The human form of Ultraman Orion, Alex Hikari is a young man, who while childish at times, boasts vast knowledge about the universe.



Alex is a man of apparent mixed descent, he is a handsome man with strong Hawain features such as a strong jaw, nose, he has short straight hair, his cheek bones are slightly high and his green eyes somewhat narrow, implying an Asian heritage. He has a tone, defined and athletic build and generally wears a blue shirt, jeans and a red jacket.

Abilities Edit

  • Ultra Senses: Alex can sense Mana waves, see through objects and far away, etc.
  • ESP: Alex can detect Mana waves from far away, talk telepathically and remote-view objects even beyond his lines of sight.
  • Superhuman body: Alex is physically very strong, especially for someone his age and build, he is not one to show of his strength but it is physically impossible for a normal person to defeat him.
    • Radiation Resistance: A left over trait from Orion's original alien form, Alex is immune to all but the most ludicrous amounts of radiation. The radiation from a nuclear reactor would not bother him and he could survive the Land of Giant's intense light even if he wasn't an Ultra.
  • Extraordinary Jumper: Alex can make jumps and leap impossible for a human being, he can survive falls that would serious injure/kill a normal person.
  • Alien Knowledge: Despite his laid back nature, Alex is a walking Encyclopedia of various things around the universe, from certain monster species, technology, interstellar history
  • Unknown ability to summon and hide things: Alex has often pulled things out of his jacket seemingly out of nowhere, he has also hidden things. Scans do reveal how it is he does this.


  • Alex's first name comes for the Greek word Alexein, meaning "to ward off, turn away, keep away, defend, protect". His second name is the Japanese word for Light, so his full name in a way means "Defender of Light
  • Alex's form is a human approximation of Orion's original alien form before he became an Ultra.
  • Alex (Orion) before he became an Ultra was already well versed in his planet's advance technology, science and was one of their most intelligent scholars/scientists.