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Gender: Male
Height: 55 meters
Weight: 36,000 tons
Home world/Origin: Earth, ancient past
Series: Ultraman Orion Continuity
Type: Monster
Affiliation Ancient Civilization
Created by SolZen321
Title: Super Ancient Dragon God (超古代ドラゴンの神)


A purple dragon covered in thick plate scales, Bahamut has red eyes and a long tail with a sharp tip. His arms are wings and he walks on all fours but stands on his hand legs to fight. 


  • Height: 55 meters
  • Weight: 36,000 tons


  • Vacuum Shells: Bahumut can spit spheres of energy. They are balls of charged energy, that has forced out the air within them, giving them their black cores. They destroy by forcing the oxyen out of objects, liquefying organics and shattering most materials.
  • Aeroblast: A beam of the same energy as the Vacuum Shells, it cuts like a laser.
  • Regeneration: Bahumut gained his title as Dragon God, due to his powerful regenerative abilities, he can recover wounds he suffered in battle.
  • Flight: He flies using his arm/wings
  • Tail: His tail is like a deadly spear.


A creature from a bygone age, Bahumut is a creature of legend revered once as a god by the ancients. In truth he was an ancient bio-weapon from a forgotten time in the Earth's past when for Atlantis and other mythical cities of advance technology engaged in a game of thrones for control of the Earth. Bahumut was one of the most powerful Bio Weapons of its time, the WMDs of the era. After the great cataclysm Bahumut went into storage mode, a sort of suspended hibernation/stasis, awaiting further orders.

During this time his image and tails of his exploits created several dragon god myths and the sleeping giant was revered as a god. In modern times, the increased used of electromagnetic waves has caused the region where he sleeps to stir with seismic activity, unexplained to modern science. It is only a matter of time before the "Dragon God" awakes to punish the new civilization that has invaded his masters' domain.

It was Shadow that roused the monster from its ancient slumber, sending it to rampage across the modern world, but upon awakening it was met by Ultraman Orion. Being the Ultra's first opponent on Earth it had the advantage that Orion was no accustomed to fighting on Earth nor the limitations its atmosphere placed on his body. However Orion was able to seemingly kill it with his Orion Shot, downing in the waters around the island that was it resting place. Due to a combination of its own healing factor and Shadow's minus energy it was revived and set of towards its next target.

Eventually the dragon fought Orion again in the air as it tried to destroy a city. The beast found that Orion was unlike any of his previous opponent, his body was well suit with dealing with the beast's attacks. In the end the frustrated monster was ended by a charged up Orion Shot.