Alien Gorgos
Alien Gorgos
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Gender: Varies
Height: apx 7 feet~40 meters(45 with eyestalks)
Weight: apx 250 pound~ 45,000 tons
Home world/Origin: Planet Gorgos
Series: Ultraman Orion
Type: Alien
Affiliation None
Created by SolZen321
Title: Mutated Cyborg


Once humanoid, Gorgosian now wear powered armored with which they are integrated into with their suits. They now resemble orange humanoid robotic crabs with pincers, green bulbs on eyestalks and one pair of humanoid legs. They are bulky and a single thick plate for a back.


  • Height: apx 7 feet~40 meters(45 with eyestalks)
  • Weight: apx 250 pound~ 45,000 tons
  • Place of Origin: Planet Gorgos in the Gastropos System


  • Pincers: Their suits boast powerful pincer that can crush metal pipes
    • Blasts: they can fire blasts from their pincers, generally energy arcs between the two sides and then they close it.
    • Maser Beams: Charged like the blasts but stronger.
  • Assimilation: They can assimilate with each other to become bigger.
  • Hologram: They can create holograms to hide their true forms and create distractions


The planet Gorgos was one of the many casualties of the Machine War, home to a xenophobic populous they were warned by the Ultras to leave their planet before the battle in their system began: they refused. Their xenophobia meant they were unaware of the Ultras status of Universal police. During the battle the Machine Empire caused a chain reaction to go of in one of their suns causing a supernova that devastated their world and won the battle for the Ultras (They feed on sunlight and gamma rays do not affect them).

Their world was devastated and many parts of it were left radioactive from the intense rays, forcing them to leave. They suffered heavily from radiation poisoning resulting in them being forced to adopt their suits to survive. This is also meant they had a low birth rate, seeking a new home they were drawn to  Earth by advice from an unknown party.