Alien Hush
Alien Hush FirstTry
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Gender: Varies
Height: 7 feet
Weight: 200 pounds
Home world/Origin: Planet Hush
Series: Ultraman Orion
Type: Alien
Affiliation none
Created by SolZen321
Title: Necromancy Apparition


Alien Hush is all black


  • Height: 7 feet
  • Weight: 200 pounds
  • Place of Origin: Planet Hush


  • Disguise: They can disguise themselves as other beings, mainly humanoids. This ability is technological.
  • Eyeballs: The eyeballs on Alien Hush's neck have certain uses.
    • Night Vision: They can see in the dark. 
    • Projectiles: They can use their eyes as projectiles coated in energy.
    • Regeneration: If their head is destroyed on of their eyes will turn into a new one, their brain is not located in their head, it is simply a major sensory unit.
  • Zombie Sludge: Hushlings can eject and control portions of their body that resemble tar, they can enter corpses and reanimate them.
    • Zombies: With their cells in a dead body, the cadaver can be used as a puppet. Any prior damage is restored using the cells. However the amount of damage that be repaired is limited and the also suffer from typical zombie weaknesses, being slow, head shots and limited mobility.
    • Poison Gas: Hushlings can expel toxic gases from their mouths.
    • Growth: They can enlarge themselves using their sludge, assuming they have stored up enough
  • Blade: Hushlings have pinkies that have fused with their hands to make blades.
  • Extraordinary Jumper: They can jump very high


The denizens of planet Hush, the Hushlings or Hush as some would call them, are as mysterious and secret as their homeworld's name implies, they are also just as devious. The Ultras keep a close monitoring of their star system, the Hush have been known to invade other planets by an unusual method. They can inject their cell into other deceased lifeforms and animate them as puppets, invoking what some would call a Zombie apocolypse. Several worlds have already fallen to them but they have always been punished by the Ultras, whom they hate as beings of light.

The Hush have sought the secrets of the Ultras' powers and several times they appear on worlds defended by Ultras far from their territory. Their goal is to appearantly take over the body of a deceased Ultra and gain its secrets, none have succeeded and truly dead Ultras turn to stone/bronze until they are sufficiently re-engergized. However in the absence of that knowledge they still plot and scheme against the Ultras.