Alien Signal
Alien Signal
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Gender: Male
Height: 41 meters
Weight: 50,000 tons
Home world/Origin: Planet Signal
Series: Ultraman Gamma
Type: Alien
Affiliation People of Planet Signal
Created by Zombiejiger
Alien Signal appeared in Ultraman Gamma episode 7.

Subtitle: Signal Alien (信号宇宙人, Shingō Seijin)

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Signal Beams: Alien Signal can fire several beams from each eye. These are fired from the red eye first, then the yellow eye and then the green eye. These can make Ultras dizzy, but if used long enough could kill them.
  • Signal Smoke: Alien Signal can release different-colored smoke from his body, each color has a different power:
    • Red Smoke: Red Smoke makes the area become very hot.
    • Yellow Smoke: Yellow Smoke slows humans and Ultras down.
    • Green Smoke: Green Smoke is made to stop Ultras, poisoning them and weakening them physically. It simply makes human cough, but weakens Ultra Hosts.
  • Disguise: Alien Signal can disguise himself as a Traffic light. When in this form he can fire a weaker version of the Signal Beam.


Before Ultraman GammaEdit

The Alien Signal are a traffic light-like race of aliens from Planet Signal. They had set their eyes on Earth as a new planet to colonize. The leaders of Planet Signal selected one operative to send to Earth for conquest and to kill Ultraman Gamma. This Alien Signal left for Earth.

Ultraman GammaEdit

As soon as he arrived, Alien Signal disguised himself as a normal traffic light. After killing several people with his signal beam, he decided to show himself. Growing to giant size, Alien Signal soon went on a rampage and began to spew red smoke. Hikari Yamato and SMART were soon on the scene, but Hikari ran off and transformed into Ultraman Gamma! Gamma attacke Alien Signal and the fight was on! As Gamma began to have the upper hand, Alien Signal launched green smoke. Repeatedly blasting the already weakened Ultraman Gamma with his signal beam, Alien Signal soon made Gamma's Color Timer blink. Ultraman Gamma was forced to flee the fight.

Alien Signal then began to launch yellow smoke, slowing everybody, even SMART down. SMART began to fire on Signal, but even that did not phase the stoplight alien. Hikari transformed into Ultraman Gamma again, this time keeping his distance. Alien Signal fired the signal beam, but Gamma used the Gamma Shield to block it!  Alien Signal watched as Ultraman Gamma charged the Gamma Stream and released it, killing the evil alien in a large explosion.


  • Alien Signal is based on a traffic light and is a homage to Signalion.
  • Alien Signal is one of Zombiejiger's favorite creations.