having hope, One remembers his training before with his father, absorbing all of his techniques including the Strong Corona Mode into Strong mode, One changes into Strong form and gathered flame energy surround him, his hand began fire and he fired the Inferno Ray against Faust, he released Reuz and Faust blocked that attack easily with his new improved shield.

Reuz changes his crystal colour to red and shouted "Overdrive...!" In the meant time, Faust forming a triangle shape techniques, the dark energy covering his hand and fired his Dark Revolium Ray and the dark ray overpower the Overdrive techniques and knock Reuz around. His colour timer began to blink red, and become faster in minutes. He fainted down on the ground.

"W-what...? Why is that i feel my power drowning...!?" Haruto was pushed into his knee and feeling weekened

"Reuz...!" Like Reuz, One colour timer also blink red and become rapidly in minutes. Even still have some energy left, One feel like his pwoer was gone but his form still remain in Strong Mode.

"You'r...power's...have giving the darkness food and they will become more stronger than ever... .Could you imagined the Planet core will destroy the other's too...?" Faust wake up from fainted

After that, Faust walked away but stopped by Mebius who sent by Leo to help One and Reuz in case they got trouble fighting, Mebius was easily defeated by Faust, he was no match for the invincible Ultra strength.

One then put his triple sluggers into his chest, still got his father strong techniques and he about to use it again.

"Triple Sluggers shot..., fire!!" The beam was so strong that knocked Faust down and Fuast was being unconscious. The same thing happen to Reuz who never wake up from fainted away, Haruto also didn't wake up, he was in a vision in his dream, a Galaxy Dream.

Ginga appearing in Reuz dreamsEdit

Reuz was unconscious but Reuz and Haruto are in a dream! Reuz was defeated there, an unknown warrior with the same crystal of light like Reuz appeared infront of him, and with a Human standing infront Haruto tought's it was a dream.

"Reuz, my successor, please wake up..."

"W-who is that...?" said Reuz

"I am...Ultraman Ginga and you are my successor..."the voice, revealed to be Ultraman Ginga. The legendary Ultraman Galaxy who's his story defending the earth once was a top new's on the Land Of Light even so he was not from there.

"Ginga..., what should I do...?" Reuz asked

"Reuz, do not give up, you have the light, make the impossible possible using the strength in your heart to change the future..."


"So what's if it look like, if i were you...i still not want to give up... .Embrace the light on your heart and what ever happen protect someone important to you..."

"The true strength in you will know what to do..."Ginga replied

Hikaru appeared and helping Haruto get up, he smile at Haruto who didn't bow to Giving up meaning's.

"You already beat him once do you...? This should be a snap..." said Hikaru

"Yeah..." Haruto ready to fight again

" know what i told you..." 

"That's right... .I am your Living Legacy..." Ginga word's giving Reuz courage to fight again even his colour timer still blink.

Faust standing up again, he and Reuz connected somehow knewing his vision is Ultraman Ginga, he turned to Reuz and summoned his Scythe, the most unnatural weapon use to fight the Light. One helping Mebius out, he saw Faust walking toward's Reuz and withouth talking much, he flew to Faust and lending a double kick to Faust, sending him fly away from Reuz.

A light was shine on the ground where Reuz fainted, Reuz getting up again. He belived Ginga word's and he belived somewhere he will archived his dream and Haruto dream's to become the Space Explorer. He cross his hand to his crystal of light on his head, it change into Violet colour.

Reuz"Omni Slash...!" Reuz fire a purple blade on his head while One and Mebius also firing there Ultra Beam, the Crossium Ray and Mebium Beam. The combining beam's strike Faust on the chest but he was looking happily, he began to absorb the power from the three Ultra's.

"Thanks for you power...i can regenarate into Emperor Mode V2...!" said Faust

"V2...? Is that suppose to be stronge word's...?" ask One

"Originally, V2 meant's he become more powerful than before, and new power was upgared on the form..." said Mebius, touching his colour timer start's to blink

"Hence,... if we don't recharged back our timer's...we just become a dead body in this land, it absorb our energy and sent to them...!"

One, Mebius and Reuz together took a fighting stances and ready for the next attack, Faust was grown stronger like Dark Zagi, he created an energy ball of dark cyclops and throw it to them, they barely avoiding it so that their power's didn't absorb by darkness. Reuz didn't have time tp discuss about what Ginga meaning to say "The true strength in you will know what to do...", Faust fired a dark cluster of minus energy he generated, to the trio's, but only One who managed active his shield while the other's have no chance but to suffer the blast on the ground on behind them.

"This isn't over yet...Faust!" said One pointing to Faust face. But he also blast by Faust, all of the three of them falling down on the building's until the light of unknown warrior shine's bright at them.

Chapter 11Edit

Enter, S!Edit

"Eh? I didnt hear of this..." The light shone on the three Ultras, smirking.

"W-what the hell are you...?!" Faust pointed at the being of light, with Reuz and One also bewildered.

The light particles began to dissapate, revealing the giant.

"Ultraman.... S." The new Ultra, who was named S, pointed an accusing finger towards Faust, "I heard you were the Dark Ultra terrorizing this universe?"

"And I heard you were sorta an Ultraman!" Faust laughed evilly, with S just clenching his fist.

"Let's wrap this up." S mummured, and suddenly did a spinning kick towards the dark Ultra, similar to Mebius' Mebium Spin Kick, which sent the dark Ultra flying backwards.

"M-mebium Spin Kick?! H-how...." One asked the Ultra, who looked wary at One.

"Ha, you look similar to my mentor. Here," S held out both his hands for the two Ultras to grasp, which they gladly accepted, "And it's called the High Spin Kick, a technique Master Zero taught me."

"Z-zero?!" Reuz and One seemed confused, but S just signalled them:

"Attack now, questions later. Let's do this." All three Ultras got into their fighting stances, ready to defeat the dark Ultra in front of them.

"Don't be so naive, you all can't defeat me!" Faust had an aura of great darkness emit from him, something a normal human would fear. But the three giants charged towards the evil giant, not holding back.

"You...." One landed a punch on Faust's torso, receiving one himself, but gladly dodged. He then proceeded to swirl kick the Ultra, and ultimately succeeded, with Faust giving a winch of pain.

"...are the one..." S changed from normal to a yellowish-brown form, absorbing rocks into his arm, creating a hammer. He then used the hammer, slamming it down on Faust, but it just wasn't enough.

"...being naive here!" Reuz suddenly landed multiple punches against Faust, with Faust replying, "Too weak." 

" not weak! Brave Mode!" a golden "V" shaped stripe appeared on Reuz's body, with a energy blade being emmited from his arm. "Blade....OVERLOAD!" Swirling like a tornado, Reuz cut through Faust's body with ease, with the giant of darkness suddenly backing down.

"Alright!" One suddenly turned red, calling himself "Strong Form". Fiery flames emmited from his arms, with him landing punches on Faust's body, one after another. "One...INFERNO RAY!"  The young Ultra charged his arms with fire, with Faust trying to counter him by releasing fireballs, but that wasn't enough, and the beam struck Faust, greatly weakening him.

"Hageshi Armor! Stronium Brace! Normal Form!" pieces of armor surrounded S, attaching to him, as well as a brace. He then turned normal again, and proceeded to attack Faust with all his might. The blade managed to cut through Faust's skin, revealing the dark energy within him. "Armorium CRUSH!" energy channeled from S' chestpiece to the glove on his right hand, which then shot out a destructive beam, greatly pushing back Faust to a rock.

"Let's finish this..." S performed several arm actions, charging his arms with energy. One started to put his arms in an "+" position, while Reuz put his arms in an "L" position.

"Ultra...COMBINATION DRIFT!" The three then fired their beams together, the beams joining together to form a destructive and powerful drift of energy. This hit Faust, which sent him flying backwards.

"I-I...will not forget this!" The three Ultras turned around, as Faust exploded into oblivion...

(If you're writing more about Faust, just say he survived the beam)

The explosion really giving the Ultra's some relief, Mebius hope their Combination Attack killing Faust away leaving in dust. Their energy began to disappeared but only S remained at full power, One didn't seem to be fair but he just glad the battle end but what could happen to his father now?

"Hey... erm, S right...? How come you the only remain at full power as we just disapearing our power one by one...?" ask One looking unfair

"Well, it's is because i come from far away, and why my timer not blink because i was not come here on purpose, i sense a dark energy coming to the portal and i know that must Faust who adventually destroy the peacefull live on Planet Earth once, it tought that guy might the one who succeded it by firing the Ultra beam on his chest, the more the light shine's the more darkness will be vaporized in him..."

"What do you mean by that guy...?" ask Mebius

"I meant...the crystal of Light guy... his the one who save the Earth destruction by Faust..., i was thankful to him..." S replied

"Faust only destroy if he and i...merging to be im not complete withouth him..." Reuz spoke to S and the other's

"So how come you can live right now...doesn't that mean your a ghost...?" 

"I'm not... .The reason why i can live is that Haruto is in me...with the Human host i could survive like any other Ultraman's, but if i returned to the Land Of Light, i can live like other ultraman as well..."

"But he doesn't like it...he become destuctive creature like Dark Zagi...he destroy everything he was odered too..."

Just as S about to returned to his universe, a vast amount of Darkness scattered around them, they were the soul of the undead warriors thousand years ago. Coming through the tunnel where Belial was, and Faust exploaded.

"You see...this isn't over yet... do you think the attack might work on surely wrong...!" Faust waking up like a vampire

"W-what...?! Even our Combination Attack isn't killing him enough?" Even in angry look, S kept himself calm and think of another solution to defeat the dark ultra

"My crystal of dark can absorb tons of Light energy to oure dark energy...that's what keep me stronger everytime i was hit..."

"Impossible...!" Suddenly, another Zero but in black and red colour was chasing by the real Zero through the skies, but upon looking to Faust, the other Zero landed beside him and revert back to Belial itself. Zero landed beside's his son and the other Ultra's.

"Hey S...When do you come...?" Zero ask his student in such a happy mood

"Haha, just for a while helping the young ultra's defeate the Crystal clone, but it didn't give him even a scar..." replied One

"I noticed that..." Not long after that, Leo arrived with something unnormal thing's

"Take a look at this...this is a piece of Plasma Darkness, i pick it on Belial experimental area, so using this, he can created more Planet than one" Leo showing the piece of Plasma Darkness

"Hmm, so you investigated huh..?"

"Looks like you all have giving me no choice but to use the Plasma Spark power..., i wan't to use my last wish to kill all of you at once..."

"Is that's suppose to be joke...? Cause i'm not laughfing...! The plasma spark contain's to much power for you to may can destroy your body...!" said Sorta

"He is a jerk anyway..." said Sakate on Sorta colour timer but was silen't by Sorta for not interupt the Ultra conversation

The Plasma Spark began spread the darkness trought Belial and Faust, all of his plan are successes, after all the fight he has fighting, he got the power of Zero and Plasma Darkness. Sorta then cross his hand and fire his Crossium Ray toward's Faust but he was shield by the lord of Darkness.

The Ultra who made the shield was Belial. The shield then convert the beam into dark energy and the energy goes to the Dark Plasma Spark Tower and suck into their colour timer to become more dark energy for them.

"Hahaha...I am king of Darkness..., you are just too wea. Faust, go to Plasma Spark and gather the Plasma Spark energy, we will become one ultra and finish everyone here, and rule the universe, I will handle them." said Belial

"As you wish, my lord..." Faust only obey his lord odered tought he knows it will destroying his body forever...but to defeat his original is the reason why he live right now.

The Ultra were just standing by took a fighting stance looking at both of the dark ultra in a purple sphere, Belial and Faust leapt to the air and turn into shadow combine together into one being. The only being to be the destroyer of all living alien's, monster and including Ultraman's, the being landing down on the spot where the Plasma Spark was there. Even they were at advantagous position, the Light one will fight to the very end in odered to save their clinet's, familie's and friend's.

"I hope...i could be Ultraman Saga again..." said Zero in hoping he could be the Strongest Ultra, but withouth his friend's Dyna and Cosmos, he was unableto do it alone.

"We only hope we can defeat that being..." replied Sorta tapping One shoulder, giving the young ultra hope to fight

"Tired of Waiting...?" an unknown voice come come from the sphere, a large body, weilding a amor of Kaizer and a Purple Colour timer standing infront of them

"Dark...Baron!" said the black and dark blue warrior, who was Belial fusion with his servent Faust becoming the destructor, Baron.

"We all gonna die..." One loosing hope to see the dark being, infront of them hold a sword of Icarus

"How suppose to beat him...?" ask Leo, he has no idea what's will come into the. Zero was dead end for reason, he just standing like puppet, his arch enemy has fuse like him.

"He must have suck my Fusion power when i was fighting with him..." 

"Then we have to beat him by force and physical, Let's go!" said Reuz. He active his Blue aura mode, the only mode he use when fighting One back at the Illusion Planet created by Belial, but only One who cannot transform again the Aura mode, only if his Father allowed him too.

"'s about time to use it" Zero giving permission to his son to use the great power belong to him

"Thanks Father...!" One active his aura mode. Both of the Young Ultra's ready to fight again with Mebius changing into Burning Brave mode, Zero change into Strong Corona Mode, Leo ready with his Ninjuku, a type of special ninja weapon back on old tradision in Japan, and Sorta hand touch his bracelet and swung it, he turned Yellow.

"That's awesome..." said One who looking toward's Dark Baron, the six of them took fighting stance while Baron only look at them

Chapter 12Edit

Despair of the ultrasEdit

One using his aura mode against Belial.Mebius fired the Mebium Burst against Dark Baron but Dark Baron created a shield made of minus energy. Leo used his ring but Dark Baron fired a dark energy and knocked Leo fainted, he was able to back up again but to much damage he take to prevent from hitting by the Dark energy.

Zero changed into Strong Corona mode and uses a series of punches and kicks against Dark Baron which hurt Dark Baron significantly. Zero then combine his Garnet Buster with One rainbow light to destroy Dark Baron but Dark Baron held it and fired the beam back, weakening One and Zero, a blast of explosion behind making them loose balance of themself.

"Take this..., Dark Baron, Maximum Cross Ray...!" shouted Reuz to Dark Baron. Reuz fired the maximum power Reuz cross ray against Dark Baron but suffer the same fate as Zero and One. Reuz clambered up again, he hold's Ginga's word's, The living Legacy.

When Sorta in yellow, Dark Baron easily defeat Sorta but his ultimate attack, Deathcium Shot. But Sorta only was shot on his shoulder, but he covered it with his hand so that the light wouldn't come out. But he come with a new solution, only that the both young Ultra weild his power.

"Ultramen, prepared to live in despair..." Dark Baron shouted at the Ultra's

"His is two powerful..." One said as he turned back to Normal form. His power didn't enought to hold the Strong Form, he was weakned badly.

"Too powerful...!" Zero said in his Normal form. His colour timer blinking rapidly in second's

"We must not give up hope...!"Mebius words of encouragement. Same as Leo agree with his brother, Zero, One and even Reuz and Sorta.

Faust talking to Belial inside Dark BaronEdit

"Ultramen, still not afraid to die...huh...?" ask Faust inside Baron

"We should fly to the Dark Plasma Spark and destroy the Ultramen bodies and covert their light energy to minus energy and so we can rule the universe..." Belial on Dark Baron replied Faust question

"We shall do it..." said Faust

Chapter 13 Edit

"Let's release our final light..." said Mebius

Sorta raising his hand "Fight for our future... for Human's, Universe and Ultraman's!"

"We never give up..." One rising his hand

"Future is ours, we fight for it..." Zero rising his hand

"Yes...the sake of the Future depends on us...!" Leo rising their Hand

"Never give protect someone important to us and darkness has not right to rule this universe...!" Reuz rising his hand

New ultra appearEdit

"Sorry guys, I am going for another mission. I will not be joining you. But to helping you, i lent  my Heigashi Armor and Storium Bracelet to fused into the new ultra..." said Sorta. After that, Sorta have the Heigashi Armor and Storium Bracelet and left the planet into the portal hoping the Ultra's can destroy the evil side of darkness. The Ultras light fused with the Sorta's items. Other light fused with the ultra light and became a intense light, a light shine's everywhere even in darkside place, they will always be a little light to protect everyone.

The light was so intense that destroyed the Minus energy created by Dark Baron. He was only shocked to see the light and start to scared but keep his inner self, he will destroy everything.

"Who are you?" ask Dark Baron

The light formed a new ultra, similar to Saga, an ultra was a crystal of light, colour timer and Bracelet. Wearing an Ultimate Amor, a gift on a Friend of them, and the Crystal of Light shine rainbow colour.

"I am Ultraman Uzone...!We will defeat you..." said the light being

"Right, I will send you to hell then..." said Baron

Reuz "Thanks...Ultraman Sorta..."

"It's Now or Never...!" said Reuz

Chapter 14 Edit

Final battle with Dark BaronEdit

Dark Baron then run towards Uzone and they engages in fighting. Uzone delivered a kick to a Dark Baron and damage Baron slightly. Dark Baron preparing to deliver a punch to Uzone. The fusion ultra fired a light slash from his hands that knocked Dark Baron back.

"We cannot be afford to be defeated..." said Baron

"We will defeat once" said Uzone

Withouth anymore chat, Baron released his Axe and change it into a giant size and he chop to Uzone but it was slow, Uzone accelerate himself to the safe place. Dark Baron delivered his Deathcium Ray towards Uzone, but the light Ultra cross his hand and forming a shied which forming a spiral of galaxy and the ray vanish. Like Baron, Uzone also fire his Uzone Beam to Baron, it's hit Baron chest completely and sent him far away. 

Dark Baron clambered back up, he show a stern look at Uzone, he didn't give up to destroy the univerese, somehow Uzone is stronger than him. Baron didn't have any choice but to active his Final power's, Emperor Baron. A combination of Faust Emperor Mode and Reyonix mode of Belial. The amor attaches to Baron body and both of his hand weild the Darkness item, Baron Sword and Kaizer Blade.

"W-what..? He fused again with the Amor attaches to his body..." said Leo

"I got a better plan..." said One

Uzone touch his braclet in cross formation, he than swing it which make his bracelet shine's the light to come out from it. Some kind of amor also attaches his body, the amor as a gift from a friend and student of them and the bracelet was improve to Extreme Brace. Uzone then released his twin blade's, by touching the Crystal Of Light on his right hand, he swung it and the blade exist, same as he does on the Extreme Brace, the saber exist.

"Well...we are equal..this is fun...!" said Dark Baron

"Let's do this...!" said Reuz

Baron and Uzone rush to each other at the same time using their own acceleration techniques and for hopes Uzone finally locked arms with Baron, he couldn't move out. Just about that, Uzone noticed the Plasma Darkness was not in good condition, it's about to explode. But Baron quickly disappeared and appeared back besides the Spark, he grab it and opened his jaws, he eat's the Plasma Spark, the power of darkness was now in him and he was been unstopable this time. Zero inside Uzone shocked that Belial would eat the Plasma Spark.

Uzone grab his fist, he was control by Zero who cannot control the cruel of Belial has done everything throught their first battle until now. He's didn't want to loose anymore, for the hope of People from Land Of Light, he and the other's brother will defeated the Dark Baron. Uzone once again stand up from temper, he finally took fighting stance using the twin blade's, he ready for the final battle.

The both of them fight again, the blade that Uzone swing it clash with Baron sword and blade's, causing a big bang of sounds. Baron kick's Uzone on the stomach, just about he want to slice Uzone, the amor where on Uzone body glow brighter of light making Baron weakned of the glowing, the Amor shot a beam in the middle of Uzone colour timer, sending Baron far away to the magma but he stop and controlling his balance back. Uzone right hand touch his chest, noticed it's must be a new power active by Zero, Zero Twin Shot or One Triple Shot.

"New power...?" ask Mebius

"I did odered to destroy him, i fused my power to Uzone Light Shot..." replied Zero

"Awesome father..." said One

"What's next...?" said Reuz

"Wait him for Baron for his comeback...maybe..." the Ultra start to giggle but they quickly get serious back. Tought it is the real battle

"Look...!" said Leo

A fire of magma start to apperaed behind Baron, it is the devil. Dark Baron gathering the soul of dead monster become his food. He become stronger than before, but Only Belial who got the food while Faust can't do anything beyond waiting to battle. Baron fired his ultimate attack, Baron Crusher toward's Uzone, the ray hit Uzone on the stomach causing him to fall on the magma, Uzone was stopless, he can't die right now, the world needs him.

"Ahh...Uzone! Uzone...! Cheering the citizens on Land Of Light

"Uzone, Uzone, Uzone...! Ultraman Uzone...!" more cheering from the Ultra Brother's

"Don't give...Uzone!" said Noa in a vision with Ultraman King beside's him

"Get up...Ultraman Uzone!" said UltraSeven. The cheering finally woke up all of the Ultra's from Uzone to not give up of hope. Uzone crystal of light, Extreme Bracelet and Amor glowing gold, the Ultra's supporting them giving they new spirit to fight, the Ultra Spirit. Uzone body turn into Aura Mode glowing into Gillter Mode. Uzone fly up back to the main land infront of Baron.

"Glitter Mode...!" said One 

"What...what...?!" said Baron

Dark Baron shot his dark bullet's to Uzone, but it misses with Uzone increadible speed, he cross his hand and slash his blade to Baron, leaving a scar on the chest. Baron quickly use his acceleration, the speed was not in equal match as Uzone speed got faster and faster. Baron strike Uzone using Faust Blade but Uzone slice Faust again, this time on the stomach. Baron opened his mouth and roar, he was hurt again.

Uzone leanding by kicking up a cirle of durt, he stand up back. Inside of him, the Ultra touch each other hand in line up of five of them, in the middle is One beside's his best friend Reuz. The light of them giving Uzone at his Full force to fire their final attack. Uzone cross his hand in a straight line like a triangle shape, he opened it making the light absorb into his Colour Timer, Uzone then cross again making the light absorb again to his timer, and he cross again for the third time for the cheering support from his friend, Uzone rise his hand in circle formation and put on in 'L' position, a yellow light ray was fired from his right arm. 

Baron use his special attack, he rise his hand on the skies, a swurl of black thunder struck his right hand and he cross in circle formation, he put on in '+' position and fired a purple dark ray from his left arm, the beam from Uzone clash again at the same time with Baron Ray, the ray was moving fast and the Ultra were not ready to give up. But Baron dark ray was almost destorying Uzone Ray.

"Huarghhhh...!' said One

"Harghh...!" Hibino Mirai on Mebius

"This is...for our future...!" said Haruto

"The power of Ultraman's...!" said everyone

The crystal of ligth, the Extreme Brace on Uzone, glowing bright, Uzone powered up his Ray, the Ray almost destroying Baron Ray, and Baron has no hope. The ray hitting Baron on the colour timer, it's broken apart, Baron explode in massive flame. Uzone finally destroy the Dark Ultra, but they forgot the important thing about the Land of Darkness. 

"Wait...if the King was dead, than this land also will suck into the wormhole..." The ground start to shake, the wormhole get's bigger and bigger, it suck's all of the dead darkclops, the tower and also building's.

"We must get out of here...!" shouted Zero inside Uzone

Uzone jump to the skies and fly at maximun speed, but even his fastest flight, the wormhole suck them all into the hole forever, nonthing left, all of them were stuck into the Black hole created by Belial, all of his plan finally work, not only his dead, but also the Ultra's. 

"No...!" said Ultraseven

"Hmm..." Ultraman King look concern, while Noa just now they would alive. In the first place he has predict that Uzone will exist and the Ultra live.

Just then, the space where the black hole exist was break like mirror, sawing Uzone break free from the black area. The Ultra's cheering up, they would knew he would be alright just like Noa predict. Althought Dark Baron was not exist anymore, but only Faust still seen beside's Uzone, he was badly injured. Uzone cross his hand to his chest, he seperetaed back into One, Reuz, Mebius, Zero and Leo. The Ultra celebrated for the victory of them but not Reuz, who starring at Faust. Uzone was an ultra alone after their separation.

"Uzone, how did you became yourself...?" One asked

"I was once an ultra alone, Belial came and broke me into pieces but my light come to you and the ultras that became me..." Uzone replied to One question's

After that, Uzone then flight away from the Ultras to Noa's universe. He will live immortals and forever shine the light to them.

"I going to miss Uzone..." said One

"Yes, he left..." said Zero. Faust then spoke toward Reuz for his last moment of his death.

" have right to just a soul of you...i can't be exist now..." said Faust

"Everyone can live even they were just simple..." said Haruto/Reuz

"Heh..." for the first time, Faust smile to Reuz and a happy look

"Look shard..." said Faust. He began to disappeared into a blue light, and the blue light forming on Reuz body and greatly disappeared.

"What was that...?" ask One

"Faust...and i finally merging back..." replied Reuz. "He not bount to darkness anymore and free from being a servent..." 

"Good news for us..." said Leo

The ultra laugh for the Leo joke's, it is simply funny. The Ultra defeated Dark Baron, and the most cruel Belial. They work has done, the Ultra flight back to the Land Of Light with Reuz also following them even he has mission on Earth.

Chapter 15 FinalEdit

Ultra's VictoryEdit

A group of Ultramen swoop down into the crystalized planet of light, with more giants cheering their way on. These Ultramen had just defeated one of the worst threats to the universe, Dark Baron.

"Yea! We won!" all Ultras from different areas of the planet came to celebrate this victory over the forces of darkness, Belial and Faust were defeated once and for all.

Zero, One, Mebius, Leo and Reuz, all these Ultras had certainly helped out during the time where despiar had grasped all. Combining into the legendary Ultra known as Uzone, they combined their hearts and minds into one, single being, whose duty was to defeat the giant of darkness known as Dark Baron. Alas, they eventually, and ultimately, defeated the fiend.

Ultras from all around the globe, young and old, powerful and normal, this didn't matter. They just had to celebrate the joyous occasion.

"So, what is the good news?" Sorta, who had just finished his current errands, landed on the reflective surface. He looked left to right, noticing the crowd cheering.

"Oh, we won. We were just about to go to the speech now," One replied to Sorta's question, who just smirked.

"Ah, the sweet smell of victory. How about we go to the 'speech' you mentioned?" Sorta just put his hands into the air, embracing victory at its finest.

One and Reuz just laughed at Sorta's guesture, while Leo, Mebius and Zero, they nodded at the joy the Land of Light was recieving. Belial was finally defeated.

"Ok now, now is not the time to get too excited. We should just calm down, and go to the speech, ok? Sorta, how about we invite you to this speech?" Zero calmed One and Reuz down, while inviting Sorta to the ceremony and speech.

"Sure, I don't see the reason why not. It seems exciting. Except for the speech, that is." Sorta, just making another joke, made One and Reuz giggle again.

"Ah, young Ultras nowadays..." Leo folded his arms, with Zero following suit. Mebius just scratched his head.

"Oh yeah, about the Ultraman Zero thing...." One inquired Sorta, who just folded his arms.

"Uh, why do you look similar to Zero in the first place?" Sorta, who seemed confused about the alternate universe thing, asked One.

"Oh, heh heh, he's Zero's son." Reuz replied to Sorta's inquiries, who just nodded.

All the Ultras gathered in front of a giant platform made up of crystal, which seemingly was massive. It looked like it was only used for grand ceremonies and speeches. A towering being, with a fully grown beard and a massive red cape with an insignia on it, walked onto the stage. He positioned himself, and prepared for the speech.

"Evil, it has risen again. But we were able to defeat it because of these couple o' brave Ultras." The giant pointed to the group of Ultras, with all of them stepping out in honor. One and Reuz just followed suit with the rest, not knowing what to do. 

"And you, young one." The giant of light pointed his finger to Sorta, who just stepped out in command. The giant seemed familiar to Sorta, who was anxious to know who it was.

"We have just combated a powerful and dangerous darkness, one that could not be measured. Fortunately, the universe, has been protected by these group of Ultramen. Leo," Leo stepped onto the stage, followed by Mebius, then Zero, and finally Reuz and One. Sorta continued to kneel before the immense giant.

The being of light, known as Ultraman King, pinned up badges to these herioc warriors, in a ceremonious state of being. These badges were only given out to the bravest of soldiers, namely those who had fought in the wars, or had defeated the darkness. 

"Come here, young one." King summoned Sorta up to the stage, who just followed orders, "You look familiar. What's your name?"

"S-Sorta, how about y-yours?" Sorta asked so informally, with King just chuckling.

"My senses tell me that that must not be revealed yet. Anyways, here is the badge of honor, for helping these warriors." King pinned up Sorta's badge.

"We must strive to defeat the darkness terrorizing the endless boundaries of space and time, as that is our duty, as Ultramen!" King ended the ceremony with a final touche, with the Ultramen just cheering on....

((This King is wearing a hood to cover his face, because of an incident. Just make sure Sorta doesn't see it.))

Evil continuesEdit

"Stupid.... U-Ultramen!" A figure of darkness, he had just obtained two scars on his eyes, the scars of defeat. Belial, stood defeated on the dark planet, swearing revenge on the Ultras.

"T-time... for my secret weapon!" Belial unveiled an army of Darkclops from the rock he was standing on. It was actually revealed to be an emergency spaceship, holding his backup army when he ever needed it.

"And also...." Belial touched his scars as he used the remants of his Minus Energy, to create a giant of evil, One Darkness. A giant that looked just like One, with the capabilities to destroy the template, the real, Ultraman One!

"Get Faust back, I want him back!" Belial sent a troop of backup Darkclops after Reuz. He needed Faust for his sinister plan, a plan so terrible that no other Ultra could think of......

The End.... or is it?

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