Human Host/Form: Arie Ishikari
Zena Wakura
Own Human Form
Gender: Male
Age: Over 150,000 years old
Height: 55 meters
Weight: 66,000 tonnes
Home world: Land of Light (Birthplace, Former Originworld)
Series: Ultraman One
Ultraman Geed Reboot
Type: Villain turned Anti-Hero
Fighter Type: Strength Fighter
Fighter Sub-type: Physical Fighter
Family Ultraman Geed (Clone & Youngest Son)
Sombre (Elder Daughter)
Warheir (Older Son)
Ultrawoman Arasi (Parthner)
Reionics ("Siblings")
Alien Reiblood (DNA Progenitor)
Affiliation Faust, Ultraman Virus, Ultraman Emperor (Former Comrades)
Dark Hazel (Former, estranged)
Dark Baron (Fusion with Faust)
Ultraman Zero (Archrival, Former Fusion Parthner)
100 Monster Army, Belial Galactic Empire (Former Armies)
Terror The Belial
The Darkness Five
Kei Fukuide (Former)
Jugglus Juggler
Created by Tsuburaya Productions, adapted by Zhu Huong Ng

Belial is a powerful evil Ultra who was banished from the Land of Light from his crimes. Belial serves as the main villain for Ultraman One and Ultraman Geed Reboot. After being revived, he served as an anti-hero character.


Belial is an Ultra who is known for his pride in surprassing his peers and his greed in obtaining power from the Plasma Spark which leads to his banishment.

Belial then adopts a cruel and ruthless personality, killing anyone brutally who stands up in his way and those he views them as a "tool", showing no form of remorse towards them. Belial usually speaks in an evil but grin tone and laughs maniacally whenever his plans come into the fruition. Although Belial denies the claim, deep down Belial felt sorrow and tired through his resurrections and starting his goals for revenge.

After being revived, Belial realizes that continue wanting to take vengeance is pointless as he wouldn't get the recognition he wished for and wish to lead his life more meaningfully by searching for something that's worth protecting as an "Ultraman" with his great strength. However Belial retains his cold-hearted personality and prefers staying alone and preferring not crossing paths with others. Although Belial will fight with his family over disagreeing ideals, Belial started feeling blissful and importance of having family and ensuring their safety through helping them to fight threats.



Belial was a great fighter in the past, he was the lover of Ultrawoman Arasi as a student in college in his younger days before joining the Space Garrison. Belial then become best friends with Ultraman Ken as predicted by Arasi, Belial and Ken become the ones responsible for ending the Great Ultra War with Belial dealing against Alien Empera's forces with Ken defeating the dark emperor himself. Afterwards, Belial participated in the marriage between one of his close friend and Ken, and also helped the couple in rebuilding the Space Garrison and Sliver Medical Corps alongside Arasi. While making plans for his marriage with Arasi, an elected was held between Ken and Belial but much to Belial's disappointment, Ken was promoted as the Supreme Commander as the Space Garrison. Feeling jealous towards his best friend, Belial went forth and attempted to take the Plasma Spark but was stopped by the Space Garrison after Arasi informed Ken and Marie about it, Belial was then exiled from the Land of Light for his crimes.

After his meeting with Alien Reiblood, Belial was transformed into a Reionics and obtained the Giga Battle Nizer, and went to invade his former home to take his revenge against his own kind. Although Belial almost killed Zoffy, Ken, Marie and Arasi, Ultraman King arrived and sealed Belial in the Space Prison while his weapon is sealed at the Valley of Flames guarded by an Ex Zetton. Many years later, Belial returned after being freed and continue his plans of taking revenge while conquering over the universe to obtain more power, his plans was foiled by Zero and was defeated.

Post Ultra Zero FightEdit

After being revived by Zero's Shining Star Drive, Belial found the Kaiser Spark from an unknown planet and creating the "Land of Darkness" as his new base of operations. Around this time, Belial defeated Ultraman Uzone and spitting his body apart as energy essences. Knowing that his archenemy Zero had a son and feared that the young Ultra may defeat him in the future, Belial waited for the right time to strike. And upon seeing One with Xena and Giga alone, Belial created a wormhole to kill them but Giga sacrified his life to save One and Xena, Being felt satisfied after seeing one gets punished from his actions. Sometime later, he recruited Dark Hazel as his ally and went into hiding and Belial became to known as the "Darkness Figure".

Climatic Battle! Ultraman One and Ultraman Reuz vs Faust!Edit

In this movie, Belial allies himself with Faust in his conquest of the Showa Universe. Although Belial and Faust fused together as Dark Baron, his plans was foiled by the Ultras as Ultraman Uzone.

Ultraman One (Season 1-4)Edit

In this series, Belial created an evil clone of One and begin orchestrate attacks on Earth while not making his presence known. However knowing that One has become Earth's protector, Belial sent various Kaiju and Seijin including One Darkness and corrupted his grandfather and master to bring despair into One's heart but One was able to overcome them with his comrades help. After One Darkness redeemed from his fate, Belial decided to descend on Earth himself by possessing Zena Wakura as his vessel while sending Darklops to strike the Land of Light. Although Zero arrived to fight Belial, Belial possessed Zero and utilized his rival's power and easily defeated the defendant Ultra before expelling Zero from his body and seemingly killed One Darkness shortly afterwards. Regaining the ability to transform and with renewed determination, the Ultras fought against Belial and his allies in an epic battle with One defeating the dark Ultra. Following this events, Belial was sealed in the dungeons of King's Temple but his spirit eroded away as years passed to the Monster Graveyard. Belial was eventually revived by Virus alongside Ultraman Emperor, the trio decided to destroy Scorpio Nova Universe with their new army. Belial assisted Virus in fighting various Scorpium Ultras and corrupting while destroying the ecosystem by amplifying Virus' Voiderium. After passing Virus trial, Belial fought against Zero and was transported to another universe after dragging their battle to the Edge Hole.

Ultraman Orb RebootEdit

In this series, Belial awakens the "egg state" of Maga Orochi with his Ultra Fusion Card and sending it towards the Earth of Ultra Fusion Universe to cause destruction. However, Zoffy arrived and sealed Maga Orochi with his Ultra Fusion Card while containing Belial's dark power within the King Demon Beast's egg state. Both cards were collected by Princess Tamayura after Orochi's revival, which are given to Gai Kurenai. Belial himself also physically appeared in front of Jugglus Juggler, granting him the power needed to defeat his rival Gai. Belial later appeared near the end of Ultra Fight Orb having his new plan formulated, killing Reibatos in coldblood and reclaiming back the Giga Battle Nizer.

Ultraman Geed Reboot Gaiden: Crisis Impact ArcEdit

Arriving at Side Space Universe, Belial allies himself with the Darkness Five, Kei Fukuide (found on a destroyed Planet Sturm) and his new army, Terror The Belial and orchestrating the Omega Armageddon, fighting against the Ultra Warriors and Scorpium Ultras, held the universe fate at stake. Belial also created REM to better command his army. Although One arrived as Hexagonal Form to save his father and destroying much of Belial's forces, Belial suceeded in triggering the Crisis Impact until King sacrificing his life to restore the universe. Afterwards, a gravely wounded Belial tasked Kei to steal the Riser and Ultra Capsules and reversed engineered them into the "Dark" Riser and Kaiju Capsules respectively while providing him his genetic material to create his own son. Belial then merged with the non-fiction writer Arie and Belial was allowed to stay slumbered in her body, recovering from his wounds after making a pact with her.

Ultraman Geed RebootEdit

Despite his absence in the series first half, Arie and Kei carried out Belial's ideals by harvesting the Ultra Capsules through Riku to restore his former glory. Upon awakening himself and after killing Kei and reclaming his Sturm Organ, TBA.

Ultraman Geed the Movie: The Blood of BelialEdit

After the deaths of Alien Tranquil "Sera" and Alien Flora "Dakra", Belial resurrected through the remaining Reiyonx energies. Upon meeting Arasi again and his "offsprings" for the first time, Belial tried corrupting them but was stopped by Geed. Following this, Belial acknowledges their strength and will in protecting, and Arasi's prediction about seeing something "good" in Belial. The dark Ultra decided to explore the universes and revisiting the places he once terrorized, while finding what's worth protecting. Eventually Belial fought a rematch battle with Zero and Zanki back Side Space Universe before deciding on working together and stopping the threat of Jikugo.

Ultra Fight GeedEdit

Belial is set to appear in this short-mini series, transforming into various Belial Fusion Beasts and helping his family against the threat of Dark Seiba. Following the events, Arasi followed Belial in his quest in searching something to "protect" while entrusting Earth to the hands of their children and Geed.

Human IdentitiesEdit

  • For his former "human" possession in Ultraman One Episode 17 to 19, see Zena Wakura.
  • For his former female human host in Ultraman Geed Reboot, see Arie Ishikari.
  • Belial's personal human form also shares the name "Belial", appearing as an adult in mid-fourties with red-purple veins (Reiyonx energies) seem running on his body. First appeared in Ultraman Geed the Movie: The Blood of Belial.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Transformation: When possessing Zena, Belial transforms via the Kaiser Spark. As Arie and own human form, Belial transform through the "Dark" Riser.
  • Dark Energy: Belial can channel his dark energy through his human host or form.
    • Power Endowment: The human host or form can bestow his dark energy to others, providing Kei the means to transform into Belial Fusion Monster.
    • Telepathy: The human host or form has enhanced ESP (mental abilities) which allows them to use it for torturing others and fight, and even echoing voices toward others through mental communication. When doing so, the human host or form eyes glows in purple. They could also see through great distances.
    • Dark Barrier/Reflector: The human host or form either cast a dark barrier or simply reflecting an enemy attack.
    • Dark Energy Blasts: Belial's host or form can levitate in mid-air and rapidly firing dark energy blasts at his target.
    • Claw Phasing: Belial's host or form could morph their hands into claws and using it to pierce through solid matter. Through Arie, Belial kills Kei and claims his Sturm Organ with this ability.
    • Teleportation: Belial's host or form could reduce themselves to a mass of dark energy and teleport to another location.
    • Fusion Rise: Belial's dark energy and respective items providing the human host or form the means to perform Fusion Rise.
  • Enhanced Strength and Speed: The host or form possess superhuman strength and speed compared to a human.


  • Kaiser Spark (Former): Used by Zena Wakura.
  • ("Dark") Riser: Created with Kei Fukuide, transformation item. Formerly used by Kumasaga.
  • Kaiju Capsules: Used to transform into various Belial Fusion Monsters.
  • Ultra Capsules (Former): Tasked Arie Ishikari to give it to Riku.



  • Human Form or Host: Own Human Form
    • Former Hosts: Zena Wakura, Arie Ishikari
  • Homeworld: Showa Universe, Land of Light (Origin World, Banished) & Monster Graveyard (Formerly)
  • Transformation Item/Process: Kaiser Spark (Former), "Dark" Riser (Currently)
  • Grip Strength: 100,000 tonnes
  • Brute Strength: 200,000 tonnes
  • Running Speed: Mach 4
  • Underground Travelling Speed: Mach 5.5
  • Underwater Travelling Speed: Mach 5.5
  • Flight Speed: Mach 7
  • Jumping Height: 750 meters
  • Burrowing Speed: Mach 5
  • Pressure: N/A
  • Hobbies: Doing whatever he likes and manipulating others for his goals, causing destruction and calamity, searching for something to "protect"
  • Dislikes: Ultras from the Land of Light (especially Zero, Ken and One), anyone who defies his will.
  • Weaknesses:
    • As his "Early Style" Form, Belial is bound to the three minutes rule on Earth-like environments. However a gravely wounded (extremely weakened) Belial in his Reiyonx Form requires him taking quite a while to completely recover from his wounds.
    • In Geed Reboot, the use of Carallen Element neutralization enzyme will render the effectiveness of his Sturm Organ useless.
  • Height: 55 meters
  • Weight: 66,000 tonnes
    • Early Style, Zero "Dark" Forms: 35,000 tonnes
    • Atrocious, Deathfreeze: 50,000 tonnes
    • Scythe: 60,000 tonnes

Body FeaturesEdit

  • Color Timer: Belial has a colour timer that glows dark purple in colour.
  • Ultra Armour: Belial's Ultra Armour is much stronger after his transformation by Alien Reiblood.
  • Claws: Belial possess claws instead of fingers, which he can unveil a set of talons from it.
  • Scar (Former): Belial has two scars in his face where it burns after the battle with One. This faded away after he is revived by Virus.
  • ("Dark") Zero Features: As Zero "Dark" forms, Belial represents an evil clone of Zero, having similar appearance and features.



Belial's Original Form before his corruption by Alien Reiblood. Being Geed's "clone" father, Belial powers is similar as Geed's Original Form with the exception of the Geed Claw and Form Changing.

  • Strength: Belial was regarded as the greatest fighter from the Land of Light since his prime years, excelling through the use of brute strength in defeating his foes and have not lose any battles he fought. Thanks to this strength, Belial had no problems when it comes to dealing with Alien Empera forces during the Great Ultra War.
  • Belial Kick: A kick attack.
  • Belial Punch: A punch attack.
  • Belial Tackle
  • Brutal Throw
  • Belial Chop
  • Belial Rammer
  • Belial Dasher
Special Moves
  • Specium Ray: Belial is able to use the Specium Ray in this form, weaker than his Deathcium Ray.
  • Specium Eclipse: Belial creates an eclipse blade with his both hands before releasing a crescent energy wave towards his foes.
  • Specium Kinetic: A wave of light from his right hand, knocking back foes.
  • Specium Roar: Belial can releases a sonar attack via his mouth, first demonstrated as "Atros Roar" as Belial Atrocious.
  • Specium Riser: Belial is able to release a wave of light from his eyes to paralyse foes or to detect the weak point of his foes.
  • Specium Timer: A flesh of light from his color timer, serving as his secondary finisher.
  • Belial Barrier: Belial can erect a powerful blue barrier with red electricity discharges with his both hands.
  • Travel Sphere: Belial travels around space with a red travel sphere.

Reiyonx Form

Belial's current default form after his corruption by Alien Reiblood.

  • Astral Projection: Belial can project an image of himself on wherever he wishes.
  • Possession: Having possessed Zero as a spirit once, Belial gains the ability to freely possess other beings even while being physically alive. Upon doing so, Belial gains a small portion of their DNA. What's advantageous is, Belial can assume their appearance and powers even though he no longer possess his victims or they expelled Belial physically from their body.
    • Form Change: Through possessing Zero for a second time, Belial gains the "dark" Ultimate Bracelet and can use it to take on Zero's other forms.
  • Reiyonx Curse: Although it's unknown how this ability is used, Belial bestowed it to Hell-Death and allowing the Kaiju to erase the memories of his defeated foes and weakening their willpower greatly.
  • Curium Water Resistant: Another unknown ability, Belial's armour allowed him to restand the effects of Cure's Curium Water.
  • Technology: Like the Ultras who developed the Plasma Spark with their great mind, Belial is shown to be an expert in the field of technology as well, being able to create a dark version of the Plasma Spark and allowing it to take in minus energies, creating the Land of Darkness as opposition to the Land of Light. His technology also allows him to mass create mindless robotic servants as part of his army.
  • Size Change: Belial can shrink himself to human-sized or becoming gigantic sized freely.
  • Dimensional Travelling: Belial possess the ability to cross through dimensions and travelling to another universe.
  • Telepathy: Belial is a powerful telepath, able to mentally torture others and communicating with them. This ability allowed Belial to easily evade off the mental abilities of Zanki's Wizard Form as Belial Fusion Monster.
  • Reiyonx Powers: Thanks to his merger with Alien Reiblood, Belial gains the ability to manipulate Reiyonx energy.
    • Sphere of Darkness: Belial travels around space with a ball of darkness.
    • Absorption: Belial can absorb energies from other sources and converting it to Reiyonx energy, either empowering himself or assuming monstrous forms.
    • Reformation: Belial can readily reform dismembered beings by transferring Reiyonx energy towards them.
    • Power Bestowment: Belial can bestow a portion of his Reiyonx energy to another being.
    • Healing: Belial disperses particles of Reiyonx energy and utilizing to heal himself or allies.
Special Moves
  • Deathcium Galaxy: Belial's strongest attack, Belial creates a spiral galaxy and fires a dark ray from his whole body, it is similar to One Rainbow Light. Belial does this by infusing the energy of Alien Reiblood and his own.
  • Deathcium Ray: Belial charges his claws with dark energy and placing it in '+' style. A beam of orange-black energies is released.
  • Deathcium Blast: A large sized energy blast fire from one hand. Belial can fire it in rapid sucession.
    • Deathcium Magic: Belial creates a ball of darkness and using his telekinesis, Belial can fire multiple Deathcium Shots from the skies, used to take down multiple foes.
  • Deathcium Shield:Belial's shield.
  • Deathcium Drain: An ability to drain light energies from his foes and changing it into darkness energies.
  • Deathcium Slash: A red-coloured buzzsaw energy slash.
  • Deathcium Lightning: Belial can shoot a stream of red lightning from his claws.
  • Kaiser Belial Claws: Through sheerwill, Belial can unveil a set of red talons from his fingers as his main combat weapon.
    • Belial Virus: By injecting his claws into foes, Belial can corrupt them and turn them into his servant. In Ultraman One (Season 4), Belial utilized the said virus in order to amplify Virus' Voiderium and making it more deadly.
    • Kaiser Belial Ripper: Belial can charge his claws with red-lightning bolts and increasing the damage of his claws while electrocuting his foes. The said ability allows Belial to deliver an "X" shaped slash on his foes as well.
    • Reiyonx Field: Belial creates a thunder lightning using his claws and teleport himself and foes to a dimensional field of dark vines.
    • Monsload: Belial injects his claws to the ground and revive and fuse monsters at his will.
  • Kaiser Spark (Formerly): A former spark device Belial used. As Zero dark forms, Belial retains the use of it as well.
  • Giga Battle Nizer (Formerly- Copy Only): Belial's former signature weapon, reclaiming it after killing Reibatos. Even without the physical device itself, Belial can at least project and create a copy for use.
    • Monster Summoning: Belial can store "souls" of monsters inside the weapon by tapping into the Monster Graveyard, and summoning them to aid him in combat. This is his "Monsload" ability with the said weapon.
    • Belial Deathscythe: Belial can fire a gigantic scythe of energy which is yellow coloured, can take down multiple Ultras at once.
    • Belial Fireball: A powerful purple fireball launched from the Giga Battle Nizer to burn foes.
    • Belial Gene Thunder: Belial can fire a powerful lightning beam from the weapon. Belial can fire multiple thunderbolts at the same time.
    • Belial Inhalation: Belial inhales matter into the said weapon to charge it before firing a beam of darkness from the device.
    • Belial Striker: Belial can directly strike the opponent with the said weapon by dashing towards them.
  • Super-dimensional Eradication Bomb (Destroyed): Belial's own creation, which Belial uses in conjunction with the Giga Battle Nizer, and triggering Crisis Impact.
  • Dark Riser: Belial's Riser device which is use to transform into Belial Fusion Monsters or his Demonic Rise Forms through the use of telekinesis. Belial reclaimed this device after his revival and Kumasaga's death.
  • Kaiju Capsules (Former Ultra Capsules): Belial possess the Kaiju Capsules, which is use to store the essences of Kaiju & Seijin.
  • Strum Organ (Formerly): After killing Kei and tearing out his Strum Organ, Belial is currently in possession of it.
    • Strengthen: When transforming into his Fusion Rise Forms (BFB & Demonic Rise), he can strengthen the Strum Organ after getting hit by an enemy attack.

Sprit State

Belial can continue his existence as a "spirit" even after his death while waiting for an opportunity to resurrect himself. Also known as "Incorporeal Belial".

  • Resurrection: As a spirit, Belial would require sufficient minus & Reiyonx energies from the surroundings (external force) or another evil beings in order to resurrect himself from his death.
  • Spirit Escape: After being eroded away by the energies of Kaiser and Lightning Spark, he could quickly make a swift escape as a spirit and casting himself into the monster graveyard.
  • Telepathy: Even as a spirit, Belial retained the use of his telepathy powers.
    • Astral Projection: An image of himself can be projected to theirs and making his presence known.
  • Possession: As a spirit and his reiyonx powers, Belial can freely possess other beings and taking their body and powers as his own. An alternative way to revive himself after the possessed victim expelling Belial from their body.

Zero Darkness

Belial's form when in possession of Ultraman Zero, it is considered one of Belial's strongest forms. As the events of Ultraman One Season 4, Belial is able to assume this form without the need to possess Zero and is equally powerful. While Belial is able to channel dark versions of Zero's power, they are revealed to be more powerful since they are augmented by Belial's Reiyonx energy as well.

Special Attacks
  • Deathcium Blast: With the flick of his hand, Zero Darkness can fire a ball of darkness towards his opponent. Used to defeat and tore One Darkness apart.
  • Deathcium Shot:Belial's finisher in his Reiyonx form.
  • Dark Wide Shot: Belial as Zero Darkness can fire a dark version of Zero Wide Shot.
  • Dark Twin Shoot: Dark version of Zero's Zero Twin Shoot.
  • Dark Emerium Slash: Dark version of Zero's Emerium Slash.
  • Dark Spiker: Dark version of Zero's Zero Beam Spike.
  • Dark Zero Sluggers: Belial can use the Zero Sluggers in this form, it glows purple. Belial holds it in a "pinch" manner, which parallels the Kaiser Belial Claws in his Reiyonx Form.
    • Zero Kaiser: A powerful slashing attack with the Dark Zero Sluggers, enough power to cut through Ultra Flesh. This technique allows Zero to slice through his foes quickly with the blink of an eye.
  • Dark Ultra Brace: The corrupted Ultimate Bracelet,
    • Form Change: Belial can use it and take on Zero other forms, Belial can also revert back into his Reiyonx Form.
  • Dark Bang: Dark version of Zero's Zero Big Bang.
  • Dark Kick: Dark version of Zero's Ultra Zero Kick.
  • Dark Punch: Dark version of Zero's Ultra Zero Punch.
  • Dark Driver: Dark version of Zero's Ultra Zero Driver.

Dark Ultimate Zero

Belial can assume the dark version of Zero's Ultimate Form, Belial corrupts Noa's power of Baraji in this form with Reiyonx Energies, equally powerful as Zero's.

Ultimate Zero giant render
  • Dark Ultimate Sword: Belial can use a dark version of Zero Ultimate Sword.
    • Dark Blade: Belial can create a dark energy blade from the sword, which is capable of cutting through anything.
    • Final Darkness Arrow: Belial can launch crimson red energy arrows from the said weapon itself.
  • Final Darkness Zero: By charging the Dark Aegis, Belial can launch a darkness version of Final Ultimate Zero, which is equally as powerful. Belial can use an uncharged version as well.
  • Final Darkness Shield: The Dark Aegis is able to serve as powerful shield to block attacks.
  • Final Darkness Shield: Zero places the Dark Ultimate Sword in a '+' style manner and firing a powerful beam of darkness. Finisher.
  • Dimensional Travel: Belial can cross through dimensions to travel to another universe with the Dark Aegis.

Dark Strong Corona

Belial can take on the dark version of Zero's Strong Corona mode, which grants Belial an increased strength as well as excelling in the use of brutal attacks.

Zero StrongCorona
  • Dark Flame Punch
  • Dark Flame Kick
  • Dark XX Slugger Punch
  • Enhanced Strength
Special Moves
  • Dark Garnet Buster: Darkness version of Zero's Garnet Buster. It rivals Xena Crossium Shot. Used to defeat Xena.

Dark Luna Miracle
Zero LunaMiracle

Belial's can take on the dark version of Zero's Luna Miracle Mode, which grants Belial an increased speed when flight and excelling in the use of sly but continuous attacks.

  • Dark Revolium Smash:Dark version of Revolium Smash.
  • Dark Aggresion Ray: Dark version of Luna Calming Wave, where it lets the monsters become more aggressive and more brutal.


Belial's new form which makes its debut in Ultraman Geed the Movie: The Blood of Belial. This form grants Belial an increased strength and a weapon wielder. Belial looks similar to his Reiyonx Form with an exception of inverted "V" shaped eyes, crescent-shaped flaming stripes (lines), rhombus shaped color timer, having purple, red and blue colours in addition to orange.

  • Deathcium Axe: A scythe axe weapon, similar to the one wielded by Grimm Reaper.
    • Deathcium Guillotine: Belial sweeps the axe through the air, releasing an energy arc and slashing through foes with devastating damage.
    • Deathcium Earthquake: Belial slams the axe into the ground, creating cracks into the ground below and erecting an energy shockwave, which unbalances foes or knock them back.
    • Deathcium Air Slash: Belial jumps high into the air and brings his axe down upon his enemy, causing great damage. 
    • Deathcium X Cutter: Belial generates an "X" shape made of energy by slashing the axe in the air, then hits the projection with the axe to send it flying towards his enemy.
    • Deathcium Axe Shot: Belial points the axe with the blade pointed downward and charges it with energy, until a powerful beam of energy is fired from it. 
  • Deathcium Lancer: A heavy lance polearm weapon with sharp-claws at both edges.


Powers and Weapons
  • Absorption: Belial is able to absorb his foes as Chimeraberos via his color timer, and trapping them in his body. Belial is able to absorb outside matter as well.
    • Intergration: Belial can completely fuses with his absorbed victims to increase his power while causing the victim to cease into existence. However, this abilities take quite a while to be effective on the victim and will be useless if an external force interference or the victims paralyses Chimeraberos from inside.
    • Illusions Cast: Belial can cast illusions to his absorbed victims, and causing them to give in to Belial's ideals. However, one who has enough willpower can break free from it and escaping his body.
    • Tentacles: Belial possess numerous tentacles inside his body, which is used to entangle his trapped foes.
  • Deathcium Flare: Belial's finisher in this mode, fired as a '+' style beam.
  • Beros Inferno: A deadly fire stream from his mouth.
  • Dark Energy Wave: Belial can fire a wave of energy in a similar manner to Zogu's signature attack. Can be launched successive times.
  • Beros Deathcium: Belial charges his mouth with energy before releasing a darkness energy stream, and destroying anything in its path (straight line).
  • Winged Flight
  • Beros Phobia: When weakened, Belial can cast illusion of his foes' greatest phobia as a "demon soul" to channel out negative emotions from them and converting it to minus energy and empowering himself.
  • Kaiser Belial Claws: Belial retains the use of his Kaiser Belial Claws as Chimeraberos.
    • Beros Destruct: Charges the claws with minus energy before delivering a powerful slashing attack towards his foes.
    • Beros Shield: Belial can erect a shield with his claws to block attacks.
  • Giga Battle Nizer: Belial can summon the Giga Battle Nizer in this form as well.
    • Belial Deathscythe: Belial can fire a gigantic scythe of energy which is yellow coloured, can take down multiple Ultras at once.
    • Belial Fireball: A powerful purple fireball launched from the Giga Battle Nizer to burn foes.
    • Belial Gene Thunder: Belial can fire a powerful lightning beam from the weapon. Belial can fire multiple thunderbolts at the same time.
    • Belial Inhalation: Belial inhales matter into the said weapon to charge it before firing a beam of darkness from the device.

King Galactron
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Blade King
Main article: Blade King

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Belial's Ultra Fusion Rise Forms are known as Demonic Rise, with the components being the past antagonist of the Ultra Series.

Ultraman Belial Atrocious

Belial Atrocious is Belial's second most powerful Demonic Rise Form that uses the assets of Dark Lugiel and Alien Empera in union with Kei's Sturm Organ. Unlike the original, this form is equally powerful as Geed's Royal Mega Master Form. This form parallels Geed's Primitive Form but more powerful.

  • Astral Projection: Belial can project an image of himself whenever he wishes to give anyone his message or rather warning.
  • Possession: As Belial Atrocious, Belial could freely possess other beings and obtaining more power.
Special Moves
  • Atros Burst: Belial Atrocious' beam finisher, Atrocious fires a powerful dark pink ray with his arms thrusts in + style. More powerful than the Deathcium Ray.
  • Atros Ball: Belial Atrocious erects a dark energy ball before throwing it at foes. Secondary Finisher.
  • Atros Ripper: Dark purple energy arcs from his both hands, can be fired in rapid sucession. Possess the power to push back beams.
  • Atros Roar: A roaring sound wave attack from his mouth.
  • Atros Shockwave: Belial launches an energy shockwave to tremendously push back foes and keeping them at bay.
  • Atros Shield: An energy shield, it represents a wall of purple energies.
  • Giga Battle Nizer: Belial's signature weapon thanks to the Sturm Organ, Belial can empower it with King's Childhood Radiation to increase the damage of his blows.
    • Dark Energy Slash: A dark slash unleashed from the Giga Battle Nizer.
    • Dark Fireball: A powerful dark fireball launched from the Giga Battle Nizer.
    • Belial Deathscythe: Belial fires a scythe blade from the weapon, twice as powerful compared to his Reiyonx Form.
    • Belial Whip: An energy whip launched from the weapon to painfully electrocute foes.
    • Belial Geno Thunder Belial shoots a powerful lightning ray from the weapon.
  • Atros Hell Claws: Belial can summon a set of talons from sheer will through his fingers, an evolution of his Kaiser Belial Claws.
    • Deathcium Destruct: A powerful slash attack with the claws, can pierce an Ultra's Armor. Belial can even slash his foes multiple times if he wants to. Involves Belial extending his claws.
    • Atros Jamming: Belial's version of the Corkscrew Jamming.
  • Sturm Organ: Belial is in possession of Kei's Sturm Organ as Atrocious.
    • Carallen Element: The presence of Carallen Element allows Belial to transmute King's Childhood Radiation and turning it into malicious energy to empower himself.
    • Fusion Beast Summon: As a last resort, Belial utilised the remaining energies in the said organ and creating Belial Fusion Monsters except Chimeraberos and Zaizoa in the finale.
  • Atros Punch: A powerful punch with dark energy.
  • Atros Kick: A powerful kick with dark energy.


This is an ice and fire elemental Demonic Rise Form that uses the assets of Alien Groza and Alien Deathre which debuted in Episode 18. This form parallels Geed's Fire Leader Form.

Special Moves
  • Deathcium Thermal: A stronger version of the Deathcium Ray infused with fiery and icy energies, giving his foes a burning-frostbite effect. Can destroy a monster in a single blow, finisher.
  • Deathcium Streamer: Belial combines the power of ice and fire before releasing a twin energy stream from his both hands, secondary finisher.
  • Deathcium Counteract: Belial freezes an enemy attack before completely neutralizing the attack with flames. An alternative version involves Belial erecting a fiery-icy shield.
  • Deather Frost: Belial tosses an icy-energy arrow and slowing down the movements of foes.
  • Deather Flame: Belial fires a fiery energy beam from his right hand, torching foes. Can be continuously launched, like a flamethrower.
  • Giga Battle Nier: Belial possess the Giga Battle Nizer in this form, which he uses to channel his thermal manipulation based powers.
    • Belial Bolt Inhalation: Belial "inhales" matter in the weapon before rapidly launching energy bolts of flame & ice from it.
    • Belial Thermal Strike: Through empowering the said weapon with fire and ice, Belial delivers a point-blank attack at his foes.
    • Dark Fire-Buzzsaw: Belial creates a buzzsaw-fireball and hurls it at his foes, burning them.
    • Belial Geno Freezer: Belial fires an icy lightning bolt at his foes and freezing them.
    • Belial Thermal Whip: Belial summons multiple energy whips of ice and fire from the weapon to strike the opponent.
    • Belial Deathscythe: A stronger version of the Belial's Deathscythe empowered by icy and fiery energies.
  • Snowing Nephokinesis: Belial brings forth snow by covering the clouds with darkness, freezing anything on the ground and reducing the temperatures of thesurroundings to freezing cold.
  • Inferno Rainfall: Belial releases a rainfall of lava from the skies and burning anything upon contact while causing the temperatures of the surroundings becoming scorching hot.


This form is Belial's Ultimate Trinity Demonic Rise Form that uses the assets of Demon King Jackal, Dark Zagi and Juda. This form only appears in Riku's dreams when he was trapped in Prisdeus body but proper debuted in Ultraman Geed The Movie: The Blood of Belial.

  • Demon Destruction Lightning: This form's finisher attack, powerful enough to kill a normal Ultra, even one on par with any of the Ultra Brothers, in a single shot.
  • Lighting Demon Calibre: This form's sword, similar to Juda's Bat Calibre.
    • Calibre Beam: Belial unleashes a powerful energy beam from the sword.
    • Calibre Slash: Belial delivers a "X" shaped slash with the sword.
  • Shapeshifting: Belial can shapeshift and taking the appearance of his components.
  • Dark Field G: Belial creates a dimension of darkness, empowering beings of darkness and weakening light beings. When this form appeared in Riku's dreams, it's used to induce fear and panic to weaken his willpower.
  • Space Distortion: Belial erects a space distortion and mentally controlling it, causing dark-lightning energy slashes to be shoot out, causing havoc destruction.

  • Self Revival: Through sheer force of will, Belial can revive hismelf in this form.
  • Space Beast & Monster Creation: This form can create armies of Space Beasts and even enhanced versions of normal Kaiju.
  • Dark Ultra Creation: This form can summon multiple Dark Faust's and Mephistos, equal in strength to the originals, as Belial's personal body guards.
  • Possession: This form can possess other beings.
  • Monster Fusion: This form can fuse other Kaiju into Grand King/Izmeal-esc superweapons.


  • Chimeraberos is the only direct Belial Fusion Monster that utilizes Belial himself as the main interesection.
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